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Thars Gold in Them There ME Domain Names – Internet Marketing Domains

Cruise.Me just sold for $28500 at Sedo domains auctions.

More and more big businesses are starting to use the popular DOT me domains as their business domain name.

Me domain names are very cool and catchy and easy to remember, so we are seeing some record prices on the domains,” says Internet Marketing expert  Nikolas Gough.

Mr.Gough went on to say,  I am sure we will see $1 million ME domain name sales within the next 1 year.  I have bought Dot.Me’s and Dot.coms in my portfolio of premium domains and I am still buying good ones when I find them. The record me domain now is Meet.Me which sold for $450,000.00 earlier this year.”

You can see the highest domain sales results for here.

.Me domains must be between 3-63 characters in length, but some big companies such as Facebook were  able to acquire directly from the dot me registrar, Time Magazine got Ti.Me , Visa bought, and we will see a lot more big Firms getting on the ME train in the near future.

Last Day for the No Reserve Sedo Auction

Sedo, The Leading Domain Marketplace is offering a simple, fast and safe, no reserve auction on some great domains.  Today, May 3, 2012 is the last day to make offers on some of the more trend relevant domain names that are being offered.  Cloud service domain names have met with an increase in popularity in the past four months.  Other domains that are keeping up with current trends are those that are targeted towards online gambling in general as well as those for specific markets such as the US and Germany.

No Reserve Sedo Auction

Home based businesses that are now springing up are having to play catch up and are playing against some heavy-hitters in a lot of the crafts markets.  Crochet goods and other arts and crafts businesses are also now starting to pick up related keyword domains that will give them an edge in being found on the net.  The third largest market that has been scooping up domains in a buying spree is the apps games market.

Sedo has also recently partnered with an entrepreneur to develop a domain index similar to those seen in the stock market.  Domain buying and selling has now become more similar to stock trading than the flea market of earlier days.

Check out the No Reserve Auction being held Now on Sedo.


Google Drive is No Myth, Anymore

Google Drive

As physical forms of storage solutions for businesses and enterprises continue to falter from the test of time and business expansion, software – based solutions are now being turned to by most of these organizations who are seeking for the ultimate and limitless storage solutions possible. There are a lot of cloud storage solutions found nowadays, but when it comes to reputation and integrity, it is inarguable when we say that Google Drive owns the top spot for this particular criteria. With a wide range of prominent and trusted products collected over time, Google now steps into the prevailing market of storage solutions with their own take of the utility. Upon its launch this year, Google’s complimentary cloud storage solution has finally arrived, and by the looks of it, the software is in pretty good shape. However, one shouldn’t underrate Google Drive and limit its function to merely storage solutions. The software was designed to amalgamate free storage and Google Docs into a closely seamless cloud – based office suite.

Though it took Google long enough to release their free storage software, the long grueling wait is well worth it with Google Drive. To install the software as a local client, you will need to have either a Windows or Mac OS. Though you should remember that Google Drive will also work well with Linux operating systems, yet is only limited from your Google Drive web page, something most users won’t be too happy about.

To obtain the program or to utilize it on the Internet, you will need to get a Google account. With Google’s previous privacy configurations, not everyone will want to do that. If you are alright with all of that, the first step is to make your way through Google Drive’s start page. From there, you will then have to click the Go to Google Drive button on the top right corner. If you are currently working with Mac or Windows, you can then download the application for Google Drive. This will provide you with a local-based Google Drive client that will then maintain your documents synced between your computer and your cloud-based Google Drive.

Features for Google Drive:

Extensive accessibility. You have Google Drive with Dropbox, SkyDrive iCloud and a bunch of other third-party sources. There is definitely no scarcity of services for both desktop computers and each and every smartphone and tablet on the market. And rarely enough, has Google maintained itself immensely out of the game until now, content with simply providing Docs, which played a dual function of being an online file suite and online data storage utility.

SDK. Not that much of a surprise, Google didn’t leave its designers in the dark when Google Drive was released. The Chrome Web Store already sports around 18 web apps with Google Drive implementation, and the SDK is now accessible to everyone else who desires to add an additional level of excitement and satisfaction to their personal projects.

Browser Interface

Desktop Apps

Android Apps

Internet Marketing and Bringing Transparency to Domain Markets

Bringing Transparency to Domain Markets

Buying and selling domains is a market like any other.  Virtual real estate is sold now every day from expansions of farms in Farmville to dot ME  s and dot Coms at the domain auctions.

When you acquire a domain name, the main reason behind this is, for one reason or another is making money. So it is very important to know how to buy and sell a domain name. There are 3 different methods to sell your domain name yourself. Picking which method to go with depends on the time and effort you are willing to spend to sell that domain name. Also it depends on how fast you want to sell it.

SEDO No Reserve Auction Going on Now Until May 3rd

Understanding domains as a novel form of land offers the opportunity to transfer established theoretical and empirical frameworks for the pricing of land into virtual space.¹ 

The first method: Setting up a basic Web page (eye roll):

Creating a very simple Web Page that would be related to the domain name you need to sell. This web page would contain a simple message, for example These domain names are on the market for sale then you should follow this message with your contact information such as your e-mail address. The beauty of this method is its simplicity and the fact that it doesn’t require a lot of time not effort.  This web page will have to be linked with the created web page with the message and the contact details.

This method is not exactly ideal, especially if you are hoping that your customers find you using Google Search.  Simple can be good, but if this simple website doesn’t provide value to your customer or what Google feels is useful content, then this site will most likely never appear anywhere past page twenty for competitive keywords.  A basic website doesn’t have to mean crap.

The second method: Doing absolutely nothing (yawn):

This is by far the easiest way to sell your domain. It doesn’t require any time, effort or money. Although it is not the recommended method, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. All you have to do is simply sit there doing nothing, the buyer who wants the domain name will find out that it is taken, and he will try to find you and contact you with an offer. By saying all of this, it should be quite obvious that this way is not very productive, but it is the simplest. It works best if you have an amazing name that everyone wants, this will make the buyer do his best to reach you before other people do.  So, just make sure your contacts are up to date on either the website or with your domain registrar for that website.

The third method: Creating an active (useful) web site:

This method is neither the easiest nor effortless, but it is the most effective. It requires you to spend a lot of time and effort, as this method will require you to create an active website. Then you will need to attract traffic to this website. After the traffic increases, you would have a lot of visitors to the website, and then you will need to place some kind of notice in the website that would state that this domain name is for sale by the owner. This is where high quality content is absolutely necessary.  It doesn’t have to be a novel.  It just has to provide information that can be put to use and that someone would probably be looking for.  If it is a cooking site, you could put up some original recipes.  If it is related to cars, then maybe some insightful articles about next years new models along with some good quality photos.

In the end, make sure to choose the method that you select is one that you can keep up with, and choose the method that is suitable with your capabilities. Calculate how much time can you spend and devote for this process and how much effort you can give as you will want to add this to the selling price.

Im not a writer, is it ok to have someone else write this for me? 

Heres the thing about having someone else do your content.  If you hire someone to write for your website, then they need to prove that they have an active commitment to quality.  If you hire what we call typers, the legions of unqualified writers that produce inane strings of sentences that add zero value, then you’ll probably have that domain name on your hands for years.  However, if you see hiring a content writer as an investment, then you’ll pay a bit more, but the results will be in your favor and your visitors favor.  Google says that they are getting rid of spam, but ultimately, it appears that their altruistic goal is to make the internet something useful. (BOGGLE)  Yes, one day, the internet may be somewhere you can go to and find useful information.  In the meantime, well still have to sift through the garbage to get to the gold.  Just try very hard to contribute positively to that goal.

How much is this domain name worth?

After acquiring a domain name, you need to know how much the domain name is worth. There are different ways to go; you can use a service of one of various companies that would give you a free estimation of the value of your domain name. This free service would evaluate your domain name automatically through an evaluation program. Although it is free; it will not give you the best estimation, so it is not the most accurate method. Other companies would charge you a specific fee to give you a good evaluation of your domain names worth.

No matter how you evaluate and estimate what is your domain name worth, you will never be 100% accurate. As each domain name is unique and it will be worth what the buyer can pay, and that depends on how badly they want it. You can think that you have the best name that would sell for thousands of dollars, but you might end up never finding a good buyer. On the other hand, a domain name that you hesitated in buying, and you never thought it would cash in can turn out to be the one that sells for millions.  Go easy on kicking yourself.

Whether you use a free service or paid service, you have to know that most domain names are not worth a penny, 90% of them at least. So you will have to use your good judgment on a few things before evaluating the domain name. For example, a domain name that has a ton of syllables is worth nothing, the less and the shorter the domain name, the more it is worth. Also substituting letters or words for numbers would also decrease the worth of the domain name. Even if a domain name is worthless, you can turn it into something good. This can be done through making it an active website and add content that would attract people. This will lead to a noticeable increase in traffic to your website, and then you will need to make some kind of notice on the website that it is for sale. Regardless of the domain name itself, doing so will make the website worth something.  Sedo is pretty smart when figuring the value of a website.  You can follow their methodology and find some good results.

If you are planning to sell your domain name using a Listing Service, such as Sedo, which is a very popular way in domain name marketing, then you  need to know that it has its pros and cons. Its advantage is that it will increase the chances you have for selling your domain name; the disadvantage is that it will probably decrease your profit margin.

There are a few things that you should pay attention to when listing your domain name in a domain listing service. For starters, don’t overprice your domain name; don’t ask for an unreasonable price, this will not get you anywhere. For example, if your domain name is worth a thousand dollars, listing it for ten thousand will not grab the attention of any buyers. They will not even try to contact you to negotiate, because the price you listed is not reasonable, and it is way above the market price for the domain name. So know the market value of your domain name, and set the price a couple of hundred higher than the value, so you can have some room to negotiate with potential buyers who are interested in your domain name. Another tip, don’t ever decrease your price every month, if the price is reasonable, stick with it. This is due to the fact that buyers who are interested in your domain name will keep an eye on your price. If your price keeps decreasing each month, they will know you are desperate and they will wait until it is very cheap.

Im so glad I watched all those episodes of Pawn Stars.  I now possess mad negotiation skills.

Negotiating different offers is a very vital part in your domain selling or buying quest. This is why having good negotiating skills and patience will play an important part in determining how successful you are going to be when buying or selling a domain name. So if you have your eye on a domain name, and you want to buy it, then you need to see the status of the domain name first. Then you need to approach the owner and make an inquiry about the price of the domain name.

There are three different ways to do this; there is the casual way, the low ball first offer and the attractive offer. Starting with the casual way to ask about a domain name, you send the owner an email stating that you noticed that the website is not a working one, so you are wondering what plans does he have for the domain name and what is he intending to do with it. It is clear that I didnt mention that you should show any intention in buying or giving an offer for the domain name, this is why it is called the casual inquiry. This is because if you show any will in buying the domain name, it will become a hot commodity, and the owner will definitely take advantage of that and will jack up the price.

The second way is the low ball first offer. It is clear from its name, you give an initial offer and you low ball it, you give him a very low offer, lower than the estimated market value for the domain name. Not very low, because if you give him a very low offer, the owner will see it as an insult to his intelligence and might not respond back. Just make an offer lower than your budget, and lower than the market value. Send him an email, saying that you have a budget to buy a domain name and see how things pick up from there.

The last method is the attractive offer method. You send an email to the owner and you give him an offer he cant refuse accompanied by your companys credentials. Most domain owners will not think twice when they are approached by an attractive offer. This way has its set of pros and cons. One of the advantages is that it will close the deal quickly and will save you a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, its disadvantage is that you will not buy the domain name with the lowest price possible because you showed the owner that you have money.

If you are interested in learning more about pricing internet domain names, I suggest reading through Thies Lindenthals study, Valuable Words: Pricing Internet Domain Names.  You can also check out the future of domain selling at Lindenthals, Sedo backed website.

¹ Lindenthal, Thies, Valuable Words: Pricing Internet Domain Names (July 14, 2011). Available at SSRN: http:// ssrn. com/abstract=1885465 or http:// dx .doi org/10.2139/ssrn.1885465 Domain Name Sells for $50000 – Internet Marketing News Domain Name Sells for $50000 – Internet Marketing News

If you are looking for a new domain name, then you may want to consider buying a Dot ME domain. ME Domains have become extremely popular and are now the first choice for several internet vendors when selecting a new domain. Dot ME domains are also now selling for record amounts.

The App. ME domain just sold for $50000, and before that, Meet. Me a few months ago sold for $450,000. Business .Me sold for nearly sixty thousand dollars and Insure .me for nearly seventy-thousand dollars. It was only last year that AOL paid a staggering $35 Million for

Internet marketing experts are now predicting that Dot Me domain names will continue to gain popularity for new website choices as well as for investments.

Internet Marketing, Inbound Marketing on the Rise

Internet Marketing

If you are the owner of a company, and you need to make sure that the money you are paying for internet advertising isn’t going to waste.

There has been a study released by Volinsky Consulting that indicated that the price of inbound marketing is 62% than the cost of outbound marketing, which is the traditional way. This study shows how the internet has affected marketing, that’s why it became everyones focus to take part in inbound marketing because of its low cost and surprising results.

Inbound Marketing

For those who don’t know the difference between these types of marketing, keep reading. Inbound Marketing, this type of marketing involves any data or activities that make the customers find you to use your services. This can be done through providing enough content or information that would let the customers know more about your service and business. This can be done through using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by creating articles or YouTube videos that will let customers know more about you. On the other hand there is Outbound Marketing, which is, as mentioned, the more traditional way. This method includes radio advertisements or TV advertisements or even printed paper, cold calling and email ads which are also considered Outbound Marketing.

Consumers Ignoring Outbound Marketing

To really show the difference between the two types, take yourself for example, there is an 86% chance that you would ignore a radio or a TV Ad, and you will also ignore billboards that are everywhere. On the other hand, you would be more interested and eager to watch a YouTube video that shows how to fix something, maybe a video that teaches you how to fix your computer. Basically any How-to video or article would grab attention and interest more than any radio, TV or printed Ad.

To sum it up, Inbound Marketing is up, it is basically creating a content of any type that would interest the customers. Videos and articles are the best ways, because they will be valued and viewed by the customers, in fact, they will be the ones to search for them. This is the exact opposite of Outbound Marketing, as the Ads seek the customers, not the other way around.

Simple Inbound Marketing

Here is a simple way on how to make your own inbound type of marketing. First thing is to come up with content, whether a video or an article that would present and satisfy the needs of the customers. Blogs and articles are the most popular, alongside YouTube videos. And as for the quality of your video, if you choose to go the YouTube way, it doesn’t have to be something professional or expensive. A simple clear video would do the job just fine. Secondly, make sure to make yourself available and known on social network media sites. For example, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Get Buy it Now Prices from Sedo


Internet Marketing, Buying a Domain Name

Buying Your Domain Name

A new business requires a website. Every website has to have a domain name. Registering that domain name is the most important step in building the perfect business website. What if your domain name is already taken?  Should you give up?  Probably not, just use some keen negotiating skills and hunt for good deals from Sedo and other aftermarket domain sites.  Here are some tips that will help get the perfect domain name.


The Beginning
Before registering a domain name, theres something that you need to consider. Most people don’t know whether or not they need to register a company name first. The answer is as follows:
Yes “ If you plan to register a domain.
No “ If you plan to register a .com or other US based domain.

Make a List of Possible Names

Use keyword generators to find keywords that fit the products or services that youre selling. Write down all of the ones that you like. This list will be long, but it will get smaller. Also, try and only write down the keywords that have a high search rate but low competition. That way its easier to get higher rankings on search engines.  A lot of emphasis has been put on keyword rich domain names in the past and Google has continually mentioned that less emphasis should be put on this.  Recent changes have reduced that overwhelming power that a keyword rich domain used to have, but even with less power, theres still a bit of oomph left in this tactic.

Look Through Domain Auctions

This is a great way to find the very best domain name, in fact, you can probably find the perfect domain name in a buy it now sale.  You also have the option of haggling with a seller, which is perfectly fine if you like negotiating back and forth.  With a Buy it Now Price, domain buyers and sellers know exactly what each other is willing to do as far as price.  Typically, both buyers and sellers end up happy in this type of transaction.

Check each Possible Domain on your List
Now here is the longest task. Take each domain name on your list and search the web for it. Here are the possibilities:

  • Existing Business “ If a business already exists with the name, then cross it off of your list.
  • Under Construction “ If a site is Under Construction then it means that another person is probably going to start a website. Put these at the bottom of your list.
  • Splash Pages “ There are many different types of splash pages. Most will just have a list of advertisements. These belong in the middle of the list.
  • Nothing “ This is great news for you! These are the names that you should try your best to register. However, sometimes people will have these registered and yet do nothing with them.

However, the splash pages and the nothing loaded domains are where you might find those willing to sell outside of auctions. Search Whois to find the owner.

Find Your Domain Name Here

Short vs. Long Domain Names

Heres where many experts tend to disagree. Some say that shorter domain names are better while other claim the exact opposite. Both have their advantages. Shorter domain names are easier for people to type. They are easier to remember. Also, short domain names can be optimized to fit a lot of different keywords. However, they also have the highest competition. Longer domain names tend to have a lower competition. However, the biggest flaw is that theyre normally limited to very few keyword phrases (sometimes only one). In short, long domain names have better short-term results and short domains have better long-term results. It might be worth it to register one of each.

Register a Domain for 2 Years

I’ve heard this advice so many times and Im putting it here because youve probably heard it too.  Search engines actually use this to rank websites. So go ahead and register the domain for 2 years so that search engines will see that youre serious. As an added bonus, you will actually save money too!  While saving money with multiple years is mostly true, I personally have never seen a website rank higher because I bought more years.  My best guess is that domain registrars got this rumor out to sell more.  Pretty good plan right?

Register as Many Options as Possible

Many people make the mistake of only registering the .com option. However, that leaves the other options open for your competition to swoop in and get. Go ahead and register them all to keep this from happening.  Now I am going to mention .ME here.  I’ve seen a lot of great .ME domains ranking lately.  Let the other guys pass on the .ME so you smart domain hunters and business owners can pick up a great deal.

Choosing the Right Company to Register a Domain

The Company you use to register a domain is just as important as the domain itself. You need to be sure that your company is the actual owner of the domain. Take the time to research a domain name company before registering through them. Dont get scammed.  This is something that you need to look out for if you are going through a less reputable domain site.  Sites like Sedo check on their listings so they give you an extra layer of protection so to speak.  On sites like Flippa, its kind of 50/50.  I’ve sold and bought domains there, but I’ve also seen quite a few people being banned for sketchy behavior.  Just be on your toes.  Most people are not out there to rip you off with some domain scam, please know that.  There are those few bad apples that should make you a little more cautious though.


Affiliate Marketing, Can You Still Cash in on the Cloud Market?

Affiliate Marketing and the Cloud Market

Theres a lot of money to be had in affiliate marketing cloud services, but if you didnt buy a domain a few years back, then theres really no point in trying to pick through the scraps.  The good cloud domain names were scooped up by savvy domainers, but considering the amount of money that can be made from the cloud industry; many of the good cloud domains are very reasonably priced at auction.  For the amount of money you can make on a couple of business sign-ups, you could easily afford a recognizable and marketable domain name from any number of auctions on the internet.

Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing

Once you have secured a cloud domain, that is easy to rank, finding affiliate partnerships is the next step.  Most of the big named companies are offering highly competitive payouts.  Some are even offering money for free signups.  The domain name wont do all of the work for you, you’ll need to use the same marketing techniques that you have found success with in other niches.  Even if this is your first attempt at affiliate marketing, the cloud computing and cloud hosting market is probably one of the best niches to start with.  Cloud services basically need very little selling acumen because the service sells itself.  Cloud customers are out there and because all of the cloud vendors are offering essentially the same services, such as managed hosting, co-location, cloud features and deals, you’ll only need to have your website looking respectable to start getting leads.

Cloud Server Hosting Domains at Auction

Currently, there are a few cloud domains at auction on GoDaddy.  If youve been looking for your affiliate marketing niche and you think that the cloud might just be the one, then check out these finds for your next internet venture.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Advertising Business Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing Strategies: Advertising Business Internet Marketing

The internet is a place crowded both by consumers and other small businesses. For most people, the web looks a bit like a Football pile, an inscrutable, cluster of sweaty athletes each battling for the same ball. In the end, only one player comes out with it. To carry the tired metaphor, the ball is a keyword, coming out with it is being in the top few positions on Google. Now I know that its not a perfect analogy, but I think you’ll agree that winning online seems like an impossible objective.

Internet Marketing

But that’s why internet marketing has its own form of professional athletes. Like a football player, online rankings to those of us who have been coached in the sport of internet marketing seo, ppc, internet marketing email, and internet network marketing business or any other weird or popular acronyms and words youve undoubtedly heard, we see the internet as an elegant game, and coming out of pileups with the ball is exactly what were trained to do.

A lot of small businesses question whether Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is right for them. Others brashly pull the trigger on Pay-per Click (PPC). The truth is, every business is different, and every budget is different. But there are a lot of principles that apply to both. When it comes down to it, PPC is expensive right out of the gate. Using products like Google Adwords requires knowledge of all the programs eccentricities and when incorrectly executed can cause a business, unfamiliar with it to spend way more money than they intended to without the results they were hoping for. Advertising businesses through other internet marketing avenues like seo or email, on the other hand, are far more affordable, but less easy to tweak on the fly.

Internet Network Marketing Business

For most businesses, presuming your website provides a great, straightforward sales experience to your customers, if you find great success with certain PPC keywords, a general internet marketing SEO principle is that those same keywords that are being purchased and are showing results will show results when your company is ranking for the same keywords in the organic listings. Moreover, the percentage of conversions carries over. What that means is if PPC is netting your company 10,000 visitors each month, and 1% of them, or 100 people are buying your $10 product, when they get to the site “ presuming youre ranked first in PPC and your ads language is really excellent “ if you can get your website listed in the first position in the organic listings through SEO, you will see 110,000 (both from PPC and SEO) people each month, 1,100 of them will purchase your $10 product. The breakdown is that being both listed first in the organic listings increases clickthru of organic listings by approximately 10%, and the purchasing pattern of those who get to the site will remain the same.

Internet Marketing Masters Degree

The beauty of SEO is that rankings on search engine results pages (also known as SERPs in the industry), makes for long term, continued traffic. It is ongoing and ostensibly free. PPC, however, is traffic only as long as it is paid for. You can turn it on and you can turn it off. Once you stop paying for PPC, the traffic disappears. That said, for competitive terms (which are generally the terms that make companies money) SEO requires quite a bit of time, effort, and an expensive level of competence to be effective. One way to determine the level of competence in the SEO you’re deciding to use is to determine whether they have an internet marketing masters degree. Receiving an internet marketing masters degree displays a generally unparalleled level of competence.


The best online strategy that one could employ would be a holistic strategy that incorporates all elements that the internet has made available, whether its SEO, PPC, an internet marketing email strategy, or even leveraging your already existent properties like that internet network marketing business you’ve built over the last few years. A quote often attributed to John Wanamaker “ the patriarch of modern advertising and a successful entrepreneur “ goes like this: Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. That was then. In the past, advertisers were in the dark about what made them money. What they would do was buy ads everywhere they could. For the first time in history, the internet affords those in the new advertising business internet marketing, a detailed look into consumer behavior through all stages of the purchase cycle. And whether products are bought after extensive amounts of consumer research, or are more like impulse purchases, your goal is to be the last stage of the marketing funnel. What that means, simply, is that you want to be everywhere your customers are. A well-targeted online strategy will not only get a website in front of its target audience, it will result in those consumers making purchases on your website.

As such, a good rule of thumb use a 70% SEO 30% PPC strategy. The PPC allows you to test keywords before spending large amounts on SEO, and the SEO gives your site long, continued rankings that result in purchases. And isnt that the goal?

Online Schools and Online Education Opening Opportunities

Online Schools Have Offered Much to Improve Educational Opportunities

Online Education, Modern Learning

Online education is a relatively modern option for studying and even obtaining degrees primarily using the Internet as a virtual classroom. It is quickly becoming a very popular option for those wanting to increase their job skills or education levels but don’t have the time or live too far from traditional schools, colleges, or universities.

Online schools differ from traditional college or university programs in that students don’t have to attend classes that meet at a specific location. Rather, any location that has Internet access can become a classroom. There are many Web-based classroom simulation programs that enhance the teaching and learning experience and enable instructors and students to interact much like they would in a traditional classroom. Recently, many school districts have also begun offering online options for high school students.

Traditional vs Online Education and Online Schools

Initially, distance learning was viewed with suspicion from traditional educators and employers, who questioned the ability of online programs to deliver the same quality of instruction received in face-to-face programs. As online schools have improved, however, and even many brick-and-mortar schools have begun to offer degrees either partially or entirely online, the reputation of online education has risen greatly. It is very important that students interested in studying through online programs verify that the school is accredited through the generally accepted accrediting agency in the area.

Online schools offer students the benefits of being able to continue working at their jobs, spending more time with family, learning at their own pace, and even earning degrees more quickly than could be accomplished in face-to-face programs.

Inbound Marketing, Internet Marketing and Facebook

Inbound Marketing, Internet Marketing and Facebook

If you are still trying to get your Facebook business page to work with your inbound marketing strategy, but are running into little to no results, there are a few things that you can tweak to help out.  The first issues that businesses with low response from Facebook are running into are that their content is not consistent and that there is very little connection in the form of responses.  Facebook, just like Twitter and your blogs, need to have at least one person dedicated to that service.  Call them what you will, Content Media Advisor, company blogger, just make sure you have someone that is accountable for your Facebook page being updated regularly and just as important; that this dedicated individual is responding to any questions from your growing Facebook community.

Getting subscribers is one of the most important ways to build your Facebook business page and this can only be done with quality content.  This kind of content should be interesting to your customers.  It should be well written and it should be posted frequently.  The only way to get a customer to really want to subscribe, is to make them want more.  You could even go this route with humorous videos, photos or links to other sites, but make certain that it is kept professional.

Inbound Marketing with Facebook

Once your content is being posted on your wall consistently, your subscribers should start to rise, but this will be a long campaign.  You must not stop at just getting subscribers, but getting those subscribers to discuss yours posts, leave messages so that others will want to respond as well.  Facebook is not an area of your overall campaign that you will want to skimp on either.  Some of those Facebook pages that have lost several subscribers are the ones that are setup to send out auto-generated content.  This type of content is frowned upon by Facebook and Twitter, but it also annoys the reader.  Taking an easy approach to your content will only deliver poor results.

SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing

Should you pay for followers/subscribers?  While it is fantastic to see thousands of followers or subscribers on your page, if you paid for them, then they are most likely useless.  Most pay for follower services are not targeted.  Because of this, your page is simply getting a counter tick with nothing of substance behind it.  Eventually, regardless of how many followers/subscribers that your page says you have, if no one is posting or commenting, then its obvious that your numbers are inflated by such means and that can be a turnoff to the customer.  It is far better to collect real people, real subscribers and especially those that are interested in your product.

Twitter and Facebook Inbound Marketing

Buying followers for any social media service is simply a waste of money.  This is not only because some of the social media companies have rules against the practice (punishable by account removal) but it is also because, once you get your Facebook going with content, no one is going to care about that content.  Twitter is the exact same way.  Sure, 1700 followers, you would think that would be enticing to others to join you, but the driving factor behind all of it is the content.  Funny, interesting and smart content that helps, that makes the readers life better in a small or big way.  Thats what people are looking for from the internet now and when Facebook and Twitter are done correctly; they can be great assets to any social media campaign.

How to Become a Trusted Resource on the Internet

In the past, quantity of content was revered, but that has evolved into a need for quality content.  It doesn’t stop there though. The new wave on the internet is to gain credibility.  You don’t have to be a Wikipedia, but you do want to dominate your field and become an authoritative source for information regarding your company or products.  Any inbound marketing company could help you develop a terrific campaign, but when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, you should already have something in mind to give them direction.  The fastest way to become a trusted resource on the internet is to offer something of value.  A word of the day, a video of the day, helpful software that is free or just back to the basics with a newsletter.   What you want to create is a culture of sharing the value of your company, giving back to your loyal customers, but also a culture where your customers can do all of the advertising for you.  What you want is for your customer to say ˜WOW, Hey Bob, you have to see this site, product, service.  Its the best thing I’ve seen on the internet.  What that might be is completely up to you and your company.

Want a Free iPad?  Sign up Today

The Free iPad deal, the Contest, they used to have some value, but they have quickly lost credibility.  That is not to say that they may not work for you, but there is definitely a general sentiment of criticism when it comes to the FREE (Insert Whatever).  This is mostly due to those few bad apples out there that make it difficult for the rest of us.  Scammers just went crazy with contests last year and this year, the contest has very little merit when applied to a Facebook business page.  There was basically a lot of attention placed on terms of service and privacy policies last year and when people started reading what they were signing, they started catching a few more of those bad apples.  If you are going to run a contest for your Facebook page then you need to have an upfront policy, static end date of the contest and you will also need to post the winners.  Without those key elements, your contest will be a flop and reduce your credibility.  There are still inbound marketing companies that can do a contest the right way and you’ll stand a better chance of meeting with success if you go that route.  DIY contests just open your company up for a lawsuit.

Inbound Marketing, Hire a Genius

So, if you know that having a popular Facebook page is a key component of a good inbound marketing campaign, then you’ll probably also know that it is best left to the experts.  Unless you have a team of marketing specialists on staff, then you will want to hire an inbound marketing company.  Expertise in this field produces much better and more consistent results.  A full service marketing agency can include Facebook business pages in their marketing campaign and do so in an engaging way that hooks your targeted audience.  Can you find this service cheaper?  Could you do it yourself for nothing more than just your time?  Yes, to both questions, but the plain truth of the matter is that if you are not a marketing expert, your efforts will be in vain.  The cost of directed marketing team working to build your brand with Twitter, SEO, Facebook and even email marketing, is well worth the cost.


200 Premium Me Domains Super Bowl Auction – Internet Marketing News

200 Premium Me Domains On Sedo Auction

If you are ready to take your small business to the next level, the personal level, then you will want to check out the ‘Super Bowl of Domain Auctions’ at the 200 Premium ME Domains at auction right now.   There are three days left on the auction at Sedo and with three and four letter, keyword ME domains, you can find the perfect addition for your brands internet marketing and web presence.  The auction is running now and you can go directly to it by following this link.

ME Domains are Personalizing Small Business Internet Marketing

Small business, its a buzzword (phrase) again and when you think small business, you probably think of two things.  One would be the internet.  Its the perfect place to setup a business, launch it overnight and develop it for very little cost.  Secondly, you probably think of the entrepreneurial American drive that springs forth in the spirit of mom and pops, college students with a dream and grandmothers that want to sell their crocheted goods.

These are the men and women that use their name as their brand, put their reputation on the line, sole proprietors especially, and they are the personality that makes their business great.  Dot Me domains capture that entrepreneurial gusto, the personality and very personal aspect of business and they are the perfect way to stake the claim, I am here, this is ME, this is my business, my livelihood and welcome to my website.

Internet Marketing

ME domains have notably gained more popularity over the past two years with record breaking sales such as  Now, connect that popularity with small business and you have a winning combination for a smart business and built in internet marketing.

Small Businesses Seeing Cost Savings from Project Management Software

Online Employee Scheduling Tools “ Some Advantages of Using These Tools in Your Business

Managing employees can sometimes be a difficult task, even for the most efficient managers. However, strategic planning and use of required skills can make the job relatively easier. Moreover, with technology now at your disposal, you can make use of employee scheduling tools to effectively manage the work schedules of your employees, thus also increasing your level of output and most importantly, in a timely fashion.

The internet has brought about a revolution in the way organizations and businesses handle tasks, and the scenario is very different from what it used to be a few years ago. Nevertheless, it has also led to an increase in customer and client demands, and businesses are now focusing more on effective management of their employees in order to meet these demands. Online scheduling tools offer a flexible way of managing employee timesheets, and this is certainly easier than using traditional corporate scheduling strategies. We mention below the six most important advantages of using these tools.

Advantages of online employee scheduling tools

  • Online tools intended for scheduling employees offer efficient storage solutions for almost all scheduling records. With security of the information being in question, reputable providers make use of highly encrypted systems that ensure that no information is misplaced, and is not accessible by any unwanted individual.
  • The biggest advantage of using online tools is that they offer enhanced mobility. With online scheduling tools, you can always stay assured that everyone in your team is aware of the tasks that he or she must do. Timesheets can be accessed remotely, all throughout the day and week, and every employee gets the most clear picture on his shift timings or work schedule.
  • Tools that enable you to schedule workloads and timings are very helpful when it comes to curbing unexpected absenteeism and even late-comings. Even if the employee has been on leave for a day or two, he can easily check his work timings for the next working day online.
  • Flexibility is another major advantage you get when using online scheduling tools. In case your business needs you to employ part-time labor, scheduling time sheets for these employees can be very tedious. Online tools are very helpful here, since when you update the timesheets on the internet, they can always check in for the next shift. This eliminates any need for you to send individual emails or get in touch with each employee individually.
  • The format only needs to be created once, and you will only have to edit and update the schedules for your employees knowledge.
  • Online schedule management makes the task easy, and clearly organized. Most online tools in this category also send emails to the affected employees, whose schedules have been changed. This means that all you need to do is to make the necessary changes and update the information, and the employees will be notified of the changes.

Highly customizable online scheduling tools are now in use and these offer advanced capabilities like designing your own program to suit your custom needs. Furthermore, with an online system, your business will not have to deal with the cost of deployment and maintenance. These web-based services are quick, efficient and can be easily managed.

Livedrive Cloud Backup and Storage, Clash with Reseller

Livedrive Cloud Backup and Storage, Clash with Reseller

In a strong move by Livedrive, a UK-based backend firm that offers cloud storage, it ended its contract with one of its reseller stating that the latter did not pay its dues to the company. All the data storage done by account holders in its cloud was also made unavailable for any access. The reseller, Backify, which has its headquarters in theUS, alleged that Livedrive had technical problems that its support staff were unable to solve even after ten days of complaints.


Livedrive alleged that the reseller, that was established nearly two months ago, was slightly dubious in its operations. Andrew Michael, the managing director for Livedrive, said that the company hired its services for data storage facilities, and started offering customers free 512GB data storage accounts. Next, he said, that the payments made by the reseller was via a credit card which kept getting declined every time new customers were being added. This led to the beginning of problems, and further alleviated when Backify stopped its payments and claimed refund for all the fees it had paid until now.

Cloud Technology

Michael said that when customers discovered that Livedrive provided the technology they were offered in their data storage, most of them started sending complaint emails about how they were dissatisfied with the services offered by its resellers. The firm did its own research, and concluded that the behavior of the reseller was slightly unprofessional when dealing with customers. Also, the research done showed that it was more of a fly-by-night operation they were running, and this led to the termination of the contract. However, customers have still not received any response about secure deletion of their data, neither from Livedrive nor from the alleged reseller.

IADT Orlando Curriculum Adds Internet Marketing Programs

IADT-Orlando Curriculum Adds Internet Marketing Programs in Its Courses

The IADT-Orlando school has opened new opportunities for students who wish to pursue internet marketing as a field of study. This new program, Bachelor of Science in Internet Marketing extensively covers the creative as well as the technical aspects that are involved in the marketing of services and products online. The courses in the bachelor program cover the most recent current industry topics, and these include digital branding, social media optimization, search engine marketing and e-commerce. With the use of interactive classroom discussions combined with hands-on training, the faculty aims at developing the required skills in the students that the professionals in the industry use.

Internet Marketing

Designed to give students the basic (and also advanced) idea of design, implementation and marketing for the internet, this Internet Marketing program has been updated to the industry standards. The bachelor-level degree program helps students learn about the various tools in the industry to build brands via service and product promotion online. Some courses that the school offers through this program are “ Programming for the Internet, Mobile Advertising, Media Design Concepts, Website Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Digital and Design Imaging and Social Media Marketing.

Online Marketing

The IADT (International Academy of Design and Technology) has been imparting quality education to its students from the past thirty years. The Orlando campus (opened in 2007) offers degree programs in a large number of fields, ranging from retail merchandise management to game production. Students enrolling for the course will learn the skills to create, manage and implement strategically effective online marketing campaigns. Domain Name Sells For World Record $450,000 Domain Name Sells For World Record $450,000

It was only a few years ago when Meet dot me was being pushed up to nearly $6,000 at auction. Last week, there were probably some domain buyers kicking dirt and mumbling curse words under their breath at the news that the dot me domain sold for $450,000. If that looks like a lot of zeros for a dot me, then that would be accurate as it is now the record holder for the highest domain only sale of a dot me. This is yet another example that non dot com domains have the oomph that it takes to represent big business on the internet.

Does this mean that domainers should start scooping up all of the dot mes? Well, if they don’t already have a few of them in their portfolio, they may want to re-consider passing up any of the shorter named dot mes at auctions. Not every dot me is going to be worth 450 grand and certainly not every dot com will be either, but considering the ROI for Meet dot me it certainly makes one want to consider what makes it so valuable.

Fixed Priced Domains

Fixed priced domain names tend to sell much faster, but the dot mes that have real value are always going to be the memorable ones. So, when you have a fixed price plus an easy to remember and relevant to at least some market, even the fringe ones, then you have a winner on your hands. It probably doesn’t need to be said, but it is highly unlikely that the three words separated by dashed dot mes probably wont be selling anytime soon, but sometimes you have to take what you can get when its for a specific purpose and not for resale purposes.

Dot Me on the Radar

A couple of dot mes that are on the radar are Vegas dot me and Loan dot me. Both have recently had inquiries and both are currently up for sale at fixed prices.

Just one look at dot me domains on Sedo will show you that plenty of people see the value in dot me. Some might have gone overboard initially (33,813 search results as of posting), but the sentiment was correct, dot mes continue to have proven value.

Internet Marketing, at Auction and GoDaddy vs Sedo

Internet Marketing, iConnect. net at Auction and GoDaddy vs Sedo

The big difference between a GoDaddy auction and a Sedo auction is that Sedo has very strict standards about what goes to auction.  Domains for sale at a Sedo Auction are often scrutinized by the company to determine value based on factors such as domain age, TLD and most importantly, if the domain is short and memorable.

GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy does have some terrific domains for sale at their auctions, but it might take more effort for the domain buyer to do their own research on the domain.  With Sedo there is a built-in assurance that the domain is quality-checked either by the company itself or by peer selection.

Sedo Auctions

Another difference between a GoDaddy domain at auction and a Sedo auction is that GoDaddy will typically have newer domains for sale.  At Sedo, a domain buyer can find sites like iConnect .net which have been active for over sixteen years.  If you are of the school of thought that domain age plays a roll in rankings or at the very least believe that there’s not a sandbox applied to an aged domain, then Sedo has plenty to offer.

Internet marketing purposes would best be paired with Sedo for a fast-track to search engine rankings, as many of the websites and domains listed are aged.  GoDaddy definitely has more variety though and even if it takes a little longer to find them, there are some great deals with real marketing value on GoDaddy.

Mortgages in Default Increase Last Month

Mortgages in Default Increase Last Month

In September, figures were released showing that defaults on both second and first mortgages were much higher than in August. First mortgages going into default went up from 1.92 to 1.99 while second mortgages saw a .5% increase. (Figures according to S&P Experian).

Consumer Credit Default Rate

The consumer credit default rate is still down in comparison to last September, but did see an increase of .6%. New York was listed as having default rates that went from 1.8^ to 2.01%.

These increases are surprising to many financial experts as consumer credit default rates have been in decline for over three years. The figures could simply represent a one month anomaly or could be the end of a trend.

Is Affiliate Marketing Recession-Proof – Internet Marketing

Is Affiliate Marketing Recession-Proof – Internet Marketing

Businesses that are the first to suffer in a recession are going to be luxury items, non-essential services and a large section of retail business. Because the internet is a readily available source of massive discounts including coupons, free shipping and exclusive online deals; the brick and mortar operations without an online presence are suffering more than they have to. With recession comes job loss, as expected, but this time around, American Ingenuity is bringing back the small business and even some micro businesses like affiliate marketing.

Micro Business

Micro business affiliate marketing sites have the distinct advantage of not having to maintain product or services. The overhead for an affiliate business is merely the cost of hosting, electricity, computer maintenance, domain fees and internet access. This is one of the reasons that affiliate marketing has taken off in several of the emerging nations. However, thin affiliate sites are dropping from Google searches faster than a Panda eats bamboo (or spam) and theres a good reason; thin affiliate sites have nothing to offer as far as experience for the user. This is where new affiliate businesses may have an advantage “ they can build their websites around visitor experience and create an affiliation with companies that are virtually recession proof.

Affiliate Marketing in a Recession

I’ve always thought of a few things that Ill always need and consider essentials. There are the basics of course, but when you are thinking of making connections with affiliate offers, think about what people really need. This will be vitally important because people simply arent in the mood or position to buy right now. Toilet paper, the big TP; tons of money in that simply because, well no explanation needed, but¦ is there a toilet paper affiliate? Well, there are companies online that sell health and beauty products along with OTC medications and yes, one of those products is toilet paper. Another area to consider is appliances. Right now, people are more likely to have a broken appliance repaired or buy refurbished products so keep that in mind the next time your vacuum breaks down and you need a new one. Are you going to buy an expensive new vacuum or look for an inexpensive vacuum solution? Whichever you decide is what most of America will decide too.

Is Affiliate Marketing Recession Proof?

If you use logic and economic instinct in selecting your affiliations the affiliate marketing is definitely recession proof. If you go after the highest percentages on luxury items, its highly unlikely that you will turn a profit in todays economic climate. Just play it smart when choosing what you want to market and the money will come. Domain Name Sells for $54800 – Internet Marketing News Domain Name Sells for $54800 – Internet Marketing News

Theres one real estate market that is continuing to do very well and unfortunately for home sellers, its not the one they necessarily want. Domain sales are continuing to strengthen with a much needed revitalization of the industry from .Co. Sedo continues to see positive market sales and having a positive first quarter in 2011 still advertises 2008 sales figures on their website.

Domain Market

While the domain market may not be seeing the sheer volume of transactions of 2008, the value of TLDs has continued to escalate. The recent sale of for a considerable $54,800 USD also continues to renew faith in those that have dot Mes in their portfolios. While .coms are still topping the charts, these covert purchases of .mes certainly makes properties like “ on sale at “ very enticing.

Domain Industry

Right now is a very exciting time in the domain industry as some of the old school guys are looking to retire, its opening up a lot of great opportunities for new buyers building their portfolios and especially for startups. While most of the news is covering the big name companies and their new acquisitions, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on the emerging internet entrepreneur market in the US. With a weakened economy, smaller businesses are springing up and faster than ever because of the internet. Essentially, the domain industry could be one of the key components to strengthening the US economy.

Americans Given a Line to the White House on Regulating Online Poker

Americans Given a Line to the White House on Regulating Online Poker

A petition regarding consumer protection, job creation and online poker regulation is currently open at this link.

Regulating Online Poker

Created only yesterday, the petition currently has 2,728 signatures in favor of regulating online poker in the United States. The petition requires a total of 5000 before it will warrant the eyes of the government. The petition calls for the United States to consider the proven global industry of online poker and regulate it as online betting has already been done for horse races.

Petition to the White House

More information about this petition and other petitions may be gathered at the website for the White House,

Securing Small Business against Client Data Loss

Securing Small Business against Client Data Loss

With the increase in small businesses being launched (internet businesses) on shoestring budgets, aspects of client data security are being sacrificed to reduced overhead.

New Internet Business

This is probably one of the worst mistakes that a new internet business can make at any stage of their business development. Customer data security is closely tied in to the reputation of any business and by not putting a high level of attention to the matter can sink a business immediately with just the loss of one customers information to devious attackers.

Security Does not Have to be Sacrificed

Security does not have to be sacrificed to save money. By following a few simple steps, small businesses on the internet can provide a secure environment to conduct business while also establishing trust with their customers.

Read More

Premium Domain Name Auction, NO Reserve Domains “ Ending Tomorrow

Premium Domain Name Auction, NO Reserve Domains “ Ending Tomorrow

This is the last chance to get some great, inexpensive premium domains on the Sedo domain premium auction happening over Labor Day.

Three Letter Domains

Some of the NO reserver premium auction domains include, with 18 bids, which is excellent for email marketing services and, a three letter domain which are very difficult to obtain now.  Three letter domains have increased in value with service providers going after the mobile market.  Three letter domains are easy to remember and more importantly, much easier to type in than lengthy domain names.

Domain Name Auction

The Sedo premium domain name auction ends tomorrow, but its not too late to get a last minute bid in on any of these great domain names.  You may even find some other hidden domain name treasures like which is perfect for a SMB (Small or Mid-Sized Business) related to wine making or wine distribution.  Effective online marketing really starts with the branding and nothing brands a company like a premium domain name.

To see some of the domain names you can Go Here



Premium Domains With Value – No Reserve Domain Name Auction

Premium Domains With Value

Sedo is currently running a premium domain, no reserve auction. With many of the premium domains with starting bids around $100, this is a good opportunity to add some excellent premium domains to your portfolio at very low prices. The auction can be visited at Sedo directly or by clicking on any of the real domain gems listed below.

Premium Domains at Sedo

Several of the domains that are listed at this auction have some excellent potential for online business interests.  EasyEmail and EmailLists would make for important domain names for email list services which are receiving an increase in interest with online marketing campaigns.  Other specialty service fields such as a general practicioner of medicine would find a lot of value in a domain like OnlineDoctor just as a photographer could increase their client base with traffic from a strong, premium domain name like ColorPhoto.

Domain Sales Closing in 24 Hours

Many of these premium domains names are set to close within the next 24 hours and others will close in the next six days.


REVIEWWINE.COM Premium Domain Name Goes on Sedo Domains Auction Premium Domain Name Goes on Sedo Domains Auction

Internet Marketing and Premium Domains

I domains like icloud .com, have always been popular as I has become universal with internet. Then, when the iPad and iPhone came out, I domains increased in both popularity and value. Sales for these types of domains are still getting great results. One domain that has the interest of domain buyers is iMount. com, which is currently up for sale on Sedo. at Auction is expected to go beyond $10,000 with estimates having been set based on previous interest. A reserve of $1000 was already met and bidding is expected to get heated in the last two days of the auction. With other I domains selling for record numbers, businesses with an interest in building value in their web presence may be interested in checking out this and similar auctions GO HERE.

iab .com    $67,250

iauction .com     $50,000

ias .com    $27,000

iart .com   $16,694

ibanks .com $38,000

icahn .com  $20,500

icoach .com $19,000

ifans .com  $10,000

ifeed .com  $9,900

iguide .com $100,000

Here is a list of some of the “i” domains that have sold this year alone along with the prices they sold for.  Domain List of Completed Auctions

Postal Service: Making Changes in a Tough Economy

Postal Service: Making Changes in a Tough Economy

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” or so says the inscription that runs atop the building housing the General Post Office located at 8th and 33rd in New York City, but layoffs can.

The United States Postal Service is asking Congress to eliminate restrictions and allow them to lay off nearly 120,000 workers. They also are seeking to replace both the government retirement and health plans currently in place.

According to the USPS, they will have to do away with 220,000 positions, which equals about 30 percent of its staff, by the year 2015. As it looks at its numbers, there will only be 100,000 positions eliminated through attrition.

The USPS is also asking to replace the workers’ current government health and retirement benefits with their own benefit plans. As of now, postal workers are part of the Civil Service Retirement System, the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, and the Federal Employee Retirement System. If Congress allows the USPS to change to other plans, they claim that there would be a savings, while still offering similar benefits.

The postal service sites the declining volume of mail, along with growing losses for the drastic job cuts. Volume has declined about 20 percent between 2006 and 2010. Losses during this period are estimated at $20 billion. The loss in 2010 alone was $8.5 billion, compared to $3.8 billion in 2009.


Time May be Running Out for Small Business Lending Fund

Time May be Running Out for Small Business Lending Fund

If you’re a small business owner hoping to tap into the government fund for small business loans, you might be disappointed.

The Federal Reserve is not allowing the disbursement of any funds from the $30 billion special government stash set aside specifically to encourage banks to lend to small businesses, jeopardizing the success of the program.

What has happened is that the central bank, the bank that regulates all the banks across the United States, won’t allow dividends to be paid on the funds. This affects the approval of any new applications.

So far, the Treasury has disbursed $590 million of the $30 billion in less than two months. However, the program is set to expire on September 27. The program was set up last September by the Obama administration and Congress. It’s aim was to increase banks’ lending to small businesses by inputting more capital to local banks.

In order to access the Small Business Lending Fund, the Federal Reserve has to sign off on the bank’s disbursement of the funds. The U.S. Treasury Secretary, Timothy F. Geithner, says that the department has received nearly 870 applications for requests totaling $11.6 billion in funds.

But, Geithner blames the regulators for the snail-like start of the fund. The regulators are cautious in approving and lending funds, as is the Treasury Department. The SBLF also allows banks to refinance any debt they have from the 2008 Trouble Asset Relief Program. Under this part of the program, The Treasury Department has distributed $123 million to six community banks.

Internet Marketing, Premium Domains Selling for up to 6 Figures

Internet Marketing, Premium Domains Selling for up to 6 Figures

Not all premium domain names have to sell for six figures, but for the domain owners with domains at auction, that is always a hope of theirs. Sedo recent saw the sales of Koudai dot com and iCinema dot com for a substantial fifty grand each. Even eSignature dot com reached the top of charts with a sale of $150,000. This month there are several premium domain names up for auction at Sedo and the good news is that they are set with very small reserves.

Small Businesses Need Big Domain Names

With the downturn in the US economy and the upturn in small, independent businesses, premium domain names that are service related and have been active for several years are going for a premium. There has been an increase in service companies such as maid services, gutter cleaning services and handyman type businesses.

