.casino Domain Extensions and an Emerging Online Market

Buy Website Buy DomainsBusiness establishments are finding an interesting new tool for unique marketing with the introduction of many new domain extensions. These top level domains, or TLDs, are adding even more opportunity to create a unique website name that prospective customers, clients, or demographics can remember. With the addition of many new extensions ranging from A to Z, it is becoming more and more common for businesses to find a word that fits their product or service exceptionally well. This particular new wave of domains is also triggered a response from the investing community, with big sales happening on new extensions still in their infancy.

Releases are Frequent in the Near Future

The future addition of new TLDs that will be available to the public for purchase are already gaining momentum in frequency and relevance to popular trends. With 2 the additional extensions .Live and .Studio slated for release at the end of October 2015, there are additional names such as the new .Trading and .Earth with a release time of November 2015, and the extensions .Swiss and .Game are starting out the New Year with releases in January of 2016.

These offerings only scratch the surface. In regards to unique TLDs, there are currently over 500 extensions that can be used from multiple categories such as technology, marketing, education, and music. Even with the broad range of domains that are available, the sales from sought after names can be quite lucrative. The recent sale of 8.top happening during the week of October 12 – 18, 2015 brought in an impressive $79,000.

Quick Sales of .Casino Highlight New Markets

A major new trend in unique domain extensions is evident through the recent addition and resulting sales of .Casino websites. This extension was released for sale as a TLD in June of 2015, and immediately met considerable demand. Being a word that represents a massive global industry, .Casino is incredibly popular for certain online casinos to specifically market themselves to the community and have a website name that prospective and current players can remember. Because this extension directly relates to such a big market, initial investments of around $200 for a website name are already producing sales of $2,000 to upwards of $20,000+ for the same name. If this is the impending golden age of unique extensions, .Casino may be leading the way especially with names like eagle.casino and bitcoin.casino at auction right now.

Investments in Online Real Estate

Now would seem like a better time than ever to invest in unique domain extensions. With the recent acquisition of Domain Holdings, Flippa.com alone projects total sales for 2015 to be over $70 million with the two companies now working together. This influx of revenue based on domain sales seems to directly correlate with the shift to e-commerce for many companies and the growing popularity of the internet’s convenience for buying just about any product or service. As more businesses leave the brick and mortar relics of the past behind and look to the online world for new ventures, the demand for unique TLDs will only increase. It’s a new wave of investment opportunities for the domain purchaser, and online real estate is shaping up to be prime property.