Can Facebook Really Verify Ages for Online Casino Games?

It has been confirmed that Facbook is going to release a new application that would allow players to gamble real money on casino games. This app is only going to be available to players who are older than eighteen years old in the United Kingdom.

This new app has been condemned by a TD. This condemnation is related to the fact that it doesn’t have strict methods to prevent players who are under the age of eighteen to wager and play for real money. The Wicklow deputy, Fine Gael’s Simon Harris stated that it is unacceptable because players who are underage can easily access the app and wager on it.

He also added that Facebook has made a revolution in the world of internet social networking. This resulted in having people from all over the world and people of all ages. So if Facebook wants to continue being the valuable and innovative tool, it will have to do its best in order to protect the venerable young children who are not of legal age by preventing them from accessing the gambling app.

This new app is called Bingo Friendzy. This new app allows the players to play ninety Bingo and online slot games. Facebook states that it will be able to prevent underage people from accessing this app. The problem is that Facebook stated that it will obligate players to verify their age but the verification methods are in question.

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