Maximum Exposure for Minimal Dollars with Premium Domains

The least expensive way to gain the most exposure, even for small locally operated startups is through a strong, recognizable domain name. Other internet startups that are making an appearance are those utilizing affiliate agreements with mobile services and music sites with access to iTunes distribution.

Five Premium Domain Names at Sedo Auction With Low Reserve Currently:

Service related domains like those listed above are increasing in value as more local and national small businesses spring up. Of course, with lower reserves, domain buyers are also finding a new area in which to make a profit. Ultimately, a domain like could sell or be resold for substantial profits because of its wide appeal for the service industry including maid services, pressure washing services and the like.

Internet Marketing, Social Media New Best Advertising Platform

Internet Marketing, Social Media New Best Advertising Platform

Social media giant Facebook has been offering companies and retailers the opportunity to buy add space on the side of their website for years now, but recently some of the biggest retailers have found a new way to advertise their products and specials.

Facebook Pages for Retail Stores

Stores such as Target, JC Penney and Aeropostale have launched Facebook pages where customers can browse through products for sale and Like specials that are currently being offered.  Target is about to offer a special for the first 1,000 people to Like an item; they will receive a coupon to 40-50% off the product that they liked and shared on their wall.

Facebook Store

Aeropostale has created a Facebook store where members can browse products and purchase them directly from the site.   They also have the ability to share the items in their shopping bag on their Wall allowing friends and family to see what items they have chosen to purchase.   Keep an eye on your favorite retailers for special coupons and promotions for fans.

Internet Marketing, Email Directories Free for the Taking

Internet Marketing, Email Directories Free for the Taking

Email marketing has many different aspects to it that are necessary in making it successful. There are many different options that you can select to make your business more profitable, from helping you to create email newsletters and fliers to building up and obtaining email addresses and business email listings to giving clients access to email directories.

Email Marketing

One aspect of email marketing that often gets overlooked is the email directory. Many companies and businesses arent aware that, depending on what services they have signed up for, they have access to an entire database filled with email addresses to use at their disposal. These directories are available all over the internet, and while some of the companies may charge for the emails, many others are free for the taking.

So where do these emails come from, and how are they useful to you? Its simple. When people sign up with different websites they often have to provide their email address. Often times these sites will encourage you to check other options that may be of interest of you. These third-party advertisers will then take the email address that was provided and send you email ads and newsletters from companies that fit these criteria.

Social Networking Sites

Another way that these emails are obtained are on social networking sites. There are often advertisements along the borders of these sites, and by clicking on these ads it will take you to that companys website. Those companies can then take the email address that you used to login to send you information from their sites.

There are some companies that buy these email addresses and compile a database of them for others to use. These databases, or email directories as they are more commonly called, are a very fast and easy way to build up your clientele, and can be very affordable to do so.

They usually offer various search options so that you can get select certain email addresses that pertain to your field of business. For instance, if your website has something to do with music, a record store perhaps, than emails that have anything to do with music can be searched for and added to your companys personal email directory. If you want yours to be more generic, you can avoid using the search option and pick whichever emails you like.

Internet Marketing, Why Your Press Release is Incredibly Lame

Internet Marketing, Why Your Press Release is Incredibly Lame

One massively rookie mistake that continues to plague the internet are the absolute misuse of press releases. Press releases are still great ways to generate buzz, get noticed and get your links out there, but a lot of the press releases are obviously being put out there for the wrong reasons. Press releases are for the press. They should be written with the intention of getting someone in the media that has access to a newspaper, magazine or website, interested in your story. If your story is lame, well your press release gets passed by.

Press Releases

Your press release is most likely, seriously lame, unless you have had it created by a reliable writing company that specializes in press releases. The second reason that your press release is probably lame is that it doesn’t tell a story that is interesting on a larger scale. Even the smallest event taking place in the littlest town in America can become a national story, but if the media doesn’t see it, hear about it or don’t already have an investigative reporter that has infiltrated your organization, then the interwebs certainly will never see it.

Make Your Press Release Tell a Story, a Good Story

Writing a press release is just like writing a screenplay or a novel; just in one page. Same concepts apply; the writing should catch the reader in the first 2 seconds of putting their eyes on it. It should be followed by the building of tension and excitement and ultimately lead to an informative conclusion. The trick is to get all of the information and facts that you want to express into that exciting narrative. The way that this is done is with quotes, important historical facts and quite frankly, anything that makes it easier for the writer to write a story and not have to pick up a phone to interview you for mundane details that should have been in the press release.

So, once you have the attention of the media, you should entirely expect a real life person to phone you, email you or send you and typed request for an interview. The only way to receive any of those forms of request is to have accurate contact information. Also, don’t be shy, even if you have a little website that you just wanted to tell the world about; if you get a phone call for an interview, please take it. Keep in mind this one important step in that process, check the credentials of the caller or person sending you an email. If they belong to a blog that is fine, preferably a reputable news service, but definitely don’t fall prey to some non-writer psychotic that thought it would be fun to give you a call and ask you for a lot of personal information.

Lawsuit Against JPMorgan Chases Devaluation of Property Given an Okay

Lawsuit Against JPMorgan Chases Devaluation of Property Given an Okay

Imagine being in the middle of a home improvement project and you receive a letter from you bank basically telling you that you can no longer pull any money from your line of credit.

According to class action lawsuits against such banking giants as JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo, that’s what has happened to home owners across the country since the 2009 banking industry debacle.

What happened was that across the country, the homes of those with home equity lines were devalued “ with nothing but what the banks called an automated valuation being done.  Basically, a computer program determined that these homes had lost value.

Automated valuation is nothing new in the housing industry.  The program uses a mathematical model which can calculate a homes value by comparing it with the values of other comparable properties in the same area.

The suits contend that the reduction of the home equity lines was done without a permissible reason, and thus was illegal. The original suit was filed by a group of eight homeowners, but has been consolidated to include suits from homeowners in Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Minnesota, and California.

The group won a victory when U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer agreed that their complaint may have merit.  Pallmeyer refused to dismiss the lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase.  She did, however, dismiss charges of unjust enrichment and fraud.

JPMorgan Chases filings argued that there is no law that specifies what type of valuation they have to use to review the collateral of a home equity line of credit, which, of course, is the home.  They also contend that the homeowners failed to show that their new valuations were inaccurate.

A College Education is Still Your Best Investment

 A College Education is Still Your Best Investment

Spending four years and thousands of dollars to be jobless certainly does not seem like time or money well spent.  But a new study released by the Brookings Institute found that a four-year college degree is indeed a great investment.  For the newly-graduated who are still jobless, those findings seem hard to believe.

The study found that, on average, the benefits of a four-year degree are equal to an investment that has a return of 15.2 percent each year.  That figure is over double the 6.8 percent average return on stock market investments since 1950.  It is also over five times the return of gold at 2.3 percent, government bonds at 2.2 percent, corporate bonds at 2.2 percent, or home ownership at 0.4 percent.

Compared to a person with only a high school diploma, a college graduate will earn about $570,000 more over a lifetime because of that four-year degree.  An associates degree will earn the holder about $170,000 more than a person with just a high school education.

The problem comes with the initial layout for college.  For a four-year degree, the average cost of only the education is around $48,000.  A two-year degree goes for about $5,200.  If you add in all the costs like room and board, books, and the earnings lost while attending college, the price balloons to $102,000 and $28,000, respectively.

By 22 years of age, the average college graduates earnings are about 70 percent higher than the 22-year-old with a high school diploma. And it only gets better.  The study found that in 2010, a 50-year-old college graduate made about $46,500 than a 50-year-old high school graduate.

Mortgage Lenders Big Bank Fees Before the Senate

Mortgage Lenders Big Bank Fees Before the Senate

Finally, someone is sticking up for the little guy.  On July 6, the Senate denied the big banks more money.  The banks wanted the Senate to delay new rules affecting the fees they charge retailers to process debit card transactions.  Under these new rules, the fees would be cut substantially.  The vote fell short of the 60 votes needed to pass.

Industry reports estimate that banks brought in over $20 billion in debit card transactions fees last year alone.  Retailers have complained that the fees on debit card transactions consistently have risen, while the technology costs have gone down and the use of debit cards has grown.

The new rates, as proposed by the Federal Reserve, would be between seven and 12 cents for each transaction, down from the current 44 cents per transaction.  Congress did, however, exempt small banks – banks with less than $10 billion in assets.  The opponents of the new rules say that the exemption will mean that all but three credit unions and about 100 banks will be exempt from the slashed fees.  Basically, this means that banks like JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, two banks that received federal bail-out money, will have their transaction rates slashed while retailers like Home Depot and WalMart would continue to garner the higher fees.

While the challenge did not pass, the margin was close – 54 of the necessary 60 votes.  This positive showing may encourage the banking industry to continue to challenge the new rules and entities like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  The new bureau will assume control over mortgages and other consumer-related regulations.  The bureau will take control from banking regulators. Internet Marketing Domain Sales of Interest

Internet Marketing, a free article directory for internet marketing and member of the network has recently been put up for sale on Flippa. com.  With only one day left, the site is expected to sell rather quickly. is developing a reputation as a trusted authority on multiple topics of interest to online marketers.  Currently the article directory contains over 49,000 articles on various topics and receives over fifty new articles a day.

Knowlegebase Articles

The concept of using freely distributed and informative articles to direct interest to a website has a long standing use in internet marketing.  Even with the recent Google updates, article directories are still seeing a lot of use, but especially those like Knowlegebase Articles that only release unique articles.

Article Directory Marketing

In controlling an easy to remember domain name, marketing companies can use as site like this to direct a great amount of links, traffic and general interest to their main endeavor.  The auction only has 1 day and fourteen hours remaining at the writing of this article and can be viewed at this link.




Internet Marketing, SEM vs. SEO: Is There a Difference?

SEM vs. SEO: Is There a Difference?

If youre new to the Internet marketing game, you may not know the difference between SEM and SEO, or if there is a difference. The names are similar “ Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization “ but the key difference is those last words: marketing and optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

To really understand the difference between and SEM and SEO, you have to be familiar with how a search engine works. Most people understand that a search engines searches Internet based on key words. To find these words, a search engine sends out spiders or software robots. These spiders compile lists of words found on Web sites. The spiders start their search in popular websites and heavily used servers. It indexes the words and follows links on the page. Users can then search for key words in that index.

Search Engine Marketing

To make it easy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a broad term. It is basically anything you can do using search engines to promote your website. That would include things like paying to have your website added to a search engine, placing paid advertisements on a search engine results page, and pay-per-click ads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is really a component of SEM. You want to make your website the best it can be for search engines. This can be done by editing the websites content to include the keywords and keyword phrases that will have high relevancy. The higher the relevancy, the higher up on the list of sites your webpage will be.

Internet Marketing: Whats in it For Me?

Internet Marketing:  Whats in it For Me?

Advertising on the Internet has become the way to go for businesses because of its advantage over the more traditional types of advertising, such as television, radio and newspapers.  With consumers growing savvy and rejecting brand loyalty, advertising is more important now than ever.  If you want the biggest bang for your advertising buck, you may want to consider advertising on the Internet.

One of the big advantages to advertising online is the ability to make changes to your ad almost instantaneously.  Think of the erroneous Macys ad for Miami Heat championship T-shirts that appeared in the Miami Herald the day after the Dallas Mavericks won NBA title.  Had that ad been on the Internet, it could have easily been changed or even pulled if necessary.

Advertising online also allows more variety.  You can incorporate both audio and video in an ad, a feature that was once the sole domain of television.  You can also blog or send out emails or newsletters.  You can use social media like Facebook and Twitter to reach a broad range of consumers.

Another advantage of Internet marketing is the ability to better target a specific audience.  Because of the broad spectrum of websites, you can specifically target audiences by location, age, income level and occupation.

The best aspect of Internet marketing?  Its less expensive than traditional marketing.   You can run a banner ad or a link, a pop-up ad or a pay-per-click ad.  The cost will vary depending on what type of ad you are running and which sites will carry your ad.


LinkedIn vs. Facebook for Business Internet Marketing

LinkedIn and Facebook

When compared to LinkedIn, is Facebook really that great for business? Theres quite a few business pages on Facebook that sit there empty not really doing much but taking up internet space, LinkedIn on the other hand appears to be making a stronger move for businesses with what really counts; access to the decision makers, not just the webmaster. Linkedin is becoming more relevant for smaller businesses and those small businesses may just gain an advantage by linking in to professionals on LinkedIn.

Internet Marketing

Facebook seems great for fan pages and some businesses have done well with their Facebook presence, but it is more of a consumer driven model where LinkedIn is a business to business, professional social network and that simply isnt the image that Facebook represents.

Business Contacts

Definitely not suggesting pulling out of Facebook, as it serves for some excellent customer opportunities, but adding LinkedIn to your arsenal may be the missing component in your overall internet marketing plan. You can check out LinkedIn at and start connecting to business contacts today.

Online Internet Marketing Companies for Business

Online Marketing Companies for Online Business

If you are looking to improve your online business, marketing is the best way to go.  Research shows that hiring a marketing company can improve sales nearly 35% or more in most cases, and online marketing is ideal for your online business.  The best choices are usually the ones that appear in the top pages of a Google search.

Page Ranking

Not many people take the time to look through page after page of search results, and even fewer would actually hire services from someone that is twenty or more pages into a search. This could mean that you are missing out on a great deal and a great company for no reason other than an unfortunate page ranking.

Top Ranked

Likewise, just because a page is one of the top ranked items in a search doesn’t mean it is the best choice.  Take the time to look at any reviews or feedback on the company and avoid any that have lots of negative feedback.

Cloud Consolidation of Power, Microsoft Office, Xbox, an End to Retail

The Cloud

The Cloud is Here, are You Ready?

The infamous Atari video game burial of 1983 was the event where Atari crushed and disposed of countless cartridges of Atari games when they switched over from the 2600 to the 5200. The New Mexico landfill is most likely the home of millions of copies of the Atari game, E.T. which has gone down in history has one of the biggest fails in the video game industry. As video stores (whats a video store?) switched over to DVD and Blu-Ray only, millions of VHS cassettes were systematically destroyed and dumped. In the cloud this will all change.

Modern technology, especially the tech that we store data on, simply goes extinct through well organized phase out programs leaving the Earth with a sore reminder of millions of tons of plastics and parts buried under the surface. The Cloud is different though, theres nothing to throw away once we get rid of all of the CDs, DVDs and other nonsensical clutter that fills our shelves and retail stores, that is except for those gift cards that stores are putting up to purchase digital content online, but more on that in a bit.

So, there are good things that come with the cloud. The big, friendly cloud smiles down on us as it keeps the world free of discs and cartridges. Less landfill clutter, more green servers and less need for IKEA shelving to hold your collection of Seinfeld, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Friends. These are all good things, but what are the potential negatives of switching over to a cloud based storage system?

The Cloud Consolidation of Power

If you take away all of the DVDs and CDS what will that one guy that rips them and sends them out as digital content do with his day? Once the tangible products that hold our entertainment are phased out and we are left with ethereal, downloadable data, the law will have to crackdown harder on theft. That will mean much stronger legislation, making even one song theft equivalent to at least shoplifting right? Its already a federal offense to steal movies and songs and while it is a bigger problem with international theft of intellectual property, so big that Justice Department has an Intellectual Property Task Force, the enforcement will have to change to keep up with the technology.

Sure, law enforcement and software developers have had plenty of time to learn how to secure digital content, but that hasnt seemed to slow down digital content theft and transfer. What will need to change in order to keep our software, music and movie companies in business if we switch over to Cloud only? Perhaps electronic ticketing systems where you are charged with a receipt of stolen property charge if you are caught with Lady Gagas newest single.

Expect a large period of adjustment as law enforcement figures this out. The biggest problem when it comes to the Cloud and law enforcement is that the FBI can shutdown servers that are host to illegal activities, so technically, you could lose access to your cloud-held data unless laws are modified. Its a big problem and if you would like to read more about Cloud Law, you can read the White Paper by Berkley.

What Happens to My Best Buy?

Store like Best Buy seem to be adjusting to the changes that have already been implemented by companies like Microsoft. Most of the software and services that Microsoft offers, such as Office and Xbox subscription and points, are not represented by gift cards with digital id codes on them (not activated until purchased at register). You can tell by walking into a Best Buy that they have a lot more space for¦ well, some of them have set up racks of gift cards for iTunes, Xbox, Napster, so the space is still being used. Most of these purchases can already be performed by the consumer from their home computer, laptop, iPod, iPhone and etc. They are mostly still at retail stores as a convenience and friendly reminder, but not as the ˜drawing to the store power that they used to have. With the Cloud, you may start seeing more retail stores shifting to other products like candy, televisions, vacuum cleaners and Xboxes. The ill effect is that many niche stores may have to shut their doors, especially for retail stores that specialize only in games and game trading.

Ready for the Cloud, is it Ready for Us?

Its happening now. Are you ready to turn over so much power to the Mega-Titans of the internet? Are you OK with the Microsoft cloud, Amazon online cloud, Google cloud services and Apple controlling access to your files, data, spreadsheets and the like? Those first adopters of technology have already started moving over awhile ago, which means we have about five years or less before everything has moved completely to a cloud technology based system. The cloud simply isnt ready for us, not yet, and until we (the collective humanity) figure out how to increase bandwidth availability, we may all be chugging along like working on a 300 bps modem.

Hold onto those Blu-Rays, locally stored MP3s and digital copies of Harry Potter movies on your flash drives for a little bit longer. Take a wait and see approach towards the cloud, take companies up on their offers of free cloud storage space and services, use cloud hosting, but expect that there will be a cost beyond the friendly sounding introductory offers that are already around.

Amazon seems to have one of the more friendly pricing arrangements for additional storage, but please keep in mind that cable used to cost around thirty dollars and now most are satisfied paying around $75-$100. It will never be a good idea to store all of your data offsite, not that anyone is suggesting that, but remember that if the power goes out or if you lose WiFi and you want to listen to music on your MP3 player, then you’ll need to local copies stored to do it. The cloud may fix some problems and be a great way to move in data storage and transfer, but expect to see more problems in these first years. Baby steps, baby steps.




Michael Whitlatch writes as a guest author for

Internet Marketing, the Holtzman Drive, Faster, Better and Changing Business

Internet Marketing, the Holtzman Drive, Faster, Better and Changing Business

We want teleportation, holograms and those green dancing girls from Star Trek and we want them now. Michael Whitlatch

The Internet serves as a work-around in the interim to the future of technology that was promised to us by science-fiction writers.  We want teleportation, holograms and those green dancing girls from Star Trek and we want them now.  The Internet is the Holtzman drive and instead of traversing great distances like a Pony Express horseback rider to get mail from New York to San Fran in ten days, we do it Frank Herbert style, foldspace and reduce the distance to anyone, anywhere to zero.  That zero distance can be a problem when applied to internet marketing concepts; zero distance doesn’t take personal space into account and that needs to be modified.

The idea of personal space is changing because of the mass-reduction of face to face business and even though the proximity is electronically generated; customs and general respect for that personal space should be adhered to.  The internet is not an open invitation to walk into someones home and start pitching products to mom, dad and the family dog.

Do you knock before you come in?


Examine the recent push by Hulu to expand faster by offering a free trial on Xbox.  Fantastic idea, love it, use it myself would totally recommend it to anyone, but that free trial has a severe drawback, over-saturation of advertising.  Is the bombardment of the viewer with the same commercial over and over again within a twenty-three minute episode of Peep Show intentional?  How many times should the viewer see Doug, a puppet that condescends with his presence to a generation of viewers becoming jaded at attempts to make everything viral.  Once, once is good enough, not 3 times a show.

The same thing is happening on the internet-internet too, not just the tv-internet.  Did you want to see that 2 minute clip of tornado footage followed by a 40 second clip of Lady Gaga on SNL; well the price of that is a 15 second commercial before both of the clips.  It is over-saturation and virtual home invasion by advertisers that is greatly speeding the demise of consumer interest.  Pull it back, reign that in and whatever you do, don’t participate in adding more of this with your internet marketing efforts.

What you should do before entering someones home is knock.  In the case of internet marketing, that knock can be just as effective and valuable as the actual advertising itself for a few reasons, but first, what is the knock?  Knocking on someones internet door can be done with a simple request.  Would you like to hear or see more about an awesome deal for something that you want or need?


Certainly it can be assumed that whoever is visiting your website wants to know everything about what you are selling, but that assumption for many is considered rude.  If you are reading this article because you have an interest in internet marketing, then you may already know that rude only sells the next guys product. There is untapped value in the request to deliver the ad; it allows you to collect interest level data on your product.  Heres an example of why not knocking on the internet door can be a giant fail.

When a consumer goes to a website and is immediately bombarded with Alan Thicke selling them something, then the knee-jerk reaction is to either find out how to shut it off or at the very least turn it down.  There is more value in a still frame of Alan Thicke with a Play symbol over his face because it empowers the consumer with a choice, give into curiosity or live all day wondering what Alan Thicke wanted to sell you.  Ads that we have to shut off or turn down are forgotten immediately because there is a feeling of relief; curiosity is much more powerful.

Consumer Spite

If you are getting amazing clicks but no real conversion, then your internet ad campaign may be flawed.  Some ads tap into consumer spite.  Thats where the consumer is so miffed at the intrusion of your ad, that they click it so you spend money.  This is a smaller percentage of the population, but theres more than you think.  You know the credit card offers that come with pre-paid postage for easier return?  Some people lick the envelope and send the empty ones right back to the originator, just to screw them out of a few cents.  Petty?  Oh, so very petty, but the exact same thing will happen with your ads if they touch that nerve and the best way to avoid consumer spite is to knock, avoid repetition and always be polite with your internet advertising.


Clear Xchange Rivals PayPal

Several of the largest financial institutions in the company have recently announced a new service that allows people to exchange funds without the use of apps, bank information, or even PayPal.

Clear Xchange boasts money transfers with as little information as a name and phone number or email address.  The transfer is instantaneous, and both the sender and receiver will receive an email with details of the transaction for their records.

Currently, there is a usage charge for the service that will be determined by your bank, and the only way you can use it is if you have an account with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or JPMorgan Chase.  While this was originally created as an alternative option for PayPal, it may also help phase out paper checks.


Kid Money Moguls to Look Out For

Kid Money Moguls to Look Out For

CNN has recently posted a listing of the top eight child entrepreneurs to watch out for.  These pint-sized moguls have already made somewhat of a name for themselves, and many of them couldnt even drive when their ventures were launched.  While several of the businesses are technological based, there are also several more unique and creative ventures.

Rachael Ray

One is a pint-sized chef who has made such a name for herself she already has her own television show and has appeared alongside idol Rachael Ray, and she is only 11 years old!  Another took her familys hair care recipes and decided to make them profitable, and is succeeding splendidly.

Good Company

A third on the list takes much of the profits of her t-shirt company and donates them to help stop child trafficking.  All of those on the list have the potential to make millions; well just have to wait and see where they go from here Lists Top Keyword Domain,

According to, an online broker for premium dot me domain sites, they have just listed for $30,000 or best offer. has continually ranked very high for top keywords related to Las Vegas and domain experts foresee a quick sale on this property.

In an interview conducted with Charles Lane of, Mr. Lane said this about,

Legislation in the States towards online casinos and online gambling is changing as states are seeking means of increasing revenue.  With the success of single state and multiple state lotteries, state representatives are making an effort to legalize both offline and online wagering.  This increase in online casinos is boosting the value, along with the general interest in premium domain properties like not only for the gaming community, but also for domain investors.

Dot Me

Sales of dot me domains have consistently generated five and six figure deals with the occasional multi-million dollar sales of high profile dot me domains.


Dot CO and Dot ME Domain Names Power up to Take on Dot Com

If buying up four major dot CO domains hasnt convinced the public that dot CO or even the $350,000 purchase of by Overstock then nothing might ever do it, but dot CO is here to stay.

Internet marketing guru, Nikolas Gough believes that dot CO will be incredibly popular in the future and that domain name investors should take stock in the ever increasing power of the extension.  Mr. Gough also reiterated that dot ME extensions will continue to gain popularity as personalized domain names such as and private names registrations.  Sources at Godaddy tend to agree as sales in dot CO and dot ME continue to make gains.

App market related sites are also becoming incredibly popular and valuable as that market continues to expand.  While experts already expect the industry to quadruple, those estimates may prove to be conservative.

Considering some of the prices that the following dot COs and dot MEs sold for recently it would appear that the trend prediction is proving accurate:   (15,000 USD) (5,600 USD) (15,000 USD) (5,000 USD) (22,000 USD) (17,000 USD) (30,000 USD) (15,600 USD)


Home Loans from Discover?

The Discover credit card company, specifically the financial services segment has agreed to get into the mortgage loan sector by acquiring, now  By adding residential mortgage products, Discover stands to increase its overall financial services offerings.  Just shy of sixty million, the deal with position Discover to originate mortgages for consumers and sell in the secondary market.  The acquisition which finalizes by the end of the year should enhance revenue for the credit card company.


One of the Best Tattoos Domains On Auction – Ends in Few hours

Time is running out on one of the best tattoo domains on the internet,  Tattoo parlors and tattoos in general are increasing in both popularity and revenue.  Named one of the fastest growing industries, the art of body art and tattooing has been around for centuries.  The increased popularity is in part to the mainstream inclusion of the art and business by popular programs featuring tattoo parlors.

In research conducted by the Pew Research Center, sixty percent of 18-25 year olds have realize an increase in people being tattooed with many of them seeing a positive impact on the tattoo industry.  Nearly 25% of the American population has a tattoo and many find that one is not enough.  Some have found that tattoos become an addiction and for others the art becomes a kind of hobby.

Online communities have formed around the tattoo industry and even smartphone apps have been developed to bring tattoo enthusiasts together.  Rating tattoos has also become a very popular pastime in the community.  It will be interesting to see who ends up with and how it will be developed.


Landscaping Can Boost Homes Value

If you have to sell your home, there are a few things that you can do to increase your homes value.  One of the best ways is to keep up with your landscaping.  While some people may be hesitant to spend a lot of money on something that only lasts a few months, Realtors have recently suggested that homeowners go ahead and spend the money.  With the housing market slowly trying to recover, sellers need to do everything they can to make their home more pleasing.  Landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive; maintaining your lawn and keeping bushes trimmed and neat costs nearly nothing.  Adding a few flowers can brighten up not only your yard, but the home as well.  If you arent sure what flowers would look best, or are easiest to care for, ask someone at your local gardening supply store; that’s what they are there for!


Google Smackdown on Floral Marketing

Today is one of the busiest day for flower deliveries, hands down.  Children, grandchildren, husbands and wives have been on the internet for the past couple of weeks finding that perfect bouquet to show mom just how much she means to them.  The four biggest flower sellers, however, are not playing according to Googles rules.  Teleflora, FTD, and ProFlowers have allegedly been trying to get their ranking higher on the search engine using a method by creating a massive amount of backlinks.

The increase in back-links and other black hat SEO techniques may have falsely inflated the rankings for the florists sites.


Free Comics for All!

Companies use many different gimmicks to get customers into their shops, like offering coupons and other special offers.  Perhaps one of the most popular and easiest ways to get them into your store is by offering free product.  Comic book store owners know how this can change things, and tomorrow for the tenth year in a row is National Free Comic Book Day.  Its not a free for all; there will be a couple of different special edition comics available, like Spiderman.  Many store owners have turned this into a big event complete with props, and celebrity guests when possible.  Whether its hiring actors to dress the part of famous characters, having free food and drinks available, or having real comic artists to autograph issues, the number of customers could easily reach 500,000 people in some areas.


Online Business and the Work-at-Home Parent

Women suffer through nine long months of pregnancy and work before giving birth to their new daughter or son, but for many this is just the beginning of a new job called motherhood.  While the number of stay-at-home moms have decreased over the years, there is a new category that needs to be added; the work-at-home moms and dads.  These parents are fortunate enough to have a job or career that can be managed from the comfort of their own home while still being able to care for their child or children.  While the lack of a commute is enough for most people to want to work from home, there are several moms that have been fortunate enough to create a very lucrative career for themselves.


Could Your Website be Held Liable for a Security Breach?

If you collect data from your visitors, that includes anything from phone numbers to the emails that you request, then make certain that you are taking adequate steps to protect that information.

It may also be a good idea to review your privacy policy and possibly include legalese that doesn’t hold you responsible if your website is hacked.

The FTC probably isn’t going after every website out there, but it has already put Lookout Services and Ceridian under security audits for the next twenty years.

Take all actions that you can to protect the integrity of the data that you collect.  Nothing loses the faith of a customer faster than not protecting their personal information.

SBA Small Loans Fast

If you are at the point where you need money to either expand our launch your business; you may want to consider looking into the Small Business Administration.  There are several opportunities for small businesses to get small loans fast and up to millions of dollars.  After seeking capital from family and friends, then the SBA may be the next step.  The money is there, provided by the government to continue the growth of small businesses in America.  If you would like to find out how SBA assisted lending works, check out


Employment Opportunities Starting with Online College

Online College

Distance learning is no longer just about a video conference or holding classes on Skype. It has no affiliation with a particular type of equipment and can use any number of techniques, software or hardware at the instructors discretion. Even social networking is being utilized by some educators to instruct their students. As fuel costs continue to soar and emissions continue to stay high; people are starting to see the merit of being educated at an online college.

The Following Utilize Distance Learning as a Core Component to Training and Education:

The United States Government uses distance learning seminars and instructional media, both live and recorded to train the United States Armed Forces.

The Red Cross uses distance learning to train/retrain their volunteers.

Associations in Healthcare and Healthcare providers use online courses for educating both patients and employees.

Industrial focused associations use distance learning to certify global members.

Economic focused associations certify members globally using online courses.

Online Criminal Justice College

A number of Fortune 500 companies offer online distance learning courses to educate, train and certify employees and offer similar services to their partners and distributors.

Fortune 500 companies educate consumers about their companys products using distance learning media.

Online College Criminal Justice colleges train future police, paralegals and correction officers.

Online Business Colleges

Organizations and companies have found that online courses reduce greenhouse emissions and both advances their companys green initiatives and programs as well as trains their members or employees.

The next wave of IT managers and administrators are coming from online IT College.

Future generation of MBAs, Managers and Business Owners are being educated right now at online business colleges.


Computer Services, Blending Technology with Face to Face Customer Service

Computer Services

People like to keep their anonymity and their privacy protected using online computer services, but when it comes to doing business on the internet; online business should drop that wall of anonymity to create a more person experience for their customers. Not every online business needs a human face for the public to deal with every transaction, but most companies offering computer services are seeing the benefits of adding immediate customer support with a live representative. Other companies have also found that adding a live chat to chat with a salesman has boosted their sales. Websites just don’t do it on their own the way that a real life salesperson or customer service agent can.

Face to Face Customer Service

While live chats are nice, theres a human element that is missing from this kind of service. A real face, someone to make a connection with; its an important factor that not a lot of businesses are taking advantage of. Some have made a half-hearted attempt by adding video of spokespeople on their site, but it should be taken a step further.

Live Representative

That anonymity that people like so much when using the internet should be dropped when it comes to a company live representative. There should be an option for to turn on the camera at their desk when you are connected with them so you can see their face.

Wider use of webcam tech for online sales and online customer service will strengthen the loyalty of customers towards the brand. A more personalized experience for the customer will build stronger and more successful interactions with businesses.

Online Business Marketing Company

Marketing Services

Searching for a marketing company for your online business might just take some simple logic; would you hire an online business marketing company  that is forty pages deep into a Google search for marketing services? Probably not, because logic would dictate that an online marketing services company should be right at the top of page one of Google right?

Online Business

Should these other companies be completely ignored if they don’t show up on the first page? Regardless of where the companys website appears in a Google search listing, there are a few things that you should look into. The first thing to look for would be any negative press or public indictments on the integrity of the service provider. If its from a reliable news journal then you may want to cross that company off of your list.

What about comments? Comments are a funny thing, just as people can buy thousands of backlinks, they can also buy thousands of comments. Negative comment campaigns arent anything new and the same goes for paid comments of competitors trying to discredit the opposing company. Comments should generally be ignored. Probably even the positive ones. What you want are glowing reviews of the company that you will finally select to perform your online business marketing services.


So, wherever your marketing company is on Google; do your research. If you go with a black hat seo company, even by mistake, their efforts could lead directly to your website being banned. Also keep an eye out for special deals. Some of the SEO companies that offer services for $99 a month will actually charge a substantial sign fee, customer setup fee and possibly a fee for the fees you have to pay. Site Redesign

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This month we will continue our featured interviews with the top names in business, entertainment and also cover great new places to travel.  Spring fashion is also a big topic around this time and with love in the air, ADI-News is sure to deliver more thought provoking and informative articles about dating, the arts and health matters.

Check in with ADI-News daily and keep up to date in world news, health and fitness and the events that affect your finances and business.

A Facebook Business Makeover

Facebook and AMEX OPEN have teamed up in an effort to get small businesses more business.


They are running a promotion called the Ultimate Big Break that has a prize of hanging out at Facebook HQ for two days, a business makeover and twenty grand to increase business using social media.  Check out for more details.

Facebook Webinar

You can also check out the Facebook webinar series where the Director of Online Marketing from, Amit Shah speaks along side author Clara Shih and James Peregrino of Farmers Insurance.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a way that small business can increase their reach to potential customers that have already shown an interest in products or services that are similar.  Facebook provides an abundance of marketing solutions, guides and tools to help small businesses expand and increase revenue.

PayPal for Business, not Just Sending Your Friends Cash

We know that several small business owners appreciate our advice about online marketing and especially those articles about Google Adwords and Adsense. That’s why we all decided to include a little something about accepting online payments. Before you go and spend a lot of money on a customized shopping cart, take a look at PayPal’s business options.

They have an entire invoicing system, customizable shopping cart and it’s free to open. Sure they charge fees but it’s based on your monthly sales. Overall, PayPal offers the best small online business solutions for invoicing and selling services and products.


With PayPal you can accepte credit cards from your website, over the phone and email your invoices for online payment. There’s a lot of different options depending on what you need for your business. Their technical support and sales staff are also incredibly professional and very helpful.



Google Analytics Streamlined

Google has recently announced a new version of its ever-popular Google Analytics, featuring a more updated, streamlined look.  Since the last update was more than a year and a half ago, it is much needed.  The main attraction on this site is the Google Navigation Bar, which was released back in February of 2011.  Some features of the bar include quick access to your accounts, the dashboard, settings, custom reports and more.

Every part of this website has gotten an update, and all for the better.  Another great feature that has been added is the ability to add multiple dashboards, therefore being able to contain its own number of graphs and data.   Also included in the new site are widgets, which many Google fans are already familiar with.  These little gadgets make customization much easier on the users part.  While there are still some changes that could be made, it is possible that these could come in an update later on.  In the meantime, the new site is much more user-friendly while still maintaining all of the items needed, and in a new professional look.

Email Marketing Boomerang Announces Campaign

Email marketing is the best way to get the message out to hundreds, or even thousands of people at once.  With the internet forcing businesses to change some of their methods of how business is conducted, the main goal of reaching a lot of people at one time remains a constant.

With social networking sites and email becoming two of the primary means of communication, it is no surprise that many people are signing up with email marketing companies to help achieve their goals.  While some people still try and use their own email sites to send the message out, certain spam blockers have been put into effect to prevent mass mailings.  Boomerang, a popular email marketing company, has recently announced a new marketing campaign of their own to help educate business owners on the benefits of email marketing, and how it can improve your company or business.


Use Facebook as Your Business Card and Adwords as Your PR

Do you still carry business cards around or do you usually completely forget they are in your wallet or purse?  Most people are using their Facebook, website or some other social media landing page as their business cards now.  While this is becoming fairly commonplace, some businesses have missed one tiny little detail.  If you are using Facebook as a business card, then you may want to consider a Facebook business account as opposed to a personal profile.

Business accounts were specifically created for people that want to create pages for their business as well as use Facebook Ads.  They don’t act the same way as a personal profile which is exactly what you are looking for if you don’t want to mix up your personal life with your business life.  There is another way to go about this.  If you want to keep your personal profile, then you can create a page under that account to use as your business card.  Administration of a page can take awhile to get the hang of, but there are plenty of walkthroughs on Facebook to guide you.

Once you get yourFacebook page up to use as your business card, you’ll want to get your name out there a little bit.  You have the option of using Facebook Ads or you could use some of those Free Adwords Credits that Google really wants you to have.  So instead of using those credits to promote a product or service, just promote your name, what you do and where your Facebook business card resides.


Is Your SEO Showing Results After Google Algorithm Change?

SEO After Google Algorithm Change

If your SEO efforts are no longer showing any results after the recent algorithm change, then it is likely that your SEO Company is not following the rules.  If you are starting to see your page ranks diminish, even vanish, then it may be time to reconsider the SEO Company that you are with.  SEO Companies that were showing quick results with getting to Google Page one for highly contested keywords may have been using less than friendly tactics to achieve some rather short term results for your business.

SEO Company

What you will need to look for to regain your rankings and placements on Google is an SEO company that practices White Hat SEO.  Any Black Hat SEO is now being monitored a little more carefully by Google and its practice is being harshly reprimanded.  Does that mean that your site might get banned?  Possibly, this is a period of re-learning for many in the SEO community.  There are some that cannot adapt to the new criteria while others are quickly figuring out the rules to follow.

Google Practices

Dont let your business suffer online because your SEO Company is using Google banned practices.  Find a company that will offer you services that show results, long term results.  Getting your website in line with Googles standards is not incredibly difficult, but for a novice, the time it takes might be better served by hiring a new SEO company.


What’s so Great About Foursquare?

If you have a Facebook page you’ve probably seen the location updates from your friends at various restaurants, cafes, and other businesses. They’re most likely using the Foursquare application that allows them to ping friends and let everyone know where they’re at currently and where they’ve been throughout the day. Using a smartphone with a GPS device installed, Foursquare users can “check-in” as they visit places.

Each time a person “checks in” they earn points that are then used to collect virtual badges. Badges can be awarded for checking in at certain cities, places, events, or even just for reaching a milestone using Foursquare. If a user checks in enough times at the same location, they can earn a “Mayorship.”

Businesses can benefit by having their customers take advantage of the “check-ins” while frequenting their location. Each time a user posts their Foursquare update, the name of the position shows up, broadcasting the business for tons of friends, family, and colleagues to see. Foursquare is a win-win for users and businesses with the added bonus of fun thrown in.

Internet Marketing Plans YouTube, Foursquare and Adwords

Internet Marketing can be broken down into three incredibly simple ways to get more customers without ever using a single bit of SEO and those are knowledge, laughter and discounts and the tool that provides that is YouTube. In fact, it might be better to try implementing this before ever bothering with using SEO and this is why; knowledge, laughter and discounts can get you faster quality results than organic placement.


You may have seen a few clever companies; well they think they are clever, creating advertising completely built to go viral. The biggest reason that it never reaches that viral level is that it is not genuine. There is not a single person in the world that wants to see a YouTube video ad that is not funny but is so obviously so ridiculous that the creators had to have thought that someone would pass it along. Dont do it, not even if it is the worst thing that you have ever seen and just have to show someone; lets stop encouraging this laziness.

YouTube Ads vs SEO

What most of us want is that big laugh from the gut that just cant be stopped no matter how bad the day was. Thats the kind of ad you want to make. Start with funny, throw in some originality and then send it out into the world. All you have to accomplish with a funny YouTube ad is making one person besides yourself laugh and that video will go viral all on its own. If all else fails, put a cute animal in there and wait until it does something precious, also a key selling factor in internet advertising. Just remember, laughter, the best kind of laughter is memorable and people often immediately want to share that laugh and the credit for who created it. The point; if you arent funny, invest in someone that is. Theres an untapped market of amateur joke writers, film students and budding actors and comedians just waiting for a chance and for under two hundred dollars, you could produce a great YouTube commercial and get more results than a year worth of SEO.

Internet Marketing Plans

There is one problem with YouTube videos that go viral; they don’t convert well. Sure, you can get a lot of people to your site but they arent really targeted consumers. Viewers randomly showing up at your site is not going to sell anything. Thats why you need a further enticement, something to keep that viewer there longer; something to further pique their interest. Knowledge and or discounts are two of those enticements to get better conversion numbers. Interesting information is hard to pass up, but a question followed by an explanation and answer is even harder to ignore. Are you saving money with your Internet Marketing Plan?

Follow up a great question with at least two minutes of reading or two minutes of video and that will give you enough time to pitch whatever service or product that you provide. About half way through make sure to make mention of a discount. That further enticement will increase your chances for a sale.

Knowledge, laughter and discounts can all be imparted to your future customers using YouTube. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant production, but it needs to be genuine and funny helps too.


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Programs to Make Money with Google

Google has created a number of different programs that help with marketing and increasing profits. They have created programs that will not only help boost sales, but can actually be used by website owners to make money. Making money with Google is a easy way to increase profits.

Googles marketing program AdSense, allows websites and blogs a chance to place Google sponsored ads on their page. By placing these ads on the page, the site operator can make money on the number of views the page receives. There is also the opportunity to make money on the amount of times the advertisement is clicked on.

The ads placed on the websites will be content specific. What this means is that the ads placed on the website will be related to the content of the website or blog. This makes it more likely that the ads will be followed, because the audience is already on a specific type of website.


Not all Internet Marketing Advertising Companies are Equal

Companies are now trying to decide where to put their advertising, and where it will be seen the most. While the majority of advertising used to be placed on television and radio, it is now changing to be geared more towards the internet. Internet marketing advertising is a big industry and is only growing larger.

While there are billions of internet users, not every internet marketing advertising campaign is equal. Just because the ads are out there does not mean they will be seen by the right audience. Just as in television and radio, the proper placement of the ad is necessary to ensure success.

It is all about finding the right target audience and placing the ads in a position to be seen by them. Successful internet marketing starts with research. Once the audience is found, learn where they will be likely to go on the internet and place ads there.


Google Marketing for Small Business and Other Advertising Ideas

Small businesses often have a hard time coming up with a successful marketing plan that is not too expensive. They are usually running on a much smaller budget than the larger companies and often this inhibits good marketing plans. It is essential that they have successful plans to maximize the amount invested.

It is important for small businesses to do the research of what their client base may be. This is what determines how to market their product of service. Programs that charge by the number of views of the advertisements will benefit small businesses.

These programs can make businesses only pay for the advertising they receive. Instead of having to pay an overarching cost on a plan that may not even be successful. Google provides fairly priced marketing options for small businesses.

Besides Google, there are a lot of free services that are available for new businesses.  Nothing sells your product or services like word of mouth advertising.  Word of mouth is now YouTube and Facebook.  Really, any kind of social networking tool can be used to your advantage.  How do you use it to your advantage is normally the next question.  Start with Twitter, get on lists, join other networking circles and start building a networking group that will be useful.  In this sense, useful means, get the word out about your company to other companies, to groups that can use your product or could have something to gain from pointing out your product to others.  From there, start exchanging links with relevant websites with good page rankings.  This will be slow going at first, but just building your website and advertising with Google Adwords is only a small piece in a larger puzzle.  Letting people know that you are on the internet takes a lot of work and there are no real shortcuts anymore.  The best bet would be to hire someone with knowledge of SEO techniques, social marketing and building solid links with other sites.  Do you have to shell out the big bucks?  No, not at all, in fact, you can find a lot of people out there that know what they are doing and charge very little because they are able to maintain several clients.  Do your research on their work though.

Building a successful business website and advertising campaign is an ongoing process.  It will take patience, but eventually the clients will start rolling in.  That is never the time to cut back on your advertising efforts, keep at them, increase them if you can, because once the ball starts rolling it is up to you not to let it come to a complete stop.

Google Marketing, Learn Adwords Advanced Topics

Google is widely thought of as an innovator in internet services and their marketing services are no different. One of the biggest challenges in marketing is getting a hold of a specific target audience. Google marketing makes this easy, and provides it at a reasonable rate.

The google marketing program AdWords is an easy way for companies to get seen on the internet.   The program allows users to input the demographics of their target audience, as well as they type of product being sold. Google uses this information to place the advertisements in places the target audience is likely to visit.

For example, if the company sells a variety of home improvement products, the advertisement could be placed on a site with home improvement tips. Google also offers ad placement on relevant searches. A person searching for a lawn mower would see a number of ads for the store placed on the side of their search.

CPC advertising is often a mystery to business owners.  While they understand the basics, they miss out on some of the more advanced features.  Unfortunately, many business owners hand off their marketing to shady Adwords gurus and spend a lot of money for very few results.  Becoming an expert in Adwords takes about an hour of reading.  Google has setup excellent resources right from the Adwords interface.  Tutorials are available to learn how your ads are placed and the right way to place them.  You can learn more about targeted placement, how to get your ads on specific sites and how to bid correctly for keywords that will bring you the most customers.

Don’t hand over your Adwords marketing until you know how it works yourself.  This is the only true way to know if you are getting the most for your money from a supposed guru or if you are being taken to the cleaners.


Lowering Costs in Marketing for Small Business

Small businesses face many different hurdles that larger businesses do not have to deal with. Many large businesses have large marketing capabilities. Marketing for small business becomes difficult because the budget for the marketing plans is often small.

It is important to make the best out of a small budget when it comes to marketing for small businesses. The best way to do this is by utilizing online marketing strategist as well as search engine optimization. Finding a way for a small business to come up on the top of the search list will help boost customer base.

Marketing for small businesses should also focus on a certain audience. It is finding that specific audience that will help lower unnecessary marketing costs. This can be done through research of different small business marketing strategies.

Wachovia Questioned over Mortgage Bond Sales

One of the ways that mortgages are funded is through the sale of mortgage backed securities. As the housing market collapsed and the home values dropped, these securities were worth less money. In some cases of foreclosure, the value of the securities diminished significantly. Many different banking institutions rely on the sale of these.

Wachovia is now being looked at for possibly selling these securities at higher rates than they were actually worth. The Securities and Exchange Commission is concerned that the bank overcharged their investors when the market collapsed. If those allegations are found to be true, the bank is likely looking at a civil lawsuit.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into a variety of different companies that may have sold these securities at inflated prices. Some of the other banks that are being looked at include Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and UBS. No banks have been charged with anything as of yet.


iPhone and Android App Developer’s Software Marketing

Apple and Google have both released their SDK’s to the general public and app developers are coming out of nowhere and creating some terrific smartphone and pc tablet apps.  Most of these apps will be banished to the realm of obscurity because these new developers fall short in on key area of sales and that is software marketing.  Neither iTunes App store or the Android market go out of there way to advertise apps and it is left up to the developer to handle all advertising.

For those who work in the software development industry, it is important to have a solid software marketing plan. One of the best ways to insure that a new software is seen by the right group of people is by researching the market before starting a campaign.

Software marketing can be easily done through the use of a variety of social networking sites. In a society that so heavily relies on the internet to communicate on many levels, it is important to have every option covered. Creating a facebook and twitter account for the new software is a good start.

It is important to keep these accounts up to date with new software marketing tweets and information about the product. In many cases it is a good idea to organize a contest or promotion where a small group of people would receive the product, and be asked to review it. Have You Looked at Your Gutters Lately?

The rainy season is here again and it may be time to check to see if your gutters will make it another year.  When homeowners think about protecting their house, they often think of security, termite inspections and foundation maintenance, but gutters should be included in the list.  If the gutters on a house are in disrepair or are clogged with leaves, twigs and debris, the overflow water can cause a lot of damage that you might not have thought of.

Not only can that rainwater ruin the look of your home by damaging paint and wood, but it can also seep into the foundation of your home and cause incredibly expensive damages that could have been easily avoided.  Gutters and downspouts just are not on your mind until it is too late and then you need a professional gutter company.

Besides having an annual cleaning of your gutters, there are other ways to keep gutters in good condition.  The Gutter Guard System is one way that is affordable.  This is a simple system that blocks out debris and allows water to flow without interference.  This prolongs the life of the gutters and downspouts, makes them virtually maintenance free and protects your home from water damage.

Performing even a simple gutter cleaning can be dangerous.  Saving a few dollars by doing it yourself may not be worth it in the long run.  There are professional gutter installers and cleaners that have the right equipment and can perform the job safely and affordably.  If you think you need to have gutter work done, look to a company that offers a free estimate and leave the inspection and repair work to the professionals.




Websites Make Money with Google Adsense

Creating a new website can be a challenge, especially when it comes to increasing the number of visitors and gaining attention. It is important to find a way to supplement income through the website, in addition to the items or services for sale. One of the ways to do this is to make money with Google Adsense.

Google provides a variety of services that can be used to increase income from a websites. One of the easy ways to make money with Google is by allowing Google to place advertisements on the website. The program that makes this to happen is called AdSense.

This program works by placing relevant advertisements on a website, and then being paid for the amount of views and clicks those ads receive. Websites with a lot of traffic will see a large amount of money that can be made. Each click of an advertisements directly correlates with the ability to make money with Google.


Mortgage Marketing Geared Towards Builders and Realtors

The housing market is still a great place for buyers, with low interest rates and home prices still dominating the market. Companies with a strong mortgage marketing campaign are more likely to receive a larger portion of these potential buyers than companies with no marketing plan.

Many companies choose to aim their mortgage marketing towards realtors and home builders. This way they can form long lasting relationships so the builder or realtor will continue to send home buyers their way. With the housing industry still in shambles, it is imperative for companies to maintain a high number of mortgage applications.

For potential home buyers it is important to be able to look through all of the mortgage marketing and find a company that will lend to them at a reasonable rate. Some companies will advertise a rate, but it requires certain stipulations that not everyone who will apply for the loan may meet.


Make Money with Google Programs

One of the best ways to make money with Google is by combining a couple of different programs that they offer. It is known that the more traffic a website has, the more money the site is likely to make. Whether or not the website is offering a service or product does not have to be relevant.

