California Ground Beef Recall Due to E.coli Contamination

Beef Recall

Valley Meat Company, California-based meat processor, immediately recalled roughly 1 million pounds of ground beef after numerous cases of illness tied directly to E. coli bacteria that has been found in their products. The recalled meat products are mainly frozen beef patties. The patties was produced between October 2009 and the middle of January 2010. The products are frozen so it is very possible some grocery stores and consumers may still have the products in their freezers.

There are seven E. coli food poisoning cases reported that is directly linked to the ground beef, E.coli is a fatal bacteria especially to young children, senior citizens, and people with health problems. The meat was in Arizona, California, and Oregon, including other locations around the around the world.

The USDA ensuring that consumers are fully aware of the recall meat product due to the fact that there may be homes in the U.S., as well as in other countries, who have stock these meat products in their freezer. The company quickly responded to the issue and they already stated that they have launched a full investigation to determine what caused the bacteria.

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