Canadian Online Gambling Financials in the Aftermath

Canadian GamblingDoes Your Blood Pressure Rise When You Read About FTP?

After the occurrence of Black Friday, the day that shocked the world of online poker and online gambling to its core, as 3 major poker rooms got shut down completely and got their domain named seized alongside the bank accounts. These poker rooms were Absolute Poker, Pokerstars and FTP (Full Tilt Poker). Reports stated that the consequences of Black Friday has been devastating on the online gambling community in the United states, but it had lesser effects on the Canadian gambling community, as the market of internet gambling in Canada has recovered pretty well from the incident when compared to the American market.

Canadian Positioned Gambling Companies Benefited from the Smackdown

It even had some positive results in Canada, as right after the seizure of FTP and Pokerstars, other poker sites such as 888 Poker that focuses on the Canadian client base have seen immediate and noticeable growth. The reason behind such growth, despite the seizure of the 3 major poker rooms and the state of fear that spread like wildfire in the online gambling universe is very simple. 888 Poker and other websites are away from any United States jurisdiction, so they are safe from any similar actions. This allowed these sites to expand and grab more players from the Canadian market after Black Friday.

Can You Really Trust Online Poker ?

Jeremy Taylor, G-poker spokesman, commented on this by saying that even when it comes to FTP (Full Tilt Poker), the Canadian players lost a lot less than the American Players. The Canadian players are waiting for a refund of a total of 10 to 15 million dollars, on the other side the American players are waiting for a refund of a total of 128 million dollars. He also added that after Black Friday, players became very concerned about the reputation and the kind of protection they would get at the poker sites they play at. A few examples of these more reputable companies and well regulated are Party Poker and 888 Poker.

He then started to talk about 888 Poker by saying that it is a well respected company and a highly regulated one. It has been a success even before the occurrence of Black Friday. He continued by saying that 888 Poker is always a safe place for players to wager their money and have fun playing poker. It has an amazing and an innovative platform and has all the needed features to make the players have the most satisfying poker experience on the internet.

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