In order to make money with Google, all that is needed is a free blog. Make sure the blog has enough content that it will keep users interested and coming back. As long as there is a consistant flow of visitors, making money with goodle will be easy.

With a combination of the AdSense and Adwords programs, any web owner can generate extra income. AdSense will place ads on the page, and the page owner will be paid per advertisement clicked on. The AdWords program is used to market the website for a reasonable amount of money.


Internet Marketing Advertising Changing the Game

For a long time the most likely place to advertise was either on the television or over the radio. While these advertising markets are still large, it is clear that the advertising over the internet will continue to grow. The internet has become a place to find any and all information and every company should try to incorporate internet marketing.

As even television watchers turn to the internet to watch shows on demand, it is clear internet marketing advertising is the way to go for any business. There are many different ways to approach advertising over the internet. It is first important to find the target audience that one is aiming for.

Once the target audience is discovered it is easier to find out where the companys internet marketing advertising should be placed. It is important to optimize this marketing by choosing the correct websites and search engines to place the advertisements on.


Google Marketing for Fast Results Out of the Box

Small business owners generally get the idea of how important it is to have a great looking website for their customers to go to.  To save on costs, a business that is just starting out can even design their own site and forgo the cost of the expense of hiring a designer.  Later on, that may prove to be costly not to update to a more professional design, but in the beginning it should be perfectly fine.

Google Marketing

The one place that businesses that are starting out tend to completely overlook is the importance of marketing their website.  Not everyone is a master marketer and because of this, many sites sit there with no traffic and a business can actually fold because of that.  Google marketing is an easy solution to this dilemma.

One of the biggest benefits of Google marketing ads is how easy it is to reach the most appropriate audience in the least amount of time. One of the features of google marketing is the search bar display option. Millions upon millions of internet users choose to use google search as their way of finding information.

No Marketing Degree Required

When one signs up for Google marketing, it is an option to have their ads viewable on any search that is applicable to their product of service. If one is trying to gain exposure as a landscaper, what is better than to be seen as an option for someone already interested in the service?

100% Relevant

This makes them more likely to see a site that is relevant, and therefore more likely to click on that site. Google marketing utilizes their search capabilities to place advertisements on the websites where they will be most useful and most likely to be clicked on.

Someone that is just starting out in this type of advertising can do very well with Google, because there are a number of tutorials and walk-through documentation available.  Anyone can learn how to place an ad, affordable in under half an hour and the results can be instantaneous.  To find out more visit


New Careers Through Fashion Schools

A love for fashion does not always have to be simply a hobby. With the variety of fashion design schools available across the United States, the fashion savvy have the chance to make a career out of their shopping habits. These schools provide continuing education to creative as well as business minded fashionistas.

Fashion Design Schools

The majority of fashion design schools available will provide graduates with either an associates of a bachelors degree in the field of their choice. There are many programs available that are focused on designing and creating clothing and accessories. These are great for the design and creative centered individuals.

Fashion Merchandising and Buying

These schools also offer majors in fashion merchandising and buying. This is where the business side of the industry is discovered. Some students wish to do a combination of both so they understand all aspects of the fashion industry.

For some people it is hard to decide where to go to continuing education, especially when there are so many options. For those with a knack at creativity and design, fashion school may be a great choice. It offers a variety of programs that cater to both creative and business minded individuals.

Fashion Schools

There are many different types of fashion schools, and a variety of programs offered. While people have the impression that it is solely for designers and those who enjoy sewing, that is not entirely true. There is also the business side of fashion.

Fashion merchandising and marketing is a popular choice of study at fashion schools across the United States. The way that clothes are marketed makes a big difference in the purchasing trends of Americans. Fashion schools are a fun and interactive way to learn about the real world of business, marketing, design and fashion.

Internet Advertising Targeted Audiences

There are many different places to find internet advertising. Many companies specialize in placing advertisements directed at target audiences across the internet. Since the rise in popularity of the internet, internet advertising has become the first step in a successful advertising campaign.

Target Audience

Finding that target audience can be done through previous customer research as well as finding groups and websites that already exist  with  interests that are similar or related to the product or service being offered. There are many different internet advertising companies that will do this research as part of a combined plan.

Internet Advertising

These companies will then use the research to place the internet advertising where it will most likely be seen by potential customers, or the target audience. Choosing the correct location for any set of internet advertisements is important and may help make profits grow as well as increase exposure and knowledge of the company and product.


Make Money with Google Adsense

Google has come up with many different programs that help internet users navigate through the information overload. One of the programs that has become successful because of the way it allows users to make money with Google, is the program AdSense. The program pays users that place Google advertisements on their websites for the amount of clicks and views the ads get. The way one markets their website increases the amount of money that can be made. The higher the website traffic the easier it is to make money with Googles AdSense program. Websites that focus on increasing traffic through advertisements and exposure on social networks will find the best results through this program. It is possible to increase income by hundreds of dollars a month, or even a week if the program is used in the most effective manner.

So if someone has told you to monetize your website, they are most likely talking about Google Adsense. There are alot of other ways to monetize though besides Adsense however, most of them are a little more complex. Several affiliate programs require an application and many will look at your site to see if it is right for their product. Then there are those that will require a background check that includes a credit check. If you don’t want to go through that kind of hassle then Google Adsense is easy, but with easy money there’s always a catch. Well, with Google it’s not a catch, but it definitely is a set of rules that must be followed to the letter. Failure to adhere to the Adsense requirements gets you kicked out faster than you can say CPC revenue.

Before you run out and sign up for Adsense and start putting ads all over your site, make sure to know all of the rules. Google makes their policies available to anyone.

FourSquare Internet Marketing Advertising

One of the best ways to gain exposure for a product or service is by advertising on the internet. The only problem with internet marketing and advertising is finding the best solution and location for a companys ads. While randomly choosing where to place internet ads will still gain exposure, it is unlikely that the exposure will be to people who are likely to need or even consider purchasing the product. It is important to research the type of internet marketing and advertising that will be most beneficial to the product or service looking to gain customers and exposure. There are many different services available to help in this aspect. While it may cost a little extra in advertising to use one of these services, the amount of exposure gained through proper internet marketing is well worth it. Many programs will charge only based on the amount of clicks or views that advertisements get.

Google Adwords is an option, but there are also other advertising companies like linkshare that can get you the type of focused exposure that you are looking for.  Foursquare is an app that uses highly focused advertising and works very well with retail businesses.  Foursquare, Facebook, Adwords and other companies that offer advertising for your business don’t have to be used singularly.  If used in combination, these services can cover a broad consumer base  and increase your chances of getting those paying customers you have been looking for.

Keep an eye on Foursquare in the near future for more advertising opportunities.  It seems that they will be moving towards covering more internet based businesses and working with their ad options may give you an edge on the competition.  In the meantime, Facebook advertising and Adwords are solid when it comes to reaching consumers and CPC advertising can be effective and affordable if used with the right strategy.


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Are You Sabotaging Your Small Business?

If you own a small business, be it a brick and mortar or a work from home, you have probably been referred to as a work-a-holic by everyone in your life with the exception of yourself.

Small business owners hardly ever think to use the word work-a-holic in our self description, rather going more for the positive spin of “highly dedicated”. However, that level of dedication may be the very thing that is harming your business.

Plowing through the day, working as many hours as it takes is one of those risks that we have decided to take in owning our business. Skipping much needed vacations, maybe even having to miss a family game night or the kids school play has probably come up once or twice already. How can being so dedicated possibly crush your success? Well, besides the physical tolls that increased stress and less sleep is taking on you, there is the hidden danger of personal resentment.

Your Work Performance

Lack of sleep has obvious tolls on your work performance. You may start feeling sluggish, experience some poor decision making and your irritability level can skyrocket. Ask the last person that you snapped at. Did you know that personal resentment has the same effects physically as well as additional issues that take a toll on your mental health?

How bad could it actually be? Personal resentment, or the guilt of forsaking personal commitments for work commitments can manifest in several ways. It can present as a head cold, or an achy feeling, which is probably something you would continue working through, but the worst of these manifestations is self-sabotage.

Economy Travel Vacations Count Too

The first signs of self-sabotage are little mistakes. As the resentment grows, these mistakes become larger still and you may start losing clients. If it is allowed to continue, you could lose your business completely and probably only then you will start to feel better. However, your financial stress will increase if that is the case.

See your kid’s school play, take a weekend off or even take that vacation you have wanted to go on for the past five years. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you could go the economy travel route, maybe a short road trip or book tickets on a discount airline. Whatever you decide, just go, get away from work for about three days and you will see marked improvement in your performance.

The alternative could also be staying around town or grabbing a bunch of rental movie. Your wife, kids, dogs, cats or ferrets will definitely appreciate the face time. Those are the people and animals in your life that love you, that you may not have noticed tip toeing around you trying not to spur the wrath of your work laden thoughts. You don’t have to make it a luxurious vacation, just let your mind know that you are trying to balance your commitments and some of that self-resentment pressure should start to recede.

Adwords Marketing for Small Business

One of the hardest parts of owning a small business is that it is usually run on a small budget. While wanting to increase ones customer base and sales, it is hard to do without spending a fortune. Marketing for small businesses can be done more easily by properly utilizing the available options online.

Marketing for Small Business

One of the best ways to be noticed is by getting the business to show up on the top of searches for related products or services. Google AdWords is a good and relatively inexpensive option for marketing for small business. It allows the user to only pay for the amount of clicks that the ads receive.

Google Adwords

It also only places the ads on websites which are likely to have visitors who would already be interested in the type of product or service being advertised. This product by Google allows small businesses to only pay for the ads that are actually bringing more exposure and therefore more sales.

Google Adsense, Make Money with Google

There are people across the United States looking for any way that they can make more money and increase their monthly income. Through searching for second jobs or cutting back on expenses it is hard to find a way to get a couple extra bucks. Many people do not know that there are a variety of ways to make money with Google. This can be done through a couple of different programs the internet giant has created.

One of the programs, Google AdSense, is a great way for website owners and operators to make money with Google. Through displaying Google sponsored advertisements on their websites, the site owners earn money on each time the ads are viewed and clicked on.

Google AdSense is available for anyone who has a computer and a desire to make more money. It is even available on free to sign up for blogs, meaning no extra cost to enroll in the program.

Will WiFi Catch Up to Increased Tablet Sales?

You may be experiencing the terrible lag that founder of Apple, Steve Jobs experienced when demonstrating the iPad.  When you put too many bandwidth hogging devices on a network, what might you expect?  Expect it to get worse, as the nation’s bandwidth is limited and with the huge growth of TabletPc Media Rich devices, many highly populated areas could see brown outs of bandwidth.

Is the problem being worked on?  Yes.  Will it be fixed in time for the December TabletPc giving season this year?  Probably not.  How else might this alter our internet experience?  Higher prices for internet plans.  The money has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is often the pocket of the consumer.  Is it fair?  Not really.  Should the cost come out of someone else’s pocket and if so who?

As more people purchase tablets and smartphones and realize that they are not getting the services that they paid for, well maybe then it will be decided who will pay for the bill to upgrade bandwidth.  In the meantime, if you aren’t using your tabletpc, then shut it down.  As more people disconnect, there is more bandwidth available for others.

Recession Proofing Education with Fashion Design Schools

Fashion design schools offer a great education for those who have a passion for clothes and accessories as well as a great sense of creative and design flair. There are many different parts of the fashion industry that can be studied at these schools. While designing and creating fashion is a large aspect of education in fashion design schools, there is also the merchandising and marketing side of fashion that can be studied.

Whether it is the design or business end of fashion that one finds interesting, fashion design school offer a variety of careers. Some jobs that come out of these schools include designers, buyers for stores, stylists as well as fashion and design marketing or merchandising.

There are a number of these schools available across the nation, and one of the nationally available schools is the Art Institutes fashion program. This school is available in a number of different states and is easy to finance for those worried about student loans and college costs.


Google Marketing Products for Successful Advertising

Google has become a mainstay in anything involved in the internet, from online searches to internet advertising. Google marketing products are easy to use and are effective in getting exposure and increasing a companys income.

The Google AdWords program allows companies to advertise on the Google search pages as well as on Google sponsored websites and blogs. The Google marketing options allow users to place their advertisements on websites that target the same audience.

If a company looking to sell baby supplies were featured on a sports website, it is unlikely there would be many hits. However, if the same ads were placed on parenting website, it is more likely that these ads will be seen by consumers who are interested in those products. This program only requires users to pay for their advertising depending on how often they are seen and actually clicked on, ensuring that they only pay for successful advertising.


Read More: Internet Marketing Plans YouTube, Foursquare and Adwords

Perks of Internet Advertising

Before the DVR came out, it was television advertisements that people could not avoid. Now with fast forwarding capabilities on many cable services it is these ads that are being skipped over. Internet advertising has become one of the largest forms of advertising.

Internet Advertising

As the number of internet users increases, the more understandable it is that companies are choosing to advertise on the world wide web. One of the perks that comes along with internet advertising is the cost. Many programs allow customers to only pay for the amount of times an ad was viewed or clicked on therefore cutting down the cost.

Advertising on the Internet

With television ads one pays for the times the ad is run, only knowing a estimation of how many people it may reach, and not even knowing if they sit through the whole ad. Internet advertising almost guarantees that an ad will be seen by a certain amount of people depending on the website the ad is placed on.

Renewable Energy Investing to Skyrocket due to Japanese Nuclear Crisis

What domains will be worth investing in? No doubt after the terrible nuclear catastrophe going in Japan, all renewable energy domains and stocks will get a mega boost this year.
More and more big countries have now stopped investing in Nuclear power and looking to invest a lot more in renewable energy like Wind energy and Solar Power because of the Atomic crisis in Japan. Germany this week put on hold its plans to extend the life of its nuclear power plants and Swiss governments also decided to suspend plans to build and replace its nuclear plants.

Renewable energy domains and renewable energy stocks will be the new valley of gold, and countries are now going to be putting a lot more funding into in green technologies.  I would not be surprised to see stocks like Vestas Wind and Siemens wind more than triple overall value for the year.

It will be interesting to see if USA gets left behind in the Green technology gold rush.  China and Europe have already seen the light and invest heavily now and have plans for a lot more investing over the next ten years. Congress is seemingly ignoring this goldmine of cash and renewable clean energy.  Big Oil and dirty coal will not have such a predominant place in the future of America and we should all face that fact.

Lets ask Congress to start acting on what is good for the country and start moving towards cheaper energy like solar and wind and break away from the restraints of oil and other outdated fuels.  Make sure that Congress doesn’t let America fall behind!  Do all that you can with emails, letters and even YouTube Videos to your congressman or congresswoman.

Medical Assistants and Jobs in the Health Care Industry

Americans that have been out of work for more than a year are returning to school. There is still high demand for medical workers and many are retraining to fill vital operational roles in administration as well as nursing and other clinical technician positions.

As one of the most in demand fields, medical assisting is becoming increasingly popular. Many that are in re-education programs under unemployment have chosen this field because of the high pay and availability of positions. The training can also be quickly completed .

Finding medical assistant training can start with educational search sites like EduSearch. Services that locate educational and training programs for the unemployed are becoming rampant. Many are legitimate and work as brokerages for both online schools and community colleges offering these programs.

The Apps War has Begun, Android, iPhone and BlackBerry Battle for Affiliate Placement

Websites are putting their money on mobile companies that are winning big market share, iPhone, Android and Blackberry are generating some major revenue.  Smart web investors are buying app related domain names, building up the sites and reaping the benefits of affiliate dollars rolling in.  The biggest battle is being waged for control of tech websites and online apps sites.

Smartphone apps

History has taught online entrepreneurs that the best way to make money is through a site with an affiliate that pays 10-30%.  Affilates benefit from 1000s of websites building up their product in reviews and positive commentary.  Huge success has been found in the online gaming sector using this tactic.  Right now, iPhone is the only app market that is taking advantage of this, as they are the only one with an affiliate site.  Nokia, Android and BlackBerry may be making a mistake and losing market share by ignoring this proven marketing method.  Sites like has already received offers at over $100,000 but continues to hold steady as the market expands.

Blackberry, Nokia and Android

Blackberry and Nokia could definitely benefit from building up the best affiliate network for apps as they don’t have the financial power of Google behind them as Android does.  There is no doubt that we will soon see the Titans of the Mobile Industry buying up the best app domains.  If you are holding on to any of the good app domain names, it may be a good idea to hang on to them and monetize them for when Blackberry, Android and Nokia catch on to what iPhone has already figured out.

App Industry

This is a crucial year in the smartphone app industry with iPhone busting the charts with app sales.  By the end of the year we will see who stands victorious in the mobile app battle without using these time proven tactics in marketing.

The End of Cheap Tickets? Airlines Pulling Fare Data

The End of Cheap Tickets? Airlines Pulling Fare Data

If you have ever used an airfare comparison site like, Orbitz or Cheap Tickets, then you may have noticed a drastic change recently. Many airlines are beginning to pull their fare data from these comparison sites. This is a move by the airlines to reel traffic back towards the main sites and away from the comparison sites.

Even American Airlines is running advertisement for cheap tickets as low as thirty-nine dollars with the blurb “Not on Orbitz or Expedia. Always on” Other airlines are making deals with cheap ticket comparison sites where they are get a 10% discount. Essentially, consumers may eventually find the usefulness of airfare comparison sites dwindling.

Much of this re-arranging of agreements between airlines and cheap ticket comparison sites has come about because of Google’s interest in purchasing ITA software. ITA is the developer of the core software behind some of the biggest names like Orbitz, Kayak, Hotwire and Bing. The deal may not go through because of the competitor impact that would transpire from Google being in control of the software.

Using these comparison sites can still produce some low fares, but it might be a good idea to check in to the air carrier’s websites before you lock anything in. One of the best ways to save money is to always book far in advance. Waiting until the last minute is what will always cost you more in the long run.

White House to Determine if Oil Price Spikes an Emergency

The White House is making a determination if the recent political changes in the Mideast warrant a release of emergency oil reserves.  Americans are being hit with high prices at the pump and tapping into those emergency reserves could give a temporary solution as events pan out overseas.  The reserves are limited and are to be used for national emergencies such as those caused by Hurricane Katrina.

The reserves currently hold only a little over 700 million barrels.  It is highly unlikely that an emergency surge of this reserve oil will be made.  The logistics of fueling the entire nation to lower rising gas prices would cost the country millions of dollars.  Unfortunately, summer gas prices will hit in only a few months and if the political unrest in Libya has not been resolved, Americans may be facing a speculated $6.00 a gallon for regular unleaded.

Reserves could possibly be released for the summer months as an extreme jump in prices could keep millions of people off the road and away from work. Know Your Audience

One of the most common marketing mistakes is targeting the wrong audience. When choosing where to place advertisements, picking a location that will receive the most exposure is a vital part. In order to do this correctly, proper market research has to be done.

Knowing the correct audience to target will make the difference in getting the most out of the money spent on advertising. This research can be done by surveys conducted by the business, or by looking at surveys already conducted by others. Once the target audience is found it will be easier to choose an advertising method.

The next step is finding a way to reach the desired audience. This is the more difficult task when it comes to marketing. There are a lot of ways to advertise, and if the ads do not reach the correct audience the money is wasted. The best way is to find a service that specializes in ad placement, such as Google Adwords.


Adwords Makes a lot of Adsense

Google offers many different programs for website and business owners. When these are used in combination the results can be a very successful and profitable business and website. The two most profitable programs are Adwords and AdSense. When they are used together they create even more income for website and business owners.

These programs combine marketing and advertising to boost income as well as site traffic. The first focuses on spreading exposure and driving site traffic. Adwords places website advertisements on content targeted searches and blogs so it reaches the maximum number of potential customers.

AdSense is a profit generating program that places content targeted advertisement on ones website. This program allows websites and blogs to generate income through page views as well as when users click the ad links. When the two programs are used together they boost traffic which then boosts the income generated by page views.

Small Businesses Needs Every Advantage Possible

In recent years Google has expanded its company to include a variety of services for internet users and website owners. It has greatly enhanced the ability to advertise online as well as generate revenue from websites. Both the Adwords and AdSense programs are great ways to boost business.

AdSense is a program that enables websites to generate extra income from advertisements. It allows websites to host a variety of content specific advertisements and pays website owners per views and clicks the ads receive. For websites that are struggling or just looking to make a little more income, AdSense is a great option.

The ads placed on the website are chosen by Googles AdWords program. This is an advertising option for business wishing to increase website traffic as well as general exposure. Their advertisements are placed on websites that are likely to have potential customers. For example, a business selling ribbons may have ads placed on a craft blog.

America Remains Hopeful in Face of Negative Mortgage Outlook

Despite experts negative outlook on the near future of the housing market, a survey showed that many Americans remain hopeful. The most hopeful group was found in younger Americans looking to get a first home mortgage. Compared to a 73 percent last January, now 87 percent believe that housing prices will increase or at least hold steady over the next year.

Experts may disagree, but this feeling is a positive thing for the housing market. Over half of people aged 18 to 34 believe that buying a home still holds a great value as an investment. While the interest rates continue to rise, this dream may be harder for those generation Y members to obtain.

There are hopes that the housing market will regain its strength after the housing reform is complete, however it will likely make buying a house more difficult. This will be especially true for first time home buyers with little credit and equity. New restrictions will impose higher interest rates and greater down payments. iPad 2 & who is Buying 40 Million iPads?

Apple is expected to ship 40 million iPads this year and with productions of the iPad 2 already in full swing, the question arises as to who is buying them?  Are these just die-hard fans of Apple or is there something more going on with the iPad?

A number of major corporations as well as high schools and colleges are picking up iPads which is adding to the projected numbers.  A number of college campuses and high schools are gearing up to release pilot programs where the iPad is used as an all in one textbook/notebook/means to turn in assignments.  College textbook publishers are already developing for these pilots in a move to become paper-free as well as boost revenue and lower overhead.

Today, Apple will unveil its iPad 2, at 1pm Eastern.  They have produced around 400K units for that small percentage of the population that will want the new tech immediately.


Nine West Parent, Announces Senior Note Offering of 300 Mil

The Jones Group, parent company of some of the most esteemed names in retail and fashion, such as Nine West, Anne Klein and Bandolnio has announced the intent to commence on an offering of 300 million in Senior Notes due in 2019.

Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo and several others will serve as joint book-running managers for the transaction. More information can be found at  This is fairly common, where Senior notes are used as secured debt or in this case where it will the notes will be used for corporate expenses and to pay debt.  Companies are required by the SEC to release this type of transaction as a means of full disclosure to stockholders and the public.

Nine West offers some of the best fashion and fashion accessories. Their official site is  The Spring lines for many designers are already appearing in online stores like Nine West as well as their retail locations.

Source: Release

Google Adwords, Keep it Simple Silly

Businesses looking to advertise online should know the importance of reaching the right people. Advertising on websites that attract people who are not interested in their product is a waste of time and money. It is important to advertise on places that will be seen by realistic potential customers.

Some rookies at advertising will immediately think that going after as many keywords as possible will help. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Keep a tight game when it comes to your keywords. You are looking for pinpoint, high impact results not wide coverage of every word that you can think of that is related to your business. Your results will come from thinking like a consumer that is interested in your product. What would you enter into Google to find a new basketball? Probably not “Statistics for High School Basketball Teams” right? “Buy Basketballs” – K.I.S.S. applies very well to Google Adwords, Keep it Simple Silly.

Google Adwords does a great job of placing advertisements on sites and searches that will attract people looking for specific content. This advertising program run by Google allows its users to choose the type of websites their ads will be displayed on. It works by typing in keywords and phrases that are linked to the business.

For example, a business selling lawn services could be linked to home improvement, or landscaping. This way internet users looking for home improvement tips could see the lawn service while searching Google, or on a home improvement advice blog. Because they are already interested in home improvement they are more likely to need lawn care.

Sarasota Mortgage Fraud

One of the negative effects of the downed economy was the change for people to take advantage of the mortage and housing market. A clear cut example of this is the fraud that has recently been uncovered in Sarasota Florida. Currently fourteen associates are standing trial for defrauding mortgage lenders to the tune of nearly 50 million dollars.

The group completed this fraud by flipping properties for ridiculously high prices and tricking the mortgage lenders into accepting larger loan amounts. The group is said to have fraudulently flipped over 20 houses in the Sarasota area. The group has created a combined total of over 100 million dollars in defaulted mortgages.

The group faces a number of charges, a total of forty four to be exact. Some of these charges include falsifying documents, and wire fraud. The fourteen people currently being charge are not presumed to be the only ones guilty of the crime. The sheriffs department states there are more names to come in the near future.

Online Marketing Strategies Including Google Adwords

While creating a much needed business is a good start to success, without the proper marketing the idea might as well not happen. If your customers aren’t aware of your business and can’t find it on a search engine, then the business may never see success. It is important to incorporate a good marketing strategy into any business plan, but specifically, a good online marketing strategy including Google Adwords.

A successful marketing strategy includes a way to reach the most amounts of people for the least amount of money. This can be done by content targeted advertising like Google Adwords. To do this it is important to know the type of customer you want to reach with your advertising.

Once this has been figured out, your company needs to learn how to best reach their customers. For some companies television commercials will reach the most amount of people for the least expense. If the product is related to a computer or electronic device, the internet is a good option for marketing. Television advertising still reaches a lot of people, but a lot of people are better reached by advertising directly to smartphones and that’s where Google Adwords can help.

Will Xbox Kinect Lead to Autonomous Computers?

Thanks in part to a great marketing campaign, the Xbox Kinect sold a staggering number of systems in the first two months, just over eight million. The technology allows users to become the controller as the device allows them to become part of the video games. This allows users to be fully interactive in sports and dancing in the comfort of their own living rooms.

Researchers believe that this technology is only a foreshadowing of technology to come. It shows the possibilities we have in the computer technology field. While the gaming system has been a hit with users, computer researchers have used the game to increase their knowledge of technology.

Microsoft has gone so far as to support hacking their device by providing how-to kits for amateur researchers. It is clear that this is only the beginning of future computer technology. It shows the possibilities of eventually autonomous computers.

Improve Website Revenue with Google Adsense

For people running websites as part of a business, or as a business in itself, advertising is an important part of revenue. For most businesses that do not offer a tangible product available for online purchase, the website is more of a burden than an income. This does not have to be the case as even informative websites can earn revenue.

Google Adsense is a program that can increase website profits. Anyone running a website has the option to add the Google AdSense program which will place specific ads on the site. These ads are audience targeted to fit the group of people likely to be visiting the website.

Website owners are paid by the amount of clicks these advertisements receive. Because all of the advertisements placed on the site is website content specific, there is a higher chance of earning revenue. This is a much easier option for those who do not have time to seek out specific companies to advertise on their website.

Marketing a Product with Adwords, Find Your Target Audience

There are billions of different websites and blogs available to advertise with on the internet. For many company owners it is hard to figure out what is the best option for marketing their product or service. Many times the choices they make end up costing them more money than it earned them.

When choosing how to advertise and market ones product, the main thought that needs to be considered is the target audience. This means, who is the service or product directed towards, who is the most likely customer? Once this is figured out, planning where to place the advertisement is easier.

For example, a mom looking for cheap diapers is more likely to be on a website about baby health, rather than a website about fast cars. Targeting the correct audience provides a higher chance that ones advertisement will be looked at or even clicked. This is why it is very important to make sure that your product is ending up on websites that have something to do with your product. Google Adwords will do this for your automatically, but if you are interested in a more fine-tuned and highly targeted campaign, then you should not rely on the system to do it for you. Look into the tools that Adwords provides as far as targeting specific websites and demographics. This may give you better results as opposed to the blanket keyword method that Adwords performs by default.

Smart Marketing is a Win,Win with Google Adwords

Smart marketing can make the difference when it comes to a new business succeeding or failing. No matter how great a product or service is, if it is not marketed properly there is not much hope that it will be able to stick around. Finding a cost effective way to advertise a product can be a difficult task, especially if one does not have any marketing experience.

This is where the Google Adwords program can help. Google has created one of the largest networks of advertisements and marketing available online. As the popularity of the Google search engine and other internet tools grows, the range of marketing grows as well.

One of the great marketing tools available through Google is the AdWords program. This program allows businesses to advertise not only on Google subscribed websites, but also as sponsored links that show up on Google searches. Advertisers can target specific websites, demographics and even very specific locations on a website.


Thank You Google and Whats an Algorithm?

Google has announced that they are cracking down on content farms. What does this mean for people who use the Google Search Engine? When you search for a taco recipe you may actually get that recipe right away without having to sift through pages of results about Viagra, Multi-Level Marketing scams or the like.


Google has had a rather large nemesis with a rather mundane sounding name, the dreaded and now despised content farm. These are businesses that employ virtually anyone that can type with even the weakest grasp on the English language. This has been popular for years and many of the writers that are employed by such firms are from India. While there are varying levels of writing skill from these word mills, most content produced there is of the lowest quality.

Web Content

Why would someone pay money for low quality web content? Much of this poor quality writing was commissioned towards the goal of advertising revenue or to gain a prized spot on the first page of Google or other search engines. Googles code is now even more particular about what kind of content it lets into its search results.
Those that are cheering Googles mathematical and coding skills in figuring out how to weed out the garbage data are mostly professional writers such as journalists, pro-bloggers and White Hat SEO web developers and content writers. Many of these writers have years of experience and education under their belt. Others still, are just very good at their craft and now they will be recognized again for their talent and hard work by Googles Search Engine.
Content farms will not become entirely extinct because of Googles changes, but they will have to go through a major overhaul in quality and proofreading. In the meantime, those that have purchased this type of content for years will now scurry to more professional writers that have worked very hard to hone their craft and release high quality content while never falling short or going for the quick cash of trash SEO writing.

High Quality Content

Content is king, which was the phrase, used by many SEO marketers. While this is true and remains true, the fact of the matter is that High Quality Content is now the real king. Content farms located in India may have trouble adapting and will completely shut down as they employ workers for around 9 cents to 15 cents for around 500 words.
Many of these workers would not be able to improve their quality of writing and may have to seek a new trade. This is a worldwide phenomenon, anywhere where Google is known, there is surely a content farm. Even in the United States, many have found a decent living in turning out this type of content. Their work will now be more scrutinized as their employers try to keep business from dropping drastically.
Thank you Google, these changes are definitely for the better. Letting the qualified and skilled writers of content have a chance against the rather unfair forces of the content farm is highly appreciated. This will force those that are in it for the long haul to improve their writing and those that had only a fringe or monetary interest to find something they are better skilled at.

Combining Google Adwords and AdSense for Smart Marketing

Google has come up with a variety of different services that have vastly improved the function of the internet. Another area of the internet that they have cornered is the marketing side. Google Adwords and AdSense help people who want to advertise their service or product as well as people who want to increase their revenue through advertising.

Smart Marketing

Google Adwords is an advertising campaign available to those who wish to drive up sales as well as website visitors. It works by placing ads for the subscribers product on websites and Google searches. It does this by methodically choosing site and searches the products users are likely to visit, thus providing the most potential clients with access to their site.

Google AdSense, Google Adwords

Google AdSense can be used as a way to increase revenue through advertisements run on ones own site. Every time an advertisement is clicked, a portion of the payment Google receives will go to the AdSense subscriber. With websites that have high amounts of visitors, this can provide a fair amount of additional revenue.

Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Marketing

While it is not that hard to determine what target audience one is aiming for, it is more difficult to successfully reach that audience. The average internet user has billions of pages to choose from when searching for a product or service. It is important to be seen as quickly and as frequently as possible.

This is one of the huge benefits that the Google run advertising program Adwords has to offer. Millions of people choose Google as their search engine every hour. Each time a term is searched, one will see those advertisements lining the right side of the page as well as directly under the search bar.

Google Adwords is a program that provides advertisements that are specifically directed at ones target audience. When a company signs up for the program, they list the people they are trying to reach. Then Google Adwords will place their advertisement on content specific websites or searches. This helps gain the most visibility for a specific group of people.

Domain Name Sells at Half a Mil,

A recent auction at Sedo Domain Auctions has resulted in GamesforGirls(com) selling for $500,000.00. This sale has topped the highest domain sales at auction from last week. Sedo and GoDaddy have recently seen some high dollar, premium domain name sales.

Domain Name

Dot Me and Dot Co are at the top of the sales charts. Marchex, Sedo and Afternic, three top competitors to GoDaddy have seen increase in domain auctions with high dollar results. Last week, Afternic and Sedo sold a combination of over one million in domain sales.

Domains News is also receiving a large response to their dot Co and dot Me domains. has found a promising strategy in selling domains in bundles within related service industries. They are currently accepting offers on a package ofseven Tattoo related domains including

This may turn out to be a top selling year in the domain industry.

Google Adwords & Cost Effective Smart Marketing

Advertisement and marketing are usually some of the largest costs when it comes to starting and running a company. While many businesses turn to a local newspaper or billboards, they may not be the most effective option. Today many people neglect to read the paper, and instead will look online for news.

With so many people searching online for this that and the other, it is much smarter to advertise online rather than in print. Google Adwords provides a very cost effective method of online advertising. Offering a pay-per-click method of charge, the businesses only pay for what they get out of the advertisements.

Google Adwords allows users to choose the target audience, or helps by choosing websites with similar interests to the business. For example a user wanting to advertise precast concrete, may be featured on a construction website. It is this targeted advertising that will increase business revenue, as well as the amount of people directed to their website.

Google AdSense Helps Keep Blogs Afloat

There are many blogs out there that are run not in the hopes of making money, but just to get information out there. Unfortunately this usually creates a problem for those who are running these blogs. While they may be free to run, the time associated with keeping them up to date is not free.

These bloggers should look towards Google AdSense as a way to create income to compensate for the time spent. Google AdSense works by placing content relevant advisements on blogs and websites. The website owners are then paid depending on how many times the page was viewed and how many clicks the advertisements receive.

While for many blogs that only have a handful of viewers will not find this service very satisfying, blogs with higher readership will see its benefits. While the profits will not be extraordinary, it will provide the blogger with an increase in revenue that may allow them to continue writing. If the website is optimized correctly with AdSense, there is a possibility of real profit.

Should Employers Require Your Facebook Password?

Would you give out your Facebook login to your boyfriend, spouse, pastor, what about your employer?  What if it was a requirement to get or keep your job?  This very real scenario happened to a Maryland Corrections Officer named Robert Collins.   January 25 the ACLU of Maryland sent a letter to Secretary Gary Maynard on behalf of Officer Collins.  That letter can be viewed at this external source.

The law does not allow certain discriminatory questions to be asked regarding topics such as religion, sexuality or affiliations that may divulge such information.  So, an employer asking for a login that displays that information is a breach of that privacy.  While some people freely display this information on their Facebook, others do not and take advantage of privacy settings that Facebook offers to keep such information protected.

Even though the request was under the umbrella of a “background check,” the Division of Corrections and the policy that they are following may be going to far.  If you are concerned about privacy, especially that surrounding social media, then you may want to follow the story of Officer Collins.  More information can be found at this article byMeredith Curtis, ACLU of Maryland.

Facebook, Twitter and Netflix Movies all on Xbox 360

Having all your technology wrapped up into one little package would be great right? That seems to be the idea of all new technology from smartphones to internet television and even Xbox 360. Even though Xbox 360 has Facebook, Twitter and Netflix Movies all in one convenient interface does it really have it all?

Netflix Movies

Considering the cost it takes just to get online with Xbox 360 it might not take off in every family home as the number one source for all entertainment. In order to use the services offered by the Microsoft product, you have to have an internet connection and then on top of that you have to pay for a Gold Membership in order to access those features. Then if you want Netflix Movies, well that’s another charge.

Netflix on Xbox

With internet television you many as well just skip the middle man altogether if price is a concern. The system, while it does have some fantastic agreements with service providers like Netflix movies, it is at best still just a gaming console. Sure, you can get free music and some additional perks, but for the non-gamer it isnt really the best deal considering you can get all the same connections through just a regular internet connection and save that additional money for the Gold Membership and equipment costs required to own the game console.

Facebook, Twitter and Netflix Movies

If you want to use Facebook, Twitter and watch your Netflix Movies you could just stick to your smartphone apps and hook it up to your television through HDMI if you wanted to save on internet costs too. With a 4G connection you can stream Netflix movies quite smoothly and with hardly any interruption.

Microsoft has really made the best effort in trying to make the Xbox the one place to go for all of your entertainment needs, but it falls short in its pricing structure. Perhaps if Netflix Movies were an added perk along with the Gold Membership it would be a lot more enticing, as it is though, it wont get past being more than what it is, a gaming console with some extras.

Premium Domains Making a Comeback, Sedo Domain Name Auction

The rumors of the death of domain name sales has been greatly exaggerated. Ask, Sedo, the world’s largest domain name auction, where there is currently an auction for premium domain names with bids in the 5 digits. Sedo also just released sales results for 2010 showing record domain name sales.

Great Domain Names

Sedo, the ‘go to auction house for great domain names’ is running a premium domain name auction with 200 unique and rare domains. The auction runs for the next five days and includes premium domain names that are very hard to find. Online casinos and gambling sites are featured as well as other great industry and keyword rich domains:

Sedo Domain Auction

Bidding on Domain Names

After only 24 hours the bids are already jumping and several domain names are now over $10,000. Bidding for these domains is easy. If you want to grab a few of these rare and keyword power packed domains you can go to domain name auction site at Sedo’s VISIT HERE, the world’s largest domain name auction house. Business Insurance for Small Business released an article regarding a topic that many small home business owners may have been avoiding for their first year of business.  That dread topic is insurance.  If you are one of the thousands of Americans that started a home business last year you are probably running into two issue right now, taxes and insurance.

There are a lot of options for small business owners, but not carrying insurance is not one of those options.  If you have a product or inventory that you are selling imagine the loss you would suffer if something like a burst pipe destroyed all of it.  If you carry insurance for that type of situation then you will be covered.

Some believe that they are covered under their home owners insurance, but they may need to re-read their policies as many home owners insurance policies do not cover property that is used in a home based business.  You should also consider workers comp insurance, especially if you employ a staff that is on site.


Should You be Able to Afford Your Mortgage?

One of the ways that banks make money off of mortgages is by selling them to investors as mortgage backed securities.

Mortgage in Default

The only problem with this is that if the mortgage goes into default, or even foreclosure, the security that was sold as an investment does not have a high return.

Housing Market

So when the economy and housing market collapsed many of the investors in these securities were concerned with their investments.

Mortgage Lenders

It has been reasoned that the cause of the collapse in the housing market was the poor judgment of the mortgage lenders. These investors believed that the banks should be held partially responsible for giving mortgages to people who were obviously unqualified to receive them.

What’s Next for Mortgages after Mac and Mae?

It is now known that the government plans on slowly doing away with the two mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae over the upcoming years. What is still unknown by most is what, if anything will be replacing the sister companies. It appears that the government is looking towards the private sector to pick up the slack as the companies are slowly shut down.


It is a risky scenario, and if in the case that the idea backfires there could be a substantial negative effect on the housing market and economy all together. If the private sector of mortgage lenders does not take on enough of the risk that comes along with the United States mortgage market it could result in a shortage of home loan money. This shortage would send loan rates through the roof, consequently causing home costs to plummet.

Mortgage Rates

The government plan has a lot of stipulations that are not backed with iron clad plans. It is likely that the people who would have invested in the mortgage backed securities are going to be extremely hesitant. If they do invest, many of them will require that the mortgages invested in are held to a much higher standard. This would include down payments that may exceed the common ten to twenty percent ratios.

Job Opportunity with Ashton Kutcher, Ashton Kutcher

Monster announced that ‘popchips’ is hiring a Vice President of pop culture. The Vice President reports directly to the President of Pop Culture, Ashton Kutcher. It’s a job, and just like any other job opportunity, it’s a contest. Applicants must make a ninety second video creatively explaining or demonstrating why they would be the best candidate for the position.

There’s a few rules to follow, requirements are fairly simple, the applicant has to be able to travel at least three times and be nice to people along with some other job responsibilities.

More information about the job can be found at

If working for Ashton Kutcher isn’t enough to get you to make a ninety second video, then maybe the $50,000 and year’s supply of popchips might entice you further.

Some more information from the posting:

Employment is contingent upon the selected Applicants completion of the requisite employment paperwork including, but not limited to, thorough background and reference check, authorization to work in the United States and/or Canada, an ideas form, a confidentiality agreement and a job application as well as a potential phone interview to ensure willingness and ability to perform the job requirements.

For more information on how to apply and complete details for eligibility, go to

Size Matters at Starbucks

When ordering at a fast food restaurant, movie theater, or sports venue, drinks tend to come in sizes such as small, medium, large, and sometimes extra large. Coffee has been the same way, though they prefer to serve their drinks on a smaller scale. Now Starbucks has decided to go one step larger than their Venti size.

The recently announced Trenta will be a 31 oz drink strictly offered only for iced drinks. The equivalent to four cups of coffee, the amount of caffeine that this cup will pack is not only unheard of, but could be downright dangerous as well. Its much more liquid that a body can handle at one given time as well.

Some people who have recently gotten a hold of the cup have decided how much of certain beverages they can hold. Their experiments have discovered that this cup can hold an entire bottle of wine. Watch out, this trend is sure to carry over to other coffee companies.

A First on Sedo with Massive Release of .CO Auction

Several .CO domains are being released to public auction for the very first time on Sedo over the next few days.  The auction will end two days after Valentine’s Day and there are currently some sweet deals on these websites.  There has been a lot of media attention lately to this type of domain because of the the first quarter Super Bowl ad released by Godaddy.

This has generated a lot of attention not only for Godaddy but also for the domain itself.  The moment of that ad showing, the number of domains selling that carry the co extension started rising as people were given the idea to snag some of the more clever domain names that they may have missed out on with a dot com previously.  .CO is offering new entrepreneurs a way to get some keyword rich domain names with the oomph of international recognition.

If you are looking for the newest and hottest domain properties out there, then you can throw in a bid at at the Sedo Auction that is taking place right now.  Considering that the extension has only been around since mid last year and some sites are boasting having already sold 600,000 of the domains, it could really mean some impact for a new business.

The Sedo auction that is going on now features a number of high power super “C O” domains that are already running into the thousand dollar marks with 5 days remaining.  This is really a great happening for the domain business as it was losing some momentum.  With the advent of this media driven phenomenon, entrepreneurs are grabbing up the domains and making their fortunes. .CO First on Sedo .CO Domain Name Auction

Several .CO domain names are being released to public auction for the very first time.  This may have something to do with a little ad that played during the Super Bowl, because since then there has been a tremendous move in trying to grab up .CO domains.  .CO is offering new entrepreneurs a way to get some keyword rich domain names with the oomph of international recognition.

The Sedo auction features a a great amount of high quality .CO domains that are already listing with thousands of dollars and still five days remaining.

Companies are also picking up their .CO names before someone else can grab them.  The big name corporations have already snagged theirs, ADI-News checked on a few like cocacola and homedepot and they are already taken, of course.  Most large corporations simply buy up all of the available domains to protect their customers from accidentally going to an incorrect site.

This is the new hot domain property for the year and many have recognized that.  The bidding at at this Sedo Auction has been fairly steady since it was opened to the public.  The extension has only been available for a few months now, but has already received record numbers of sales from some domain brokers like and other premium domain sites.

Mortgage Lending & Mortgage Rates Changes Direction

For many years the government backed mortgage lender Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have provided home loans to low-income borrowers. In 2008 the companies fell into substantial debt due to the failing economy and the demise of the housing market.

Current Mortgage Rates

Since then the companies have received over 150 billion dollars in financial aid, the vast majority of that money coming out of tax payers wallets. As the government tries to improve the economy, the housing market is one of the major areas of concern and it is the sister companies that control the majority of home loans.

Today’s Mortgage Rates

Just recently the United States Treasury Department released their report on the two companies stating what future action they recommend be taken and how involved or not involved these GSEs will be in the recovery of the housing market. The results suggested that the roles that both companies play need to be amended as to avoid lending out money for mortgages which are too risky.

Mortgage Rates

Some of the steps that are being suggested by the treasury and considered are raising the amount of down payment required for home purchasers, as well as limiting the amount of mortgage backed securities the companies currently sell. However, nothing that could be suggested would work quickly enough to change what has happened and now Freddie and Fannie are slated to be out.

As Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are scheduled to close down, other mortgage lenders are looking to revamp their policies to protect themselves and their clients. There may be some residual affects of this news on the mortgage rates over the next few months.

Mortgage Rates on the Rise… Again

Over the past couple of years the housing market has seen some extremely low interest rates. It is these low rates that are considered to be a factor that drove many Americans to try and become homeowners, or to try to refinance a current home loan. Mortgage rates have been under the 5 percent level since April 2010, but this weeks numbers show them jumping up to just over 5 percent.

Last week the average interest rate that was charged by lenders for a thirty-year fixed rate mortgage was 4.81 percent, this week on average interest rates are at 5.05 percent. Although the thirty year rates have risen, the 15 year fixed rates have remained just under 5 percent. These were the numbers posted by mortgage giant Freddie Mac, and the increased rates are worrying investors. Many of the mortgages lent out by the company are later sold to a variety of investors in the forms of mortgage securities.

With interest mortgage rates rising the investors are worried about inflation in the economy and how it will affect earnings. It is likely if the US exhibits the signs of high inflation, these investors earnings will be substantially diminished and they wish to be compensated.

Finding Cheap Insurance in All the Wrong Places

Cheap Insurance, it’s something that everyone wants but not everyone can find. Cheap insurance, especially for cars is a lot easier to find than say health insurance. Most have turned to the internet to find cheap insurance for their home, health and even life, but what about your insurance agent?

What you get online is a middle man, a broker and when you go to an agent, while they still serve as a middle-man, they can actually be negotiated with. So, while you can find some amazing prices on cheap insurance online, you may find even cheaper by going into a brick and mortar insurance agent’s office.

Start online, print out a few prices and then make your way to an insurance agent. Some may be able to compete and give you deeper discounts, some may not. It will be a trial and error system, the nice thing is that you can actually call and speak to an agent instead of an automated voice prompt system.

Turbo Tax Software or a Tax Attorney for 2010?

Is Turbo Tax better than having a personal tax attorney for your 2010 taxes? Maybe not, but it is probably a lot less expensive. TurboTax is still the number one rated tax software and they still offer a guarantee on their product and the results.

2010 Taxes

If you can’t afford a tax attorney for your 2010 taxes then this software might be the way to go this year. Turbo Tax is seeing an increase in customers this year with the amount of small business that has been generated by unemployment. Their Home & Business package is the most cost effective for smaller businesses as it includes federal, state and elite. It is also one of their most highly rated products on their website.

Small Business

The home and business package is for sole proprietors, consultants and 1099 contractors as well as single-owner LLC’s. The business pacakge that is offered is for larger corporations. Overall, this product could help out a lot of new businesses this year that can’t afford the services of a tax attorney.

Redbox Valentine’s Day Promotion 2 for 1

There’s only a few days left on the Redbox rent 2 get 1 free promotion that they are running for Valentine’s day. Anytime that you rent 2 of any item in combination, at the same time and with a valid email, you will get a coupon code sent to you for a free additional item valued at $1 rental. If it is a Blue ray then it will cost a little more.

If you are looking for an economical, yet still romantic gesture, a movie at home with a nice meal, maybe a bottle of wine could do the trick. Valentine’s Day might be too pricey for some this year, so this Redbox promotion comes at a great time.

Of course, if all goes well, you may not end up seeing the movie. Redbox promotions like this make the service even more economical than it already is.

China Tours, Hong Kong & Macau Expanding China’s Tourism

With China expecting to hit 230 million people on their railways this spring and Macau being the top gambling location in the world, it is no surprise that tourism to China is going up. Foreign travellers are making a big impact on tourism in China, however places like Macau are being visited mostly by their neighbor Hong Kong. With an American Casino presence in Macau, Las Vegas has some catching up to do to rank number one in the world of gambling.

While Macau doesn’t quite have the flash and appeal of Las Vegas, it definitely has some draw for the Chinese and European market. China is preparing for an even larger tourist season over the next five years. With a growing interest in the culture of China, the Chinese government is expecting a 5% increase in tourism earch year for the next five years.

With a rich history and culture as well as a gambling hotspot, China may soon become the destination for vacationers across the world. Budget Cut Backs on Auto Insurance

Many households are looking for ways to save money on their monthly expenditures just to meet mortgage payments or even the rising cost of food and utilities. Some of the first things that are being cut back on is entertainment.

A lot of families are keeping their internet and ditching cable and using Netflix or Hulu for their television programming. That could save a family anywhere from $50 a month to $300 a month depending on what cable package they were using. Another area where there are savings to be had, according to is car insurance.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of those expenses that can be reviewed for cost cutting. There are a lot of car insurance companies in competition for your money and that translates to possible savings and even additional perks for you and your family.

Save on Car Insurance

Comparison shopping is made easy online with so many brokers available. Getting good advice on determining the best car insurance is also important.

Some resources online that may be able to assist in finding lower costs.  Especially those website that focus on insurance specifically.

Money Saving Lessons from the Great Depression

If you have elders in your family that grew up in the Great Depression, then you know how engrained saving money is in their life. They may even still clean their plates completely, save bones from meats to make soups or would prefer to be in a darkened house to save on electricity. The Great Depression affected people in many different ways, but one of the things that we can take as a silver lining is that it created a people that knew how to save, knew how to live off of the very bare minimum and sometimes less.


This recession that we are in is teaching young adults the real value of money. It is teaching them the importance of employment and what it means to struggle and that is one of the hard lessons that will make this generation so important in future policy making and the rebuilding/strenghtening of the American economy and the American way of life.

Making Money Saving Money

Young adults are learning the importance of saving money. This generation may learn the hard way, they may not have everything handed to them as their parents struggle to make money to make ends meet, but this may be just what was needed to set everything right again. A new generation of people that lived in a time where every scrap of food counts is what has made Americans real patriots.

