Bwin.Party Online Gambling Financials for 2012

The online gambling giant, Bwin.Party has issued its financial records for the 1st half of this year. These results indicated a noticeable increase in the overall revenues and profit despite of the bad performance of the internet poker section of the operator, Party Poker. The total revenues of the company increased by three percent to reach an outstanding four-hundred and ten million Euros. The total revenues were 398 million Euros in the 1st half of 2011. As for the net profit of the company, it increased greatly from 81.9 million Euros that was recorded in 2011 to 92.3 million Euros.

Other numbers were issued by the company as the report stated that the revenues for the sport wagering operations of the company increased from 125.7 million Euros of 2011 to 128.1 million Euros this year. The revenues from the casino operations also witnessed an increase as it reached 139.7 million Euros after scoring 124.3 million Euros last year. Poker operations were not the only operations that suffered from a decrease as the bingo operations also suffered a decrease from thirty-three million Euros of 2011 to 31.5 million Euros this year. Speaking of which, the poker operations suffered a decrease from 104.9 million Euros to ninety-six and a half million Euros.

The company also paid its way into the newly opened Spanish market by paying 31.5 million Euros as back taxes to the Spanish government as the govt. of Spain stated that all companies that ever offered services in Spain will have to pay back taxes.

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