Can New Casino Software Developers Get a Foothold into Social Gaming?

Playsino, the software developer for social games that is based in Santa Monica, California is getting ready for its most recent product entry in the competitive market.

The software developer is going to produce its own free to play casino like games for social and cell phone platforms. This new product line for these platforms is going to start by the release of its newest game that is called Solitaire and Prizes. Not only that, but the developer has also released its own publishing network. This network is going to encourage the developers of social gaming to join and in return they are promised to be supported promotionally and with advice.

It may seem that this move is a very big one and such a project is very ambitious for a company that only started this year. Commenting on this, John Maffei has stated that he has trust in his company and that he is very confident that if the company focuses its resources to the right direction in the social gaming sector, it will achieve great success and great results for all who are involved.

It seems that John Maffie was speaking the truth because according to studies made by the research company, Kontagents, the social and casino game players on Facebook are 13% of the total numbers of Facebook players. It also stated that the numbers of players who play casino games are much more than the players who play normal social games.

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