The Value of Money

Unemployment numbers are barely moving upward; hovering around that 9-10% mark and everyone is worried. Mortgages are being defaulted upon, credit card bills are going unpaid and everything looks bleak. This may be of little comfort, but as America pushes through this rough patch, on the other side awaits a stronger country, a more secure nation and a people, the American people that have made this country the greatest country in the world.

Starbucks Quality Keeps Starbucks Customers Coming Back

Who thought paying $5.00 for a cup of coffee would become a daily routine for so many Americans? Starbucks obviously and that business model which is ever improving seems to still be working despite a sluggish economy. It’s just coffee though right? Anyone can make a cup of coffee, but not everyone can charge $5.00 and a lot of little coffee shops are finding that out as they open and close within a six month period.

The Starbucks Difference

Starbucks has a huge brand, tons of advertising, a marketing genius or two on staff, oh and a quality product. Even with competition like Dunkin Donughts and McDonalds, Starbucks is hanging in there by offering the next best thing to designer coffee, designer breakfast health food.

The Starbucks Taste

Anyone that has gone to the grocery store lately knows that organic foods and cage free anything costs way more than the alternative. People are starting to understand that there is a difference, a quality difference in the food they ingest and to get the best they are paying a premium price.

Starbucks Quality Keeps Starbucks Customers

Starbucks understands that and has focused on the quality of their service and product and that is why they are able to hang in there. Instead of offering another grease dripping breakfast food, they are offering healthy sandwhiches and foods and their customers are appreciating it. Home Budget Cut Backs on Auto Insurance

Many households are looking for ways to save money on their monthly expenditures just to meet mortgage payments or even the rising cost of food and utilities. Some of the first things that are being cut back on is entertainment.

A lot of families are keeping their internet and ditching cable and using Netflix or Hulu for their television programming. That could save a family anywhere from $50 a month to $300 a month depending on what cable package they were using. Another area where there are savings to be had, according to is car insurance.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of those expenses that can be reviewed for cost cutting. There are a lot of car insurance companies in competition for your money and that translates to possible savings and even additional perks for you and your family.

Save on Car Insurance

Comparison shopping is made easy online with so many brokers available. Getting good advice on determining the best car insurance is also important.

Some resources online that may be able to assist in finding lower costs can be located at:

Is Mortgage Refinancing Worth it?

Looking to save money on monthly bills and house payments? Refinancing a mortgage might be able to help save a substantial amount of money each month.

Many homeowners have started the refinancing process because of lost jobs, or pay cuts that leave them unable to afford the current monthly payments on their home loans.

Refinancing a mortgage is a great way to lower monthly payments, although it is not recommended for all homeowners in crisis. Refinancing will be most beneficial for homeowners who have lived in their current house for an ample amount of time, allowing them to accrue a fair amount of home equity. Recent homeowners usually do not have enough home equity to make up for the fees and costs that are associated with applying for any type of loan.

Another thing to consider is the prospect of lengthening the loan past what it was originally. Lengthening the loan, although it decreases monthly payments, may in fact increase the amount of interest paid by homeowners towards the new loan. It is also important to consider just how much lower the new interest rates will be, and if the difference is enough to save more money than the new loan would cost in the long run.

Oprah, O Magazine, Shoe Shop Recommendation

Today many women are looking for fashionable footwear at the shoe shop that doesn’t break the bank. If they are willing to forget about name brands, has shoes available for less than 15 dollars.

This online shoe shop specializes in cheap but fashionable footwear. The shoe shop offers every style of both womens and mens shoes from bridal shoes to mens loafers, the selection is great. ShoeOcean guarantees quality and promises that the low cost will not affect the level of comfort and quality.

Shipping is provided free for orders over 100 dollars although return shipping has to be paid for by the consumer. This is a downside that is not featured on other online shoe shops such as however, the cost of the shoes are much lower so that benefit may outweigh the cost of shipping. The website was featured in Oprahs O Magazine as getting a lot of ˜bang for your buck.

The site is easy to navigate and the ordering process is simple. The wide selection and low cost is sure to lure consumers to the site. Especially in these fiscally difficult times it is expected that anything with high quality and low cost will be deemed attractive to consumers.

Misconceptions about Mortgage Refinancing

With the housing market in serious decline and many people losing jobs or receiving pay cuts, some homeowners have turned to refinancing their mortgages. Since the current interest rates are low, there is a chance refinancing could lead to lower monthly payments.

When researching whether or not to refinance a mortgage consider these common misconceptions. First, the process of refinancing a mortgage may not be as easy as the application process for the original home loan. With foreclosures rising, some lenders have actually become more stringent with their guidelines. People with higher credit and larger home equity are more likely to be approved for a refinancing loan.

The second common misconception is that refinancing will always cost less than the original home loan. Some homeowners refinance to lower monthly payments, or get better interest rates while others refinance the type of loan or the specific terms of the loan. Homeowners should also consider how long they plan on living in the home after the refinance. If it is less than five years, consider the closing costs and the fees the lender may charge. In the end refinancing would be more beneficial to homeowners who plan on maintaining long term residence.

Mortgage Refinancing Under White House Housing Plan

Some homeowners in financial crisis due to high mortgage payments and unemployment may be in luck. With help from the Obama Administration and the new Home Affordability Stimulus Plan, many Americans may be able to take advantage of refinancing or modifying a loan at lower interest rates. This could aid families and homeowners on the brink of foreclosure as well as lower monthly mortgage payments.

Refinance Mortgage Rates

The goal of the stimulus plan is to decrease the high amounts of mortgage defaults and foreclosures. In the past couple of years along with the failure of the U.S. economy, foreclosure and mortgage default rates have soared. Loss of jobs, or pay cuts have been leaving many homeowners with large amounts of debt and low income. Through the plan qualified borrowers will be able to refinance at interest rates around 2-3 percent.

Home Equity Loans

In order to be eligible the borrower has to have obtained the mortgage before the first of January, 2009. The mortgaged home is also required to have been the borrowers first and primary residence. Monthly income, property value, mortgage amount and payment history will all be considered when qualifying for this plan. Mortgage Rates and Home Equity Loans made an interesting point the other day in an article entitled How to Find the Best Home Loan. suggested that a 15 year over a 30 year fixed mortgage might better serve home buyers in the current economy.  This is essentially true, that is if you can afford more on the monthly payments.  Absolutely go with a 15 year if it is right for you, but make sure to consider not only those higher monthly mortgage payments, but also those emergencies that might come up that could jeopardize your finances.

If you are going for a 15 year as opposed to the 30 year mortgage, then make sure that you have at least 6 months of mortgage payments ins savings to use as a buffer.  This is very important, because with higher mortgage payments in this economy, you may stand a higher risk of folding under financial strain.  With at the very least, a 6 month cash buffer, you would be able to sustain the home even if you or your spouse lost your job.  Even would agree with that.

SaveInsurance.Com Travel Insurance to Egypt Invalidated? is reminding travelers to Egypt, especially those areas affected by current political strife, to check their travel insurance stipulations.

Travel Insurance

Visitors to these areas may not be covered due to the current political climate. This often negates a policy unless the traveller was already in the area when the political climate changed.

Make certain to read through your policy to determine what you are covered for. This would not be for all areas in Egypt, however there are some that are pinpointed as political hot-beds currently and would negate the coverage.

Home Loans, Mortgages and Mistakes Made by First Time Home Buyers

First time homebuyers often make a few mistakes that can be avoided very easily. The most common mistake that is happening recently is home buyers not taking into account other fees and costs associated with purchasing their first home and relying simply on the pre-approved mortgage amount.

Mortgage Rates

An experienced realtor can guide new home buyers through many of these pitfalls, but it is also important that the home buyer be educated as much as possible before making such an important and life changing decision.

Mortgage Questions

Know your credit score. The better your credit rating means the less money you may have to pay in the long run. If your score is low, even by a point or two from good credit, then it would pay off to wait and build that credit up. It could mean a difference of thousands of dollars over the amount of the home loan mortgage.

Make sure to budget for all of the expenses that are related with the purchase of a new home. This would include home insurance, emergency repairs and property taxes. Renovations may also need to come out of the home buyer’s pocket.

The biggest mistake that can be avoided is not remembering about closing costs. You could have all of the contracts signed and then get hit with a huge amount of money due at closing. There are also appraisal fees and inspections to pay for. Before jumping in to the market, even with a pre-approved mortgage letter, make sure that you have as much information as you can find.

AOL Buys Huffington Post and, the Rebuilding of an Empire?

What is going on with AOL buying up internet properties like and the Huffington Post? Some say that they are trying to make a comeback, but did they really go anywhere? It will be interesting to see what AOL has in store with these acquisitions. In the meantime, Huffington will continue to be run by Arianna Huffington and she will also be taking over management of the content on AOL’s site.


This is what Arianna Huffington had to say about the merger:

Huffington Post

Far from changing our editorial approach, our culture, or our mission, this moment will be, for HuffPost, like stepping off a fast-moving train and onto a supersonic jet. We’re still traveling toward the same destination, with the same people at the wheel, and with the same goals, but we’re now going to get there much, much faster.

Could Knock Out Netflix or Hulu?

It has been going around, since late last year, that may be getting into the streaming video distribution business to either take some of that segment away from Netflix.

There have also been rumors that Amazon might even just try to buy Netflix outright. Would Netflix be able to stand up against both Hulu and Amazon? Netflix has a lot going for them and quite a few aspects against them as well. They are releasing more television content, which is making a lot of consumers incredibly happy since Hulu downgraded their free content to sub-hd quality and put a price tag on their subscription service. Netflix seems to be doing everything right, but they do have to pay a lot for that content and prices could be going up this year as more people move to digital services rather than DVD and BlueRay.


Netflix and Amazon together, should that happen could really take on cable and Hulu, but as it is right now, Amazon would be starting late out of the gate and trying to shake loose some strengthened loyalties that Netflix subscribers have developed. Could Amazon do it with lower prices? If that is possible, then their deals for streaming content would need to be tied closely into their connections with distributors.

They may be able to do that for awhile but it would be expected that within 2 years, their prices would have to double in order to compensate for rising content costs. Makes it Easy for Nonprofit Organizations to Create a Wish List has a feature on their website that some non-profts may not yet be aware of. This is the Wish List for non-profit organizations through This system allows a non-profit to create a wish list of items from Amazon, make their list public and allow donors to easily purchase the item as a donation. This list is also available to be sent through email. will even send the email for the non-profit to demonstrate its validity.

This is very much like the wish list that regular users but just applied to a charitable purpose. Creating a list is easy as the instructions are clearly given on the website. This is a great way to have donors know exactly where there donations are going to and for what exact item as they are able to select for themselves.

If you are a non-profit organization interested in this feature on, check out this link for further information. Non-Profit. Upgrades Hosting Servers to Meet with Demand is dedicated to bringing you news from across the globe as well as information on latest national news in health, fitness, sports and more.  With the growing demand of viewers, has upgraded their hosting servers to compensate for the amount of traffic ADI-news receives.

The changes are mostly behind the scenes, but our readers may say an improvement in speed and load times. thanks its readers and will continue to deliver the news that you want when you want it.

The upgrade resulted in a few hours of downtime in the early hours of Sunday, February 6.  The site is now up and running, faster, stronger and better than ever. Suggests Best Buy 4-Year Standard Protection Plan, Even on Vacuums

A lot of consumer experts will say not to get the retail store’s protection plans, but suggest otherwise. Best Buy’s protection plan has served a lot of people and gotten them out of a pinch on more than one ocassion. Brooke Whitlatch purchased her laptop two years ago and when she did she bought the 2 year protection plan. Now that her battery will no longer hold a charge she’s happy that she did it. Brooke also mentioned that she had a mishap with dropping her laptop and the screen and keyboard were damaged, what would have been a $600.00 fix cost Mrs. Whitlatch absolutely nothing, but the initial $80 something dollars for the protection plan.

Best Buy Business Protection Plans

“Best Buy has been one of the companies that I know of that really stands by their protection plan, honors it to the letter and really takes care of the customer,” Mrs. Whitlatch stated. Laptops are not the only thing you can get the protection plan on. Best Buy offers their protection plan on virtually everything that they sell. Televisions, phones and even Vacmaster Wet Dry Vacs. When you are purchasing an item that has maybe a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and Best Buy is offering a 4 year, it’s really not a bad idea to go with the protection plan.

Vacmaster Wet Dry Vac at Best Buy Wet Dry Vacs are just one of the new household items that Best Buy is carrying. Since a lot of their competition has gone under, Best Buy has been able to expand their product line offerings to meet with their customer’s needs. If you have any reservations about buying the product plan, look into it or talk with one of the Best Buy representatives. They still don’t work on commission so it should be easy to walk away from it if you truly don’t want it. Just do the math before you go in though instead of instantly turning them down. If you walk out of that Best Buy and drop your new 50 inch 3D TV, you could be out of luck without the protection plan.

Absorbing the Cost of Your Google Adwords Campaign With Google Adsense

Sadly, the way the world works is that sometimes you have to take the cost of your advertising and put it into the price of your product or service. Same goes for Google Adwords. If you are running a 20 cent PCP campaign you may have to raise prices for your customer by 20 cents right? Well, that is one way to do it, however, there is a way to pay for your Google Adwords campaign by using Google Adsense.

Instead of raising prices, how would you like to run a sale on your products or services? Google Adsense can make that a possibility. Instead of Google Adwords coming out of your budget, how about let it be paid for by Adsense? The simplest way to make this happen is to use your affiliations. If you sell on Amazon or Ebay, then have a page on your website that has topics related to Amazon, Ebay, Target, really anyone that you do business with. In this way, you aren’t running competitor ads on your site, instead you are running affiliates. That’s what you would call a win-win right?

Direct traffic to those pages from within your website and you can start collecting revenue from Adsense so that you can pay for your Google Adwords campaign. Does this hurt your affiliates? If your customers are clicking on your affiliates ad, doesn’t your affiliate then lose money? While they are spending the money for the click, this is still a perfectly legitimate use of their ad. Your customers might want to buy cereal in bulk from Amazon, maybe you don’t sell cereal. Not only have you performed a service for your customer, but you have also helped your affiliate. Try to find a good balance between your Google Adsense income and your Google Adwords expenditures and you can start lowering prices, running sales and making your customers happy.

Three Great Reasons to Refinance Your Home Loan

Refinance is a terrific way for a homeowner to open up a lot of opportunities. Refinancing can lower monthly mortgage payments while giving the freedom of a fixed-rate mortgage. This can help free up cash for other expenditures besides your home loan. It is also possible to consolidate other debt into a refinance mortgage to gain an advantage over your finances.

Rates are low right now and there are programs from the government that can help some. The programs end soon so you may want to investigate your options with those. The third reason is that you can find any number of lenders willing to help, for a fee of course.

Wells Fargo has currently streamlined their online refinance system in an effort to help clients discover eligibility faster.

From the Wells Fargo Website:

Well also evaluate your eligibility for any applicable government programs through an online refinance application. We offer:

No application or appraisal fees

No closing costs

Loan pricing that is locked once your completed application is submitted

Possible streamlined refinance with limited documentation requirements

Mortgage Rates Soar and Cause Strife for Refinance Mortgage Loans

The national rate for 30 year fixed rate home loan mortgages jumped up to 4.81%. That’s quite a significant rise from the 4.74% from a couple of weeks ago. The rates will probably not see below 4 ever again, but there’s always hoping. Those that have been waiting for the good ole days of 3.6% mortgage rates may want to stop waiting.

Experts are now predicting figures around 5 and 1/2 percent by the end of this year and into the six percent range next year. While these numbers are still considerably lower than decades ago, those that are looking to lock in a lower rate may want to act soon.

The jump in home loan mortgage rates could make it harder for those looking to refinance. One other option that homebuyers are looking at are shorter term loans. They are getting lower rates and having to pay higher monthly payments, but they are able to get larger homes.

Mortgage Rates in Recent News

There has recently been a lot of debate about if and how the government should act concerning two of the largest mortgage companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Many republicans are taking the stance that the crisis was caused by these companies for not properly qualifying applicants before approving loans. In other words, they shouldn’t have given loans to people who were not financially able to pay for them.

Democrats believe that the companies have been a crucial part of many successful home loans offered to the middle class of the United States for generations and blame the collapse of sub-prime mortgages. However democrats are careful not to defend the mortgage companies although some do still believe that the government needs to play a role in homeownership by financing home loans.

Both sides are looking towards the same goals. They wish to slowly decrease how large a role the government has been playing in the mortgage market. The long awaited reform plan is scheduled to be announced sometime next week by the White House administration. In addition to that next week the hearings concerning the fate of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are scheduled to begin in the House of Representatives.

Dangers A Refinance Mortgage May Have

As with any financial decision it is important that the consumer is aware of all of the possibilities and consequences of their choices. Far too many times people fall victim to their own ignorance when it comes to deciding about actions such as taking out a home loan or refinancing their current home loan.

As with any choice there are a few negative outcomes to look out for when considering refinancing a current mortgage. The first step in avoiding these dangers is as a borrower knowing what is to be expected, and if the mortgager is being upfront and honest.

With any industry there are people looking to increase their profit, while not considering the financial well-being of the consumer. Having knowledge of the process as well as the positives and negatives of the situation will allow the borrower to see any red flags that may arise during the refinancing process.

Mortgage brokers can be very helpful in providing information as they do not work directly for banks, which may be biased in the advice they give. It is important to make sure as a borrower that the pros of refinancing trump the cons of applying for and receiving a refinancing loan.

Second Mortgages & Home Equity Loan Options

Second Mortgage

When applying for a second mortgage consumers are faced the decision to choose between three different options traditional second mortgage home equity line of credit or home equity loan. There are many differences between each of the options and the choice to be considered carefully not only by the power but also by home loan expert depending on the situation different types of loans may be more effective than others. Home equity lines of credit provide the borrower a line of credit that usually comes at a low interest rate.

This type is beneficial if the borrower needs large sums of cash and in contrast to traditional home loans may provide the borrower with possible tax incentives. The last option is a home equity loan. These loans take into account the equity homeowners have built through mortgage payments as well as home improvements.

They allow borrower to use this equity to receive a loan in the same amount. These types of loans allow the borrower a secured debt as it uses the home as collateral towards the loan. it important to thoroughly research each option before making a choice. It after researching the option of applying for second mortgage the borrower learns that is not feasible refinancing the current mortgage is another option to choose

Refinance through a Second Mortgage

A second mortgage is an additional loan which is taken after the first loan. This secondary loan is based on the difference between the amount owed on the property and the value that the property has currently reached in the housing market. Second mortgages have become popular recently and are used for a variety of reasons. These loans can free up financing is needed for items such as college tuition unexpected expenses due to emergencies work for simple home improvements.

It is likely that the borrower applies for an additional mortgage that mortgage will have higher interest rates in comparison to their previous mortgage. If that is true it is good to look at refinancing a current home loan as another option and with lower interest rates this might be more helpful to the borrower. Second mortgages have underwriting guidelines that happen to have fewer requirements than refinancing possibly making it a better option. It also usually takes less of an effort and is more cost-effective to apply for a second mortgage instead of trying to refinance.

There are three main types of second mortgages. Most borrowers will choose from three types; a traditional second mortgage, a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit. Each option will benefit people differently depending on the borrower and the borrowers current loan situation. Borrowers should speak to a knowledgeable loan expert when considering these options.

Homeowner Refinance Second Mortgage

Many homeowners who are currently faced with the burden of a high mortgage payment and lack of income have been turning to refinancing their current home loans. Homeowners are doing this in order to increase their monthly cash flow. Borrowers should know that this is not the only option available to them.

Applying for a second mortgage is another great way of increasing cash and decreasing monthly mortgage payments. In cases where a large amount of the original home loan has already been paid for, and equity has been built up, applying for a second mortgage maybe more effective than refinancing your current loan. More benefits of applying for second mortgages include less stringent guidelines and application process as well as a shorter time line from the initial application, to being approved for and receiving a second mortgage.

Borrowers looking to apply for second mortgages will usually choose from one of the three options; a traditional second mortgage home equity loan or a home equity line of credit. Each option is best suited for certain circumstances and the borrower should contact a home loan specialist or adviser to learn which option would be the best for their unique and specific financial situation.

Home Equity Lines of Credit for a Second Mortgage

If considering applying for a Home Equity Line of Credit, borrowers should take a variety of things into account. These loans work in a similar way as credit cards do. Rather than offering the borrower with one large payment, the borrower can withdraw and use the funds afforded in the credit line as needed. There are positives and negatives to this option as with all loan options, however there are certain factors borrowers should look out for.

One of the most important items to look for when applying for this line of credit are financial penalties and fees associated with paying off the credit line early. In addition all closing costs related to applying for these loans should fall on the lender, not on the borrower. It is important to research the different options and find a home equity line of credit that is flexible and changes in low increments, if possible below .5 percent per quarter.

Some equity lines can later be turned into a fixed rate loan, and this is a favorable attribute to look for when considering options. It is wise to talk to an advisor that is not trying to sell the loan in order to get a more objective view on the different types available to the borrower.

Who Can Use Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a great tool for people who run a website or blog and are looking to make a little bit extra income. Google AdSense pairs with Google Adwords to match website and blogs with relevant advertisements. The service is free to sign up and there are really no negative sides to consider for users who wish to include Google AdSense on their website. The website owner is in charge of deciding where these advertisements run, how large, what type, and how many advertisements are on their webpage or blog.

Every time the webpage is reloaded the advertisements will change. Although some advertisements will repeat themselves the website user will be provided with a large number links that website traffic is likely to click on. The more clicks each advertisement has the more money the website owner makes.

The profit is similar to if the website owner was renting out space to other advertisers however in this case Google oversees the advertisement creation, placement and transactions. Website owners can make money through the number of website views compared to the number of advertisements that are clicked. For this service to be most successful there needs to be high website traffic.

How to get the Most out of Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a division of Google dedicated to providing cost effective and audience targeted advertisement. The first step in making Google add word the most effective it can be as researching an audience. As a company looking to advertise, research needs to be done to learn who these advertisements are aimed for and who will be purchasing their product or service. Without knowing exactly who to target Google Adwords will not be nearly as effective in increasing exposure and site traffic.

Once the target audience is figured out it is time to decide where the advertisements will be placed when considering where you place advertisements consider where your target audience will be searching on the Internet Google ad words offers the possibility of being placed on the right hand side of every search page in addition to that they also partner with other websites through Google AdSense to provide the company with more accurate web placement. For example a advertisement for baby items may be placed on a popular blog for new mothers.

This market specific advertising is what sets Google Adwords apart from other online advertisement services. Companies will also find that in a cost comparison, the per-click charge that Google uses is worth the money spent.

Lower Interest and Money Rates mean Lower return on Money Market Funds

Lower interest rates do not positively affect everyone. They are targeted towards borrowers and are made more available to increase the ability for people and businesses to dish out more money back into the economy. Recently the government has put forward great efforts to keep interest rates as low as possible in hopes that these low interest rates will help the economy get back on its feet.

However, these low interest rates affect the money market return rates negatively. The rates of return are at some of the lowest points in history because of how the Federal Reserve has acted in the past year. Because of the low rate of return in current money market funds many investors have been pulling out their money in hopes of looking for and finding a higher return on investment.

As these investors walk away from these low return money rate accounts the demand will drop creating reason for banks to once again increase the return on investments found in money market funds. As the interest rates increase, it is likely that the return on investment and the money market rates will also increase. The connection between low interest rates and increased rate of return on money market funds show just how much the housing market influences the rest of the economy.

How Egypts Crisis is Affecting Money Rates

The crisis in Egypt is affecting more than just the political atmosphere in the Middle East. It appears that the crisis in Egypt is also affecting the money market rates across the globe. The pace that these rates are raising at is the fastest that has been seen in emerging markets since 2008.

In December the yield on short-term debt in developing nations was at a record low just under 2 percent. On Friday Bloomberg reported that an increased percentage to 2.5 was seen in emerging markets. The crisis in Egypt is not only affecting the money markets but also is affecting oil prices in the United States.

These prices have risen almost 5% in New York costing almost $91 a barrel. The high increase in oil prices might also add to the financial pressure caused by increased interest rates. Once the situation in Egypt is resolved experts hope the emerging money market rates and the yield on short-term debt will drop back down to lower numbers. It is unsure how the outcome of this crisis will affect the rest of the Middle East both politically and finically however any stability will improve the money rates of emerging markets in that area.

Is There Money in Google Adsense?

Google AdSense offers websites the opportunity to make money off of their site traffic through specifically targeted advertisements. Becoming an AdSense user is simple and easy, if you already have a Google account, then simply signing in is all it will take. Users do not need to have a website prior to signing up, however without a website or blog there is no means of generating any money. Potential users without a blog, do not fear, AdSense partners with to offer an easy way to start off.

Making money through this program is simply stated, but harder when it comes to seeing actual results. By linking AdSense to a website or blog, users are allowing Google to place targeted advertisements on that specific site. The advertisements will be content related meaning; a blog about animals may have advertisements to pet stores. The blog owner is paid every time advertisements displayed on their site are clicked.

The key to increasing income from this service is by increasing traffic to the website. The more views and clicks advertisements receive the more income is made. Google tracks the clicks and where they come from, thus inhibiting false clicks or scams where the website owner is clicking their own advertisements, an action prohibited by Google.

The best way to earn with Adsense is to continue to provide quality content to your niche, group or the entire world for that matter.  The more viewers means the more opportunity for clicks.  Quality content is important and as long as you keep providing that from your website, you should start to see your profits rise with your page views.

What’s All the Fuss About Google Adwords?

When companies, big or small, look to run internet advertisements a large problem is finding advertising that caters specifically to their target audience. No matter how many ads are run, if they are not seen by the right people, the impact will be nominal. Google Adwords provides an advertisement service that works to target the exact clientele that companies are looking for. Google Adwords are the links that line the right side of Google searches or may appear as a banner at the top of a website.

When the Google user uses the search tool, along with the results are advertisements for similar products run down the edge of the page. This insures that companies are being seen by people already interested in and searching for the product or service being offered.

Google Adwords advertisements are easy to create and publish to the Google Network. Advertisements can be text, images and video, or a combination of the three. It is a cost effective option for companies looking to gain exposure. There is a small activation fee and advertisers only pay if users click on their ad. Google will also match advertisements with websites and blogs that sell or review similar products, or products that those consumers are known for purchasing. For example, a website catering to car enthusiasts may have advertisements from local car dealers.

Wall Mounted Wet Dry Vac Being Installed in Homes Across US

It might not have been the intention of Vacmaster, an industry leading vacuum cleaner company, to have their portable wet dry vac installed in kitchens across America, but its happening. The Vacmaster Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vac was obviously intended to serve as a wall mounted garage vac, however the product is showing up under kitchen sinks, mounted on the wall in the pantry and also the laundry room in a lot of US homes.

Vacmaster Wet Dry Vac

The portable size of this 5 gallon wet dry vac makes it handy to have around the house, but especially because of the 21 feet of hose that is included along with the remote control on off feature on the handle. It makes quick work of messes anywhere in its reach and that’s a lot of reach.

Portable Wet Dry Vac

A number of apartment complexes are considering adding this wet dry vac to their apartments to reduce damages to carpets, thus saving them thousands of dollars each year. The price is reasonable and the unit can be found at many major retailers.

Hepa Vacuums

Hepa vacuums are also becoming very popular in garages across the nation.  With more concern over air particulates causing respiratory harm to young children in the home, working in the garage without the support of a good Hepa vacuum increases the chances of health risk. Kitchen Trends, Adding a Wet Dry Vac to Your Kitchen?

It might not have been the intention of Vacmaster, an industry leading vacuum cleaner company, to have their portable wet dry vac installed in kitchens across America, but its happening. The Vacmasterâ„¢ 5 Gallon / 5 Peak HP Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vac was obviously intended to serve as a wall mounted garage vac, however the product is showing up under kitchen sinks, mounted on the wall in the pantry and also the laundry room in a lot of US homes. Wet Dry Vac

The portable size of this 5 gallon wet dry vac makes it handy to have around the house, but especially because of the 21 feet of hose that is included along with the remote control on off feature on the handle. It makes quick work of messes anywhere in its reach and that’s a lot of reach.

Portable Wet Dry Vac

A number of apartment complexes are considering adding this wet dry vac to their apartments to reduce damages to carpets, thus saving them thousands of dollars each year. The price is reasonable and the unit can be found at many major retailers.

Is Refinancing Your Mortgage the Best Option?

When considering refinancing a home loan there are several factors that need to be considered. Borrowers should think about how much longer they will remain in the home, the current interest rates and monthly mortgage payments, as well as how much refinancing could cost in fees and closing costs.

If the borrower is planning on moving in the near future, refinancing may not be the most cost-effective option. When comparing mortgages borrowers should look for new refinancing percentages that are more than 2 points lower than the current rate.

If the difference between the interest rates is less than this it may not be worth it due to the extra costs associated with closing costs or fees that some lenders charge. If the new interest rate is substantially lower than the borrowers current mortgage and a large sum of the original loan has been paid off, refinancing can be a great option. Although interest rates are still relatively low, borrowers should expect them to rise steadily over the upcoming year.

Hesitating to refinance may mean missed opportunities, and should be considered carefully. Experts expect the housing market to bottom out before improving and this could result in higher interest rates and additional fees.

YouTube Google Adwords Marketing

If your business has been waiting for the opportunity to link Google Adwords and YouTube in an incredibly effective way, then this may be good news for you.  This service has been around for sometime but not many small business owners are aware of it and may have been missing an opportunity to benefit from the shared power of YouTube and Google Adwords.

You can sign up for a free Google Adwords online class happening today.  You can do so by clicking this direct link to the Adwords Online Classroom Sign Up form.

There are now a number of ways in which you can raise your profile as an advertiser using YouTube. During a live course on the Adwords Online Classroom (UK), you’ll learn about the different methods of targeting YouTube and how to make the most out of any existing presence you may already have on YouTube.

Google Adwords Resellers New Policy in April

Google Adwords is an advertising service offered by Google.  However, there are third party resellers of the service that offer specialized services such as copywriting and targeted placement.  These third party resellers will soon be under some new policies regarding their reporting of services to their clients.

Third party Google Adwords resellers will be required to give monthly reports to their clients regarding click, impressions and metrics on cost.  They will also need to educate their clients and provide a Google disclosure statement.

Some third party resellers of Google Adwords have been ripping off clients.  They have done so by falsely claiming a relationship with Google or by charging for free Google services such as Places.  If you would like to become more educated about Google Adwords then check out their free tutorial here.

Home Loan Refinancing Applicants Face Increased Fees

When talking about the mounting crisis in the housing market, many people are only focusing on the borrowers and the family homeowners who have foreclosed on their homes. It is also important to consider the place of the lenders and mortgage institutions that have lost large sums of money because of this credit crisis.

The financial turmoil these Banks have suffered has caused them to think about and instate new fees rules and restrictions on those applying for home loans or wishing to refinance. Current mortgage requirements are going to become more strict requiring applicants to have higher credit scores and better credit history. Some of these fees and requirements have already been implemented by lenders and banks and others are also likely to implement these in the near future. Some of these fees may almost double from their current rate.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to have already begun to start charging their new forest these higher fee institutions hope that these fees will cover them in the case of the foreclosure or mortgage default hair manly being put into place for security reasons to ensure that they do not continue to suffer the same amount of profit loss as they have in the current crisis due to the high foreclosures and mortgage defaults.

Are you Searching for Cheap Health Insurance?

You may be among one of millions of Americans that are searching for cheap health insurance. Many of the nations unemployed can not afford Cobra and have had to seek cheap health insurance alternatives. Many are going to online brokers to find policies that can carry them inexpensively through their period of unemployment.

Many are running into some problems though. Those that were previously covered under their works insurance are finding that pre-existing conditions are barring them from finding comprehensive health insurance. This is especially a problem for families with children that have conditions like asthma or diabetes.

This is causing an even bigger strain on federal and state run medical aide programs. There are still health insurance providers that will cover pre-existing conditions, however, the prices for the premiums may match those expect for Cobra payments. Other alternatives include discount health insurance programs which offer reduced payments for medical visits and pharmacy prescriptions.

Smart Marketing Look at Premium Domain Names

Premium domain names are the ones those domain names like or, domain names that have a brand behind them, that are easy to search for and contain keywords within the name. recently went up for sale through private invitation. Premium domain names like receives a lot of traffic not only through search engines but through manual website entry. If you are looking for tattoos of course you would simply type in, .com or .net.

An article at explains the importance of premium domain names in detail:

A premium domain name is one that contains keywords that match your business needs within the name. The reason a business of any size would benefit from this type of website name is that in using SEO techniques, it is much easier to get targeted traffic if the keywords you use are the website name. There are several ways to locate these premium names that could be used for your business and marketing purposes. The first way to find a web name is to hunt for it yourself.

You can try Godaddy or any other online providers. You may not find the name that suits your business so you will then need to check on auction sites like Flippa or Sedo. Godaddy even includes a auction site with their services but charge a fee.

The third and best option would be to secure a domain name through a brokerage. There are very few reliable brokerages for domain names in the world that can be 100% trusted. Many are not professional and can waste your time.

If you are looking for a reliable premium provider for high dollar names for your website then you could look into has been in business for 15 years and have had much success in connecting large corporations and small businesses with the right name for their ventures. Using an internet domain name broker can save you a lot of time in research and a lot of money in SEO. Many sites already come with an established market of followers and some are appraised on their market impact.

Mortgage Rates, Refinance Mortgage Rates and Bad Credit Mortgage Rates

As the government looks at the different options when it comes to reforming the housing finance market, it seems likely the costs will increase. Both parties are looking to create a more stable market that will be less susceptible to increased foreclosure and credit crisis. This is likely to make qualifying for a loan more difficult with lenders requiring a higher down payment, better credit score and additional fees to compensate for risk. These increased requirements could cause the rate of home ownership to continue to decline but the rates of foreclosures are likely to decline as well.

During the past couple of years borrowers were consistently approved for loans that exceeded their ability to pay and looking forward different steps need to be taken to avoid similar outcomes. Increased limitations to borrowers would insure that only well-qualified, low-risk applicants will receive funding, therefore decreasing the likelihood of mortgage default and the current high rates of foreclosure.

There are different views from privatizing the whole housing market, to keeping government backed securities. Privatizing the industry would have unknown effects on the banks and other lenders and currently most democrats are leaning towards some kind of guaranteed government mortgage.

SEO, Google Adwords and High Quality Content Make for Smart Marketing

Companies that are just starting out tend to miss a few steps when it comes to marketing their website. They could spend over ten grand and have a spectacular website but it might just sit there without a single page view if there is no SEO follow up, Google Adwords campaign and definitely if the website doesn’t have quality content.

Google Adwords

You will hear it time and time again, content is kind when it comes to SEO and website marketing. If your website isn’t geared to being recognized by search engines then it will just sit there. has made a smart move when it comes to content. This company provides superior quality content for websites as well as articles for marketing. Using high quality content in combination with SEO standard practices; a website can begin to gain traffic and eventually convert those page views to revenue.

High Quality Website Content

Google Adwords is also an effective way to generate traffic. However, if your website doesn’t have quality content that is interesting and eye catching, then that traffic can just as easily click on a competitor. Your marketing campaign needs to include high quality content for the website like that provided by Surewriteseo .com. Without excellent copy on your website, you miss out on organic placement as well as conversions.

Original High Quality Content

Surewriteseo. com has made obtaining quality content easy. The prices are right and their services tie into SEO purpose very nicely. Including a content provider like Surewriteseo .com in your website marketing strategy can increase your chance of a sucessful campaign.

Can Facebook Ads and Google Adwords Campaigns Work Together?

There seems to be two camps as far as marketing campaigns online. The first camp is highly dedicated to Facebook Ads and the opposing camp are diehard Google Adwords users. Simply put, you don’t have to do one or the other, you can utilitze both in a broad online marketing campaign.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords and Facebook ads work in roughly the same way. Using both in your adveritsing strategy will cover more ground and create more opportunities for your customers to find you.

Google Adword

Don’t limit yourself to just one or the other. By adding Facebook Ads in addition to your Google Adwords campaign you can atract a broader audience than if you use just one. Facebook Ads allows for more specifically targeted demographics and Google Ads, while it has similar features, can be used to attract a wide range of people with diverse interests.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

When building your marketing strategy don’t limit your chances at gaining new customers by selecting only one advertising method. Using both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can strengthen your strategy and increase the potential succes of your campaign.

Google Adwords Should be Easy Right?

Some websites online would have you believe that there is some secret involved in setting up a Google Adwords campaign. There is really not secret to it, in fact, Google makes using Google Adwords rather easy, although at first glance, if you have never run an advertising campaign before, it might seem a bit overwhelming.

Google Adwords

There are some tutorials out there that are perfectly legit, you might have to pay for them, but if you spend a little time with Google Adwords, you should be able to get the hang of it on your own. The biggest questions about Google Adwords are usually about keywords and which ones to select to get the most impact from your campaign.

Google Adword

In Google Adwords go to Reporting and Tools and select the keyword tool. Depending on what you are promoting, consider something that you would search to find your service or event or product. If you are selling bananas for instance, the obvious keyword would be [bananas]. Believe it or not 1,000,000 people search for the kewyord bananas across the world in a month. However, the more interesting fact is that 7.5 million search for the world banana.

Google Adwords for Generating Business

The keyword is not all that you are looking for. Consider the competition. You will want to select a keyword that has lower competition as your ad placement is based on a type of bidding system. The less competition for the keyword generally means you will pay less for your ad to be placed.

Google Adwords is easy, there are some more advanced aspects of the product that might seem impossible to understand without a marketing background, but it is setup for anyone to use. Keep your keywords tight, try not to do too much trial and error as that can eat your budget up quickly. Stick to the keywords that make sense for what you are selling and just remember low competition, high globaly monthly searches, local monthly searches if it is a local only business and you can effectively use your ad budget to bring in more customers.

Refinance Mortgage Can Lower Mortgage Payments

Many homeowners and their families are having difficulty continuing to make large mortgage payments as they lose jobs or receive pay cuts. After looking at different options to avoid foreclosure, many are finding that refinancing may be the better option. Refinancing a mortgage does not work in all cases, especially if the house was purchased after the historically low drop of interest rates. If the house was purchased five or more years ago, there is a possibility the homeowner would see a substantial drop in the monthly mortgage payment through the refinancing option.

If after talking to a mortgage specialist, this is a viable option it is better to do it now rather than later. Economist and housing market specialists believe that the interest rates will continue to rise slowly over the next year, so it is important to act sooner rather than later. Homeowners with better credit are likely to get more lucrative refinancing options, but those with bad credit still have a chance. Bad credit refinancing loans have been made available although borrowers should be careful of the high interest rates as well as be on the lookout for high penalty charges if the loan is paid off early.

Shoe Shop for High End Sports Shoes

It is a common thought that higher end, and typically more expensive, running and exercise shoes are the way to improve performance as well as help prevent common running injuries. Recently researchers have been challenging this thought and have evidence to back it up. In studies conducted over the past 30 years, by the University of Calgary Human Performance Lab, have not shown a significant drop in the amount of injuries since new technology and shoe models have been made.

This is not to say there are not benefits to purchasing higher-end shoes as higher end shoes are made to last longer and in the end the bank may be worth the buck. These shoes will also provide more comfort for runners than the less expensive, non-name brand options, especially when running long distances. When it comes to choosing the right sports shoe the most important factor to consider is comfort.

This is different for each individual and depends greatly on the shape of the foot and more specifically the arch. Researchers are looking to use this information to their advantage and as a motivator to create shoes that do substantially decrease the amount of injuries that are faced by many long-distance runners.

U.S. Home Loans Applications This Month

MBA, or Mortgage Bankers Association, is reporting a drop in the number of U.S. Home Loan applications in their report for the third week of January. The decrease of the Market Composite Index was just over 12 percent when compared to the previous week in January. This drop is the most significant since in a couple of years, the second lowest point happening in November of 2008. Applications for mortgage loans as well as applications for refinancing mortgages decreased greatly. This fall in applications can be credited to the high unemployment, as well as the rise in interest rates.

Many purchasers are hesitant to apply either because of possible unemployment, or simply the feeling of uncertainty in the future. Buyers, having heard of the foreclosures and job losses leading to them are very hesitant to make the financial commitment. In the past years with the interest rates at their lowest points refinancing has become a very viable option for home owners, but as the rates rise there is less of a reason to refinance.

Many economists believe once unemployment is lowered the housing market will regain some strength and pick back up. However, with unemployment at almost 10 percent for the past twenty months, this solution seems a long way away.

Standard & Poor Housing Foreclosures on the Rise

On Tuesday afternoon Standard & Poor released the housing market sale numbers collected in the 20 city index. As expected, numbers continued to fall in the month of November and it was found that home sales dropped a full percentage point since the December study. This study is not the only one showing a drop in the housing market. This decline has been steady for six months.

With a high number of foreclosures and the unemployment rate rising, it is likely the housing market will remain weak. Some experts see this upcoming year as the turnaround point. They hope as pries on houses reach their lowest point, sometime in 2011; the housing market will then rebound. It is widely thought that a rebound of the housing market will spark the rebound of the entire economy.

Other economists believe that as long as the supply of homes is higher than the demand prices will continue to fall. Out of the twenty cities studied, only the housing markets in Washington D.C., San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles displayed increases in home sales. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some cities show their lowest numbers yet. Included in this list are Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit and Seattle.

American Families Facing Defaulting on Home Loan Mortgages

A problem that many American families are facing is that of defaulting on the mortgage payments and being forced into foreclosure. One of the ways families can avoid foreclosure is by looking into a bad credit refinancing home loan. Depending on how long the house has been owned, and how much more there is to pay on the mortgage, some families have really benefited through the refinancing of the mortgage.

Refinancing can allow for lower monthly payments as well as better terms and conditions for the loan. The Obama administration has created a program to help those trying to refinance with bad credit but before applying it is necessary to research and fully understand the requirements. It is advised that home owners considering applying for refinancing a current home loan speak to a mortgage advisor who will be able to sort through and understand what is needed and if the borrower is eligible.

Although this program is backed by the federal government and readily available the majority of borrowers do not understand how they can benefit from it. Because of this the program may not be as successful as intended or hoped. For some families refinancing could be the answer to their financial problems.

Refinancing Home Loans in Current Economy

Refinancing a home loan is a good way to lower the monthly payment, freeing up cash for all of the other bills that get stacked up. When considering if refinancing is a suitable option a couple of factors should be considered. First, find the specifics on the interest rate and terms of the current mortgage. Second, consider the financial needs of the family, possible future investments that want to be made, and how those goals can be reached.

After going over these options, if refinancing seems feasible it is time to start researching different lenders and the rates they have. Doing independent research online is always helpful when trying to grasp the concept of this investment. However, it is always wise to speak to a financial planner, a lending agent, or someone who has a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

These professionals will be able to run the numbers and see if this really is a good option, and how the contracts would work out if it is the path chosen. Refinancing not only allows a change in the interest rate, it can also allow for a change in the terms and conditions of the loan.

Bank of America Home Loans Mortgage Division Under Scrutiny

Over a dozen of prominent New Yorks institutional and financial investors are claiming that Bank of America and several of their subdivisions, has committed fraud. In a lawsuit, which was filed in the New York State Supreme Court, it is alleged that these investors were victims of fraud after purchasing mortgage-backed securities from the banks countrywide mortgage division. The group is claiming that the bank falsely represented the investments as having a low-risk for money loss, which they feel has proved to be incorrect.

After being presented with these incorrect investment numbers and guarantees, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of mortgage-backed securities were purchased by these investors. The lawsuit also includes claims that subsidiaries of the Bank of America Home Mortgage division sent mailers advertising top-notch grade investment ratings, urging people to buy into these investments.

They believe the Bank of America was aware of this misrepresentation and through the mailers and phone calls seriously compromised the groups investments. It is unclear how much the group is suing for as the lawsuit states unspecified damages for alleged securities fraud. If the lawsuit holds it will be a large blow to the general publics opinion of Bank of America and the mortgage division.

Mortgages, Land Contracts, a Good Option?

Many people, faced with the dilemma of low credit prohibiting them from buying a home, have started to look into applying for a land contract loan instead. With such a high number of foreclosures and mortgage defaults, lenders are making it harder to get a home loan. What exactly is a land contract?

It is a contract made directly between the seller and the buyer. The seller keeps the property title as the buyer makes payments directly to the seller. Once the payments have been made in full the title would then be transferred and the purchaser would officially own the property.

The largest benefit to this option is how easy it is to apply and be accepted as long as the seller is willing to participate. When it comes to land contracts foreclosures are less likely because if the buyer doesn’t pay or stops paying the seller still retains full property ownership. There is risk involved in making this choice, especially for the purchaser. Because the title is not transferred until full payment is made, if they move, or miss a payment the interest paid is lost.

Mortgages provide more insurance for a very important purchase and the property is owned immediately after the mortgage takes effect. It is important to look at all of the pros and cons when considering either of these options.

New Legislation for FHA Home Loans Means Price Increase

FHA loans may suffer from new legislation that may make the home loans appear unattractive to buyers. The U.S. House has recently passed the FHA Reform Act. Through this act the agency has the ability to bump up the premium that is charged annually.

Charges could amount to as much as a full percentage point of the loan value increasing it from half a percent up to one and a half a percentage point. This would directly affect borrowers who would see the percentage point increase in the interest rate of their home mortgage. FHA loans have gained popularity in recent years for being considered fairly priced and readily available to potential home buyers.

They have become so popular that the loans actually account for more than half of borrowers who are purchasing a home for the first time. This new reform could slow the applications for FHA loans but the increased fees are needed to make up the loss in the agencys reserve fund and with mortgage defaults and foreclosures.

Another possible benefit to the legislation is that it will hopefully deter high risk borrowers that have higher chances of foreclosure and are likely to cost the FHA money.

Current Mortgage Rates and Renting vs. Buying

Although it is widely thought that a monthly rent payment would be less than a mortgage payment, it has been found that across the U.S. the opposite is starting to be true. A recent report states that in the majority of cities, just over 70 percent, mortgage payments are lower than payments made on rental properties. Despite this fact more home-owners are now becoming renters because of the current economic climate. The report only found four cities where renting was the more cost-effective option for citizens.

These cities included New York City, Seattle, Kansas City and San Francisco. People credit simple supply and demand for the increase in rental property pricing, as more people require renting; the industry increases prices to match the increased demand. The same thoughts can be applied to why buying houses is cheaper option right now. As home owners become renters there are more houses to purchase and fewer people looking to buy a home which causes prices to drop.

Cities that have higher foreclosures are the same cities that have significantly lower costs for buying and owning a home. Many new home buyers are flooding the market while others who have been home-owners are becoming renters, both voluntarily and involuntarily.

Home Affordable Modification Program has Negative Effects for Some Borrowers

It appears that the federal housing program backed by the Obama administration has unintentionally had negative financial effects on some of the Americans who took advantage of the program. The Home Affordable Modification Program, also known as HAMP had a goal of saving people from foreclosure by working with banks to lower their monthly mortgage payment through loan modifications.

Once the program was passed many banks and lenders offered this program through trial loan modifications as a short term option. When the trial period ends, the loan modification would be reviewed and either continued or denied. Currently many borrowers are being told that their previous loan terms are being restored along with their previous higher mortgage payments. In addition some banks are requesting back payments for the months when borrowers were paying the lower modified monthly payments. This is forcing borrowers, who once believed the program would help them avoid foreclosure, into more debt than they originally had.

Over 700,000 requests to make the modifications permanent have been denied with some borrowers being hit with bills over $20,000. Borrowers who have consistently made the modified loan payments on time and in the full amount are confused why their applications are being denied. Currently, permanent loan modification is only being offered to 12% of those who applied.

Even Churches Suffer from Weak Housing Market and Refinance Mortgage Rates

Residential mortgage loans are not the only victim in the steady increase of foreclosure and mortgage defaults over the past couple of years. Recently there has also been an increase in foreclosures within the commercial mortgages even including Church foreclosures. Churches rely mainly on donations and collections made by the congregation and outside community. As members of church congregations fall into their own foreclosures and suffer from job losses or pay cuts, the amount being given to the church drops as well.

Since these donations are the main source of income, paying for the pastors salary as well as the mortgage payments on the building, as the donations fall, churches are unable to make the high mortgage payments. Over 200 churches and other religious institutions have defaulted and foreclosed on their buildings in the past 2 years. As the housing market boomed, many church congregations grew and taking advantage of the low interest rates these churches expanded their facilities to include their growing numbers.

Unfortunately, as the economy began to drop, the congregations also began to drop, leaving these churches with large mortgage payments and fewer donating members. Establishments of all kinds have resulted to combining congregations in a hope to not disband the congregation all together. Goes Up for Sale as Mobile Apps Predicted to Generate 15 Billion in 2011, one of the most coveted premium domain names has just been put up for sale. With Apples iTunes store surpassing 10,000,000 with downloads for mobile apps, the predictions for this years mobile apps sales have skyrocketed. In a forecast of what’s to come, Gartner released a study today that says more than 17.7 billion apps will be downloaded in this year alone, up over 100 percent from the 8.2 billion downloaded in 2010. taps right into that 15 billion dollar market and as bids are now being accepted; offers are already being made. This may be one of the top selling domain names for this year and with 17.7 billion apps to be sold in 2011 as predicted by Gartner, bids for this domain could involve top players in the Android apps, Blackberry apps, Microsoft and iPhone apps development industry.

It will be interesting to report the final sale of this premium domain name. Predictions are high, and with smartphone apps sales hitting record numbers this year, it really is anyones game as offers are now being accepted by for

Marketing and Premium Domain Auction Ending Tomorrow

200 Premium domain name auctions are coming to a close tomorrow at Sedo.  Some of the more unique names that are up for auction are, as well as .  This keyword dense and highly sought after types of premium domain names have been making the news recently because of recent sales of domain names in the millions.

