Bwin.Party’s PartyPoker Plans

PokerFollowing the release of the financial records for the first half of 2012 of Bwin.Party, the company revealed its plans in order to enhance and elevate the poker operation section of the company. The company is doing that because poker was the most underperforming section. Jim Ryan and Norbert Teufelberger, the joint executive chiefs of Bwin.Party stated that they are determined to elevate the poker operations of the company.

They stated that Poker is going to be one of the most focused on areas in the company and that they plan to elevate it once again to its previous performance and growth by implementing a development plan. This plan includes channeling their poker liquidity and repositioning and rebranding the poker flagship brand of the company, PartyPoker.

They predict that implementing these two steps will have a great impact on the performance of the poker operations. Not only that as the company just released its own fast fold poker version which is called FastForward Poker which should also help elevate the performance of the poker section of Bwin.Party.

The rejuvenation plan also includes a re-launch in 2013 of the poker brand, Party Poker with new software. This plan was confirmed by an official statement by the group that stated that the PartyPoker brand was re launched back in 2009 and now the company is working on the new generation version that will be released during the 1st quarter of next year. This new version is going to hold brand new features accompanied by a new feel and looks. The goal of this plan is to make PartyPoker the best poker room once again.

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