Carnival Cruises Early Saver Program

Carnival Cruise LineCarnival is running some great savings right now to stay competitive.  The Early Saver Program lets passengers travel for less than seventy dollars a day.  That includes a stateroom, dining, entertainment and stage shows.  That’s just on the ship, then there’s the great destinations that Carnival travels to.

Their program is fairly simple, you book a 3-5 day cruise three months in advance and you get the lowest possible rate.  Same goes for 6 day or longer cruises, but with 5 months advance scheduling.  If during those months you find a lower priced Carnival advertised rate then they honor the lower rate.

Carnival hits some of the best travel destinations in the world.  If you have always wanted to travel to Bermuda, Grand Med or the Caribbean, then now would be a good time to book passage.  If international travel isn’t your thing, Carnival travels to both Alaska and Hawaii.  They also cover New England and Canada.
Cruises are by far the most economical way to vacation and Carnival is a cruise line that you can enjoy with the family.

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