Marketing companies as well as startup companies are buying these domain names up in clusters to either build a stronger domain name catalog or to protect their company’s name.  With this auction coming to an end today, people are expected to make last minute bids by the thousands.  Top domains are being sold at auction now, but 200 of the best are closing tonight.

Those interested have been asked to take check in at Sedo before the end of the auction tonight.  Late bids will not be accepted.

Mortgage Loans for Bad Credit

It is clear that a credit score can either be a ticket into a home, or the boot out. For some potential home buyers it is this factor that is deterring them from entering into the home-buying process. There are ways to work with a bad credit score when considering applying for a mortgage and buying a home. Loans are available for purchasers with less than stellar credit; however it will not come cheap.

Bad Credit Mortgages

Having a low credit score can depict the purchaser as a high-risk for late or non-payment. Because of this assessment the prices of closing costs and the rate of interest will be higher than others. Purchasers looking at loans available with low credit should be careful the loan does not have a penalty for trying to pay the loan down faster.

Mortgages for Bad Credit

Some of the bad credit mortgage companies attach large fees for paying the loan off ahead of schedule in an effort to avoid the high interest rates. When looking for loans, applicants should be on the lookout for contractual clauses stating this. The other option available is to wait it out and build up stronger credit. This can be done by continually maintaining low balances on credit cards and always paying on-time and more than the minimum. Credit checks also look at bill payment and history.

Inter-agency Disagreement Slows Mortgage Service Reform

It is a disagreement between the mortgage service regulators that is halting any reform in that industry. With multiple agencies fighting for their own agenda there doesn’t seem to be a consensus in close sight. The FDIC(Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), the FHFA (Federal Housing Financing Agency), and the OCC (Office of Comptroller of Currency) are all promoting different plans and continually bumping heads.

Mortgage Rates

Some of the reform issues at hand include promoting better treatment of borrowers, improvement in mortgage document tracking and bettering the process of loan-modification. A meeting is planned for this coming Monday in which the agencies will meet and discuss options. Although this is a step in the right direction it is unknown how they plan on working out the differences they have when it comes to mortgage service reform.

Mortgage Reform

While some agencies stand by the thought of an overarching securitization rule which would affect everyone, others are leaning towards a measure that may not affect private securities. Looking past the differences in the plans it is obvious that regulators do relate on certain issues such as what should be considered standard. Everyone involved agrees that there needs to be changes made to the service, and they even agree on what those changes are, but in order to get there a plan needs to be agreed upon. Opens their Domain Catalog to Public Buyers

If you are one of the thousands of new iPhone, iPad or Android App developers that are finding a highly competitive market then you may want to consider buying a premium domain name like These highly searched keywords have made this a sought after premium domain and is finally allowing a public sale of it. Opens Catalog to the Public

With other recent successes at the brokerage, such as the acquisition of and several mega sales, the brokerage firm is opening up their catalog to the public as opposed to the once only private invitation system that has brought them so much success.

Premium Domain Names via Broker

The opportunity for a startup app company to dominate a highly competitive market will find that the traffic and conversions from a domain name such as smartphoneapps can be just the thing they needed. will keep their catalog open until the end of February and at that time return to private invitation only.

Private Bids for Smartphoneapps

Private bids are currently being accepted for smartphoneapps at’s online catalog. Interested parties can inquire about the purchase and submit bids through the interface until the end of February or until it is sold.  It appears that the company also has a number of other premium domain names for sale spanning a number of different industries including, financial, entertainment and multimedia.

New Evaluation for Mortgage and Refinance Applicants

Beware home buyers, mortgage interest rates may be on the rise. A new system of evaluation is going to be used by Frannie Mac and Freddy Mac and it may affect the interest rate on your home loan. Although there are lenders other than Frannie May and Freddie Mac, it has been found that 80 percent of home loans in 2010 were financed by the duo.

The new evaluation with consist of several risk factors that will be considered when reviewing an application. Applicants that are considered higher risk may be hit with higher interest rates. The three major items that will be considered in the evaluation are the applicants credit score, the ratio of loan to actual value, and what kind of loan it is.

It has been reported consumers could be hit with an increase of ½ percent or more if they have a low credit score, which is considered below 620. Applicants looking to refinance investment properties or applying for an interest-only loan are also at risk for increases from ¾ to 1 ¾ in percentage points. It is always good practice to keep knowledge of credit reports and financial well-being. In this case be sure to check that information before applying for a mortgage.

Loan.Me and Other Domain Names That Can Help You Compete

With the recent sales of the domain name for $35,000,000, several domain brokerage and auction sites are seeing an influx of requests regarding premium domain names that include top dollar keywords. Top shelf, premium domain names are making news because of the potential revenue that they can generate for companies of any size. A small company just starting out now has an equal chance in marketing against their larger competitors using some simple SEO logic and the right domain names.

A big named financial force like Bank of America buying a domain like Loan dot com would shut down any potential for the little financial companies on the internet right? Not necessarily. There are more options as far as domain names now. If a financial company was looking to boost their internet presence then they could compete by purchasing a domain like  With some smart SEO oriented thinking and a good marketing campaign, alternate domain name ideas do exist.  Some might cost more than others, but consider the price of your catchy domain name as an advertising expense; an investment in your company.

Is This Domain Name the Right One for Your Business?

No matter what kind of business you run, an internet smart, internet friendly, web presence is the key to your marketing strategy. Not including a website in your marketing plans could crush your business before you even open the doors. The same goes for your already established business. If your website is not getting the kind of traffic or generating paying customers then an overhaul might be necessary.

Domain Names that are Smart

It could be just a slight tweak in the look of the site, perhaps some of the content is outdated, but have you considered that your domain name just is not hitting the right keywords that you need to get the right targeted traffic. Consider this example. The fictional company Incredible Super Fantastic Application Developers creates this fantastic new iPhone app that everyone would just absolutely love if they could just find it. Sure, they were able to get it on iTunes, but all of their marketing is focusing on their domain name; SFAD-APS dot com.

SEO Smart Domain Names

Well SFAD-APPS dot com does not say a single thing about what they do, what they sell or make and it is not serving their company at all having a domain name that doesn’t include some great and obvious keywords. Keywords like: Apps, Smart Phone, App Developer. You get the picture. Keywords in the domain are incredibly important. SFAD would definitely get more traffic if their site had a domain like smartphoneapps. This domain includes some of the most searched keywords on the internet when it comes to apps. Could this company afford a premium domain name like this? In actuallity, the true question should be can they afford not to?

Domain Names for Business

With their current domain, this fictional company would be losing opportunities for new business about 20,000 times a day. So when selecting your domain name, use the obvious keywords that will draw business to your website.

Is There Money in Premium Domain Names?

With the recent sales of the domain name for $35,000,000, released a list of some other top names that are selling for multi-million dollar figures. There are also some that are mid-range and lower.

Premium Domains

These domain names sell to either the top bidder through auction houses like Flippa, GoDaddy, Sedo or through private brokers like What was once an industry for only larger companies to participate in; now smaller businesses and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the importance of solid keyword marketing with their domain names. Note the very clear keywords in the following domains:

Buy Domains

Here some of the High Range Premium Domain Names Top Dollar

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Mid Range Premium Domain Names For Sale Now

#1 smartphoneapps .com $325,000
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Low Cost, High Quality Domain Names

Lower Cost Premium Domain Names

#1 goldsupermarket .us $9,000
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#10 immigrationlawsonline .com $3,000

Figures provided by, domain brokerage.

Mortgage Applications Increased for Third Week in a Row

The volume of mortgage applications and refinance mortgages increased for the third week in a row making this the highest amount since late last year.

Refinance Mortgage Rates

Refinance mortgage applications may be increasing because of a number of government initiatives that are now in place to help homeowners with mortgage payments.

Mortgage Rates

With the job market and economic condition still looking cloudy, many homeowners are looking for ways to restructure their finances to survive.

Home Buyer Mortgage

While the amount of home purchase applications remains low, the outlook for the homebuying market does not look as grim as it has in the past few months. Applications are up as mortgage rates remain steady.

Mortgage Exposure Means Bad News for BOA and Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo and Bank of America are the top two mortgage lenders in the US. They are also the top in being sued. Research shows that in 2007, BOA and Wells Fargo were each heavily involved in fihgting lawasuits that had been set brought against them.

Mortgage Rates

The main reason for these lawsuits were the involvement of the companies or their acquisitions in the mortgage lending crisis. These two were not the only ones to face litigation as Ally Financial/GMAC, JP Morgan Chase and Citgroup have all been sued a number of times as well. JP Morgan holding the highest for the year of 2010 with over a thousand times.

Refinancing Mortgage Rates

1.6 Billion in Losses for Mortgage Lender Bank of America

2010 was a bad year for Mortgage Lender Bank of America.  It was a year of restructuring and mostly repairing after being battered with a year of around 3.5 billion in losses.

Investors in BOA have been worried that some of the initiatives by the government may make it impossible for BOA to gain profits.  This may be difficult for their debit and credit card business and Bank of America has already mentioned the possibility of losing 2 billion in revenue over the next few years from that segment of their business.

Bank of America recently had to pay Freddie and Fannie around 2.5 billion to settle claims of bad mortgages being sold.  2011 may see more repair initivatives from the bank and it could be awhile until they are completely solid again.

Mortgages and Long Term Unemployment Just Don’t Mix

Employment figures are showing some minor gains however there are still millions that have been facing mortgage payments and continued unemployment. Benefits have been extended, but that money just does not cut it when the mortgage is 2 times greater than the monthly income from benefits. In states that have been hit hard with unemployment, their benefits may have been extended to ninety-nine weeks, but most states will not be able to sustain these payments if more lose their jobs.

Refinance Mortgage Rates

Refinance mortgage rates are excellent right now, but without a steady income or gainful employment, many are trapped in their current mortgage. Recent goverment initiatives may be able to help many people in thise situation.

Over $20 Billion Commerical Mortgages Maturing This Year

A rough figure of 22.5 billion of commercial mortgages will mature in the next year. These will be rolled over and based on reportings from Fitch Ratings, there will be more than 20,000 loans affected by this.

Refinance Mortgage Rates

Most of these loans will be from the hote industry but will also represent retail and office properties. These will be due in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2011. Over 70% of these should be eligible for refinancing.

Mortgage Rates

Once renewed everything should be business as usual. However, for the other 30%, they may find themselves without buildings.

Refinance Mortgage Rates on Commercial Property

Additional equity may need to be contributed to lower levels of debt so that 5 year loans won’t be so difficult to refinance. This is a major concern when it comes time to rollover the leases. This was a major problem for Movie Gallery and one of the contributing factors in removing the HollyWood Video brand as well as their bankruptcy. Many of these mortgages were signed back in 2005 when real estate was experiencing some good numbers.

Before Signing a 30 Year Mortgage, Check the Sex Offender Registry

Buying house, especially under a 30 year mortgage, is a huge commitment. You spend days, maybe even weeks finding the right house, the papers are signed and then you discover that a sex offender is living next door. While most real estate agents will divulge this information, if they have updated records, it is really up to you to find out. Before you sign any papers you should check and make sure that you are not going to spend the next 30 years of your life building a family right next door to a sex offender.

The FBI offers a great website that puts all of the state registries into one place. FBI SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY. Simply go to their website, select your state and then put in the address of the home you are interested in buying. This is an important step that is often missed when making a home buying decision.

Check out the site, make sure that you and your family will be safe before buying that home. This is public information and there is no fee to check, so it will really do no harm for you to make certain that you are not moving to an area with a child predator or other sex offender in the vicinity.

iPad, Schools May Take Advantage of the Apple Student Discount

Chalk boards are nearly all phased out of schools, multimedia presentations are already a relied upon tool in education and now the iPad may be making schools paperless, wireless, smarter and faster.  Webb School in Knoxville, TN is already requiring that this years seniors must have an iPad for their classes.  The plan is for the iPad to eventually replace textbooks.

Apple Student Discount

Exciting concept that doesn’t have to stop at the classroom.  Businesses may start requiring their employees to carry their iPads at work, making transferring documents, ideas and tasks incredibly fast.  Not only is it a great way to make everything wireless and paperless, but it can also be an excellent moral boost.  However, it might lower productivity unless the company can block apps like Scrabble or Angry Birds.

Apple Student Discount for High School?

This is an excellent use of technology and schools across the nation may start to finance iPads to students and perhaps add some kind of insurance protection on a monthly basis.

Apple Student Discount Financing

This would be an excellent way to get the schools some money. If this idea is adopted across the nation, it may be the end of the #2 pencil and wide ruled and college ruled paper.

Better Job Might Mean Hotter Shoes

If you are one of the millions of people that are currently looking for a job you probably already know how important a resume is. Did you know that a resume doesn’t have to be the only thing that is going for you? Dressing to impress may land you the job you want and that means everything from your shirt to your shoes. Hotter shoes could mean the difference between a rejection or a second interview.

Many managers that have been in their position for over twenty years may be relying on old hiring tactics. Those tactics, while rather superficial, might be what has been holding you back from landing that job. One of those old tactics is judging someone by their shoes. If their shoes are old and unpolished then that may mean the interviewee doesn’t take care of their belongings very well, so why would they protect the company’s belongings? Another thing that managers might attribute to a pair of hotter shoes is that the interviewee took enough time and has put forth an effort in everything and that includes their shoes.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to have hotter shoes. It might just mean some new laces and some polish, but it may make the difference in your next interview.

Rolls Out Stimulus To Keep Rates Low

Everyone said that interest rates couldn’t stay low forever, the
Federal Reserve announced an injection of money into the economic
system.  This injection at the time barely helped rates to get below 4%, which
historically is the lowest in decades.  Many mortgage watchers expected those
rates to hold the rest of 2010.

The average rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage in 2010 was 4.23% with an .08
origination fee, according to Freddi Mac.  Amy Crews Cutts, Freddie Mac’s
deputy chief economist said, “I think rates are going to do about what they
are doing now.”    The reason for this optimism is the government’s pledge
to print a lot more money.  And when we say a lot of money, we are talking
$600 billion dollars.  With this spurning the buying of treasury bonds which
have forced rates down, many people are skeptical of the long term effects.

Back in 2010, with the economy dangerously close to price deflation, which is the overall
rate of inflation when it is close to zero, deflation created a cycle
of falling prices.  These falling prices lead to falling wages and
even more job losses .  Japan went through this years
ago in the 1990’s, and it lasted more than 10 years.  It seem the U.S.A.
economy is headed for the same fate as more money is being printed all the
time it seems.

Proof of this concern exists within the current housing market in America.
The lowering of house prices has created a sense of panic among many home
owners and the housing markets across the country.  To keep deflation from
hurting the rest of the economy, the Fed tried to raise the annual rate
of inflation to its target 2% mark that it had set forth.  Cutts also said,
“When the government prints money, inflation will follow.”  Let’s hope she
is right for the housing markets sake.

While the measures taken from the government to keep interest rates low
seemingly worked, it is most likely we are at the end of the course to allow rates to
eventually hike back up.  Most experts see the rates twitching back up at the
beginning of this new year.  For people who are wondering if rates will get
any lower, Cutts had this to say, ” Don’t be greedy.  Don’t worry about
playing the market.”  While rates will  change a little bit here and there,
now is the time to refinance your home mortgage if you qualify.

Allstate Auto Insurance Domestic Violence Program

According to the Allstate Auto Ins website, back in 2005, the Allstate Foundation joined with the National Network to End Domestic Violence Inc, also referred to as the NNEDV, as well as other coalitions to offer a network of support to survivors of domestic violence.

Allstate Auto Ins

The program assists those survivors to live free from abuse and become stronger through education and support services.

Allstate Auto Ins

Allstate has stated their commitment to communities and while many of their commercials as of late are a bit questionable in their sincerity, programs like these and the work of The Allstate Foundation are a true testament to that commitment.

Allstate Quote

The Allstate website offers this advice for those affected by domestic violence:

P.A.L. stands for “Pass it On, Act & Learn”:
Pass it On – Talk freely about domestic violence to break the taboo. Tell others that economic abuse is a part of domestic violence.
Act – Take steps to protect your personal and financial safety, whether you’re in an abusive relationship or not. Never underestimate how small acts can make a big difference.
Learn – Empower yourself with the knowledge and resources available to help yourself, or someone you know, out of an abusive situation. Visit and direct others for more information.

Mortgage Rates, Is the Recession Over?

Your realtor may be telling you that you are very lucky in that you are in a good position to buy. Even though houses have come down in price, the mortgage rates are still teetering on going high again. You might have some luck, but how long will that luck win out?

Over the next 30 days, mortgage rates are expected to decrease. However, over the next six months, we may be looking at mortgage rates past the 5% mark. With China raising their rates in key cities; numbers as high as 10%, the US could be in for some trouble with housing again. The housing market is expected to make a turn around over the next ten years, but in the meantime, banks arent budging on prices.

Even on a foreclosure, the bank doesn’t have to negotiate their prices down because they were covered by PMI during the crash. Although that is bad news for PMI carriers that may soon be bankrupt, it is good for the banks because they can get their asking price and not worry because the house is being covered by the PMI. So you may be lucky now, but by not acting soon you could lose out.

The Word, the Word, the Google Adword

Google advertising is seeing a larger amount of small businesses using Google Adwords which is most commonly searched as “Google Adword.” With the recent shifts in the economy, many that have been left jobless have started offering services over the internet. The increase in Google Adwords usage for small up and coming businesses is also in part to Googles ad campaign offering free Adwords credit to some nice service industries like web designers.

Another great marketing tactic used by Google has been to make deals with web hosts to offer the web hosting company’s customers $100 in Google credit. This incentive may have sparked a large entreprenuerial spirit in a lot of Americans. These jobs that have been created by this campaign are a great example of how a stimulus plan is suppose to work.

Google has some great ideas about running a business and they continue to show their patriotism to the United States by giving back to the people that have made them what they are. This is a company that has done more for America than many may ever realise.

Mortgage Rates Indicate Inflation Held at Bay

Mortgage rates have remained somewhat steady for the week. With fears of inflation at every turn, this is good news, even if it is just temporary. Rates on 30 year fixed mortgages were on average 4.73% which was up from the previous week. Last year mortgage rates were averaging 4.99%, so this year is showing some good progress in declining mortgage rates.

15 year fixed are still showing the best mortgage rates at 4.05% which is down from the previous week and considerably lower than last year. Construction is not showing any movement and continues to be very weak. With job talks scheduled with President Obama, next week may show some continued progress in a slow economic recovery.

Declining mortgage rates could spark home buying and stimulate the building market as well as add new jobs for construction and home home service industries.

Premium Domain Names are Selling Like Hot Cakes

The name of a website is just as important as the logo of your company. The domain name, can tie into your branding or stand on its own in making a name for your business and that is why if you are a sole proprietor or a mega-conglomerate you should consider paying premium for your domain name.

Premium Domains

With the recent sale of to AOL for a whopping 35 mil, premium domains are making their way into news stories left and right. While not every premium domain name will sell for that amount, many come with a large price tag. Theres a very good reason for the price though. A premium domain sold at auction or through a broker like has been researched for linkability, keywords and top-level domains like .com, .net, .org and .me immediately define what is being presented at your website.

While many of best domain names for sale sell for a lot, it should be considered as both an advertising expense and a branding expense. Consider the following listings from the domain brokerage 325,000.00 65,000.00 35,000.00 15,000.00 12,5000.00

Why do so many of these premium domain names carry such a large price tag? Most domain names have been researched and their value is based on consumer testing, backlinks, page traffic and many already come with a developed website. for instance is an already developed site with good page views and links.

The fact is that a domain name can make or break a company that is doing business online. Domain brokers like are one way to purchase premium domains, in fact, working with a broker allows for some leeway in price through negotiations, so a broker can be the best way to obtain a premium domain and in many cases the only way to get specific domains. Domain brokerages are extremely professional and often a better solution to an auction.

Buy Domains

Not every domain purchase is done through a brokerage like, in fact there are several auction houses. Not every domain name goes for 5 to 6 figures either. Some are in the hundreds. GoDaddy auctions have a wide variety of auctions, consider some of these domains: 200 200 3500 3000 5000

On GoDaddy auction there are several types of ways to make a purchase. A domain can be purchased for the asking price with a buy now feature or the bidder can make an offer for the domain name. GoDaddy offers a very quick and easy solution to getting the domain names that you want. is also another very good auction house for domain names. On Flippa you can find domains ranging in price from $1.00 to a million.

High Impact Domains

High impact, premium domain names may sell for quite a bit of money, but having the right domain name could mean more customer exposure and can be beneficial in making your business a household word. It is rare that someone isnt familiar with GoDaddy and what they do or even How much might GoDaddy or Amazon be appraised for?

The Stresses of Money and Mortgage Rates

With all the stresses people have day in and day out, it is not a shock that many people find their number one cause of stress to be money. A recent survey given by the American Psychological Association found that about 75% of Americans name money as their biggest cause of stress.

Mortgage Rates Blues

This includes people who either do have large amounts of money as well as for people who don’t. The impact that money can have on how people behave is nothing but negative. Problems arise when money is inherited, within the work place people become more competitive and many other negative behaviors take place. Most of the stress occurs from the actual handling of the money.

Stressing Out Over the Mortgage

This includes things like spending money, not spending enough money and more. With people worried about their jobs, homes, bills and more, it is no surprise that many American families claim money to be their highest creator of stress.

Short on Money Stress

Being stressed to the max is by no means healthy in any way. It causes chronic things such as heart disease, depression and diabetes. Even people who do have jobs have stress in regards to job security. Perhaps the most difficult part is what 2011 brings which doesn’t show signs of much improvement.

Mortgage Rates and Choosing a 15 Year Refinance over a 30

Locking in low rates now would be a great thing for most people looking to refinance. With a lot of homeowners owing far more what their house is worth and paying PMI, many are putting more money into their home. Shorter mortgages have also become fashionable and as the rates are lower and while the monthly payments will be considerably higher, you can save a bundle on the overall interest paid for the lifetime of the loan.

Refinance Mortgage Rates

The new trend in investment is to put money in to the house. Refinancing, paying more towards the principal and whittling down the mortgage faster is showing a better ROI than most other investments. Refinancing can really make sense if you are looking for a stronger financial position for the next ten to fifteen years.

Mortgage Rates

If you opt for a 15 year you can save a lot of money in interest but this requires a lot of monthly expenditure. If you can afford the increase in monthly payments then a refinance to a 15 year would serve you well.

Private Mortgage Insurance

Signed, Contemporary Art Works by Famed Boston Artist Veny are Being Presented at Online Gallery

The famous, Boston artist, Veny has made a name for herself with her eclectic and well trained style, her command of the brush and skillful mastery of acrylic. Veny has long been known to only show at only well known galleries and private showings, but has opted to now only show her works online. Veny has strong ties to her family and instead of travelling across the globe, has chosen to display her art online.

Artists Pictures

Venys style is defined in only one way, Venys style. She has managed to capture the exacting brushstrokes of the master painters and can capture the real, the surreal and the abstract. Her paintings for sale online represent a unique and collectable assembly of some of her best works. Every painting by Veny is a completely unique expression of her mind and mood as an original acrylic on canvas art.

After leaving the art scene to raise a family, Veny has returned with vigor and gusto with her new works that are only available from her online gallery.

Contemporary Art

As with the great artists, much of their talent and beautiful artwork came from a much darker time or place. It is as if art is fueled by tragedy and loneliness and can creating something of beauty is an escape for the artist. Venys works are much the same and her story as an artist began in a similar manner. As a child, Veny grew up in Eastern Europe. She lived with her family in Sofia, Bulgaria and was surrounded by a family that understood the power of creativity and imagination. In her immediate family she was surrounded by painters, engineers, writers and photographers. This was an excellent foundation for building Venys interests in the arts.

Venys family had to work well into the night and often had to leave her alone. Veny at times found herself frightened and turned to sketching to push back this fear. With her time alone, she found that her drawings were becoming increasingly better. These drawings would then lead her later in life to study under the tutelage of the Master Bulgarian painter and sculptor, Lubomir Delchev. She would also later study under Ivan Dodov. Dodov mentored Veny and encouraged her to strive harder at her studies of the Great Masters. Her desire to paint and sketch was voracious. She would draw on anything that was nearby, napkins, books, scraps of paper; anything that that Veny could get her hands on would become a work of art.

A quote from Veny’s website explains her vision and her reason for painting:

I always paint with my heart and soul. Naturally painting is like scuba diving for me. It isolates me from the rest, leaving me in my own world where sky is the limit. Artist is free only if realizes that his paintings represents his very own personal vision of the world.
There is nothing like freedom to stir the heart and passions for what you love. There is nothing better than freedom. No one else sees a tree like I do or a star or the sun, this vision is mine and no other opinion would ever change that fact. Everyone else thoughts, their criticisms and interpretations of my work, can be beneficial for me as a side view.

Affordable Art

With Venys decision to only show her works online, she has given the entire world a chance to experience her works and to add them to their collection. Venys world travels have served as her greatest inspiration for her art today. With her memories and sometimes photographs from her travels, Veny is able to recreate the beauty of a French countryside or the water canals of Venice. The newest art that she has for display is some of her most intriguing work. The Grand Canal and Morning in Venice are both very powerful images, experience in art pictures, great paintings of a moment in a life that can be held on forever by someone that has a strong emotional connection to the artwork.

Now that Veny has returned to the world of art, she has found time to give people the chance to speak with her. Her artist’s blog appears at this website. Veny has been known to speak to visitors to her blog where she discusses art and her views on current events.

Abstract Artists

Venys work can match the best works of abstract artists as well as completely realistic depictions of life. Her talent and training has made her one of the most sought after contemporary artists in Boston and the world. Veny is even taking commissioned painting requests and has decided to limit herself to only a few of these requests. This limitation has created more value for the prize of a commissioned work by Veny and the online gallery has received several requests for the honor.

Veny has touched the lives of so many through her artwork.  Now that her works are being featured exclusively at an online art gallery, so many more people will finally have the opportunity to experience her fantastic artistry.  Most of Veny’s works are in the very affordable range for new collectors as well as established collectors.  Some of her larger acrylics on canvas carry a higher price tag, but understandably so considering the size and the amount of love and acrylic that went into bringing it to life.

Those that are interested in adding an original Veny to their collection or just to decorate their home can visit the online gallery.  Veny has received high praise from many in the art world and is a great supporter of the Boston art community.  Her works featuring her travels to France and Italy are some of her best with her Marine Art, Cityscapes and Landscapes also being favorites of many.  Each painting is limited and is signed by Veny herself.  If you are looking for some fantastic artwork by an acclaimed Boston artist, then visit the online gallery and contribute to furthering her works today.

Are Hollywood and Vegas Being put up for Auction?

Dot Me websites have been in the news lately with the recent sale of About.Me to media giant Any company that can afford $35 million for a Dot Me website falls under the category of media giant right? Smart internet marketing starts with a great website, but a website is nothing without a great domain name and About.Me owners knew that. and

Dot Me sites have been showing an increase in registration with the recent sale of About.Me and others like it, so when and go up for auction on, it causes a bit of a bidding frenzy.

Domain Auction

Few people outside of the business world are familiar with domain auctions. They are normally for shrewd internet marketing specialists that belong to an even larger department of corporate marketing specialists. However, when a strong Dot Me property like and go up for auction, corporate outsiders see a chance to get a great domain name with easy brand identification.

Buy Dot ME Domains

Domain names like, and have real appeal, are memorable and their value is determined by the actual and potential draw of traffic to those domain names. So when domain names that are obvious winners like go up for auction, bidders from all walks of life, corporate and private, try to grab them up before they are gone GO HERE IF YOU WANT TO BID.

Worries with Money Continue into 2011

Now that the New Year has begun, many people are still very nervous about their finances and spending money. As a result people are trying their hardest to pay off debts and save as much as they possibly can. Chances are this wont change during 2011. People are understandably still showing much concern for the housing market, mortgage rates and the price of homes.

It is predicted to continuously be a concern because of the large amounts of foreclosures and bankruptcies occurring day in and day out. To assist in economic growth, the Federal Reserve plans to add $1 trillion to credit markets this year which will hopefully, keep lending rates down. There is also talk of another government stimulus.

Although the 2011 predictions are not looking very bright, a positive outlook includes big companies raking up high earnings. Although spending those high earning is not guaranteed, it certainly may help change the mood for 2012. In the meantime people will try to do their best with their finances while companies will try to grow. Consumer spending has surely come to a halt and will continue to act sluggishly because of the worries involved. Although it has risen slightly because of the concerns with jobs, like everything else, it is extremely unpredictable.

In Money, Waiting 28 Days for a “New Movie” Dips Redbox Quarter Expectations


What happens to a video rental retailer when customers aren’t happy?  Ask Hollywood Video, no wait, you can’t, they went the way of the VHS.  So when Redbox started making their customers wait for nearly a month for titles, their customers started to go elsewhere.  It appears that most video rental customers don’t find that it is a deal to pay a $1 for a supposed new release 28 days after the actual release day.

Losing Money

In a seemingly bad move, shares dropped considerably for Redbox after they made deals with 3 major movie studios to release movies later than other rental and purchase video operations.  Blockbuster has used the details of this deal to come out against Redbox for releasing movies so much later than anyone else.  Redbox offers nightly rentals for $1 and Blue Ray rentals for $1.50, however they have not received the response they were expecting in offering Blue Rays for so low.

Netflix and Blockbuster

Netflix and Blockbuster have seen an increase in their monthly programs and this is also a major concern for stock value for Redbox shares.

Young Adults in 2011 Have a Smarter Attitude Towards Money

Perhaps the only good things coming from the recession is that young adults are learning a valuable lesson in terms of saving money. Bringing in the New Year, a recent survey shows that young adults between the ages of 18 to 34 have plans to save money, use a budget and pay down any debts they may have.

Committing to managing money better, the survey shows that 98% of young adults want to put away more in savings this year. The survey also says that out of 10 young adults, 7 of them are feeling a bit more optimistic in comparison to 61% of the general public when it comes to saving money. Eighty-one percent of young adults have promised themselves to bring in the New Year by handling their finances better than previous years. Seventy-three percent would like to spend less, while 60% wish to pay down any debts they have.

Fifty-nine percent would like to create and follow a budget. There is no question that the number one New Year resolution for young adults involves improving their finances. In comparison to older age groups, young adults seem more focused on their earnings. If anything has been turning around it is their mindset and positive intentions of following goals to help better secure their future.

Tiny Tea Rooms Take on Mega Coffee Giant Starbucks

If you are annoyed by outrageous prices and the monotony of bland coffee everyday, then you certainly are not alone.  Not only are the Brittish big fans of tea, but Americans that are looking for an alternative to that same half caf Americano or Latte are finding that there are a lot of specialty tea stores opening up.  This new trend is offering a great alternative to those that want a list of flavors that beats out coffee blends 20 to one.

Starbucks vs the Small Business

TeaFuse in Atlanta, Georgia is one of these trendsetting tea rooms that offers a wide variety of flavors.  75 at last count.

Small Business Against the Titans

TeaFuse is seeing a lot of repeat customers, many that have wanted to move away from the Starbucks mentality. Ariel, a staff member of TeaFuse, recommends “the Tisane, Paradiso Peach which is made from dried fruits and a blend of spices that are out of this world.”  Ariel also points out that the fresh quality of TeaFuse’s food and treats like the ginger cookies are giving Starbucks a run for their money.

Starbucks Mega Coffee Giant

Starbucks may still be the giant when it comes to selling expensive coffee and now sandwiches, but competitors like tea rooms could make a good showing against the coffee mega giant.  If you are looking for a change from the ordinary, find a local tea room in your area, enjoy a refreshing tea and support local business at the same time.

Art Installations a New Buy Art Online Trend?

In a recent article posted at DieselWebProductions, author Michael Whitlatch describes a little known marketing technique called art installations.  The requests for art installations in marketing campaigns and website release shows has recently shown an upward trend.  This could be attributed to a general lack of interesting ways to market products outside of the internet.  Billboards and roadside signs have already become easily ignored because of the glut of usage of those types of advertising.

Companies are looking for something exciting and more enticing to bring in their customers and many are turning to artists to create unique, eye catching art installations that can be used in their viral marketing campaigns on YouTube.

Some amazing art can be created for even the smallest budget. When combined with a full-scale marketing campaign, a work of installation art can bring some great attention to a cause or a company. Larger works are sometimes commissioned by charities that are interested in creating buzz about their cause. These are often commissioned to be created in a public area with a lot of foot traffic.

There are few companies right now that are already seeing too many requests for art installations.  The works tend to take a little longer than a conventional advertising method and because of the unique nature of the product, requires the complete focus of the artist.  So the many artists are being over-booked and this is creating a small jump in job numbers for artists that are trained in creating art installations.

Depending on the complexity, size and budget of a project, an installation can take anywhere from a few days to a year to go from concept to realization. Even the small business owner can budget for a work of installation art if they plan ahead. Locating a professional company, like Diesel Web Productions, that has a resident artist, Matthew Wooldridge, that is experienced with installations, and a Creative Director and Designer like  Nikole McGuiness, is the best way to include this high impact marketing tool to your arsenal. A company that offers installation art in their marketing strategies shows that they are a company with vision, intelligence and creativity.

Art installations have been used by major corporations and non-profits to generate interest in their causes in the past.  On a smaller scale, small businesses could possibly benefit from the type of eye intriguing exposure that art installations generate.

The End of Facebook?

Facebook has become not only a means of communication for millions of people worldwide, but has also helped to develop its own recognizable language.  friend is no longer a noun, but a verb thanks to the social networking site.  Businesses and companies throughout the world rely on its mass appeal to help generate business, and creating an event on the page is beginning to rule out the necessity to mail out invitations to parties.

In a bizarre twist of events, rumors started circulating about the impending end of Facebook.on March 15th, 2011.  Mark Zuckerburg is fed up with being the worlds youngest billionaire, and wants to go back to a normal life, the rumors claimed.  The Facebook founder has quashed this rumor almost before it had time to cause mass panic.
It would be the worst business move in history to shut down the uber-popular social networking site at this point, especially after obtaining $500 million in funding from two different companies.  While the originator of the rumor is not taking any public credit, we do know that it came from a source that has been made famous for creating all sorts of  gossip and nonsense, generally with no fact to them whatsoever.

Is Direct Line Insurance the Right Broker for Your Insurance Needs?

Direct Line insurance has come on the scene as a mega insurance online supermarket.  In the same way that health insurance is being brokered online, Direct Line is scooping up clients for any kind of insurance that you can imagine.  Currently advertised on their website, they even have a blurb that says, “they promise to beat the price of your current home insurance.”

Direct Line Insurance

A lot of insurance brokers simply combine all of the information in one place and get a commission if you purchase it through their website. This is the same thing for any online supermarket that brings comparisons of multiple service providers into one site. Do sites like Direct Line Insurance save you money though? They may, in some cases, be able to connect you with some great providers that have low prices, but savings are definitely not a guarantee unless they state it.

Insurance Broker

There are some great advantages to using an insurance brokerage like Direct Line Insurance to fill your insurance needs. One of the best advantages is being able to fill out an application online. Another great advantage is that you are able to compare a number of providers, their services and premiums. This convenience could be considered a great time saver and in this way you would be saving money.

Direct Line Insurance Brokers

A decision to find your insurance services through a broker like Direct Line Insurance can be a great way to find insurance for your home, car, boat or even life insurance. If you go into it not expecting insanely great savings, then your satisfaction level and expectations should be met.

If You Send Money Online with PayPal Android be Cautious

PayPal is a great way to receive and send money online, but Android users have been experiencing some issues with the PayPal app.  Some users are experiencing issues in which they are sending money online through the PayPal app and being told by the application that the money could not be sent and to try again.

Send Money Online

Users that don’t give up very easily might try at least three times to get it to send despite being told it is not going through.  The problem is that the money is actually being sent on each click of the app.  One user made a payment to an employee for $45.00.  That one payment ended up being $315.00.  Luckily, that user was able to get a refund from their employee for the amount that was over sent.

Online Money

Should you discover this problem and not be able to get a refund from the recipient then you may have to go through a process that PayPal has to recover money.  That could take quite awhile.  Should you experience any problems with this application, they should be reported to PayPal as soon as possible.

Sending Money Online

PayPal is still one of the best ways to send money online, and when they get the Android app to work correctly, they will have a great application allowing you access to their great services and features.

If You Want to Buy a Domain, Consider .ME Domain Registration

Have you ever tried to remember a website you saw on TV or maybe on a billboard and then completely forgot the name in trying to remember if it was a .com or a .net?  If the company did not get all of the domain extensions for their company name then you could easily be directed to a competitor’s website and never know the difference.  However a .ME extension has a power like no other extension, it makes a consumer think of themselves.

Dot ME

Dot Me are very reasonably priced right now.  As they become more popular, the prices may go up.  That may be good for domain brokers, but if you want to cash in now on the phenomenon, then buy a domain with a dot me extension., is one such company that realizes the potential of the Dot Me extension. and were both picked up and simply redirect to the main site.  With these Dot Me domain registrations, has been able to direct more potential clients to their website, clients that could have mistakenly gone to websites with similar names.

Buy a Domain Dot Me Domain Registration

Dot Me is catchy, easy to remember and inexpensive and if someone already has the Dot Com or Dot Net, then using a Dot Me can make your company domain highly unique and more memorable which can translate to revenue.

Pajama Jeans on YouTube!

That’s right, pajama jeans.  There will obviously be two camps for this product, those who rave about them and those that mock them.  The good news is that if you need to go to bed, wake up and go straight to work, you’ll never need to change clothes again!

Pajama Jeans?

Pajama jeans can be found on YouTube or the company website.  At the $39.95, the product’s stretchy, form fitting nature has been featured and praised on the television show The View. The product is very similar to maternity wear and do like jeans, so they may be a big hit with expectant mothers that don’t won’t to give up on their jeans or purchase maternity jeans that they might not wear again.

As Seen on TV

Pajama Jeans on YouTube has already reached well over 200,000 views and with the product being featured on national news this morning, that number is expected to increase over the next few days.  The product is sold as a Seen on TV product and obviously has a great marketing strategy.


Pajama Jeans may become a household word this year, however, if it will be in praise or mocking can only be determined by history.

Google AdWords, AdSense and Analytics, the Business Intelligence Model for Online Marketing

Google has created a one stop shop for information in every form for both the consumer and for online marketing. Search for anything from text, video or images and Google has a hand in it. With so much power and control over knowledge and the way it is distributed one could make the case that there is a danger of only one company being able to monopolize information in such a manner.

Business Intelligence

However, Google is not greedy with their power over all things information; in fact, they openly share the means and the tools of getting information out to the internet and even allowing the layman or shrewd business person to profit from that information. Google gives back and shares their wealth with a diverse range of free products like Google Sites and Google Analytics.

Hans Peter Luhn worked for IBM as a computer scientist and is responsible for both KWIC (Keyword in Context) or a permuted index as well as the Luhn algorithm. Luhn held well over 70 patents and coined the term ˜Business Intelligence. As Luhn described it, business intelligence is the ability to apprehend the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide action towards a desired goal.

Business Intelligence today has not drifted far from Luhns definition. Modern business intelligence, while still adhering to Luhns definition was modified for a more modern era when Howard Dresner proposed that business intelligence are concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support systems.

If youd like more info about Dressner, Business Intelligence or DSS App Dev check out this website:

Google AdWords, AdSense and Analytics all fall under the umbrella of fact-based support systems to help in business decision making.

Adwords and Analytics

Google Analytics gives a business owner the ability to track views to their website or even specific pages within their website. That information can then be used to form decisions on which way the content of the website should move towards.

If a company’s product like a wet dry vac or lampshade is on a page that is not getting much exposure, then efforts can be made to improve page traffic or to just move the product to a more visible page on the website. This is a very powerful business intelligence tool and it is free from Google.

Business today is simply nothing without online marketing. Advertising is quickly moving away from our billboards and televisions and straight to the internet. Thats where another business intelligence tool from Google comes in. Google AdWords gives any business or a private individual, the ability to promote whatever they want, right from the Google AdWords interface.

Google AdWords

Googles immense power over information has given them a unique position in which to advertise whatever they wish wherever they want. Also, a little scary sounding, however, with Google AdWords, Google once again allows anyone to wield this power for their own gain.

The private individual or business can greatly benefit from Google sharing their wealth and the means to get information out to the denizens of the internet. Major corporations selling electronics or a high school bake sale can all use the same tools and find the exact same amount of success. Google business intelligence tools level the playing field and should be investigated with even a fringe amount of interest on the topic.

Google Sites Smacking Down WordPress

If you are in the market for a free website to promote your self or your business, then a little known company named Google is offering free websites under the Google Sites moniker, but WordPress still seems to have an edge on Google Sites.  Because are completely free, you should simply sign up for both a WordPress and a Google Sites free website.  Try out each one.

You should be able to determine which free website bests serves your needs.  Keep in mind though that if you want to make revenue from advertising using something like Google Adsense, then you can not use WordPress.  It goes against their user agreement.  WordPress and Google Sites both have their pluses and minuses and the only guaranteed way to know what is going to work for you is to sit down and try to work with both.

WordPress has a little trouble in that it has become a bit convoluted with plugins and themes.  Knowing which to get might be your most difficult decision.  However, in a glass is half full kind of way, having a lot of options to choose from can make your site unique and completely conform to what you need.

Overstock, Auctions on Vacuum Cleaners and Everything Else

Overstock is quickly becoming a very good source to find prices and auctions on everything from vacuum cleaners to real estate.  If you are one of the millions of people trying to get a grasp on their finances because of a poor economy, then websites like Overstock could probably help in keeping that budget in check.

Before even going out and making a purchase on products like wet dry vacs, laptops or televisions, make sure you read all of the fine print of the auction.  Sure, that laptop you have always wanted with a starting bid of 99 cents sounds fantastic, especially with no bidders, but you might be surprised to discover that it has no hard drive.  Some things, just like on Ebay, can be sold in a non-working condition as long as it is clearly stated.  Being over eager at an Overstock auction could have you bidding on something that isn’t even functioning.

As long as you keep a good eye on what you are buying, then you can save a considerable amount using auctions and websites like Overstock.

Mortgage Refinance and Mortgage Rate Comparison

If you are currently looking for a mortgage refinance or mortgage rate comparison, then Bank of America has a few tools that you could use.  They even include their own bank properties and other homes that are for sale on their website.

Bank of America is encouraging people to save now while the interest rates are low.  On a 200,000 home loan they are offering 4.75% with 0.75 points with APR % of 4.873.  However, they are also advertising rates as low as 3.250% on their website. also offers some easy tools in comparing mortgage rates.  A general search for mortgage rate comparison data on their site will show a number of lenders offering 4.661% to as high as 5.235% on  30 year fixed with 0 points.

If you are not sure where to go or what to do to obtain a mortgage refinance or locate a solid mortgage rate comparison, then consider Clark Howard’s website.  Clark offers sound financial advice to people that need it.  If you can’t find a good rate, try a few different mortgage rate comparison websites.  You may find several offering lower prices, especially to those that have good credit.

Money Lost due to Unprepared City Governments

According to a story published by the, winter weather is causing some glaring problems in city management in Atlanta, Georgia and Metro areas.  Southeastern states like Georgia, do not keep enough equipment on hand to battle winter weather of this extreme nature.  This has caused some problems in the past and this year, going on the fourth day, businesses, schools and government facilities are shutdown due to icy roads and dangerous conditions.

Atlanta and Metro Atlanta area residents have been snowed or iced in due to a lack of heavy equipment for de-icing or salting roads in the area.  Southeastern area governments don’t make a policy of keeping this type of equipment on hand because of the overall lack of winter weather experienced annually.  However, when the odd blizzard does hit, cities close down and this may be a disservice to both taxpayers and local businesses.

Atlanta and Metro area cities are losing money and this already tumultuous economy, it is curious why a major city like Atlanta and the Metro area would not have planned to have equipment from other areas be brought in.  In a city where possibly 6% of the populace might own snow tires, a major city like Atlanta should have less interest in saving money by not having this equipment and have more dedication to the citizens that pay into the city with taxes.

Businesses are losing money left and right as they are having to close their doors because of dangerous road conditions.  These conditions may last up until Saturday of this week.  Retail businesses are having to modify hours or completely close down and lose more money until the weather changes.

Does Money or Online Money Make the World go Round?

Online banking has made moving money from place to place much easier.  With online bill payments, your money can go from your account directly to the company that you owe money.  So, online money is a little different than online banking.  Online money comes in different forms.  Consider first, actual money.  Thats real dollars that you earn and spend buying services or products from people at brick and mortar locations or at online retailers.

Another form of money, while still being actual money, is how PayPal uses money.  If you want to buy or sell services or products and you use PayPal to collect and distribute money you are doing so at a lower rate than what your money is actually worth.  This is because PayPal is an online money company, different than a bank, more like a credit card and they charge for their service on nearly every transaction that is made through them.  So essentially, this has created another form of money which is neither credit or your actual money, but more like a reduced version of your money.  Of course, PayPal offers a great service and their transaction fees are completely fair and upfront.  So, people that use their service are doing so for convenience.   This type of financial company is becoming more of a daily used service and could be considered as one of the top ways that online money is making the world go round.

Then there is another interesting service in which you pay in your real money to an online casino and they convert it into their own form of legalized online money.  Often referred to as credits or chips, this type of money is handled in a different way than most.  This is because gambling is illegal in most states and the only way to handle this kind of transaction currently, is for an online casino to be located outside of the United States and not actually transfer direct money back and forth.  Many might be surprised to discover that this method of converting money into credits or chips is used in more than just online casinos.

Unlike money that is put into an online casino, which can earn you real money, other sites like Facebook have a credit system that you can use to buy games and applications to use on their website.  This is often a dollar for dollar exchange, but this form of online money is most akin to buying tokens at an arcade.  While this type of online money is popular, it doesn’t quite move the world like real money does.

Gift cards on the other hand, that’s a big world mover, because they have become one of the worlds most accepted forms of payment.  This type of money is a gray area between real money and online money.  This is because a gift card can be used at both online and offline stores, but the value of the card fluctuates greatly because of changes to the prices of goods that can be purchased with it.  As an example, Amazon could sell a book for $19.99 to one customer at the beginning of the week, but sell that same book to another customer mid week for $7.99.  So in purchasing gift cards, one is essentially creating a random value for their real dollars in the conversion.

Money might make the world go round now, but as more people across the world accept online money, there is a very large and powerful contender for moving the world.

How not to Cannibalize Your Business and Still Make Money with Google Adsense

Using Google Adsense to supplement income from your website can keep business going during slow periods.  One way to keep a steady income is to have a blog writer for your website adding content to keep interest in adsense related keywords.  This is a great way to generate a decent monthly income.

One of the biggest fears that online businesses have had about Google Adsense is ad placement of competitors.  This is a slippery slope, so to speak, but it can be avoided.

Try not to use keywords that might cannibalize your business. Those would be keywords that are related to your core business. Using these keywords could help your competition and thus, should be completely avoided at all costs.  However, there is a lot to be said about getting ad revenue from your competitor.  Your competition pays into Google Adwords to advertise on websites across the internet.  If placement of one of their ads draws away from your business, you are essentially getting a percentage for that referral.

So there are a couple of ways to look at your Google Adsense strategy.  Keep the competitor’s ads off of your website using a blog or other methods or let them advertise all they want on your website.  Either way, Adsense is a terrific revenue generator if used correctly.

Are Mortgages for Bad Credit a Good Move?

Anyone with bad credit knows that getting a loan for anything means they will be paying outlandish percentages.  Mortgages for bad credit are the exact same.  Mortgage companies are hesitant to lend money to people that have bad credit.  Bad credit mortgage lenders have created a huge market for themselves by taking a risk on those with bad credit and extending them financing.

Not only do mortgages for bad credit have higher interest rates, but they also carry some very hefty closing costs.  If there is no other option, then mortgages for bad credit can be a viable way to get the financing you need.  However, the best thing to do is to improve your credit score and try to get a lower interest rate loan.

Bad credit mortgage loans also carry shorter repayment plans than conventional loans.  There are even some that carry a penalty for paying off too early.  This is called a pre-payment penalty and they are built in to ensure that the lender is making money from those higher interest rates.

You may want to consider comparing several different loan options.  If you need to include mortgages for bad credit into that search then make sure you get the lowest interest rate possible.  That can only be found by sound research with multiple lenders.

Mortgage Rates, Home Loans at 4.38% Thanks to Obama?

The numbers being reported by LendingTree show that  30 year fixed rate home loans are being offered at 4.38%.  15 year fixed rate home loans are being reported at 3.75%.  These are considerably lower than what has been projected over the next few months.  Mortgage home loans were expected to continue to rise to about 4.80% on a 30 year fixed.

Sources are siting that several of Obama’s housing development initiatives might be showing signs of life and possibly lowering rates.  On program in particular is helping current home owners that are not able to pay their home loans according to the US Treasury.  The Obama home loan modification plans are being made available under some very strict criteria.

Those that meet all of the eligibility requirements, including having received their home loans before January 2009 may be able to modify their home loans.  This program is also known as HAMP or the Home Affordable Modification Program.  This is part of a 75 billion dollar initiative to protect home owners from foreclosure and re-stimulate the home buying market.

How to Make Money Fast in a Slow Economy

If you are searching the internet for how to make money fast, especially in this current economy, you are probably running into some dead ends.  With unemployment numbers still being very high and a slow growth job market, people are becoming desperate in their search for income.

