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Online Casino GamblingGreat news for the state of California as it seems that the state is planning to catch up to other American states in legalizing online gambling and internet poker. Other states in the United States have taken major steps forward in terms of online gambling as three states have already legalized and regulated it. These states are New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware.

As for the state of California, it is still far behind but there is progress. This last Friday, Lou Correa, the Senator has proposed the Senate Bill 678. This senate bill represents the latest effort in pursuing an internet poker bill in California. Legalizing poker and online gambling in the state have been the topic of very hot debates for quite some time. This is due to the budget crisis of the state. It is also a result of the fact that California is home to of the biggest tribal gambling industry in the whole nation. The last reason is the fact that the state has thirty-eight million residents, which means that it is a ripe garden filled with potential online gamblers.

Lou Correa’s bill is not the 1st bill that has generated steam and debate in the state of California. This bill is the 2nd bill in the last 3 months and it is the 3rd one in the past three years. These two previous bills were introduced by Roderick Wright the California Senator. He introduced the SB1463 in February of last year and he proposed a second one, the SB 51 bill in Decembers of last year.

Although the official content of the new internet poker bill, the SB 678, has not yet been released to the public, it is expected to identify the legal framework for internet poker. This framework would lay the outlines for the industry. As for the details of the regulations and laws, it will be the responsibility of the gaming commission of the state of California.

This bill, if it passes, is going to legalize and regulate online poker only. It is also expected to implement a 10% tax on the revenues. It will also require players to provide their social security number for identity verification and to prevent underage gambling.

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