Caribbean Cruises, Cities in the Sea

Royal Caribbean Cruise LineCaribbean cruises are some of the most common vacation choices for families and couples a like. It is a great way to visit a variety of places while enjoying the travel time between each place. Most cruise ships have more features than any hotel found in the Caribbean including items such as rock climbing walls, water slides and at times even ice skating rinks.

These cruise ships also offer a wide range of food options inspired by different cultures featuring food from European, American and Asian cuisine. The best part of going on a cruise is that everything is available within a short walking distance, much like a small city that is floating on the water. Ships offer many retail shops, lounges, bars, nightclubs, casinos and even large scale theaters.  Another great thing about Caribbean cruises is the consistently sunny and warm weather. The length of cruises vary by cruise line and destination but usually last between three and twelve days. Caribbean cruises usually focus on a specific location, or a combination, in the Caribbean.

The sailing patterns of cruise ships are divided into the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern parts of the Caribbean. Cruises are likely to depart from a port in Florida although some cruise lines offer ports in Maryland, Texas and even New York.

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