The question of how to make money fast is flawed in a very big way.  Instead of asking how to make money fast, the question should be asked, how do I make steady money?  The concept of multiple revenue streams is a good example of a more steady income generating lifestyle.  This does not mean that you have to work 5 jobs, although that is one way to do it, but instead it requires a smarter way to earn money.

If you are unemployed, you may be enticed by some ‘how to make money fast’ concepts from the internet.  There are a lot of this type of offer, but it might be in your interest to explore several of them, find the ones that work and create multiple streams of income instead of just one.  If one fails, then you will still have four or five others to back up your financial plan.

Money Supermarket the Future of Consumer Shopping?

Money Supermarket, interesting concept and has gone above and beyond in their presentation and actualization of the concept.  A Money Supermarket could very well be the wave of the future in consumer shopping.  Credit cards, mortgage rates, refinance mortgages as well as products like, travel, mobile phones, broadband and shopping can be found in one place.

Comparison shopping websites are not new in anyway, but a money supermarket, where everything is contained in one place is so unique that many other websites may just start following that lead.  Instead of going to several different sites, one can go to a money supermarket, where everything they would want to purchase can be compared across multiple retailers or providers to find the very lowest prices.

Money supermarket sites will quickly become the best way for people to save money on everything that they want.  With more options, people will quickly start to choose their favorite sites to rely on for the best deals.  This type of preference could be equated to a person having a favorite source for their news or favorite magazine.

Money supermarket sites like are good for economies by lowering prices and encouraging consumer spending.  As more of these types of sites come on the scene, we may start to see comparison shopping forcing retailers into an even more competitive marketplace.

Credit Card News for January 10, 2011

Have you ever had your phone stolen or even lost it?  Well, a research firm is stating that in 2012, a new technology that replaces credit cards with phone payments will be in place.  So, if you lose your phone, essentially you lose your credit cards.  A trial of this technology will be implemented in this month for 200 Wells Fargo employees.  The San Francisco employees will test the technology that is simply inserted into a phone with an SD card.

Plans to ship this tech with new phones is already being planned by the major phone carriers.  This will be a slow plan for full integration of the technology over the next 5 years.  There are obvious flaws with the technology, such as losing your phone, but developers feel that putting it in testing now will help to determine any other areas of improvement.  What will happen to credit cards?  Possibly in the next ten years, credit cards will go the way of the VHS tape as we are all moved over to this new payment system.


Are You Really Saving Money With the Groupon App?

One of the biggest markets for Groupon has been Colleges.  Marketing to campuses has done wonders for their business and students are benefiting from money saving coupons.  This has created quite a viral campaign for Groupon because of their Facebook linking feature that allows for easy sharing with friends.

For those of you who have not heard of Groupon, you need to check them out for sure! Do a simple search online and see what they are all about. They offer huge savings by giving you coupons on all sorts of stuff to do around your city of choice! Now, you can enjoy them right from your very own cell phone with the Groupon phone app. Just as all the apps try to make better versions; this new version of Groupon has gotten rid of bugs and has added push notifications.

This works as an excellent tool when it comes to saving money and doing fun activities around your area! The deals you find on here are simply unbeatable and the app focuses on things you can do around your city at a high discounted price. You can now find and purchase deals from your phone, have access to your already purchased Groupons, find deals near buy and go purchase them. It is a one stop shop to savings! Since its all electronic you wont need to print another Groupon ever again! The deals can be found in over 130 cities and cities continue to be added every single week.

Mortgage Rates News for January 10, 2011

There’s not much news happening on the front for mortgage rates.  Over the next few days, several reports will influence mortgage rates and many are on edge awaiting their arrival.  These reports include two long awaited inflation reports as well as a preliminary consumer sentiment report.  There are no housing reports or data to come out this week and there are no major housing moves predicted.

The industrial production report will come out this week also and many are awaiting the results of 3 Treasury Coupon auctions to determine any further fluctuation with mortgage rates.  Sometimes no news is good news, but in this case it is hard to tell.  At the current mortgage rates, many new home buyers have been waiting for these reports to be released to determine their future buying action.

This has resulted in a bit of stagnation in new home purchases and lenders are getting nervous.  With the release of these awaited reports, lenders and buyers alike will be on the edge of their seat.  The reports may influence a decline in mortgage rates and precipitate a home buying boom.


Mortgage Rates in Today’s News

As of today the mortgage rates and the rates of refinancing remain almost unchanged. During the last few weeks rates have been stabilized but will be heightening soon enough as 2011 proceeds. What this means is that now is a good time to lock in a lower rate.


The average 30 year rate as of today is at 4.79%. Pt is predicated that towards the end of 2011 the rates for 30 year rates will be somewhere around 6%. Consider that these rates vary upon state to state. Texas for example is at a 4.88% average for a 30 year rate. As for 15 year mortgage rates and refinancing rates, the average is falling around 4.21% but some states like California see a 15 year around 4.26%, slightly higher. If youre looking at a 30 year jumbo rate or to refinance, then averages are falling around 5.37%. This has not changed from yesterdays rates, although New York holds a higher average of 5.56 %. As for a 15 year jumbo mortgage rate or refinance loan, these are averaging 4.74 today, again no change from yesterday but Florida seems to hold the highest average at about 4.91%.

Although these rates havent changed much from yesterday and the past few days, they will more likely be on the rise as we proceed in 2011.

How Google Adsense Works

A lot of comments have asked  how Google Adsense works. Well, it is actually very simple! First off, it is an advertising program brought to you by Google. Publishers of websites, which is the same as website owners, can sign up and use Google Adsense for free and it allows them to place ads on their websites. How it works is when someone clicks the ad, Google will pay the publisher a portion of what the advertiser of Adwords is paying.

It can be confusing between both Adsense and Adwords but keep in mind that businesses pay for Adword ads, and Adsense will pay you when people click. Basically, these days, many people if not all have online websites. They want to generate business and get people to visit them.

This is where all of this ˜Ad stuff comes in. It is an online marketing strategy.  Adsense will create reports that allow you to see how much revenue was generated from the number of clicks. One downfall includes that it doesn’t offer specific information on the actual share from which you earned. Regardless, you can still make money. Some people make none and some make thousands or more.

What Exactly is Google Adwords?

In short, Google Adwords is basically a tool that helps a business create and run ads. It does so quickly and simply which is why so many are interested in knowing more about it. It allows a business to run the ads that they create on Google and other advertising networks.

A great feature of Google Adwords is that you can do this no matter the company budget. You will only need to pay out when people click on your ads. Ultimately, however, this is bringing you business so it is way worth it! When someone searches your name in Google using a keyword, ads pop up under the ˜sponsored link area. Just imagine your ad sitting right there which is very good for business.

When you create your ad in Google Adwords you get to pick from all sorts of formats such as images you want, the text you want written and you can even have video ads. You will be able to set your own budget for your campaigns. If you need help, they offer an online course to get you started. It is very easy to use and has brought many more business and traffic to their websites. It is worth the small investment!

Mortgage Rates and Short Term Mortgage Rates Lower This Week

Long term mortgage rates, as well as short term mortgage rates has a rocky end of year in 2010.  With 2011, mortgage rates have seen a long awaited decline.  Even the 15 year conforming has an average mortgage rate of 4.13%.  That’s down .07% from last week.

This news is followed up by job numbers increasing, unemployment decreasing, but is the economy where it should be?  It is slowly getting there with these recent figures, however at this rate it make take a decade to recover.  Any further increases in mortgage rates could lead to higher inflation and could potentially sink us into further economic troubles.  The important thing to do right now is to protect your assets.

A home equity line could be a good option in protecting your property against higher mortgage rates.  You can use a home equity line to pay off any interest adjustments that may occur because of higher mortgage rates.  In most cases, just keeping an eye on daily figures would be a good idea.

How to Protect Your Money from Mortgage Rates Spiking

As mortgage rates fluctuate, borrowers are seeking ways to protect their finances.  Some are taking out home equity loans to hedge the higher interest mortgage rates and others are using a tactic known as a lock in agreement.  This type of agreement is also known as a rate lock and it can be a great way to defend against mortgage rates shooting up.

The idea of a rate lock is to lock in your mortgage rates and recently, there has been an increase in this type of contract.  Each lender will have their own policies regarding this type of contract, but if you are eligible and don’t mind waiting a little longer to close, then you may want to select this option.  A lock in agreement could possibly drop your credit score and in some cases, if the score goes too low, the lender may retract the agreement.  Those with good credit scores should be fine, however, those that are teetering on a fair rating may run into this problem.

There are also different lengths for these agreements.  On average, 60 days is pretty common but can range from a week to four months.  This type of agreement can also be used for a mortgage refinance.  Make sure to look into all of your options and utilize as many as you can to protect your finances from fluctuating mortgage rates.

Mortgage Rates in Decline, Refinance Mortgage Applications Surge

Over the past two months, the US has been seeing some very high mortgage rates.  Currently, the mortgage rates are starting to drop and that’s good news for the economy and housing market. reported the following on mortgage rates:

30 year mortgage rates dropped after a brutal 2 month increase.  The average is finally at around 4.77% where last week it was showing at 4.86%.  15 year mortgage rates were 3.57% back in November and are now at 4.13%.

Mortgage rates may stay at this level for first quarter 2011 but may see a sharp incline as inflation begins to make an appearance.  This news, along with unemployment numbers dropping seems to be good news for the economy.  If mortgage rates are able to continue to decline in this fashion, the housing market may see some positive growth in the first and second quarter.

There has been a slight surge in mortgage applications but a sharp increase in refinance mortgage applications as many are trying to take advantage of a seemingly fluctuating market.  Home purchases have been in a declined for the past two years, however, with continued reduction in mortgage rates, many US cities could see a housing boom over the next six months.

This seems to be a good start for a brand new year.

How Google Adsense and Google Adwords Killed the Newspaper

It is no secret that the demise of the written word has been a slow and painful one.  Magazines are seeing subscriptions drop dramatically and newspapers are shutting down after giving it a good college try.  Sure, the internet makes it easier to get your news and entertainment fluff you might find in a magazine, but is it really the internet’s fault?

Newspapers make more money from advertisers than they do subscribers and Google Adwords in combination with Google Adsense has taken most of that advertising money away from the newspapers.  Good for them, it’s a fair market and newspapers are moving to the internet and making plenty of money from Google Adsense and Google Adwords.  What’s next though, will Google Adwords crush television advertising?

It is already happening.  Television advertising sales are in decline as many companies are reworking their budget to be more heavy on the internet and less on television.  Will Google Adwords and Google Adsense eventually control all advertising?  Perhaps, right now it appears they are in the lead for becoming the king of advertising revenue.

Slight Decrease Showing in Yesterday’s Mortgage Rates

Figures as of January 06, 2011 show that there was a slight decline in mortgage rates yesterday.  With a slight increase in the 30 year fixed rates offered by Freddie Mac.  If this trend continues, lower mortgage rates could spur an important and much needed boost in housing purchases.

Even with current mortgage rates, even at 4.875% on a 30 year fixed mortgage rate is still an excellent strike mark.

30 Yr FRM 4.83% 4.86% -0.03
15 Yr FRM 4.18% 4.21% -0.03
FHA 30 Year Fixed 4.72% 4.75% -0.03
Jumbo 30 Year Fixed 5.74% 5.78% -0.04
5/1 Yr ARM 3.95% 3.95% 0.00
15 Yr. Fixed 4.62% 0.65 0.38
30 Yr. Fixed 4.38% 0.84 -0.08
30 Yr. Fixed 4.82% 1.11 -0.11
15 Yr. Fixed 4.23% 1.00 0.01
Freddie Mac
30 Yr. Fixed 4.86% 0.80 0.05
15 Yr. Fixed 4.20% 0.80 0.05
1 Yr. ARM 3.26% 0.60 -0.14
5/1 Yr. ARM 3.77% 0.70 0.02

Unemployment figures are down but looming inflation is still keeping buyers in a hold position.  CNN Money reports that many cities are looking at returning to their pre-recession peaks in between 2032 and 2038.  Those cities mentioned were Las Vegas and Naples, Fla.  They also go on to mention that it isn’t possible to have exact figures on trends that are so long term and remind their readers that the housing market is tied in to several factors including the overall economy.

Home Equity Loan or Credit Cards for Your Plan?

Home Equity Loan

If you are not sure which to use a home equity loan or credit cards to pay for your major purchase, then you may need to consider a few things before moving ahead.  Interest rates on credit cards for people with fair to good credit is around 26.99%.  That is quite a substantial amount to have to pay into.  Home equity loans give you the line of credit that you need at much lower prices, however, you put your house on the line, not just a bad credit report.

Current Home Equity Loan Rates

$30K HELOC 5.08%
$50K HELOC 4.76%
$30K Home Eq 7.20%
$50K Home Eq 7.11%$
75K Home Eq 7.13%

Rates provided by

Evaluate Home Equity Loan Options

It would be a good idea to discuss your options with a financial advisor. Major financial events such as paying for college or creating a personal debt relief program would be best served with professional advice. Especially if you are not financially savvy.

Home Equity Loan Rates

Home equity loan rates will vary from lender to lender. Currently, the national average for the rates is considerably low when compared to credit card interest rates.

Mortgage Rates Finally Dip After 5 Weeks

Mortgage Rates Lower

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fixed mortgage rates are finally on the decline after five weeks of rising.  The average mortgage rates on a thirty year fixed finally dropped, halting a steady increase that has been going on for about a month.

Mortgage Rates

30 yr fixed 4.91%
15 yr fixed 4.24%
5/1 ARM 3.73%
30 yr refi 4.88%
15 yr refi 4.24%

Rates provided by

Mortgage Rates are Affordable Again

Higher mortgage rates have hit the housing market with another punch and mortgage lenders have seen six weeks of decline in both new home buyers and those looking to refinance. New mortgages slipped nearly 3% last week but may see gains with news of mortgage rates dipping again.

Mortgage Rates Lowering

If mortgage rates continue this downward trend, this could mean a rise in new mortgage applications and a better outlook for the housing market in 2011. This in combination with fears spurring home purchases last month by buyers scrambling to secure lower rates, should so some positive growth in the sector.

Steady, New York Real Estate Market Recovery Shows Improved Refinance Mortgage Rates

Refinance Mortgage Rates News

The Big Apple, notorious for high priced properties and famous for great people and authentic pizza.  So what does it mean when prices for properties are dropping almost 6%?

Affordable, Refinance Mortgage Rates

It doesn’t quite mean affordable, but it does mean intriguing and it looks like good news for the job market in New York as well as refinance mortgage rates. reported yesterday that:

The median price of a Manhattan apartment fell 5.6% to $840,000 from $890,000 compared with the third quarter, according to market data computed by Brown Harris Stevens and Halstead. Still, they found that prices were up 5% from the previous year.
Prudential Douglas Elliman had prices down 7.5% quarter-over-quarter, to $845,000, and up 4.3% year-over-year.
Corcoran’s figures were down 5% quarter-over-quarter, to $825,000, and up 3% since last year.

Refinance Mortgage Rates Show Healthy Recovery

These figures indicate a healthy real estate market in New York and that should keep refinance mortgage rates lower than what was expected.  News of lower prices for New York property may also keep people that were looking to move or even bring in new people.  If the job market continues to show growth in New York, 2011 could be a great year financially for the city.

IRS Problems with IRS Back Taxes

The government has hit hard times and it is shaking every piggy bank for loose change. This is causing a lot of people IRS problems with IRS back taxes. The IRS has recently hired a lot of temporary workers to help in finding people that have not paid their taxes as far back as 2004. IRS problems like this can show up rather unexpectedly in your mail box. The letter could simply state that you owe a certain amount or that you need to contact a representative to discuss your IRS back taxes.

Every year in which there was a problem with your taxes will generate a separate letter. This increase in auditing is an obvious initiative to recoup much needed funds for government wages and programs that are suffering currently. Most people will blindly pay what the IRS says that they owe, however, the IRS employees humans and mistakes can be made. If you feel that the request for money is incorrect in anyway, then you should contact an accountant or tax specialist to assist you with your IRS problems regarding IRS back taxes.

Google Adsense and YouTube Job Marketing

Google Adsense is a great way to earn extra revenue for your website, but are you using it to its maximum potential?

YouTube and Google Adsense

YouTube has been a great way for a lot of smaller companies and even large corporations to get a lot of exposure.  If you are a small business owner or have become recently unemployed, there is a way for you to earn revenue right from your website using Google Adsense and YouTube.

YouTube Job Resume

A YouTube resume is a good way to get your name out there to employers.  This type of resume is not restricted to those seeking employment in a media position, it can be for anyone that is skilled at any trade.  A YouTube resume is an easy way to have an employer find out who you are and give them back story about your employment journey.  The excellent benefits of creating a YouTube resume is that it is free, gives employers a way to put a face to a list of skills and job experience and it can be created and posted for free.  You can even borrow a friend’s camera if you need to.  With free web hosting services, you can post your YouTube Resume online and improve your chances for employment.

Google Adsense Marketing

How does Google Adsense play a part?  Once you set up your website, which only needs to be a webpage with your YouTube resume on it, you can add Google Adsense advertising to the page.  That means that even while you are looking for a job, you can still collect some revenue.  This combination of Google services could help a lot of displaced or unemployed workers, to survive during this depressed job market.

Green Auto Insurance?

Green as in, ‘save the environment green’ for auto insurance.  You bet.  States across the U.S. are working on ways to reduce emissions and lower the carbon footprint of their citizens.  What better way than to get discounts on auto insurance for reducing mileage, getting fuel efficient or low emissions vehicles?

Several states are already looking to modify their climate plans for the next ten years and green auto insurance is already being included by two states.  The initiative is meant to compensate/reward drivers for driving less and considering alternatives to gas burning vehicles.  The more green your car, then the cheaper your auto insurance can be.

This will also benefit the auto insurance company in that with a reduced amount of people on the roads, there are less accidents.  This means less hefty payouts for the auto insurance industry.  This type of program is also an excellent away to alleviate traffic in areas where it has become a problem of logistics as well as pollution.

If all the states adopt a similar plan, most could profit, the lives of thousands could be saved and the environment spared that much more pollution.

Multi Media Explosion to Drive Home Buying Despite High Mortgage Rates

Buy a home now!  Over the next few months you are going to see a big media drive from realty and lending companies to buy homes despite the high mortgage rates.  Now is the perfect time for lenders to make a push to get more homes off the market and realty companies are following in suit.  The reason for this huge media push is that there is a large market of home buyers that were sitting on the fence about mortgage rates.  When the high mortgage rates don’t see a decline, it makes a home buyer nervous.

So, if you have started to see a lot more advertising urging you to make a home purchase now, it’s because they are counting on your fear of mortgage rates not declining for sometime.  That’s a perfectly logical assumption seeing as mortgage rates have escalated over the past few months and don’t show any sign of slowing.  It’s not a bad time to buy a home, the market is still a buyer’s market, but you will end up paying mortgage rates that are higher than four months ago if you act now.

If this media push is successful it could mean a large boon for the economy as banks start selling off their foreclosed properties.  Essentially, the prices that home buyers are going to get now will balance out in the long run with the current high mortgage rates that they should expect to see.

Can a Student Loan Consolidation be a Good Financial Move?

There’s a lot of mistakes that a kid in college can make, the biggest one is immediately over using their credit cards.  One of the biggest problems that young adults face is a poor education in the reality of credit and its use.  Some actually start signing up for as many credit cards as they can and cause some serious harm to their credit scores.  Another problem that college students face financially is impending student loan payments when they graduate.  Student Loan Consolidation can be a good financial step if it is used properly.

A student loan consolidation can take all of the loans that a college student has, some with varied interest rates and combine them under one lender.  This can actually save money if the lender is offering good rates.  A bad use of a student loan consolidation is freeing up the debt, creating more debt and then defaulting on the student loan consolidation.

If used properly, a student loan consolidation can help in freeing up money to move around to pay down other debts.  They aren’t meant to be used to increase disposable income as some college students might think.

Save Big and Travel Smart with La Quinta Motels

La Quinta motels are often rented by weary travelers trying to drive though the night and just can’t keep their eyes open a second longer.  However, planning on staying at La Quinta Motels could save you some big money on travel in January this year.

Laqunitas is currently offering great deals on weekend rates with most starting at $49.  Those rates are only valid on stays Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Rates for these special weekends at La Quinta motels and La Quinta Inns can be found on their website.

If you are travelling through Georgia between January 7 and 10th you could pick up some good deals with La Quinta Inns and La Quinta Motels.  Some of the rates listed on their site for travel in Georgia:

Acworth ($69.99)


La Quinta Inn Atlanta is showing some considerable savings.

Atlanta Airport ($69.99)

Atlanta Alpharetta ($59)

Atlanta Conyers ($75)

Atlanta Duluth ($49)

Atlanta Marietta ($45)

Atlanta Paces Ferry ($65)

Atlanta Perimeter Medical ($65)

Atlanta South – Newnan ($53.96)

Atlanta Stockbridge ($69)

Augusta ($52)

Calhoun ($64)

Columbus Midtown ($52)

Columbus State University ($65)

Dalton ($69)

Dublin ($79)

Hinesville – Fort Stewart ($92.65)

Kennesaw ($64)

Kingsland ($69)

Locust Grove ($89)

Macon ($62)

Macon West ($84)

Norcross ($59)

Rome ($69)

Savannah I-95 ($54)

Savannah Midtown ($55)

Savannah Southside ($62)

Statesboro ($49)

Union City ($69)

Warner Robins ($72.16)

Silicon Valley Now Using ME Domain Names For Branding

Silicon Valley is a little slow sometimes picking up on current trends, but then again, they were so used to being trend makers for so long.  The new thing coming out of Silicon Valley is their use of DOT ME domains to personalize their business presence.    There are four new startups coming out of Silicon Valley last week and is one that has already gone viral. has been bringing in huge revenue for awhile and is following in its footsteps.

What does that mean for small businesses right now?  Well, even though it wasn’t Silicon Valley’s trend to start with, they are really running with it.  So, yes, you will see a lot of smaller online businesses and startups using the dot ME domain extension in 2011.  That’s also going to mean that there will be a lot of domain hounds picking up the dot ME sites so there will be a gold rush, so to speak, for getting the clever names.  Some companies have already started picking up on the idea and have added the once little known extension to their brand.

Personalized domains are going to become a hot new trend, not only in the business world, but also for regular internet users.  Attaching your name to the dot ME domain extension is going to be an easy way for people to find you, find what you stand for and locate all of your social media in one location. is an app that is going to take a big role in making personalization easier. selling for 35 million last week is the biggest indicator of this trend being huge.  Scoop up the dot ME extensions before someone gets the ones that you want.

Let’s also keep an eye on what the Silicon Valley company, VisionSync, will do with its latest acquisition, which sources say is in stealth mode, but apparently, its platform will revolutionize dating in a personalized way.

E Health Insurance Helps People Afford Insurance

E Health Insurance is seeing a huge surge in enrollment because of the poor economy.  People are losing their jobs, their health benefits and can’t afford to pay Cobra prices so they are turning to E Health Insurance for help.  This is a good program because it takes into account the deductibles that you want and how much you can afford.  Then it searches the different insurance carriers and returns a list that you can go through.  Some of the plans are in some cases, better than what some companies are using now.

E health insurance makes it possible for those that recently lost their benefits, to find coverage that is affordable and fairly easy to obtain.  Your monthly payments could vary depending on the plan and the required deductible that has to be met.

Anyone that has recently lost their job and is concerned for the health of themselves or their family members could benefit from looking at E health insurance.  It can be dangerous for the wallet and for the lives of the ones that you love, without health insurance.  E health insurance is easy to use and it is free to join.

Changing the Fashion of the Foot with Lifestride

Working, walking, darting from meeting room to meeting room, we don’t think about the amount of pressure we put on our feet when the pressure is on us. This year might be the year of the foot. Since the foot can can cause so many other ailments throughout the body, including the back and the neck, comfortable shoes are going to be the new in-fashion in ladies apparel this year.

Lifestride shoes are the epitome of comfort and style. They understand the value of a classic shoe, and know how important comfort is. By taking all of this into consideration, they have come up with a large line of shoes that are perfect for everything from daily wear to impressing the executives in the office. Lifestride shoes are perfect for those that work in the city, or choose to use their feet for transportation.

It can be very challenging to find a shoe that can provide the type of comfort and support needed to satisfy your needs and they have taken the challenge and risen to the occasion. With Lifestride Shoes, there is no more necessity to bring and extra pair of shoes with you to the office!

How Free is a Free Credit Report?

Most consumers will completely ignore something that is being offered as ‘free’ simple because they have been burned in the past.  So, how free is free when it comes to a free credit report?  Well, while it is technically free, you will eventually be charged for a service. When you sign up, you give them your credit card and they will gladly bill you for the service of giving you your free credit report, every month.

Essentially, you can sign up and then cancel immediately.  Give it at least an hour though. You won’t be able to do it through the website either, you will have to call and speak with someone.  They aren’t going to make free as easy as they can.

So, while free, in this case, can cost a lot of money in the long run, this deal is not that bad, as long as you shut it down almost immediately.  A free credit report, does have a catch, but you can get it for free and with only minimal hassles involved.

Debt Advice, Student Loan Consolidation for 2011

Getting a student loan consolidation after getting out of college can be a good way to temporarily hold back some big payments that are going to be due.  Getting a fixed rate for the duration of the student loan consolidation can give you enough time to secure a job and not have to worry about overwhelming debt.  Debt advice can come easily to most, but the only debt advice you take should be from a finance expert professional.

Student loan consolidation debt advice should be followed if you are already running behind in payments.  It isn’t too late to consolidate the amount of debt into one, easier to manage student consolidation loan.

Students that are graduating in this current economy are finding that the market is not only flooded with their types of degrees but also that there is very little growth in jobs at the moment.  While graduating students seek jobs in this weakened job market, they are being bombarded with payments that are due and not being able to pay for them.  A lot of students, especially grad students have more than one student loan. Instead of getting hit with late fees on each one, they could use a student loan consolidation and make easy payments once a month until they can find employment.

Predicted Trends for Mortgage Rates and Refinance Mortgate Rates in 2011

Industry experts have been looking at 2011 as the proving grounds for the new decade.  At the end of 2010, the industry saw less people buying homes mortgage rates spiking and more people leaning towards rentals than purchases. How will 2011 be any different?

In an effort to stave off high inflation, the housing industry, along with lenders will work more closely together to keep mortgage rates lower and keep inflation down.  Should this initiative work, it should give the American worker a chance to save and put money towards the purchase of a home.

Mortgage rates will see a spike in early 2011, but if the plans of the experts shold succeed, that spike in shold decrease.  Encouraging more home purchases with lower mortgage rates is a smart move to stimulate the economy.  Another smart move that will be made is the lowering of refinance mortgage rates.  A lot of Americans lost their homes last year, but this year, lending institutions will work more closely with the home owner to try and keep them in their homes.

Are Mortgage Rates Ruining America?

The American dream has always been about getting that piece of propety that is your very own.  The idea of that American dream has changed drastically.  The new American dream is trying to reduce debt, get a FICO score improvement and not be evicted or foreclosed on.  When mortgage rates rise, it affects that American dream drastically.

With rising mortgage rates, people switch to a savings mode rather than spending.  That causes even further problems down the line and one of those is that less people will make home purchases.  Mortgage rates are closely tied into nearly every aspct of American life and the American economy.

Mortgage rates can dictate what crops farmers will grow this year and mortgage rates can even make for bad haircuts.  How could mortgage rates possible alter a haircut?  The less money that a hairdresser makes in wages and tips means the more depreciated their equipment will become.  Thus, dull scissors make for bad hair cuts.  The financial significance of mortgage rates, will become more apparaent, as mega colonies of businesses and services will band together to pay off properties and keep away from the fluctuating mortgage rates.

Can the Average American Alter the Direction of Mortgage Rates?

One American is strong, two, even stronger and the more that work together, the strong the force that they become.  More and small businesses and homeowners will understand the power of the combined effort in 2011.  As more houses are foreclosed on and businesses sink, business owners are going to have to band together to make positive growth happen.  Mortgage rates that are on the rise will affect every aspect of life for Americans.

Small businesses across the country may start to combine forces and funds to create mini-megaplexes for services.  Multi-service megaplexes, like strip malls, but owned by a co-op of busineses is one way to bring down mortgage rates.  These same idea can of course, be applied to residential homes.  If more families work together to battle against rising mortgage rates, then the more people that will find themselves not losing their homes.

Using cooperative methods to battle mortgage rates is a tradition that as predominant in the 1800’s, during the building of the nation.  As people became more comfortable and more independent, they moved away from the cooperative method.  When mortgage rates rise and inflation begins to show up, that is when more and more people turn to cooperative efforts to stay afloat.

Google Adsense and Google Adwords, Mobile Targeting Campaign

Google Adsense and Google Adwords, Mobile Targeting Campaign

What’s the fastest way to the modern consumer?  If you answered through their smartphone, then you are correct.  Those that are finding success with their Google Adwords campaign may want to check who they are targeting.

The default options when you start a Google Adwords campaign can be altered to fit your exact needs.  You can focus on mobiles or desktops or both.  If you want to find more customers, then create your Google Adwords campaign to include mobiles as well.

Google Adsense affiliates could stand to make more money by including a mobile mentality to their efforts.  Consider what the mobile user wants and you could make a lot more money with your Google Adsense program also.

The mobile market is the fastest way to the consumer, with apps and on demand services and information.  Google Adsense programs could double in generated revenue by including the mobile community strongly in their focus.

Costco Must Have Small Vacuum Cleaners for the Home, Vacmaster

2011 brings a whole new year of great household appliances.  This year Costco is keeping their prices low on their small vacuum cleaners.  One of their featured small vacuum cleaners to get is the Vacmaster 4 Gallon, 5 Peak HP, Home & Office Floor Vac.

These small vacuum cleaners are a must have from Costco because of their power in picking up any kind of dirt in the home, staples in the office and the wet vac feature makes it a very powerful spot carpet cleaner.

Costco carries a number of Vacmaster units for sale and has the entire line at reasonable prices.  Vacmaster makes use of their customer feedback and the amount of attachments that comes with the unit shows that this company cares about what the customer wants.  If you are looking to replace your spot cleaner or shop vac, then this Vacmaster unit would make for a great replacement for either.  It’s also handy as a car vacuum for frequent cleaning and the occasional carpet cleaning.

Costco also has the Vacmaster 5 and 12 gallon units for those that need more capacity.  The 12 gallon is a great shop vac and the 5 gallon is a wall mounted unit that really comes in handy in the kitchen or the garage.

What can we expect for Mortgage Rates in 2011?

Home buyers should keep a close eye on the recent rise in interest rates for new loans.  While mortgage rates fell sharply this year due to the economic crisis, as we get closer to 2011 rates are rising sharply.

The latest numbers from Freddie Mac show this weeks 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 4.86%, the highest it has been since May of this year.  Rates in the other mortgage categories are also up, following a trend toward a more stable level.

The national average 30 year FRM rates appear to be rapidly returning to their previously stable levels between 5.09% and 4.93% at the beginning of 2010.  Those rates at near 4% which we saw in November were the bottom of the years downturn.  Since November there has been a drastic increase in rates as the market appears to be bouncing back.  Market analysts are now predicting that this rise will continue into 2011, but new home buyers should not be discouraged.

Even as the rates increase, they remain relatively low compared to the rates of 2009. (5.14% in December 2009)  This is still a great time to get a good deal on a home.  In addition to the historically low mortgage rates, home prices are also expected to fall another 5% in the new year, so snap up some property while you can. Reviews ‘Remember the Milk’ iPhone App and Android App

If you love to be organized love Android and iPhone Apps or want to be organized then this mobile application will assist you in accomplishing just that. With the busy world we live in every minute is valuable and must be coordinate so none is wasted.

Brought to you by a company named, ˜Remember the Milk this mobile app is also called just the same and will help you remember all those little things you usually jot down on paper and then lose.

Think about how many times you have forgotten to get the milk while at the grocery store but that will no longer happen with this task management application. Organize your time more affectively and create to-do lists that you will never forget. No matter where you are going or what you are doing, so long as you have your phone you will never again feel overburdened with the everlasting lists of assignments, tasks and household chores.

Plan weeks and months ahead using Remember the Milk and include things such as notes, organize the tasks to your personal preference and receive alerts and reminders. All you need to do at this point is remember to download the Remember the Milk application and once you have it, you’ll never forget those annoying to-dos again.

Check out more reviews on apps at

Using Google Adwords to Bring in Customers

In the article entitled, “Using Google Adwords to Bring in Customers”, author Michael Whitlatch offers some excellent tips on effectively writing ads for Google Adwords.  In the article, Mr. Whitlatch says that writing a good ad is done by being as direct as possible.  There’s very little time between a customer loading a website and going to the next, for them to notice an ad.  By being direct, and using eye-catching words, your ad can best serve your marketing.

In the article “Using Google Adwords to Bring in Customers”, Mr. Whitlatch states:

Lets say that you have a cupcake business. When you are writing your ad you could simply say Cupcakes for Sale. That really could be all that it takes, I mean cupcakes are tasty and pretty much sell themselves. However, you do have some more text space available to make it a little more like, Sensuous Cupcakes for Sale. Perfect right? It would be perfect if you have a naughty cupcake business, but if you don’t then no, it doesn’t really describe your business. The words you use are very important in your ad. You have so little space to get a big message across and Sensuous Cupcakes for Sale wouldnt fit anyway because it is 26 characters with spaces.

Ads can show, including spaces, 25 characters for the title, 70 characters for the ad text, and 35 characters for a display URL so that’s not a lot to work with. On Google, text ads are displayed on four lines: a title, two lines of ad text (each with 35 characters), and a URL line. However, the format may differ on Google partner sites.

Mr. Whitlatch makes an excellent point about using the right words to best describe your company.  Even though everyone knows that sex sells, that ‘sex’ is one of the most viewed keywords, if you sell hand-made hats and use the keyword sex, you will get a click, but not a purchase.  That’s because someone that is clicking a link for ‘sex’ probably wants p ornograph y or something along that lines and probably not a hand-made hat.  When you are writing your ad, make it about your company, your product or service and you will get better results.

Comprehensive Insurance for Your Car or Insurance that is Cheap?

Everyone is trying to save as much money as they can right now.  Some are reducing their cell phone plans or adding people to their plans to get significant savings.  Another area that people are looking to cut costs is car insurance.  The choice that people are facing is whether or not to go with comprehensive insurance for their car or insurance that is just inexpensive and gives the minimum protection according to law.

That choice should be weighed against several factors.  Do you live in a high crime neighborhood?  If that is the case, then it would save you more money in the long run for you to have theft insurance on your car.  You might pay a pretty price in the premium, but it will definitely be much better than having to pay for a new car out of pocket, should it get stolen.

If you live near a bar, restaurant or liquor store, then you run the risk of being hit by a dui driver.  That would be a good reason to keep as much insurance on your vehicle that you can.

Sometimes saving the most money is not the best idea for each situation.  When selecting comprehensive insurance for the car or  insurance that is cheap and doesn’t offer great protection, then you would be better of paying more a month for that security of mind.

Low Cost Money Market Funds Against Higher Mortgage Rates Caused Inflation

Money market and low cost mutual funds often yield high returns and investors looking to protect themselves from inflation are flocking back to mutual funds.  There are a lot of investment fund companies that are ramping up their efforts to get investors to pay attention to the effect of rising mortgage rates on the market.  Choosing a money market fund is easy as long as you understand that with high percentages of return, there are higher percentages of risk.

Nothing is a sure thing, and money market funds, while they are great money makers, can still be a little dangerous financially.  This all depends on the amount of risk your money market fund carries.  When you are trying to buffer against inflation it is important to consider the risk of the investment.

The best way to select money market funds is to choose the ones that have a reasonable amount of risk and highest amount of return.  Theres no reason to get too greedy though, there are a lot of low cost money market funds out there and some have the potential to offer protection against rising mortgage rates and the potential inflation that they will cause. Free Apps, iPhone Apps and Android Apps for your Smartphone is easily becoming the best review site for social media and mobile media apps.  Its a great site to find out information about thousands of the best, free apps out there.  Apps are getting to be like music and movies, there are so many artists, so many different tastes that trying out every single free app that is out there could take more than a lifetime.  Thats why App reviews are becoming more important and helps their readers to find the best apps so you don’t have to waste your time downloading an app that is a stinker.

App developers are being encouraged to submit their apps for review to help consumers find them more easily.  Theres a lot of competition in iPhone apps and Android apps and they seem to be scattered across thousands of websites.  Theres even competition for recognition between the developers of free apps.  One of the initiatives that is using to unify the apps market is offering advertising.  By opening up the option to advertise on the website, app developers should become more centralized and offers that meeting place.

Your smartphone or iPod touch becomes much more powerful with apps.  With so many free apps out there and the increasing popularity of free apps, is a great place to find out which apps are worth downloading.

Google Adwords and Adsense, Marketing Moves in Online Business

In yesterday’s article entitled, Google Adwords and Adsense, Marketing Assistance for Online Business, the services were explained in what they are and what they do, but is there a better way to use them to make more money?  There are definitely ways to capitalize form Google Adwords and Google Adsense and that is where a strong grasp on SEO techniques come in handy.   You don’t have to be a marketing genius, but there are a few things you could stand to learn.  For instance, article directories and press releases.  If you don’t know what either are then you probably won’t make as much money as you could with Adsense.

Article directories are depositories of articles created by regular people that have an interest in writing.  That could be a engineer or a school bus driver.  Anyone that has information to share can post to an article directory.  Now, the interesting thing that happens, as it was designed, is that anyone else that has a website and wants to put that article or a link to the article on there can.  This creates a back link for the author, as the author is permitted to put a self promotional link or two in their story.

When you are using Adsense, keep in mind that back links are gold.  More back links means more money.  Check out some of the free article directories or press release websites out there to see how you can up your marketing game and profit from Adsense.

Cash Smart Marketing, About.Me Sells $10 Million Plus

Winning the lottery has nothing on the feeling of creating something amazing and selling it for lottery winning amounts. After roughly four days of being put up for sale, About.Me was purchased for over $10 million dollars.

If you have never been to About.Me then you may want to take a look. Its a very easy to navigate site that allows you to create a free profile that ties in all of your social networking sites. It gives you your own domain name in combination with your user name. Whats really fantastic is that you can upload a high quality picture of yourself to use as your background. This site is perfect for those that want a simple to make online resume.

Personalized Domains

Personalized domains and domains ending in .ME are becoming very popular. Self promotion is the highest form of flattery and adding a DOT ME to your name is an excellent way to promote who you are and what you are all about. Imagine [insert your name here] dot me. This makes it very easy to remember, looks great on a business card or resume and the prices right now on dot me domains is less than the generic dot com domains.

It doesn’t have to be your name though, it could be the name of your company or it could be a clever use of words like or

A really great use of this idea is the online meeting space that provides. If you are on a plane, train or drinking a coffee at Starbucks, you could try to remember some of the other meeting applications or you could simply think Dot me domains offer ways to be clever, cute, smart and always be in the mind of your target consumer.

Nikolas Gough, Internet Marketing Expert

Internet marketing expert Nikolas Gough says, .ME domains are perfect for branding your product. If you own a vacuum cleaner company like, you could further promote your main website by giving customers an easier way to remember your site. is an excellent use of the dot ME domain to promote a product. There happens to be a lot of different products and companies that use some variation of vacmaster and could potentially lose some business by customers going to the wrong site. By adding a to the equation, the Vacmaster brand of vacuum cleaners is now more personal to the customer.


While not everyone will see the same success as Tony Conrads startup and get a 10 million dollar payday, the dot me domain can bring more customers and increase revenue in by doing so.

Google Adwords and Adsense, Marketing Assistance for Online Business

Google Adwords and Adsense are two of the services that Google offers to businesses both offline and online.  Their inclusion in any marketing campaign can generate a lot of revenue for very little investment.  Even if you own a small business in a small community, you can still become global using Google Adwords and Adsense.

Google Adwords

This is a service that allows a member (anyone can sign up), to advertise on websites across the internet.  You can use as much money as you like, setup your marketing campaign based on a budget, days you want it to run and even how much you want to spend on each click that you get.  PPC, or pay per click is how advertisers get websites to display their ads, they pay the websites, through Google and Google Adwords.

Google Adsense

This is the service in which you can show those ads on your own website and make money for every click.  Really simple idea, and very easy to set up for your website.  In fact, Google even shows you exactly how to do it and generates the code for you.

Both of these services added to your marketing campaign can generate a lot of revenue.  If you just want to use one or the other, that is fine too.

How You Can Use $100.00 Google Adwords Credit to Launch an Empire

Google Adwords is a fantastic PPC marketing service provided by Google.  You can setup an account very easily and they make it even easier on your wallet by given you starter credit.  Google and Google Adwords are partnered with several web hosts and through those services you can get anywhere from $25.00 to $100.00 in credit for Google Adwords.

So how can you use this information to start a small business empire?  If you keep your budget under $100.00 for setting up your website, then you will automatically recoup that cost with the Google Adwords credit.  Some smaller online companies have divulged that $10.00 of Google Adwords credit can result in thousands of dollars of business.  Can anyone do this?  Absolutely, if you have the ability to produce a product or service and want to sell it online, then you can setup a website very easily.  You could even use the Google Adwords credit to promote a product you have for sale on Ebay or Etsy.

If you have the opportunity to get Google Adwords credit then you should definitely take advantage of it.  Its like Google giving back for the gazillions of dollars that it makes every year off of you clicking on advertising links.

Trump Institute on YouTube

Theres very little positive feedback regarding the Trump Institute on YouTube.  Most of the videos regarding the institute, that are located on YouTube, are either mocking Donald Trump or warning about how the Trump Institute is a scam.  However, there is a lot of information about the Trump Institute on YouTube that is straight from Donald Trump, Trump representatives or people that have attended the institute.

How connected is D.J. Trump to the Trump Institute?  Online sources report that beyond his marketing efforts and a part stake in the institute, his involvement is actually very distant.  There is also a lot of confusion between the University and the Institute.  Trump University was originally created to teach people online about real estate.  The institute is more of a networking club for people that don’t mind paying $1500.00 and getting information that some say can already be found on the internet.

Trump on YouTube has several videos in which he states the importance of networking.  The Trump Institute is really more about that belief in networking than it is about the nut and bolts of the real estate industry.

Using a Money Market Fund to Curb Rising Mortgage Rates

One way to compensate for rising mortgage rates is to invest in a money market fund.  This can be a delicate balancing game, but it is possible not to take as large a hit from the upward movement of mortgage rates recently and in the future.  Investing in a money market fund can be a good way to weather the changes during volatile economic changes like higher unemployment and impending inflation.  Those with fixed incomes are going to be a group that will see the biggest results of rising mortgage rates.  This group could possibly see benefits in the reexamination of their current financial strategy and inclusion of a money market fund.

When people are willing to pay 26% interest for credit cards, and larger corporations create a buffer of increased fees, having a money market fund could give the investor a chunk of those corporation’s revenue.  This strategy would create a buffer for the investor to compensate for rising mortgage rates and the inflation that it could contribute to in 2011.   If you can balance the return from your money market fund to counteract a volatile economy, then it should allow for a strong layer of protection for the next few years.

Best Money Market Fund for the New Year

The Vanguard Group is mentioned as one of the best money market funds because it offers low costs and high dollar money market fund assets.  Vanguard has been around for awhile and its strategy is fairly simple and solid.  The mutual funds market has long seen Vanguard at the top.

Most companies are looking to get your money, where Vanguard is looking for the same, they are also very much interested in making you money also.  The account rates being offered by this company are very attractive and serve their clients well.  When looking at the low cost mutual funds that Vanguard offers, one should keep in mind that the funds often yield higher returns in comparison to other money market fund companies.

Vanguard is also one of those companies that believe in customer service.  Not only can you manage your account online, but you can also call them and speak with a representative that is not only helpful, but courteous. This company has not lost sight of the human factor in the financial world.

Refinance Home Mortgage Loans and Current Refinance Mortgage Rates

Refinance home mortgage loans have been a safe and good move when the refinance mortgage rates were low, but what about now?  Now is in between a good and a bad decision.  The kind of decision that should be made within the next two months because it seems unclear about which way the rates will trend.  Some are saying much higher, while others say they will drop significantly.  At this mid range area that the refinance mortgage rates are floating in, some would say that waiting too long could be detrimental.

Those that have a good credit rating could stand to save some money.  However, if they were to wait, they would be in a good position either way.  If the rates go up, their mortgage rates could seem reasonable.  If they go down, then that would be the time to strike.

Time will only tell.  However, keeping an eye on the rates daily could have a significant affect on your monthly finances.  Keeping up to date with an online application or a mobile app is a good way to stay abreast of the news coming in on the changing mortgage rates.


Mortgage Rates Roller Coaster or Miniature Golf?

We are looking at some interesting happenings with the mortgage rates right now.  There was a substantial increase, it held on and now it’s starting to sink again.  Financial experts are saying to expect about 2 more months of increases in the mortgage rates followed by returning to numbers from mid-year 2010.

The mortgage rates in the past two weeks may have been affected by unemployment figures being higher than expected.  As more jobs are introduced, re-introduced and created, the mortgage rates should stabilize.  Is that really coming in the near future though?   Mortgage rates aren’t quite on a roller coaster ride yet, but the refinance mortgage rates are high and continuing to climb.

Insiders urge that people don’t panic, they’re not saying to go out and play miniature golf.  Don’t panic means, hold onto your savings, keep an eye on what the mortgage rates are doing and send good thoughts into the universe.  Most are already worried about inflation issues coming in the New Year.  Panic, definitely not, but being smart and cautious is always advised. asks, Kinect, Motion Technology for Apps?

Some news coming from the apps community is that the motion reading interface used in by Kinect, could make its way to some of the new smartphones by Summer 2011.  Why would you want to control your apps with motion sensing technology?  Answer: pure sci-fi awesomeness.  Remember when people kept showing you how moving the IPhone around could cause a metal ball to move around?  You thought those apps were great, but think about what you could do with Kinect type tech.

What we are looking at here are apps that can read your body and even expressions.  This, combined with the already fantastic facial recognition software that exists, is moving our apps to a new realm.  This is the dawn of apps that can tell if people are bored and ask you to play a nice game of Global Thermal Nuclear War.  How much would you pay to be able to have an app psycho-analyze you?

Does the technology already exist?  There are some programs that can read expressions on a person’s face, yes, but not with the accuracy that a life or death judgement would require.  The components are out there now and poses a very good question about the future of body motion and facial expression detection.

Lower Mortgage Rates in the U.S., Higher Interest Rates in China

Overall, the best thing about golfing with this system is that you can drink as much beer as you want and not have to stumble for a golf cart.  If you are one to drink when you play, then the home system is perfect.  You also don’t have to be embarrassed about your scores if your friends arent around.

Online sources are reporting that mortgage rates should be considerably lower mid year 2011.  Other sources are worried that if the mortgage rates don’t drop sooner, that the U.S. could be facing higher inflation.  China is already raising interest rates beyond 10% and this could cause some issues in the U.S. as well.  Currently, there are several hundred American companies that lease buildings and residential housing in China.  As the interest rates rise on housing in China, U.S. companies may be forced out or forced to pay whatever the Chinese government demands.  This could make China no longer a cost efficient area for conducting overseas business.

U.S. inflation may not get as high as in China over the next year, but the U.S. will be affected by the rising interest in China.  This could cause some higher prices in the auto industry as well as manufactured goods.

Day After Christmas Indicators for Mortgage Rates Increasing

The day after Christmas has long been a day in which financial experts determine their predictions for the next years 30 year fixed mortgage rates.  Currently, we are looking at many lenders trending above 5.125% with some still teetering on the 4.500% mark.  15 year fixed are not fairing any better.

Refinance rates, already being above 5.25% are looking at increasing to well over 7% at the end of 2011 according to some researchers.  This data will also affect home equity lines of credit with a possible 2.0% increase by mid 2011.

While this is only speculative data, many lenders use the information to plot out yearly objectives and sales figures for their companies.  The states that should expect to see higher than normal numbers, possibly two months into the year, will be Texas and New York.  These two cities are becoming notorious for their over inflated mortgage rates on properties that have continued to depreciate since early this year.

2011 may be a year for inflation and high mortgage rates, but it also may be a year for some slashed pricing on homes in Atlanta, Jacksonville and also in parts of California. Reports on Mortgage Rates and Other IPhone Apps has been reporting on some of the most popular apps that are online this year. Some of the highest ranking IPhone apps are in the area of financial interest. From mortgage calculators to live streaming updated mortgage rates, people are really starting to depend on apps to manage their money on a daily basis.

There are a number of stock market apps for those that need to follow the quick trading in the stock market. Mortgage calculators are also one of the most downloaded and cheapest applications available. Some of the other apps connect users to their bank accounts that are located off shore and can move the money undetected to other accounts around the world when needed.

This fast paced control over finances has been needed for sometime, but is it reliable. states that most of the applications are reliable, but there are some that get into the mainstream that should never have made it. Just be on the look out for low quality graphics and functionality, which should be immediately apparent, even before you make the purchase.

Mortgage Rates Predicted to be Lower by Mid 2011

A number of online sources are claiming predictions for lower mortgage rates by June, 2011.  If these predictions hold true, it could hold back inflation and increase the number of home purchases for the upcoming year.  That would make now a good time for investors to put a little money back into the housing market.  Buying homes now with the intention to sell in June could show a boom in the market starting as early as late January.  Mortgage rates being higher now and the New Year approaching may show sellers lowering their asking prices for some really great properties.

These properties could definitely thrive in a market where buyers are looking at much lower mortgage rates.  It’s still a buyer’s market, but the current market is more for the investor in homes to flip rather then personal home buyer’s wanting their first or second homes.  Buyers that are waiting on mortgage rates to return to numbers we were seeing early in the year are making it a much better market for the investor.  Buying now while the rates are in a mid range puts a home buying investor in a very strong position for an early return on the investment coming up this June and July.

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Madoff’s Mortgage Rates Folly

Bernard Madoff might have fooled hundreds of investors, almost made off with millions from these trusting souls, but did he really harm the regular person, the one that is working their butt off to make ends meet and that are dealing with rising mortgage rates?  You bet he did.  Madoff’s part in the housing slump is huge and only a few news agencies have reported this.

The Ponzi scheme, played on the right people, could sink an entire nation.  Yes, one man can manipulate the financial events of a country.  We have seen it before, one instance in post 9-11 America was the manipulation of airline stocks by foreign investors after the attack on the Twin Towers.  Then, we saw airlines crumble and since then, we have been playing catch up to keep them going.

So, Madoff being able to manipulate mortgage rates is not that far off.  What is going on with the mortgage rates currently is only the initial after effects of some of the top money makers in America being duped for millions of dollars.  The average American is definitely harmed by what Madoff did, his Ponzi scheme and the top players that were wrangled in by the greed of easy money.

Are Mortgage Rates Controlled on the Golf Course?

Most people are aware that a good amount of business is conducted outside of boardrooms and on the golf course, but does that include mortgage rates?  American lenders, CEOs, contractors, foreign investors and government workers all play golf and each of them plays a part in the way that mortgage rates go up and down.  Sure, the home owner, legislation, current world economics, all of these play their part in how mortgage rates go up and down, but is it possible that one game of golf could shoot mortgage rates up to line the pockets of a small group of golfers?

If this hypothetical golf game conspiracy to manipulate mortgage rates was to work, it would take some powerful players.  Powerful, not in the sense of 500 yd drives, but more in the arena of politic and high finance.  Who would stand to benefit from a manipulation of mortgage rates?  Anyone with a large interest in American properties for one, banks that are dependent on government bailout money for another.

Theres a lot that the American voter can control, but theres a lot more that large governments and greedy banks can manipulate.

Could the Chinese buy America During Mortgage Rates Fluctuations?

During the 80s one of the biggest fears of the American worker was that the Japanese were going to buy up most of America.  While it certainly appeared that way and the 80s did show a large amount of Japanese investments in American companies as well as U.S. properties, the Unites States is still going strong.  However, with the current mortgage rates and immense debt that we are facing, there are new fears arising about the Chinese taking advantage and collecting U.S. properties for development.

Mortgage rates at their current upward trend may cause inflation, which would send the average American home into turmoil, with prices being too high and money being tight, the Chinese could make some lucrative offers and still get residential, commercial and industrial properties for very low.

This could cause a problem for the U.S. because current conditions are forcing entire towns to dry up.  While there is a certain amount of irony in that we have been paying Chinese workers very low rages to produce our products and now they are in a position to buy a good portion of American properties.  The American Dream could turn into a nightmare for many Americans as more Chinese investors take advantage of the current market.

Did Santa Bring Lower Mortgage Rates for 2011?

Everyone will probably be playing with their new toys, fighting through crowds, returning what didnt fit or what didnt work and getting ready for the New Year. Lower mortgage rates were probably on a lot of peoples lists this year, but will we see any reduction in the upward trend that mortgage rates have been taking over the past month?

Sure, we are still looking at lower numbers in comparison to 5 years ago, but the upward trend is putting us very close to what we were looking at then. 5-6.8% doesn’t seem too unreasonable, considering the housing market slipping back into a slump and lenders trying to shake the coffers for more cash. If we are to see 6.0-6.8% in the next few months then expect inflation.

Wishful thinking is wonderful for most of lifes little surprises, but inflation, higher mortgage rates and lower numbers in home purchases don’t tend to be modified with good intentions or wishes.

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Purchases of Online Stocks Slowing as People Move to Stable Trading

With recent news about the economy, mortgage rates on the rise and people losing their jobs left and right, online stocks are slowing to a halt.  Many have pulled out of the market, while others have stopped their online stocks trading and are allowing qualified stock brokers take over the accounts.  This is a smart move, because the current market volatility would cause an ulcer for even the most experienced trader.

Better the other guy get the ulcer than you right?  With the slowing of online stocks for a more stable arena, people are pulling out all of their funds and some are even suffering penalties.  While it isnt a panic, there does seem to be a trend to more reserved trading as day trading is making its way out.  There seem to be stronger and more reliable financial moves for those people to make and they are taking advantage of that.

Industry insiders want people to hold on to their stocks and ride out the rocky parts.  Its the short term investors that are pulling out while long term investors continue to remain steadfast.

Real Estate Leads in the Southeastern Market

Recent updates to the Southeastern Commercial real estate leads in the Southeastern market are showing developments put on hold as going back to the bank.  That is opening up some opportunities for investors and developers to take advantage of these real estate leads before agents get a hold of them.  In 2005, especially in and around Atlanta, Georgia, a number of hotels were scheduled to go up.  Currently the land is cleared, pipes laid and foundations were started, but a lot of the projects were stalled.

The properties have sat there for around 5 years and never quite made it off the ground.  That has left an abundance of real estate open for both commercial and industrial developers looking to grab up land on the cheap.  The real estate leads were compiled by a small group out of Georgia Tech for a masters project.

Those leads are now available and have been entered as a compilation into the public domain.  The leads include estimated pricing for the parcels as well as city and state documentation.

Last Minute Shopping Ideas, Stocks Online

You can count yourself among the millions of other people that waited to the last minute to do their shopping.  Stores are going to be crowded all day and parking is going to be an absolute nightmare.  The usual backup plan of shopping online is probably already too late for most stores.  You still have a chance with, JC Penny and the Gap, but those are soon to be gone and you may have to think about other ideas with faster results.  Stocks online would be a good gift or even a Netflix account.

Theres a few things like stocks online which are difficult to send as a gift, but there are some other options like services that can be gifted easily with an email.  How about a massage or a bikini wax that you purchase online and gift to your friend.

There are also other services that can be sent as gifts through the email like a magazine subscription or ITunes credit.  Then there is also the best gift of all, cold hard cash.  Consider sending your friends or family cash through  They make it easy to get money anywhere in the world and that’s probably a lot faster than Santas reindeer.

The Top Tech Business Predictions for 2011, Mobile Apps and Personalized Domains

Apps everything! The future of business is the app market and that includes everything apps you can think of.  Mobile apps, TV apps, Smartphone apps and apps websites and businesses will succeed or fail based on their management of their apps marketing and position in the apps market.

Personalized websites and domains like (the domain and website just sold for tens of millions of dollars a week after its launch). We are predicting that more businesses and internet savvy investors will be launching .ME domains and personalized websites to generate traffic and revenue to their core business.

Online Dating will continue to dominate the market with blinding fast speed as virtual dating becomes more popular.  Virtual dating is a fantastic new concept in which online daters can go through a simulated date in a variety of locations with their dating partner located anywhere in the world.  This provides a safer and faster way to meet people before going on a real date.  Online dating sites are now specializing in niche market dating venues such as Senior dating as the senior demographic takes more of a lead in 2011.

Share your predictions with us below:

Mortgage Rates Today, Is it Time for a Mortgage Refinance?

The mortgage rates today do not look like they are going to drop and may even rise at the beginning of next year.  Logically, this would mean that it would be a good time to do a mortgage refinance.  Locking in some good numbers could really change your take home income and improve the quality of your lifestyle.

Last weeks mortgage rates compared to mortgage rates today are considerably lower and that is effecting mortgage refinance across the board.  With so many Americans having waited for better numbers, it appears that they may have missed the boat.  There does appear to be a second chance in getting a mortgage refinance that could significantly alter your mortgage payments for the better.

Just keep an eye on mortgage rates today and see where they go.  During this season they may tend to rise a little.  At the beginning of next year is the real indicator of where mortgage rates will trend as well as the mortgage refinance numbers.

Why Will Military Showing by S Korea Modify Refinance Mortgage Rates?

When there are major world events all the world reacts in different ways.  The recent military activity in South Korea is sending a shock-wave through the world that will make each country react in their own way.  North Korea will be the most affected by the military showing, where the U.S. might see an increase in refinance mortgage rates.  The UK could tighten up on their exports and imports and Australia may be prepared to send in medical supplies to North Korea.

These ripples will make the world change in little ways and the effects of these changes will always be long lasting.  Refinance mortgage rates in the U.S. may go up because people will become nervous, close up on their savings and change their financial plans all together.  This type of effect is common when there is strife in the world.  U.S. citizens that were only days ago looking for mortgage refinance no closing costs, may now want to sell their home altogether.

This type of change has happened with every war in the world, especially World War I and World War II.  Strife in the world doesn’t only affect mortgage rates today, but even causes events like baby booms and people building nuclear bomb shelters.

Fighting with Your Lender for Home Equity Loans

You’ve paid your mortgage on time every month.  You even have it set up to where its an automatic draft.  You are doing everything right, yet your bank is making you jump through hoops for home equity loans.  You have bills to pay just like everyone else and there are some big expenses coming up, plus any medical bills that you have wanted to take care of are all keeping you in debt and the bank isn’t making it any easier.

If you are having trouble secure home equity loans then you might want to try a different approach.  Send your personal banker a basket of fruit, flowers, a new pen.  Sure, it sounds like bribery, but its really just a way to keep you in your banks mind at all times.  If you don’t feel comfortable sending it to one person, then get a little gift for everyone in the bank from the tellers to the security guard.  Theres nothing wrong with being nice and if it helps to secure home equity loans then it is something you should do.

Know the name of your banker, their kids names, their pets names and maybe even their mothers name.  If you can make this personal then you stand a better chance of securing the loans you need.

Steady Climb to 5% with Mortgage Rates Halted?

The 30 year fixed mortgage and FHA 30 are holding steady, but how long will this last?  Low volume of trading during the holidays will usually can spike the mortgage rates, but that volatility has not affected the mortgage rates as of yet.  Volumes are slated to be even lower today and will remain low until the New Year.  As with every end of year, lenders will take this information and determine the mortgage rates for next year.

This will be a rough time for the markets as it is this time of year each year.  Those that want to avoid the volatile market and its effects should lock in whatever is best for them now.  Waiting until the New Year for mortgage rates to modify lower may be a mistake.  The available mortgage rates, while they remain stable, could spike as they are expected to due to end of year market conditions.

Keep in mind lenders are offering the current rates to those with an average FICO of 740.  Your rates could be more or less depending on your current FICO score.  Another thing to keep in mind this time of year, in relation to mortgage rates, is how unsecured credit can negatively affect your score.  Try not to make a lot of large purchases using credit at this time of year to avoid giant dips in your score.

Can You Get More Secured Loans with Home Equity Loans?

Using your home equity loans to get more secured loans may not

really work in the way you think it might.  Home equity loans

can damage your credit initially, but after a few months of

being reported it can start to show some very positive marks,

which will then allow you to obtain more secured loans.

The credit card companies are looking at the length in which

you have had your home equity loans and the same goes for the

banks and lenders.  If you have not had home equity loans on

your report for at least 6 months then there is not enough data

for the lenders to make a decision.  The better idea is to

either try to get secured loans before applying for the home

equity loans or simply wait until more data has been


Secured loans through credit card companies aren’t that

difficult to get because they are simply set up to get you to

pay money so that you can use your money.  However, with recent

events in the financial world, these lenders are becoming more

strict because information was recently released on how one can

use secured loans to manipulate a credit report positively.

This has caused some regulation agencies to take a look at how

these loans are weighted on the credit reports.

Using your home equity loans to get more secured loans may not
really work in the way you think it might.  Home equity loans
can damage your credit initially, but after a few months of
being reported it can start to show some very positive marks,
which will then allow you to obtain more secured loans.
The credit card companies are looking at the length in which
you have had your home equity loans and the same goes for the
banks and lenders.  If you have not had home equity loans on
your report for at least 6 months then there is not enough data
for the lenders to make a decision.  The better idea is to
either try to get secured loans before applying for the home
equity loans or simply wait until more data has been
Secured loans through credit card companies aren’t that
difficult to get because they are simply set up to get you to
pay money so that you can use your money.  However, with recent
events in the financial world, these lenders are becoming more
strict because information was recently released on how one can
use secured loans to manipulate a credit report positively.
This has caused some regulation agencies to take a look at how
these loans are weighted on the credit reports.

Thug Fashion, Black Credit Card and Mortgage Rates, the Real Bling

Bling is subjective.  To the follow of hip hop fashion and rap music thug; fashion and a black credit card are high quality bling.  To the homeowner, mortgage rates being at a reasonable percentage is the real American bling.

Of course, anyone with a black credit card probably isn’t too concerned with mortgage rates because they could just slap on a couple of multi-million dollar homes with mortgage rates at 12% and never blink.

While you can’t wear a mortgage rate on your neck like thug fashion, you sure can feed your family when the rates are lower.  Right now mortgage rates are skyrocketing and for those of us without a black credit card, times are getting tough.  The UK and The U.S. are both in for some rocky times and are concerns for bling are becoming less and less.

The governments sure seem to think that they have unlimited spending power, perhaps American Express should let them know that it has to be paid back in a month’s time or their countries could be severely penalized.

Does Obama Want Us to Believe in Home Equity Loans, Mortgage Rates and Food Stamps Too?

President Obama asked us to believe.  He asked, “I’m asking you to believe.  Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington…I’m asking you to believe in yours.”  If everyone claps their hands and really, truly believes in politicians, then mortgage rates will start to drop right?

Home equity loans are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain from lenders that have made requirements more strict.  Mortgage rates continue to dive, not only in the U.S. but also in the UK.

Belief can only take the American worker so far, right now they believe that food stamps and unemployment will run out and they will be left with nothing.  Obama seems to have lost touch with American life, with the American people and as mortgage rates rise, home equity loans dry up and people are being stripped away of their homes and income, belief in anything in Washington seems to be misplaced.

Americans should definitely believe in their own ability to make real change in Washington.  With problems with finances like mortgage rates and home equity loans, Americans should believe that in 2 years than can clap and believe in a new leader, one with the power to affect our financial status, not just our social status.

Debt Settlement Program to Compensate for Higher Mortgage Rates

The news is making it quite clear that mortgage rates are trending high.  What does this mean for you?  That debt that you have been paying off slowly is about to bite you in your¦wallet.  Before your mortgage jumps up, you need to get that debt down and you may want to enter into a debt settlement program to see if you can have some of that debt negotiated away.  This is a proactive move that will help you in the long run.

Having to play catch up because mortgage rates are eating your income will cause a cavalcade of debt collectors wanting their piece of you before its too late for them.  Getting into a debt settlement program can prepare your finances for the big hit that they are about to take.  Any amount of debt that you can reduce just means more money for you to throw at the effects of mortgage rates on the rise.

A debt consolidation or a debt settlement would be two of the best options to lower your overall debt and put you in a stronger financial position in the New Year.

Organizing your Finances Through Debt Consolidation to Keep up with Mortgage Rates

Mortgages rates are rising and people are scrambling to try to get a pay increase or just trying to organize their finances to prepare for the cost increase in the next months.  A lot of people are considering debt relief programs or debt consolidation to maintain financial health.  Not a lot of people are aware that mortgage rates rising could mean some serious debt occurring and those that are ready are better prepared.  Heres a little information that you might need if you are thinking of combating increasing mortgage rates with some financial maneuvers:

Consolidation Programs these are loans that help you lower those high interest rates that you are paying on your credit cards.  Your lender pays off your debts and you pay back the lender.  It can be a productive relationship and is one of the key components in overall debt consolidation and cutting debt.

  • Credit Card Consolidation this is where you put all of your credit debt into one loan.
  • Bill Consolidation utility bills, bills to hospitals or lawyers, any kind bill that you have to pay can go into this loan and be paid down slowly or at your own pace.

When Mortgage Rates Attack: Less Laser Hair Removal, More Depression and the Decline of Economy Travel

Mortgage rates in the U.S. and Britain are increasing daily.  What does this mean for your wallet or your purse?  Many people in both countries, especially in Britain which already suffers from a proclivity for this problem will become massively depressed.  The more depression means that there will be less people going to work and less money going around.  The economy travel that both countries were used to will now dry up and with less money, those laser hair removal treatments are going to become a luxury expense.

Mortgage rates affect so many specific areas in our lives, even which food we decide to eat, let alone laser hair removal appointments.  Of course, people are going to be depressed, having to sit back and watch the numbers rise knowing that for each point it goes up that’s more money straight from your paycheck.

The biggest hit industry will become the economy travel industry, which means that more people will be staying at home instead of leaving the U.S. or Britain.  This, along with the mortgage rates increasing will cause inflation in both countries.  This is a problem that we are going to be seeing for a very long time, so settle in, its going to be a bumpy ride.

Overnight Mortgage Rates for U.S. Homeowners

30 Year Fixed     5.02%    Up from 4.90% last week

15 Year Fixed     4.37%    Up from 4.24% last week

5/1 ARM              3.76%    Up from 3.55% last week

30 Yr Fixed Refi                 4.99%    Up from 4.79% last week

Mortgage rates over 5% may indicate inflation; however, the rising mortgage rates may be a result of a positive growth economy.  While the mortgage rates are on a sharp increase, home buyer applications remain steady.

Other events happening in the first few months of the New Year will be Britains mortgage rates increasing, retirees can expect to see taxes reduced and payroll taxes will be reduced around 2%.  Payroll taxes being reduced by this amount should save the American worker around $1k on average.  Many federal employees have had their salaries frozen for the next two years.  This is part of a national debt reduction program.

If inflation rears its ugly head, there may be a 2 year period in which housing and economic growth are stalled.  However, at the end of the 2 years there should be a huge boom in the housing industry.  Lenders may be looking at new legislation that will mandate mortgage rates during those two years.

How Will Britain’s Increased Mortgage Rates Affect the U.S.?

Travel to Britain for the rest of the world may have just gotten a little more expensive.  With increased mortgage rates happening in Britain in the coming new year, many Americans that have been travelling to England may be facing increased fares.  Britain has been dealing with very low wages with no increases or hopes of pay growth for a number of years.  This, plus the mortgage rates will potentially lead to Britain looking for increased revenue to promote job growth.

This could mean a lot more problems for the U.S. and Britain as far as economic trade.  With Britain facing so many problems, it may also mean a decrease in exports or an increase in tariffs on imports.  This could potentially become a very large problem which could leave both Britain and the United States very vulnerable to economic terrorism.

Mortgage rates rising in Britain could potentially lead to the entire collapse of their housing market much like that happening in the United States.  Time will only tell whether Britain can weather this potential financial calamity.

Mortgage Rates Could Rise for Britain

Britain could be hit with an drastic increase in mortgage rates.  Homeowners are gearing up for being hit with a large increase that may change their take home income significantly.  The Confederation of British Industry release a report that blames both high inflation and low pay growth.  The CBI warns homeowners to anticipate higher mortgage rates with the coming New Year.

With slow growth expected in the next two years, homeowners in Britain may find themselves living in difficult conditions.  The report not only warned about the impending increase in mortgage rates but also described in lengthy detail how relying on credit cards or personal loans may cause an increase in the severity of the situation.

Credit card debt is becoming a national concern for Britain as more people are using credit cards to supplement their lower income wages.  If homeowners are hit with this increase in mortgage rates they very well could see the same scenarios that many American homeowners are facing now.  This could in fact, sink a lot of households in Britain and the overall debt of the nation.

Increased Mortgage Rates Creating a Big Market for Cheap Car Insurance

˜On the cheap has always meant trying to get the most out of life while spending the least amount of money.  While this frugal mentality has been a way for those that have money to keep money, now because of increased mortgage rates, it has become a matter of not having money and needing to find it.  If you have already cut off the cable and are using candles instead of electric lights then you have already looking into cheap car insurance.

Insurance is one of the last things to be cut because of the vital importance to protect oneself from the calamities that life affords.  The increase in mortgage rates is changing the face of the American economy again and many are worried that it may have a turn for the worse again.  This is where there is a big market being opened up in the cheap car insurance industry.  People understand the need for insurance but don’t want to have to spend the money that is being demanded from the top insurance agencies.

If the mortgage rates actually drop, then cheap car insurance wont be as much as an issue and a lot of people might actually turn their cable back on.  In the meantime, the seemingly constant state of flux that mortgage rates are providing is just making people too nervous.

Thug Fashion is a $2 Billion A Year Industry According to BusinessWeek

Two turn tables and a microphone turned thug fashion into a culturally important fashion movement known as hip hop fashion or thug fashion.  On All Things Considered, on NPR radio, in an interview conducted by Guy Raz, Dan Charnas, author of The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop, chronicles the history of the big business of hip hop and thug fashion.

The book covers the early years of the industry and goes year by year through the record breaking, revenue generating business of hip-hop.  The curious thing is that hip hop is a $1 billion dollar a year industry and the fashion that has spawned from that industry is a $2 billion a year business.  Charnas stated, black artists were really not only embracing but insisting on their own self-worth. This is why hip hop has become a culturally defining movement in music as it reinforces the strength and creative ownership of not only a lifestyle but of a people.

Fashion and jewelry has always been an expression of the background of a culture and thug fashion is no different.  This is a very important and powerful industry with a well rooted history.

How a Parent Can Nurture Their Childs FICO Score with Secured Loans

Ah, to be young again, naïve, impetus, bad credit due to no credit.  If your child has just turned eighteen then it might be a good idea to help them through the tough times ahead that most kids are facing now.  Not many kids have parents that are willing to teach them the good uses of credit; in fact, most educational systems completely ignore it.  Help your child be obtaining a secured loan so that they can learn to use credit responsibly while obtaining credit report activity.

Secured loans are perfect for those that have never established credit before.  This gives them a real opportunity to have an established credit report in at least the good range by the time they are twenty.  At that point they can drop the secured loans and move to unsecured credit cards.  If they are in college at that time, they should use the cards for book purchases and pay it off right away.  This will help them establish a good history and responsible spending and payment habits.

Starting with secured loans is a way to protect your child from irresponsible actions like applying for ten different credit cards right away.  This can make a serious and detrimental impact on their scores and should be avoided.

Locating the Top Secured Loans Uncomplicated

With so many secured loans being offered by multiple lenders it can seem to be a decision that is convoluted with a lot of shady deals, slick tricks and ridiculous terms designed for the desperate.  Just because your credit is bad, slow or off track right now, that should in no way make you feel desperate when you are trying to determine the right secured loans that will most benefit you.

You need to be completely honest with yourself.  Do you need secured loans; will it help your situation?  Consider the circumstances that have led you to the decision to try this method to bring your credit score back up and manage your finances in this manner.  If you have been shopping for a debt relief company or possibly considering debt consolidation but can avoid it, then you should definitely not get tied up with that right now.  A secured loan would be better than those options.

If your FICO score has dipped over a few months, then this type of loan could get it moving in the right direction again.  Just play it smart, only do a max of two secured loans, max them out, pay them down immediately and you should see a significant jump in your score.

Best Buy Gift Card Ideas for Him for That Last Minute Shopper

Shopping for men is either extremely difficult, or extremely easy.  They almost always fall into these two categories and very rarely anywhere in between.  If the fall into the former of the two you may need some help coming up with ideas.  Here are a few of the best buy gift card ideas for you to try:

  1. The newest gadget “ whether its a new cell phone or an mp3 player, a new gadget can make your techy man extremely happy.  With technology advancing so quickly, there are always many new ideas for you to choose from.  Try a Best Buy gift card or even a Gamestop gift card.
  2. Sports equipment- whether its a golf club, tennis racket, or baseball glove, they are sure to not only get a lot of use out of it, but will truly appreciate and be grateful for it.  Play it Again Sports or Dicks Sporting Goods gift cards would do the trick.
  3. Memorabilia- get them an autograph from their favorite sports hero or other star.  This can be pretty easy to find on auction sites; just make sure they provide a certificate of authenticity.  Ebay gift card, PayPal gift card, those should do the trick.

These are just a few general ideas that can be tailored to fit your guys interests to a tee.  No matter what you get for them, as long as you put a lot of though and effort into it, that’s all that really matters.

Mortgage Rates Today at BOFA Showing Signs of Improving on 30 Year Mortgage

Theres been a lot of news about mortgage rates today going up to at least 5%, but Bank of America is showing 4.75% on their 30 year mortgage.  There are several lenders that are now working to lower the rates to keep in line with BOFA, one is CitiMortgage.  Still, other lenders are continuing to increase their rates to break away from the trend of actually looking like they care about their customers and their customers well-being.

With the unemployment rate teetering at 10% this week, BOFA seems to be the only lender that has any idea of what is going on with the economy.  Hopefully mortgage rates today from BOFA will be an indicator of where this lender is going with their rates on a 30 year mortgage.

With continued efforts at lower mortgage rates today, Americans might start thinking of owning a home with a 30 year mortgage as the American Dream again instead of overwhelming debt.  Lenders are seemingly creating a vast imbalance in wealth by creating a nation of those indebted to their high mortgage rates.

Are Mortgage Payment Calculators Broken Because This is Nuts

If you have been considering buying a house and were waiting for mortgage rates to go down, then you have been hit with a lot of bad news lately.  If you have sat down at your computer to check out mortgage payment calculators then you may have had to try a few, because the rate you check two weeks ago has seriously gone up.  What should you do at this point?

Using one of the mortgage payment calculators, add 1.3% more and expect to see that rate in two months.  As the mortgage rates rise, its causing some panic with homebuyers and those that were waiting are now wondering if they should strike now before it gets any worse.  Consult with a financial planner and see what they think, but if what the mortgage payment calculators are telling you is true, then you may not be able to afford that new house by May 2011.

Even if you were to wait for the rates to go down, it might not be that significant.  Now would be as good a time as any to commit to the house.  Rental rates for apartments and rental homes are also going up in 2011 and a lot of people may find themselves without a home by December of next year.

Home Refinance Rates and Bad Credit Mortgages Under Obama

With current Obama policies, home refinance rates are steadily rising and the chance for getting a bad credit mortgage is simply out of the question for most.  What needs to change with the policies in Washington to get the housing market back to where it needs to belong?

Having bad credit will seriously hinder getting good home refinance rates and there is almost no such thing as bad credit mortgages anymore, the only ones that come close require you to have at least fair.  This of course, changes from lender to lender, but most lenders wont even consider you for a mortgage if your FICO is under 600.  While theres nothing that Washington can do for you bad debt, except cut taxes so you get more money; there is something that can do to get home refinance rates under control.

Washington needs to set the standard for what it is going to take to get the housing market moving again and they can do that with suggesting that lenders play fair and play on the same team to get some of these foreclosed homes sold to families that need them.

How Repeal of Dont Ask Dont Tell Will Produce the Best Mortgage Rates

The repeal of Dont Ask, Dont Tell is not only a social move by Washington, but also a financially motivated one.  Dont Ask, Dont Tell is the policy that does not allow a member of the armed services to reveal their sexual orientation.  The policy went to senate today and after seventeen years has been slated for termination.  The financial motives of this move were to progress other possible Obama initiatives towards the legalization of gay marriage.

This is a heavily debated topic amongst many groups, however, in Washington; the financial motivations are also a factor.  If gay marriage is legalized, it will offer the best mortgage rates to the country.  It could possibly lead to a housing boom and stimulate the housing industry.  Lenders would then need to offer the best mortgage rates to new homeowners looking to buy as the amount of people that would take advantage of this union are in the millions.

Whilst the repeal of this policy will be celebrated for the obvious social progress that it will make, it may also be used as a way to re-forge the nation financially.

30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates on the Rise to 5%

The 30 year fixed mortgage rates went from a low of forty years in the previous month to a whopping 4.61%.  Rates are on the rise and this is due to the Congressional plan for cutting taxes that is currently up for approval.

30 year fixed mortgage rates going up is causing the housing market to seize up.  Those looking to refinance their mortgage ha dropped off.  Even though, most people understand that the daily 30 year fixed mortgage rates can go up and down dramatically, many are taking it as a sign of more problems to come.  Home buying activity may increase once the rates are shown to be in decline.

The problem that most are foreseeing is the increase in inflation that these higher rates will bring.  Strong economic growth, even the temporary kind that is being seen now, could eventually increase inflation and buyer spending.  As it is, home buyers might be dropping off, however, many might be waiting for the rates to decline rapidly.

Use a Home Equity Loan or a 2nd Mortgage to Fund Your Education?

If you are one of the many millions that have lost their job due to layoffs or slowing business then you may be reentering the education system to gain some new work skills.  There are several reeducation programs that are available, but these are mostly for technical or vocational colleges.  If you are seeking a bachelor, masters or PHD, then you may need to personally fund your commitment using a home equity loan or a 2nd mortgage.

Both the home equity loan and the 2nd mortgage are very similar, but the home equity loan historically have less interest associated with them than the 2nd mortgage.  The 2nd mortgage offers a longer term for pay off, generally 15 years but the interest rates are going to be much higher than a home equity loan.

One nice thing about the 2nd mortgage is that they generally have a fixed rate as opposed to the home equity loan which have a varying rate.  In the long run, the home equity loan may save you more than anything else.

Home Equity Loans Dip the Economy and Shake Mortgage Lenders

Debt from home equity loans are up this year and as the year ends mortgage lenders are showing signs of worry.  Homes have lost equity to the tune of an additional 1 trillion from last year and there does not seem to be any signs of recovering that anytime soon.  With this trend continuing into 2011, homeowners may not qualify for home equity loans and mortgage lenders are going to have to deal with some very high mortgage rates and mortgage refinance rates.

2011 will bring about more negative equity.  In a comparison between homes of 2010 and 2000, more homeowners are paying over 25% of the actual value of their home.  When they apply for home equity loans they are getting a very big shock in the decrease of their homes equity value.  Even though this should lower the mortgage refinance rates; they are in fact climbing rather steadily.  Foreclosures are having a very large effect on the numbers as well.

Obamas Easy Money Mortgage Refinance Loan and Home Loan Rates

The Home Affordable Refinance Program has recently been extended for an additional year.  The program makes it easier for those trying to get a mortgage refinance loan, roughly 5 million homeowners, to secure that money.  The program was approved by the administration and should help those that owe 25% more than the value of their house.

Several homeowners have already taken advantage of the mortgage refinance loan and are now not only saving money, but are now able to make payments on time.  Those that are eligible have to meet certain rules for this mortgage refinance loan under the Obama program.  The homeowner has to own a 1-4 bedroom house, cant be backed by Fannie or Freddie and cannot be late on their current mortgage for more than thirty days in a 1 year period.  Several millions of people have found that they are eligible for the mortgage refinance loan and have made significant gains from taking advantage of it.

If you are looking to find out more about this program or need more information on current home loan rates, then your qualified lender should be able to give you more information.  The program has been extended into mid 2011.

Recession Proof Secured Loans and Debt

In what most people are calling a recession, secured loans are being used to keep credit scores higher.  On average, most Americans are discovering that their scores are taking big hits and they are trying to maintain at least a fair rating by using secured loans.

The debt that most are facing is causing many Americans to face decisions between buying groceries for the week or paying the mortgage.  Those that are having to make this kind of decisions are looking for a way to regain composure of their finances.

Some are turning to debt consolidation loans in an effort to pay down their unsecured loans.  A lot of banks are not offering this kind of loan and some are having to go through debt consolidation companies.  Wells Fargo is trying to help their customers by lowering interest rates and monthly payments by offering loans to those that qualify.  The loans can be used protect assets as well as homes from repossession and foreclosure.

A lot of people are also using secured loans to pay off their other debts so that there is some positive activity from each account and in that way they are keeping their credit scores high and protected from an large dips.

Car Insurance and the Car for Christmas

Those that are getting a new car for Christmas may be in for a big shock when it comes to how much they will have to pay for car insurance in 2011.  Newer cars are bringing higher premiums in the upcoming year.

Many that are getting a newer, more expensive car could see an increase in their insurance premiums for their car insurance anywhere from 12%-33%.  This is making the car industry nervous as it may keep some consumers worried about investing in a new vehicle for years to come.

The reason for the insurance hike is a cost of living adjustment for most car insurance employees at most of the agencies.  There have also been a record number of payouts this year from accidents, especially with the problems that the Toyota vehicles saw at the beginning of the year.

Many people may have to hold out on that purchase of a car for Christmas this year because of the increase in car insurance.  Some are even considering switching over to motorcycles to avoid paying the glutted prices.

The Culture of Debt Being Created by Student Loans

Students graduating in 2011 may have a harder time locating job positions in their fields.  This could put a strain on the economy as the students will not be able to pay off their student loans.  Across the nation, undergraduate and graduate students may default on these loans left and right.  Jobs are scarce now and without a major job recovery program going in to place until 2013; these students could end up living at home with their parents and cause a major strain on their parents financial resources.

Some student may have to continue to get loans and stay in school just not to default on their loans.  This is essentially causing a culture of debt for the future of America.  This debt will eventually hold back technological progress as students are kept in school just not to fail in paying off their student loans.

This will become a major problem for the growth of the economy and if it is not addressed, the problems could be far reaching and long lasting.

Allstate is Now Beating Geico for Car Insurance

The month of December has historically been the best time of year to get new insurance for your home and your car.  Prices tend to rise around February so if you are looking to get a new car insurance policy now would be the time to do so.   When you are thinking of switching your policy, make sure that every safety feature that your vehicle has is taken into account.

When switching to a new policy for your car insurance, you are probably doing so in order to get a better deal.  If you want to get the best deal possible then you should go over your car and consider every feature possible and also take into account your driving record.  If you have not had an accident for a number of years then you should get a safe drivers discount.

Allstate is actually advertising that they will give you a bonus check for safe driving while under their policies.  This is starting to eat into Geicos money because the general idea that Geico is the cheapest is starting to change in the publics perception.

Student Loans Found to be Cause of Slowing Economy

Student loans are causing some interesting economic effects both in China and in the United States.  Currently, grad students leaving school with their degrees are having trouble finding jobs in this economy.  They have to take jobs that are normally left for high school aged students and this is now displacing the high school aged workers.  Instead of working the high school kids are now getting into more trouble outside of school and the home and are forming gangs in some areas.

The gangs are causing a strain on the already weakened by force cuts, police and may be causing even more problems as teen pregnancies rise.  Student loans, while only being a splinter reason of this growing epidemic are still making it harder for grad students that can no longer defer the cost of the loans because they are no longer in school.

With less jobs available, grad students that are in need of money to keep from defaulting on their student loans are becoming stuck and in some rural counties are forming communes to keep up with the rising cost of living.  Some of these farms are making a profit though and may continue to do so by growing and selling vegetables as well as pig and sheep farming.

Secured Loans used in Money Laundering

Secured loans that are being used to raise credit scores are not carrying the same weight that they used to.  Credit card companies that have invested in their push to get consumers using secured loans or secured cards are now reconsidering the move.

The credit reporting agencies are now modifying how secured loans are waited when reported both negatively and positively on the report.

Reports from the big three of credit reporting are showing that secured loans that are defaulted upon will show a greater negative impact on consumer credit reports and any positive movement has been cut in half.  This method is being used as a deterrent to using secured loans or secured credit cards in money laundering.  This is mostly a practice being used in Asia, but it is affecting the US markets as well.

This is unfortunate news for a lot of debt consolidation and debt relief companies that were also making a move to secured loans and cards in an attempt to increase revenue.  This is supposedly a temporary adjustment and should return to normal reporting in the next three years.

Home Equity Loans, Saving Homes from Foreclosure

Those homeowners that have been searching for a good home equity loan may be in luck.  As the year draws to the end, lenders are offering some great deals on a home equity loan and other financial products.  As of late, homeowners have been able to correct some of the effects of the economic downturn by getting a home equity loan to cover and gaps.

The home equity loan when used to save your house from a foreclosure is quite an exciting theory that is being put into practice a lot lately.  The actual home equity loan is completely tax deductible when it is used for the specific purpose in which it was applied for.  So, anyone that is using it to save their home can use the home equity loan while also profiting from it on taxes.

Home equity loan officers are giving homeowners lines of credit so that they can make payments on the house and keep up with monthly bills.  A home equity loan for the most part only has the interest paid on it for a while and this is also making it a lucrative choice for homeowners with this option.

Refinance Mortgage Rates Increasing as Feds Pass Tax Cuts

There are several real estate companies that are wondering how long the buyers market will continue.  Most reports are showing that it will end around mid-year of 2011.  This is currently a state of stabilization and as refinance mortgage rates are rising along with the mortgage rates the buyers market is coming to a close.

Tax cuts were recently put in place by the Republicans include spending measures that may be driving the increase of interest rates.  The rising mortgage rates are pushing buyers out of the market and those that are worried about the refinance mortgage rates should also be concerned.

Even though it may seem that it is a period of recovery, any wrong move by the feds could very quickly crash any gains that have been made in the past few months.  The housing market may continue to be depressed but large recoveries may soon be possible if the government allows the growth and doesn’t stall further progress with anymore tax cuts.  As refinance mortgage rates go up, there may be an increase in foreclosures.

Refinance Mortgage Sparking Lenders to think Locally

There are several lenders that are trying to make a refinance mortgage available to anyone in the nation.  Several lenders have gotten together to try to prevent people from having to lose their homes to foreclosure.  These lenders are offering refinance mortgages at low rates so that people can actually salvage their homes.

These lending groups are not only doing this to help local communities but they are actually making a profit.  With the notoriety that they are receiving, their ad sales for their brochures have gone up as they try to supplement their revenue.  These lending groups are finding ways to make money elsewhere with other services and are then able to keep the refinance mortgage rates considerably lower.

While this is not yet a statewide practice, many other lending organizations are considering the tactics that are being used by these established groups.  Those that are now able to get a refinance mortgage are able to keep their homes and have agreed to advertise on their lawns where they got their refinance mortgage from.

This type of community effort is what is keeping many small towns alive during the economic downturn.

Mortgage Rates Changing up the Buyer’s Market

Higher mortgage rates are changing the way that the market is operating.  Currently, the strong buyers market is changing very quickly.  As mortgage rates are on the rise, then the buyers may just dry up.  Right now there are a lot of homes that are in foreclosure and no one is buying them.  This may be because the mortgage rates data from Freddie Mac are showing that a 30 year has now increased to nearly 4.25%.

As rates continue to rise, most buyers will start looking to rent and that is going to leave a glut of houses on the market.  That may eventually lead to the feds having to lower the mortgage rates again or destroying the houses and taking a loss.  Currently, the banks are having to spend a lot of money on maintenance for the foreclosed homes and some of that is being recouped in this higher mortgage rates.

Buyers are really going to lose out if they don’t act quickly while the mortgage rates are low.  If they continue not to act then they will find that they have missed the boat on the buyers market.

Using Unsecured Credit Cards as Secured Loans

In trying to quickly raise credit scores, many card holders are creating their own secured loans to manipulate scores in their favor.  Apparently, by making a large purchase on your credit card, one that would be about 80% of the credit limit, it will initially drop your score about 6 points.  However, if that purchase is paid off in full within a months time, then the score can raise around 12-20 points.

This process can be used several times over the course of three months to get a nearly 60 point boost in your FICO score using your credit card just like secured loans are used.  This would mean that the card holder should have the amount for the complete purchase in their bank before they make their purchase.  The funds would need to be committed to the purchase.

Then the card holder would use their credit card, make the purchase and wait at least two weeks to simply pay it off in full.  Because of slow reporting, the effects may take the entire month to register.  Secured loans work in roughly the same way, but with a larger initial loss in score and then a greater increase as it is slowly paid down.

Possible Refinance Mortgage Rates Tampering by National Lenders

The homeowners that have decided to wait to see if the refinance mortgage rates would drop have essentially missed their turn.  As talks of federal government investigations increase, there seems to be some turmoil slated for the market through the end of the year and to mid year of 2011.  Anyone that was considering the refinance mortgage rates as stabilizing were absolutely incorrect.

The government investigations in to refinance mortgage rates tampering are, according to sources, slated for the end of the year and into early January.  However, while the investigations are underway, lenders may continue to raise the prices and have any wrongdoing grandfathered in if the investigations into the refinance mortgage rates shows any wrongdoing.

Refinance Mortgage Rates are showing signs of market manipulation because of sharp rises and fluctuation.  It has become more apparent because of the timing of the rates rising at the end of the year as lenders try to close books on 2010 results.  Essentially, this is a last ditch effort by lenders to increase their revenues and maximize tax incentives.

Many may wait until the investigations are over, however, the rates would still take at least half a year to re-stabilize.  Homeowners that were looking at the refinance mortgage rates to determine if it was going to be possible to stop foreclosure are now going to face losing their home because of possible unethical actions by national lenders.

Refinance Mortgage – Federal Government Investigations Likely

Many may have missed their opportunity to get a refinance mortgage because the rates are currently on an upward trend.  There are those that are expressing concern regarding this trend as it may stall any hopes of the housing industry making a recovery.  There are also those that feel that as the rates rise, it will push those that were on the fence to make a decision to buy now.

This is a terrible gamble, as a refinance mortgage could really help those that were looking to keep their homes out of foreclosure.  This may mean that several states could see a huge jump in foreclosures over the next few month.  That will give the New Years housing statistics a giant black mark that will carry through the entire year.

This could mean that those that were looking to refinance mortgage could be in for a very bad surprise.  As lenders try to recoup losses, the interest rates will rise and it will be nearly impossible for someone to break away from their current mortgage structure.  With an increase in foreclosures at the end of the year as banks try to write off as many losses as possible, this obvious manipulation may lead to some further investigation by government officials.

Mortgage Rates Jump to Meet Expected Rise

As Mortgage Rates jumped up this week, most are now looking at 4.75% on a 30 year fixed.  There are a lot of different reasons floating around as explanations, however it would appear that, as with most things financially related, Wall Street investors have shown very little interest in the housing market.

The incredible jump in mortgage rates are going to make it much more difficult for those with lower credit scores.  Currently, 4.75% is being offered to those having a FICO of over 740.  It would appear that the over 600B dollars that were allocated by the federal government to prevent this has been spent with no affect.

Rates on the 15 year and 5/1 Arm are also fluctuating.  The mortgage rates on a 30 year are expected to rise over the next 3 months.  If the current trend is used as an indicator, home buyers could be looking at mortgage rates of 6.3%.  Many see this as a simple market correction and that the mortgage rates will return to more reasonable rates by mid year of 2011.

Why Use Secured Loans to Raise Credit Scores?

Many might be wondering what the big deal about secured loans is.  The idea seems flawed in concept; its a loan that you are essentially funding for yourself?  This is essentially true with secured loans, as you can fund them with cash, but you can also use other forms of collateral.  This is where much of the confusion about secured loans is generated from, the difference between assets as collateral and cash.

There are cards in which you can fund them with your cash and these are a form of secured loans, however, these are often just referred to as secured credit cards.  These are nearly the same as a debit card except, the credit card version often reports to the credit card agencies whereas a debit card does not.

What good are cash secured loans though?  The benefit of the cash secured loans are the impact that they can make on you credit score.  With a lot of positive activity being reported to the credit card agencies, these can greatly benefit the subscriber.  Although, keep in mind that even with secured loans, it is possible to get negative reports also.  They work the same as a credit card in that there can be annual or monthly fees for using the service and there are payments that will be due based upon your balance, despite having already secured it with your cash.

Damaging America Without Refinance Mortgage Options for Farmers

What could a refinance mortgage mean for American farmers?  Currently, there are over ten thousand farms in the Midwest that are slated for foreclosure.  If the farm owners were able to get a refinance mortgage they could save their farms.  However, local lenders appear to weigh heavier on the side of greed rather than the more patriotic side of assisting those that feed Americans.

The refinance mortgage problem that the farmers are experiencing appears to only be symptom of a greater problem.  Lenders priorities are more towards their bank or other lending institution that they work for.  If priorities were to shift towards the good of the common American, especially the farmer, there could be a boon of similar thinking in other areas of national interest.

The continuation of greed for greeds sake means that the very core of the nation is being weakened.  Lending institutions that are not offering refinance mortgage options to farmers are in fact harming America and the American way of life.  Essentially, food costs will rise because farmers are having to meet unreasonable mortgage expectations.

Many Midwestern Farmers are coming together in the next three months to address this problem in Washington.  If lenders in the Midwest continue with current trends, it could mean the collapse of our national food sources and could eventually lead to more government owned farms.

If Mortgage Rates Drop it Could Result in Economic Growth

The current Mortgage Rates on average are keeping people from making a home purchase.  Many have been waiting for the mortgage rates to lower as they continue to rise.  Have they missed their moment?  This may be a tactic to move potential buyers to take action and spur a home buying boost.  Will this tactic work?  Possibly not, it could stall the home buying sector and keep it stagnant over the next year.  However, a sudden drop in mortgage rates would virtually double the amount of home buying purchases in the next year.

With a sudden drop in the mortgage rates, those selling their homes would be able to turn around and make a new home purchase.  With this alteration in the current tactic of raising mortgage rates, the nation overall would benefit as it would allow those wanting to make purchases in other states to do so.  This would also free up income that is being tied up for a home purchase.

There could be a sudden home buying revolution as soon as the mortgage rates drop.  If they continue to rise, then the nation could be in for a much longer period of recession.  If this sudden drop were to occur in the next two months, it could cause a period of economic growth.

Lower Refinance Mortgage Rates – Study Shows Potential Boost to Economy

Data being collected by a number of colleges nationwide are showing that by keeping refinance mortgage rates lower may not only entice people to stay in their homes, but it may even encourage economic growth.  The data being compiled for a nation wide study is showing that most Americans would look favorably upon static refinance mortgage rates if they were to remain that way for six months into the New Year.

The data being presented to Washington in three months shows that on average, Americans that are currently considering walking away from their mortgage would reconsider if they could get refinance mortgage rates that were reasonable.  In doing so, this would give them more disposable income after a short recovery period.  This influx of money would then be used to increase purchases for items that they have been limiting themselves to in order to pay their high mortgage payments.

It was stated by several of those in the study, that they felt they could personally help the economy recover if they did not have to give 90% of their income to their mortgage lenders.  On average, many people refinancing at the current refinance mortgage rates would save around $220.00 a month.

Mortgage Refinance – Push Back for Results

Walking away from your mortgage because you can not currently pay each month is not wise without first trying to get a mortgage refinance.  Unfortunately, according to recent data, over fifteen thousand people in the past three months have simply walked away from their mortgage.  Many had stated that they did not even think about getting a mortgage refinance because they were under the impression that it was impossible.  Others had tried a mortgage refinance only to be turned down by their lenders.

There are other options besides abandoning your home.  There are currently several government programs in place and soon to go into effect that will help Americans in getting a mortgage refinance.  Before walking away from everything you have worked for, check the federal government websites to determine if you are eligible for any of the current plans designed to help Americans in the same situation that you are in.

If you are getting the run around from loan officers then you may need to push back.  A mortgage refinance is a viable option in saving your home but they are costing the lending community a lot of money.  You will most likely run into some resistance, however, you need to step up your efforts and remain persistent.

Secured Loans that Offer Security?

One thing that secured loans don’t always offer the security that people are looking for when using this option to repair credit.  While secured loans and secured credit cards can be used as a method to build or repair bad credit, they are not a one size fits all kind of repair tool.  If your credit history has been marred by judgments and other collection efforts, then secured loans would be a good start.

However, if your credit score is simply low because of no or slow credit then secured loans are really only going to do very little on their own.  What you would need to do is come up with a plan that included secured loans and cards and then move on to actual credit cards.  It used to be said that store credit cards were the way to build credit, but this is no longer the best way.

The best way to get your credit rolling would be to combine secured loans and secured credit cards with a card that offered a reward program.  You would probably start off with a low credit limit.  You could then pay your monthly bills with it, pays it off immediately, or at the very least on time and this will get your credit rolling in a positive direction.  The nice thing is you also get to reap the rewards of the card and treat yourself for responsibly using credit!

Financial Independence with a Home Equity Loan

As fears of losing Social Security continue to increase, seniors are becoming concerned with cost of living increases and not having enough to sustain their lifestyles.  Many are turning to a home equity loan to maintain their financial independence.  Seniors that have been financially responsible their entire lives are now running the risk of not being able to pay for medical bills, medicine and are having to borrow using a home equity loan to stay afloat.

For many seniors, this is an issue of dignity and not having to submit to living in an elder care facility paid for by their estate or their children.  To remain outside of this type of facility, many who have been independent their entire lives, own their home and need money have added a home equity loan as a viable option to maintaining their lifestyle.

Seniors are seeking sound financial advice from banks and the home equity loan is a financial product that can assist someone that is in trouble.  It can really be of benefit to seniors to investigate all of the options that are available to them and not have to be forced to live somewhere that they don’t want to be.

There is a lot of help for anyone in need.  If you are a senior citizen, own your own house and want to remain independent, then look into the home equity loan products that are available at your bank.  There may still be a way to free you from the prison of financial doubt.

Homeowners Looking to Refinance Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are going back up and we have Washington to thank for it.  Anyone that is stuck with a house that they are paying way more than its current value are probably trying to get refinance mortgage rates and turning up dry.  Even Freddie Macs rates are jumping up again.  Anyone that has been waiting to buy is also in a pickle because they are going to run into problems if housing becomes unavailable or get in at a high rate.

It may shortly turn into a sellers market again as people that are refused refinance mortgage rates try to sell to recoup some of their losses.  This may be good for those that are trying to buy now while the rates are somewhat reasonable.  Mortgage rates are still in that historical low area, but with the fluctuations in the market, that may not remain so for very long.

Homeowners that were able to refinance mortgage rates mid-year appear to have made the right decision.  Some thought that they could have done better, but it appears that they would be paying 1.25% more had they waited only a few months.  Those that are still waiting for lower rates may end up losing on that gamble.

Housing Agencies Battling Over Mortgage Rates

The highest federal agencies that are in charge of housing policies are battling over programs that were created to assist borrowers whose home value is less than what is owed on their mortgage.  The FHA could stop foreclosures but other agencies have problems if the program included firms like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Those two agencies are controlled by the federal government and if they were affected by the new policies then it could make mortgage rates go up and cost the taxpayers.  Currently, 25% of people with mortgages owe more than the value of their home.  These people are very vulnerable to actions of foreclosure because banks and lenders are making it rather difficult for a refinance mortgage.

President Obama is currently reviewing the policies and says that the program could in fact be a good way to avoid foreclosures.  If those that are looking for mortgage refinance while refinance mortgage rates are low, then they may need the participation of Mae and Mac because they control 50% of the mortgage market.

Getting a home equity loan or secured loans under this program would be incredibly difficult and because the Obama administration is attempting to both minimize the loss for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as keeping people in their homes, they may need to increase taxes to make the program work.

Sink or Swim Houses Through Refinance Mortgage

People that currently owe more on their house than it is worth are looking for ways to get a mortgage refinance.  Unfortunately, most Americans are in that situation and the refinance mortgage rates are slated to go up in the next two years.  Those looking for a home equity loan are also finding that they can not qualify for one because the value of their home has lowered.

As mortgage rates soar and people are unable to get a refinance mortgage, more and more houses are being foreclosed on.  Currently under the plan by the FHA, the government is offering incentives to lenders that are able to reduce loan balances for homes that are in an underwater position.  In this way, the borrower will be able to refinance and get a lower loan which will be insured by the FHA.

This new program has been available since September and it is taking some time to go into effect.  As housing policies and public opinion change, it is possible that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, may have to come on board with these types of programs.  The program may begin to work as more and more lenders adopt the program before they themselves lose even more money by not offering the refinance mortgage plans that the government is calling for.

Fed Rolls Out Stimulus To Keep Mortgage Rates Low

Fed Rolls Out Stimulus To Keep Mortgage Rates Low

While everyone has said that interest rates can’t stay low forever, the Federal Reserve announced this week an injection of money into the economic system.  This injection this week helped rates to get below 4%, which historically is the lowest in decades.  Many mortgage watchers expect these rates to hold the rest of this year.

The average rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage is 4.23% with an .08 origination fee, according to Freddi Mac.  Amy Crews Cutts, Freddie Mac’s deputy chief economist said, “I think rates are going to do about what they are doing now.”    The reason for this optimism is the government’s pledge to print a lot more money.  And when we say a lot of money, we are talking $600 billion dollars.  With this spurning the buying of treasury bonds which have forced rates down, many people are skeptical of the long term effects.

With the economy dangerously close to price deflation, which is the overall rate of inflation when it is close to zero, deflation could create a cycle of falling prices.  These falling prices could lead to falling wages and even more job losses in the immediate future.  Japan went through this years ago in the 1990’s, and it lasted more than 10 years.  It seem the U.S.A. economy is headed for the same fate as more money is being printed all the time it seems.

Proof of this concerns exists within the current housing market in America.  The lowering of house prices has created a sense of panic among many home owners and housing markets across the country.  To keep deflation from hurting the rest of the economy, the Fed is trying to raise the annual rate of inflation to its target 2% mark that it has set forth.  Cutts also said, “When the government prints money, inflation will follow.”  Let’s hope she is right for the housing markets sake.

While the measures taken from the government to keep interest rates low is seeming to work, it most likely will run its course to allow rates to eventually hike back up.  Most experts see the rats twitching back up at the beginning of the new year.  For people who are wondering if rates will get any lower, Cutts had this to say, ” Don’t be greedy.  Don’t worry about playing the market.”  While rates will  change a little bit here and there, now is the time to refinance your home mortgage if you qualify.

Time To Refinance Your Home Loan Mortgage Rate

Many Americans are rushing to their home loan lenders to lock in on the historically low mortgage rates that have recently hit the market.  With the Federal Reserve injecting over $600 billion dollars into the financial industry, treasury bonds are going like hotcakes.  This overselling of treasury bonds has led to record  low interest rates within the last few days which has November looking like a fantastic month to pull the trigger on doing a home refinance mortgage.

These low rates don’t only sound good, but the benefits of them are extremely worth it.  For example, with a lower interest rate, the mortgage payment that you currently have will be greatly reduced.  Not only will the monthly payment be lower than it used to be, but the money that is paid every month for the home goes to more of the principle balance than to interest fees.  This means that people can get more house for the money, and pay it off faster without having to pay for the home 3 times over after the course of the loan has run out.

With the recent rate drop, many people are able to refinance their 30 year mortgages to 15 year mortgages for the exact same monthly payment.  Americans that have good enough credit can benefit from this as they can own their home free and clear in half of the time.  Refinancing is what is keeping the mortgage lenders in business these days as Bank of America produced $72 billion dollars in mortgages in the third quarter, but 64 percent of that was refinances.  The national average for mortgage rates right now is 4.24 percent for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, and 3.63 percent for a 15 year mortgage refinance according to Freddie Mac this week.

While these rates do sound fantastic, you must also be able to meet the criteria and guidelines set forth from these mortgage lenders to be able to participate in a mortgage refinance.  Qualifying can be a bit tricky, as most people’s credit scores have been effected by the recession.  With job losses and higher costs of living, many people have had to rely on credit cards and other methods to survive. This maxing out of credit limits drops people’s scores, and the debt to income ratios are also hard to meet these days.  For those Americans that can qualify, there has never been a better time to refinance!  These rates are projected to go up the beginning the next year, so the time to act is now!

Refinance Mortgage Rates Hit All Time Lows Under 4%

With the economy still sputtering out of control, the federal reserve announced this last week that they would be injecting over $600 billion into the economy.  This measure was made to keep interest rates at all time lows so that consumers will continue to buy homes and  help strengthen the faltering housing market.  As the largest mortgage lender in the United States, Bank Of America is reflecting this federal money injection as they are offering refinance mortgage rates under 4%.  With rates this low, many Americans can benefit from refinancing their homes this month as rates have not been this low in decades.

With rates at all time lows, there are still issues that many consumers are having.  Over the recession, many people have had their credit scores suffer due to job losses, and other issues that have caused people to max out their credit cards to survive.  Most refinances that are happening these days require at least a 740 score with a debt to income ratio of about 40% to be able to quality for the fantastic rates that Bank of America is offering for a refinance.  While there are many people with less than perfect credit, there are also those who are able to take advantage this November and refinance their home mortgage with Bank of America for rate that are under 4%.

Over the next few month, Americans should be taking advantage of these low rates spurned by the federal injection of money into the financial system.  Many people will take advantage of refinancing their homes to get some extra money for Christmas, upcoming tuition, and anything else that requires some extra money.  Millions of Americans are looking to spend billions of dollars on gifts this holiday season and may find it wise to cut back and save a little bit of money.  Saving on a home refinance loan is just one way that many Americans are choosing to keep some rainy day cash in their bank accounts and other places.

While these rates are getting lower and lower, it will just be a matter of time before they go back up.  With this looming rate hike in the future, many Americans will feel obligated to take advantage of these low rates to not only save money, but to also get some extra cash for the upcoming year.  With rates under the 4% mark at Bank of America, now is the time to take advantage of a home refinance mortgage.

Bed Bugs Extermination Business Sees Large Profit In The Form Of Blood-Sucking Bugs

A lot of pest control businesses throughout US are stating to capitalize the invasion of bed bugs. The bloodsucking parasite means huge money for both victim and pest exterminator.

Unlike other businesses, the exploding bedbug business is expected to last longer and grow due to the nonstop expansion of parasites. Bed bugs do not fly, but they are very quick and very skilled bugs and they can move from one place to another through hitchhiking inside purses, shoes, luggage, clothes, and shopping bags.

Bed bugs are hardcore insects; they can survive for up to a year without food. These parasites are commonly found in college dorms, nursing homes, day care centers, libraries, funeral homes, and even movie theaters. Female bed bugs lay 1, 2 or more eggs per day and hundreds during a lifetime. These parasites tend to congregate in certain areas, but it is common to find a single bug or some eggs scattered in almost everywhere.

We are on the threshold of a bedbug pandemic, not just in the United States, but around the world,” said Missy Henriksen, spokeswoman for the National Pest Management Association, an industry trade group to MSN. They can go into clean and dirty properties alike. They are equal opportunity pests.

Pests exterminator and insecticides manufacturer are likely to generate big profits. Revenues from bedbug extermination recorded $258 million last year. In 2006, the industry recorded $98 million, according to the trade group. The group represents 7,000 pest control companies and industry officials projected that the revenues in pests extermination will boom more this year.

It is absolutely out of control right now, says Andy Carace, owner of Pest End Exterminators, based in Derry, N.H. Bedbugs have been identified as the single most difficult pest to treat in our industry, Henriksen noted.

GM To Recall 3,996 Cadillac SRX Crossover Due To Power Steering Problem

General Motors is conducting a voluntary safety recall of its 2010 Cadillac SRX crossover model. The recall affects 3,996 SRX crossover models produced in December 2009 which were sold in the US and 341 were exported to China, the automaker said in a statement Thursday. The automaker is recalling the vehicle to repair the power steering lines that may get damaged and leak fluid.

Based on GM analysis, the issue is believed to exist in only two or three of the recalled vehicles. If the line is damaged, power steering fluid could leak, and if the fluid sprays onto hot engine parts, an engine compartment fire could result. GM said in a statement.

GM said there has only been one reported fire related to the power steering problem. Fortunately, there have been no crashes or injuries as a result of the defect.

GM said that dealers will notify consumers with questioned vehicles through mail. The inspection and the replacement of the power steering fluid line, which are equipped with 2.8-liter engines, will be performed for free, GM said.

The sales of the Cadillac in the US were up 44 percent through the first nine months of 2010 in comparison with last year sales. SRX sales has jump fourfold in that period to 36,730 vehicles.

Tesla Motors Recalls 439 Electric Roadster Due To Potential Fire Hazard

Electric car automaker Tesla Motors is voluntarily recalling 439 or one-third of the 1,300 electric sports cars it has sold so far due to possible fire.

The Palo alto, California-based automaker said it is recalling Roadster models 2.0 and 2.5 after an incident where a low voltage auxiliary cable in a single vehicle chafed against the edge of a carbon fiber panel in the car, creating smoke and possibly fire behind the right headlamp of the vehicle. The issue is limited only to 12V low voltage auxiliary cable and does not involve the main battery pack or main power system.

The company played down the news, saying it made the decision recalled their car after a single customer incident.

Tesla’s Service team has started notifying customers via email and has initiated a mailing campaign. Tesla Service Rangers can perform the service at customers’ homes or offices. The service takes approximately one hour, the company said in a statement.

So far, the company successfully sold approximately 1,300 of the expensive Roadsters, which cost $109,000 apiece.

Citigroup Banker Stephen Trauber Reportedly Getting $30 Million Pay Package

The newly hired Citigroup’s energy banker Stephen Trauber, lately an energy banker at UBS in Houston, could earn up to $30 million over the next three years colossal pay package in his new job at Citi.

According to Wall Street Journal report, Trauber landed himself the deal just months after Kenneth Feinberg, the pay czar of the Treasury, ended his management of Citigroup’s pay practices. Citigroup still partially owned by the government.

The Journal writes:

Mr. Trauber is regarded as one of the best-connected energy bankers in Houston. He stands to be among Citigroups most highly paid employees, with 2010 compensation at $9 million or greater, according to people familiar with the matter.

Citis investment-banking chief and its retail-banking head in 2009 earned $11.3 million and $10.4 million, respectively, according to a public filing. By contrast, Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit took home a symbolic $1 in salary in 2009 and 2010, as the bank tried to emerge from government support.

Trauber could take home $9 million or more at Citigroup this year, the Journal noted. Vikram Pandit, the bank’s CEO, will take home a symbolic salary of just $1.

“Competitive compensation practices are integral to retaining and attracting the best talent, which is critical to the success of Citi and all its stakeholders,” said Citigroup spokeswoman Danielle Romero-Apsilos.

Hyundai Motor Recall Nearly 140,000 Hyundai Sonata Sedans In US Due To Steering Problem

Hyundai Motor initiated a voluntarily recall on almost 140,000 2011 Hyundai Sonata due to the vehicles steering columns problem that could lead in a loss of or reduction in maneuvering capability.

The questioned car that was manufactured between Dec. 11, 2009, and Sept. 10, 2010, are subject to the recall, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Hyundai Motor America told the NHTSA it is voluntarily initiating a safety recall of Sonata sedans to investigate the cause of steering problems. You can check your cars manufacture date on a sticker on the drivers side doorjamb.

Hyundai says there were fewer than 10 cars with the steering issues and no accidents or injuries have occurred as a result of this condition. The Seoul, South Korea-based automaker is expected to begin the recall in October, according to NHTSA, which facilitated a preliminary investigation into steering issues on the model in August.

The Korean automaker previously recalled more than 47,000 Sonatas earlier this year. In February, the company received numerous complaints from customers about the front-door latches on the vehicles not closing properly.

Owners of affected vehicles can go to their dealers for inspection. Dealers also will update power steering software. For more information, owners can call Hyundai at 800-633-5151 or NHTSAs hot line at 888-327-4236.

Homebuilder KB Home Posts Smaller Third Quarter Loss

KB Home, the fifth-largest U.S. homebuilder, reported a smaller third-quarter loss as revenue increased for the first time in almost four years.

The Los Angeles-based homebuilder that focuses on first-time buyers reported a quarterly loss of $1.4 million, or 2 cents per share, in the third quarter ended August 31 in comparison with $66 million, or 87 cents per share, a year earlier.

Revenue climbed 9 percent to $501 million in the quarter ended Aug. 31, the company said in a statement.

Strong top-line growth in revenues, an expanded housing gross margin and lower selling, general and administrative expenses were the key drivers of our improved financial results, Jeffrey Mezger, president and chief executive officer, said in the statement.

The company incurred $3.3 million of inventory impairment and land option contract abandonment charges, compared to $47.7 million for inventory and joint venture impairments and land option contract abandonments recorded a year earlier.

The number of homes delivered rose 2,320 at an average selling price of $214,200 in the 2010 third quarter, compared to 2,240 homes delivered at an average selling price of $202,800 in the year-earlier quarter.

“We believe our results for the quarter demonstrate that with the disciplined execution of our business strategies we are generating greater operational efficiencies and are making solid progress toward our goal of achieving sustained profitability,” Mezger said.

Disney World Utilizes Visitor’s Theme Park Memories And Social Media To Create New Marketing Campaign

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is developing a new marketing campaign called Let the Memories Begin that utilizes visitors’ own home videos and snapshots for TV ads – and starting in January, customers photos taken by roaming park photographers will be projected on the spires of Cinderella Castle in Orlando and Anaheim.

The TV ads will start airing this week. And for the future advertisements and promotions, Disney is asking everyone to their own Disney memories online using YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace.

“We’re inviting our guests to share their family memories online and in the parks. We’re making them the centre of this campaign,” said Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, at a New York event Thursday launching the site,

According to a report form Mashable, the new Disney ad campaign is a brilliant idea. The ads will use a real footage from family holidays. The theme park is carefully putting together videos and images to re-live customers holiday memories at Disney World or Disneyland.

Floridas New Website Aims To Aid Numerous Unemployed Construction Workers

Florida Home Builders Association has unveiled a new one-stop shopping website to aid more than 332,000 unemployed Floridian construction workers by providing job leads — from federal, state, and local stimulus programs — and highly integrated training information.

The trade organization and Florida State University joined forces to set up the site,, using a state grant from the state’s Workforce Florida employment program. The site links to, which allows users to search for jobs.

There is no such thing as a jobless recovery, said FHBA President-elect Al Zichella, a Naples builder-developer. We need to put the construction industry back to work to get our economy moving again. can play a major role in that effort.

The construction has been the hardest hit sector of Florida’s recession-battered economy. The new website may help a lot of unemployed construction professional to land a job and further develop their skills.

In the Meantime, the U.S. Department of Commerce made a statement that construction spending in the U.S. fell to a 10-year low of $800 billion in July.

Avis Car Rentals To Offer Up To 25% Discounts To LGBT Travelers

Avis, an international rent-a-car system, officially inked a three-year integral business partnership with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) to provide a special discount and highest level of service to gay and lesbian travelers with, according to the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News. The Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number B450300 provides savings of up to 25% on global rentals.

John Tanzella, IGLTA president and CEO, told the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News:

“Avis leads the industry in its commitment to the gay and lesbian community. We encourage all travelers to use the discount booking code to get the best rates and reciprocate Avis’s show of support.”

As of now, the New Jersey-based car rental company Avis is the only car rental company that has an integral business partnership with IGLTA, an international organization that connects businesses in the LGBT tourism industry.

Additional details about the discount being offered by Avis can be found at the companys website. IGLTA member travel agents will receive commissions when using the Avis discount code.

Online Price Comparison Shopping Service Changed Its Name To, credit card processor comparison shopping and leading marketplace for businesses seeking financial services, has announced the rebranding of its name to Effective immediately, consumers who visit will be redirected to and offer the same great service.

“FeeFighters as a brand strongly conveys our role as the business owners’ advocate in actively scouring the web for lower rates on financial services,” said Sean Harper, co-founder and CEO of FeeFighters. “We searched for an edgier brand name that would resonate with business owners, a name that would show how aggressively and passionately we feel about fighting inflated credit card processing fees.”

The FeeFighters marketplace is offering aan accurate comparison for credit card processors and ensuring that merchants will receive the lowest rates from the provider that best matches their needs. The company is known when it comes to battling with inflated credit card processing fees, and from now on anyone who hears about FeeFighters will have a better idea of what the company is all about. As of now, FeeFighters is helping its consumers to save an average of 40% on their credit card processing costs.

“We speak with business owners each day who are beat down by complicated, confusing fees they don’t understand,” added Joshua Krall, co-founder and CTO of FeeFighters. “The name ‘FeeFighters’ positions us as the go to source for information and help for these disgruntled merchants.”

General Electric Planning To Expand Business Operation Through Strengthening Company Workforce

Senator Max Baucus and the General Electric CEO have a discussion about the possible business expansion through strengthening its Billings workforce.

Immelt held responsible in creating the companys G.E. finance facility in Billings. The plan to for expansion could bring another hundred jobs to the area over the next couple of years.

Jeff Immelt, General Electric CEO, thanked Billings employees for their good performance and quality work and determination. The company approximately employed more than 300,000 people around the world and 150 rights here at home.

Immelt said that he is hopeful that his employees would not lose the spirit they have to efficiently perform various duties and better to satisfy the companys customers and to compete on a global basis. This location in Billings we think can out compete anybody in the world and that, in the end, is what guarantees long-term success.

“We’re lucky we don’t have an unemployment rate as high as it is for the rest of the country,” said Senator Baucus, “but we want to get that unemployment rate even lower than it is now, Immelt added.

Valve Introduces The New Steam Wallet Online Payment System

Valve, video developing and programming company, has announced the public beta launch of its new system called Steam Wallet, according to Kotaku, the new system allows consumers to draw funds from their checking or savings accounts to buy a computer game.

Users can add currency of at least $5 and up to $100 to their account and use that money to purchase games and upgrades, which they download from Steam servers.

Steam Wallet works pretty much like the Sonys PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s XBOX Live. The report also said that these types of payment services are huge moneymakers for the company because when users only have a small amount left in their wallet, they are more likely to spend it than to save it for future purchase.

The Steam Wallet will also allow users to get some content, like DLC, directly from a game they are playing, utilizing already existing funds, rather than quitting and then accessing Steam.

On the other hand, there are other electronic services have added similar programs in recent months, such as Facebook’s improved Credits system.

Small Ship Line Cruise West Cancels Nearly All Future Cruises

Seattle Times reported that the Seattle-based small ship cruise line Cruise West has nearly cancelled all of its upcoming operations and halted all new bookings. The cruise line has pursued a numerous alternatives and efforts to support its operations for the last year “ selling the company, assets and investing “ but the effort doesn’t goes smoothly due to poor market condition and a lack of confidence in the economy.

Cruise West chairman and managing director Dick West explained that hes never given up hope that they can find a way to survive while working with various parties. They have loyal patrons, and hes distressed that those who have made bookings wont get their cruises.

“I am absolutely heartbroken that this family legacy has come to an end,” said West.

In the statement, West thanked his loyal employees, many of whom he said had been with the company for decades. He said layoffs began last week and just a very small staff will remain on to help with shutdown efforts.

The company advised customers who already have paid for upcoming trips to file a claim with their travel insurance company or their credit card company. The company says customers who paid by cash or check who have no travel insurance for a voyage departing from a U.S. port can file a claim with Cruise Claims. The claim should specify it is for cruise fare reimbursement.

Please visit the company website for further information: //

eBay LookBook: New Website Highlights Latest Fashion Trends and Fashion Style Gallery

The worlds biggest online auction marketplace and one of the leading destination for fashion and style announced a new website that showcases street style of eBay shoppers, called eBay Fashion LookBook. The website is the very first shoppable and shareable digital style gallery that showcase a wide range and extraordinary selection of new, vintage, designer, and branded clothing, shoes and accessories available on the online auction marketplace.

Users will also be allow highlighting and sharing photos of their looks, voting on their favorite looks and directly shop the Marketplace for similar styles and trends.

For the first time ever, the incredible variety of fashion merchandise available on eBay will essentially be curated by our shoppers, said Miriam Lahage, General Manager of eBay Fashion. The LookBook enables our community to browse styles and trends for fall and then shop eBays unparalleled selection based on the looks that inspire them. With more than 20 million daily live listings for our Fashion category, no other shopping destination can empower personal style like eBay.

Additionally, eBay got into the flash sales business with the release of its FashionVault, a site that sells designer clothes at marked down prices.

It is obvious that eBay is strengthening its online marketing operation through creating a number of marketing initiatives around the launch to generate traffic to the site. A good example of these are the new company collaboration with Lucky Magazine to hold public photo shoots in New York and LA to capture looks from eBay Fashion on bystanders, and the photos will then be exhibited onto LookBook. The new website will also feature a regular giveaway of accessories from its own eBay Fashion.

San Bruno Fire, Explosion Victims Filed Lawsuit Against PG&E

Residents of San Bruno who was evacuated during the San Bruno explosion is now conducting a legal action against Pacific Gas and Electric Co.(PG&E).

Steve Dare, San Bruno resident, files a lawsuit in San Mateo County Superior Court. Dare said that PG&E, with more than 15 million customers, should return at least $100 million recovery fund for victims of the recent fire and explosion in San Bruno to a third party and that they should also pay other monetary damages.

The lawsuit said that the company might decide to refuse to give the funds they have already promised or they might not go through with their promises if the money is not put into an account manage by the court.

PG&E spokesperson Paul Moreno told the San Mateo Daily Journal that he wasn’t aware of whether the company had been served yet and therefore was not able to discuss about the lawsuit filed against the company.

On the other hand, due to the nightmarish Sept. 9 explosion of a company gas pipeline in San Bruno, all the profits of the company are now being questioned and according to speculation the PG&Es ratepayers are the ones who would be bearing much of the cost.

Commercial Airline Industry To Need More than 1 Million Pilot and Maintenance Workers, Says Boeing

Boeing Company, the largest global aircraft manufacturer, says that commercial airline industry would need to hire more than one million skilled pilot and maintenance workers over the next 20 years to prepare for a wave of 30,000 new airplanes.

The airlines would need to hire 466,650 pilots and 596,500 maintenance workers between 2010 and 2029 to efficiently handle the strong demand for new and replacement aircraft, the company said Thursday.

Meaning, the airline industry would need 233,000 and more than 100,000 mechanics and engineers annually from now until 2029. The Republic of China was projected to have the greatest need for pilots and maintenance workers within Asia, it said.

“Our challenge is adapting our training to engage the future generation of people who will fly and maintain the more than 30,000 airplanes that will be delivered by 2029,” said Roei Ganzarski, chief customer officer for Boeing Training & Flight Services, in a statement.

During the recent Asia Pacific Aviation Training Symposium in Kuala Lumpur, Ganzarski called for development to current aviation and maintenance training methodologies:

“As an industry, we need to adapt to the learning styles of tomorrow’s technologically savvy pilots and mechanics, and ensuring that training is globally accessible, adaptable to individual needs and competency-based.”

Redesigned May Benefit Small Business And Online Marketers

The super popular micro-blogging social networking site, Twitter, receives a major makeover. The overhauled user interface with two-pane format aimed to provide users with an easier, faster, and richer multimedia experience.

“Twitter has always been about getting a lot in a little,” writes CEO Evan Williams. “The constraint of 140 characters drives conciseness and lets you quickly discover and share what’s happening. Yet, we’ve learned something since starting Twitter”life doesn’t always fit into 140 characters or less.” also partnered with DailyBooth, Etsy, Flickr, Justin.TV, DeviantART, Kiva, Kickstarter, Photozou, Plixi, TwitVid, Twitgoo, TwitPic, USTREAM, Vimeo, yfrog, and YouTube to make embedded photos and videos easily viewable on the website.

The reengineered Twitter also provided marketers and small business an easier way to promote products and draw in more customers. The new designs were unveiled on Tuesday and will become available over the course of the next couplve of weeks.

Additional feature of the social networking site includes:

  • New design – The site has a cleaner timeline and a rich details pane that instantly adds more impact to individual Tweets while still maintaining the simplicity of the timeline. And, experience infinite scroll — you no longer have to click more to view additional Tweets.
  • Related content – When you click a Tweet, the details pane shows additional information related to the author or subject. Depending on the Tweets content, you may see: replies, other Tweets by that user, a map of where a geotagged Tweet was sent from, and more.
  • Mini profiles – Click a username to see a mini profile without navigating from the page, which provides quick access to account information, including bio and recent Tweets.

HP To Acquire Internet Network Security Provider ArcSight Inc For $1.5 Billion

Hewlett-Packard Co announced on Monday that it would buy ArcSight Inc, a security software company, for $1.5 billion as the one of the largest computer maker continued its spending on acquisition while hunting for a new chief executive.

The transaction marked HP’s second big deal since the departure of CEO Mark Hurd after a sexual harassment probe in August. HP also won the battle in bidding war against DELL for data Storage Company 3PAR Inc.

HP stated that it will pay $43.50 in cash per share for ArcSight, this will be a 24% premium to its closing price last Friday. The agreement also includes a breakup fee of $61 million, which ArcSight could pay HP to terminate the merger if it gets a much a better offer.

Wedbush Securities analyst Kaushik Roy said that ArcSight would complement for HP.But he also said that Hewlett-Packard paid more, though not nearly to the degree it did with 3PAR, for which it agreed to pay $2.4 billion.

ArcSight softwares may help institutions to protect their digital assets from cyber criminal and fraudulent act.

The combination of H-P and ArcSight will provide clients with the ability to fortify their applications, proactively monitor events and respond to threats, said Bill Veghte, HPs Executive VP of software and solutions, about the new acquisition.

Hertz Car Rental, Teamed Up To Provide Discount Program To Small Business Owners

Hertz Corporation and made an announcement a week ago that they are teaming up to provide small business exclusive savings on travel services including ExpertFlyer membership, Hertz rental cars, and more.

“We are delighted that ExpertFlyer is now a partner in our Hertz business account program,” says Michael Senackerib, chief marketing officer, The Hertz Corporation. “Our goal at Hertz is to provide customers with a value proposition that exceeds their expectations. Building our business account program with travel service partners such as ExpertFlyer expands that proposition to small businesses to help them maximize their budgets, especially during these trying economic times.”

Hertz Business Account Program members are eligible to receive savings of 20% off their car rentals as well as complimentary membership for a year to the Hertz #1 Club Gold. Program members will also be able to and the ability to earn credits toward free rentals.
Other program partners, including FedEx and American Express OPEN, will also be providing exclusive savings to those who take up the offer. All new and current ExpertFlyer subscribers will also be in line to benefit.

As a corporate partner in the Hertz business account program, ExpertFlyer will give a 15% discount on its subscription fee to all Hertz program members. The travel website is mainly used by most tourist and business travelers due to the companys various unique processing features and functions which allow complete control of travel arrangements.

“ExpertFlyer offers a series of unique travel tools that allow business travelers to make well-informed travel decisions,” explains Chris Lopinto, president and co-founder of “Having an internationally-respected brand like Hertz as a member of our ‘Partner Program’ enhances our efforts to provide maximum value for our subscribers. Ultimately, the collaborative effort between the two companies will strengthen the buying power of business travelers.”

Internet Domain Names Registrar GoDaddy.Com For Sale, Could Go For $1 Billion

According to the Wall Street Journal, the popular Internet domain registrar and website hosting company, famous for its controversial Super Bowl ads, is up for sale at private auction.

The Journal said that the sale of the privately held company that that at present has over 43 million domains under its belt could go for upwards $1 billion.

The Journal also noted that Qatalyst Partners has been hired by the company to administer the auction and find possible clientele. Its also expected that Private equity will be among the various organizations seeking to purchase the giant corporation.

When asked for comment, representatives from both the parties decided to remain mum.

The Scottsdale, Arizona-based was established in 1997 by the owner and CEO Bob Parsons, and claims to hold the domain registrations for more than 43 million websites, In 2009, reported an earnings of between $750 million and $800 million.

Farmville Addicts Can Now Buy Facebook Credit Gift Cards At Target

The king of social networking website Facebook, with more than 500 million users worldwide, stepped outside its virtual world throne to sell gift cards at retailer stores across the US, beginning with the Target supermarket.

Facebook Credits will be available at all 1750 Target retail stores and at in increments of $15, $25 and $50 and the gift card that can be used in buying virtual products for games hosted on the site, an activity that is expected to generate billions of dollars of transactions over time.

“At Target we strive to delight our guests with exciting, new products every day, so we’re thrilled to be the first retailer to sell Facebook Credits gift cards,” said Mark Schindele, senior vice president, merchandising, Target. “With social gaming becoming increasingly popular, Facebook Credits gift cards provide an easy and convenient option for Target guests to purchase virtual goods.”

Dan Rose, vice president of partnerships and platform marketing at Facebook, said that one of the companys goals is to create a great place for games — both for people who love to play and the developers that create fun and engaging social experiences.

Gift cards are easy to use and very popular. We’re looking forward to launching in Target stores and giving people the ability to purchase Facebook Credits for their own use or to give as gifts to their friends and family,” Rose added.

The recent extension of the social networking website universal virtual currency to the high street follows last month’s agreement with MOL, an Internet payment firm to sell Credits across its 500,000 outlets in South East Asia.

GMG Entertainment, who produced Apple’s iTunes cards, created Facebook Credit gift cards.

Sales of California Small Business Hit A Low in August, Says

The Dublin-based website posted a report that the average number of sales of small-and mid-sized business sold in California dropped by at least 20% from July to August, which was the second lowest monthly total of the year. Sales statewide during August were inching to the lowest level of the year, with a total of 1,047 completed small business transactions. That contrasts with 1,298 deals closed in July 2010. The company has been tracking and reporting monthly small business sales throughout the state for more than 10 years.

We can attribute some of the slowdown in sales to the late summer vacation season, when many owners of small businesses and their advisors were taking time off from business and they weren’t available to negotiate or complete transactions, says Peter Siegel, founder and CEO of

The website also reported that there are 188 small businesses have been sold in the state this month and there are about 720 businesses currently for sale in San Diego County.

The website provided a wide range of lists of small and medium businesses for sale and the website also provides valuable information and services to provide support people selling and buying businesses. BizBen also has information on franchises in the state.

Department Of Labor: US Job Openings Rate Rose In July To 3 Million

U.S. job openings significantly rose in July, government report showed on Wednesday, a sign that majority of various business industries are getting ready to expand as the economic status of the country recovers from the recent recession that shed thousand of jobs.

According to the Labor Departments Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, US job openings rose by 178,000 to a seasonally adjusted 3.04 million, up from 2.86 million in June and 2.34 million in July 2009. However, the revised June’s data showed there were about 73,000 fewer openings than previously reported.

The hotel and tourism or majority of the hospitality industry boosted job openings by 18% between June and July, while the healthcare sector and education organizations offered 9.4% more job openings and the construction job openings recoded 43% job opening increased in July, according to the report.

Heidi Shierholz, an economic expert at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington said:

“The ratio of unemployed workers per job opening is still much higher than at the worst point in the early-2000’s recession, when it peaked at 2.8 unemployed workers per job opening in September of 2003. For the first half of 2007 before the current downturn began, the ratio averaged 1.5-to-1. July’s value, at 4.8-to-1, was over three times that high.”

According to Bloomberg, President Obama is planning to propose to expand tax cuts for businesses and boost the federal spending on the national transportation system to help strengthen the economy. On September 6, the President began some of the initiatives by calling for $50 billion to start repairing roads, railways, and runways and to streamline the air-traffic control system.

Craigslist Removes Adults Services On Its Classified Ads List

Online Classified ads Craigslist has decided to permanently remove its adult services listings on Friday. The section was replaced by the word censored. The website had been accused of promoting prostitution in its adult services section.

“Craigslist is committed to being socially responsible, and when it comes to adult services ads, that includes aggressively combating violent crime and human rights violations,” the chief executive, Jim Buckmaster, recently said on his blog.

This step is very much in the right direction, said Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who recently urged to online classified ads to stop the sex services portion of the website, previously called its “erotic” section.

This action conducted by Craigslist might serve as model for other websites who do the same business, a leader in the fight against prostitution ads said Saturday.

Blumenthal also said that: These prostitution ads enable human trafficking and assaults on women. They are flagrant and rampant. Craigslist has lacked the wherewithal or will to effectively screen them out.

According to web advertising monitors AIM group, Craigslist generated more than $45 million from its sex ads in 2009, about a third of its total profits. However, the website remained mum on this issue.

Labor Day: US Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.6%, 54000 Jobs Lost

The recently released unemployment report showed that the latest unemployment rate numbers went up from 9.5% to 9.6% in August.

Despite the fact that this is only a .1% increased this only means that the worlds strongest economy is still struggling to fully recover in the recent recession.

The US Labor Department said that the private sector added a net total 67,000 new jobs in August, down from Julys upwardly revised total of 107,000. Overall, 54,000 jobs were shed during the month as 114,000 temporary census positions came to an end.

President Barack Obama said further action is needed to restore the 8.4 million jobs that was lost during the recession and called on Congress to pass tax cuts for middle-class Americans. Hourly earnings rose more than the projected rate of most experts, climbing 0.3%. Economic experts wee projecting earnings to rise just 0.1%.

As of now, there are more than a half-million Americans resumed their job searches in August, which drove up the jobless rate. Large volume of skilled workers who would like to land a full-time job is working part-time, while others have decided to end their job search. When the unemployed stop looking for work, they are no longer counted in the jobless rate.

Kia Motors To Recall More Than 35000 Souls and Sorento Models For Wiring Problems

Kia Motors has released an announcement of a voluntary recall of approximately 35,0000 Kia Soul and Kia Sorento SUV due to defective wiring harnesses, which were supplied by Johnson Controls, which might cause short circuits and fires. Fortunately, there are no injuries or damages have been reported due to this fault.

KickingTires said that the Souls speaker lights ” which are standard equipment on the Soul Exclaim and Soul Sport and optional on the Soul Plus ” and the Sorentos optional accent lighting in the front and rear door trim panels on the EX trim may have been improperly soldered.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)s recall database, When the lights are illuminated under certain conditions, an electrical short may occur that can result in a fire.

23,972 Soul cars produced from September 7, 2009, through June 8, 2010, and 11,213 Sorento vehicles built from October 23, 2009, through July 30, 2010 are the models being recalled, according to the notice filed with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The company will notify affected owners within the month. If you own one of the questioned vehicles, you can contact Kia at 1-800-333-4541 or the NHTSA vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236.

General Motor, Toyota, and Ford U.S. Auto Sales Drop In August, Recorded The Weakest US Car Sales Since 1983

The auto industry posted its worst August U.S. sales figures was the worst sales since 1986, weighed down by the expiry of a popular government cash-back scheme designed to boost sales.

The auto sales plunge is partly a result of tough comparisons to the “Cash for Clunkers” program of last summer.

One exception to the dismal sales trend was Chrysler Group, which surpassed sales expectations with a rise of 7% to 99,611 compared to last August, the company said. It’s the automaker’s fifth consecutive month of year-over-year sales increases.

GM, the biggest U.S. automaker, reported a 24.9% decrease to 185,176 from 246,479 last August while Ford posted an expected decline and Chrysler Group managed a 7% rise.

GM’s sales comparisons were hurt by approximately 40,000 vehicles it sold a year ago at four brands it has since discontinued or sold – Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer and Saab.

Ford announced that it cut down its fourth quarter auto production target, to 570,000 vehicles from 574,000 a year ago. Ford reported a 11% fall to 157,503 from 176,323 a year earlier for its three main brands.

Toyota Motor has the worst sales record in August, experts believe that the company˜s sales plunged was a results of numerous recall. Its sales dropped 34% from last year, and 12% from July.

For August compared with July, Honda Motors sales fell 3%, Nisan sales fell 7%, and Kia fell 8%.

GM OnStar Smartphone App Will Allows Chevrolet Cruze Owners Remotely Check Car Condition

The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, which is set to launch in the market next week, will feature a smartphone app through General Motors’ OnStar. Cruze customers with an OnStar subscription will be able to use one of OnStar’s new smartphone apps that will allow the owner to check their fuel range, oil life, tire pressure, perform onboard diagnostics, lock and unlock the car, remotely start the Cruze or honk its horn. OnStar is free for the first six months.

GM recently received a notification from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that the Chevrolet Cruze Eco version geared with an automatic transmission achieved the 36-m.p.g.-highway rating. The Chevrolet Cruze Eco manual transmission has not been certified yet by the agency but is designed to achieve 40-m.p.g.

“You’re probably not going to do it with a car that’s ‘As good as.’ You’ve got to have a car that’s better,” said Chuck Russell, GM’s vehicle line director for global compact cars.

GM also announced that most of the 2011 vehicles from across the brand spectrum would be able to utilize the Connect system or smartphone app. The Chevrolet Volt, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC models are geared with Connect system.

Ford Recall 575000 Windstar Minivans Due To Rear Axle Problem

Ford Motor is recalling 575,000 Windstar Minivans, from the 1998-2003 model years, due to rear axel corrosion.

The recall follows up on a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation that was opened earlier this spring. NHTSA said the corrosion can weaken the real axel, making it susceptible to torsional stress. Corrosion and stress can lead to cracks, which if undetected, can propagate and result in a complete fracture of the axle. Fortunately, no fatalities or injuries have been reported due to the issue, hoverer, NHTSA received two accidents and 234 complaints.

Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker is recalling vehicles in these states: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The automaker company announced that those with the affected vehicles to bring their vehicles to local Ford dealers for inspections and repairs, if necessary. Ford will either repair the axle or replace it, and the company will provide a car rental for customers whose vehicles are being repaired.

Hertz Equipment Rental Buys Rent One Italy

Hertz Global Holdings Inc., the equipment rental unit of the company, made an announcement that Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation has acquired Rent One Italy, one of the top power generation companies that provide power to telecom and event companies throughout Italy.

The company said the acquisition complements Hertz Equipment Rental Corp.’s energy services division.

The company said that Rent One Italy will complements Hertz Equipment Rental Corp.,s established Hertz Energy Services Division.

Gerry Plescia, president of Hertz Equipment Rental Corp., said:

“Rent One Italy has a solid reputation in the telecom and events industry, and Hertz’s acquisition of Rent One is a great fit with our energy services division. Rent One supports Hertz’s strategy of diversifying its energy services division into new regions while providing Hertz access to telecom and event customers needing power generation and climate equipment.”

According to the company, Rent One Italy, headquartered in Casole d’Elsa, Siena and founded in 2007, had revenue last year of $3.9 million. It serves event and telecom business which includes Vodafone and Wind, as well as the Italian Football Championships and Ferrari team events.

Australian Girl Earned $100K from YouTube TubeMogul Online Advertising

Sydney Morning Herald reported that an Aussie girl has successfully earned an estimated $100,000 ob her YouTube clips through advertising in the past year.

The 22-years old Vietnamese Australian Natalie Tran is one of just 10 independent YouTube stars around the world who earned more than $100,000 from the number video sharing site in the past year.

A recent study conducted by YouTube analytics and advertising firm TubeMogul users’ viewership data to analyze and estimate their yearly income under the YouTubes partner program, which allows the most popular users to take half of the advertising revenue derived from their clips.

The study applied to anyone who was not part of a major media brand and covered the period from July 2009 to July this year.

Tran, with 139 million views recorded in July 2009 to July 2010 was found to have earned an income of $101,000.

Tran’s page, communitychannel, have the most subscriber in Australian YouTube channel of all time, with 740,682 subscribers and more than 270 million views on her videos to date.

The top 10 YouTube earners in the past year are:

  1. Shane Dawson – $315,000
    2. The Annoying Orange – $288,000
    3. Philip DeFranco – $181,000
    4. Ryan Higa – $151,000
    5. Fred – $146,000
    6. Shay Carl – $140,000
    7. Mediocre Films – $116,000
    8. Smosh – $113,000
    9. The Young Turks – $112,000
    10. Natalie Tran – $101,000

Texas Tax Free Weekend 2010 A Back-to-School Sales

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts just recently announced what everyone has been waiting for: sales tax holiday/tax-free weekend. Tax-free weekend already started today at 12:01 am and will run all weekend until midnight on Sunday the 22nd at 12:00 a.m. (midnight). They also add:

Texas shoppers get a break from state and local sales taxes on August 20, 21 and 22 “ the states annual tax holiday. Lay-away plans can be used again this year to take advantage of the sales tax holiday.

State governments usually initiated the tax-free weekends in order to save parents who are purchasing back to school gear and clothing. Most of basic school supplies are included in this tax free weekend. The state of Texas is one of the higher sales tax rates in the nation this weekend shoppers will be able to save a lot in certain items under $100. Additionally, online shoppers can also order to their fave online shop located in Texas, they will sell the items with zero taxes.

Visit to see the full list of items that are absolutely tax free.

Egg Recall and Salmonella Outbreak May Cripple Poultry Business

As the salmonella bacteria slowly spread throughout the country a lot of people were asking many are asking when it will be safe again and not to worry about consuming eggs or poultry supplies in general.

There are approximately 2,000 salmonella cases were reported between May and July, the Centers for Disease Control said. Fortunately no deaths have been reported.

“I would anticipate that we will be seeing more illnesses reported likely as a result of this outbreak,” said Dr Christopher Braden of the Centers for Disease Control.

Experts and mainstream media confirmed that the salmonella outbreak already plagued the entire country due to the wide-range distribution of the tainted eggs under different brand names. Questioned eggs are being sold under these brand names: Farm Fresh, Shoreland, Lund, Dutch Farms, Kemps, Pacific Coast, Glenview, Mountain Dairy, and others.

Iowa is the center of the outbreak as well as the focal point of the egg recall, as Wright County Egg has already recalled 380 million eggs as part of the major recall. This recall continues to expand as federal officials are assessing the outbreaks health effects in those affected areas.

Many believe that the outbreak was a result of poor working environments by the egg company. Some said that the company doesn’t comply with the government health and safety rules and regulations.

The salmonella outbreak ignited in May, and with it being one of the biggest in history, no one knows when we will safely be able to consume poultry supplies yet again.

Intel To Acquire McAfee Antivirus for $7.68 Billion Deal

US chipmaker giant Intel Corp. announced that they are planning to acquire the antivirus software McAfee in a $7.68 Billion deal, which is no doubt to be that largest acquisition deals in Intel’s 42-year history. The deal is Intels biggest in its history and offered McAfee a 60% premium over the company’s current market value.

The third largest semiconductor chipmaker said the deal would help it to provide the Internet security needs of customers through a combination of hardware and software as more devices such as cell phones, televisions, music players, medical equipments, and cash machines go online.

Paul S. Otellini, Intel CEO, released a statement regarding the deal:

“With the rapid expansion of growth across a vast array of Internet-connected devices, more and more of the elements of our lives have moved online. In the past, energy-efficient performance and connectivity have defined computing requirements. Looking forward, security will join those as a third pillar of what people demand from all computing experiences.”

McAfee, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, had $2 Billion in revenues last year and employs 6,100 staff.

Best Airline Seats: American Airlines Offers Front Seats Express Seats for Extra Charge

Last Wednesday American Airlines announced that they will offer a chance to travelers to sit in the front few rows or Express Seats few rows of the coach section and the ability to board early. The charges start at $19 for shorter flights and $39 for longer flights.

AMR Corp., Americans parent company made a statement and said that the price of the seats includes boarding the plane in the first group, providing them the convenience of being among the first coach customers on and off the plane. Meaning those who avail the seat promotion will receive extra VIP treatment.

“Express Seats highlights American’s focus on offering customers what they value most,” said Virasb Vahidi, American’s chief commercial officer. “This is another great product under the Your Choice program that puts more travel choices in the customer’s hands.”

The Express Seats are available to all American Airlines customers and can be avail via airport kiosks anytime from 24 hours to 50 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure for travel wholly within the U.S., as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, according to the airline company.

The airline company said it still provides travelers with the option to pre-reserve other seats in coach at no charge.

21-Years-Old Man Dies from Fatal Food Allergies On Board Norwegian Epic for Seven-Day Caribbean Cruise

An unidentified 21-yearls old man died onboard Norwegian Cruise Lines Epic on Saturday, August 14, not long after an hour or 40 miles away from the shore of Miami for its seven-day Caribbean cruise trip. The name of the young man young man has not been released. The heart attack was possibly caused by a fatal allergic reaction.

Some of the shocked guests on board the Norwegian Epic, a 1,080-foot-long ship with a capacity to carry 4,100 guests used online social websites and forums to spread the incident that happened from the ship, which occurred late Saturday night. Nanygop said that a CODE ALPHA was called to a cabin on deck 11. Then 3 guests were paged 15 minutes later to call 00 or go to customer service immediately, the guest recalled. The cruise director said that they were returning to Miami for a medical emergency about 15 minutes later.

Another guest said that the incident created a lot of buzz on board. From what the guests recalled, the man had an allergic reaction to something he ate, and the family of 6 was due to disembark as soon as the ship docked. Another guest, called Zimomiller online, reported that the Minami Dade County crime scene investigation van and police cars were at the port. Officers were still on board at nearly 2am, they added.

However, despite of what happened, the ship continued the voyage at approximately 2:45 a.m. The rest of the ships travel plan wont be disrupted by this incident, and Norwegian Epic will call in St. Maarten on Monday as planned.

Apples Paul Shin Devine Accused of Selling Company Secrets to Asian Supplier

An Apple mid-level Executive employee has been accused of leaking the companys most important information to Asian accessory manufacturers for at least $1 million in kickbacks, reported the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

Apple global supply manager Paul Shin Devine, 37, along with Singapore-based alleged accomplice Andrew Ang, Jin-Li employee, was charged in a federal grand-jury indictment with offenses that include wire fraud, money laundering and unlawful monetary transactions, beginning in 2006, published on Wall Street Journal.

The report said that Devine came up with a scheme in which he supplied companies such as Cresyn Co. in South Korea, Kaedar Electronics Co. in China and Jin Li Mould Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. in Singapore with confidential information that would let them negotiate favorable contracts with Apple, and added: The indictment and civil suit claim that in return, Mr. Devine demanded payments, which were sent to bank accounts in his wifes name in amounts that were small enough to avoid attention.

Devine allegedly shared part of the money with Mr. Ang who helped broker deals with Jin Li as well as others, according to the indictment and civil suit, the report said.

Craigslist Classified Ads Responds to Claims of Promoting Child Prostitution

The centralized network online marketplace Craigslist finally reacted to the allegations that the website supported prostitution, after two middle-aged women made an appeal to permanently shut down the craiglists adult section.

But the international classified websites responded by asking if the crimes had been reported to the authority, adding it was combating trafficking.

If Craigslist was misused, we want to learn more so we can improve our preventative measures, the BBC quoted the firm.

In a letter, a 17-year-old woman, who named herself as MC, claims the she was forced to get into prostitution industry when she was 11-years-old by a matured man.

The letter also said that the classified websites was now the primary choice of traffickers because the site is already established, well known, and there are rarely consequences to using it for these illegal acts.

Jim Buckmaster, the firms chief executive, immediately responded back by questioning if the perpetrators are behind bars and if the advocacy groups who placed the advertisements could let us know where the police reports were filed.

We have been unable thus far to identify police reports matching the crimes you describe, the statement read and added: If anyone committing such crimes has not yet been apprehended and prosecuted, we want to do everything in our power to assist the police in making that happen.

American Companies Planning to Increase Workers Salary

Based on the information gathered by the recent research by Towers Watson shows that most companies within the nation are planning to issue a quite larger pay raises to their workers, as well as the end of the year may signal a return of yearly staff bonuses.

Towers Watson Data Services conducted a comprehensive research and analysis to approximately 1,046 U.S. companies indicates that companies are forecasting merit increases of 2.7 percent for 2011, a wage increase from the 2.3 percent raise workers are receiving this year and 1.6 percent they received in 2009. Additionally, the study shows that that the number of companies who freeze up salaries is declining. In 2009 there are approximately 32 percent of companies froze salaries and in 2010 the percentage decreased to 12 percent, economic experts expected to drop to only 5 percent by next year.

However, the wage increase is bay in staff daily performance. For instance, staff who produce low quality work or have below-average performance ratings will be granted median merit increases of 1.4 percent, and staff who produce more quality work or have average performance ratings will be granted a median 2.6 percent increase, and of course, staff who surpassed or have the highest performance ratings will be granted a 4.3 percent wage increase.

Ford Motor Sales Decline in European Markets

Ford Motor Co. said that sales were down 17% in 19 of its primary European markets in June, selling 118,000 vehicles as demand lowered after several countries ended their scrapping incentive plans.

The market is weakening as a result of the ending of scrappage schemes and the continuing frailty of the European economic recovery, said Ford Europe Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Service Ingvar Sviggum.

We expected this to happen this year, and have a robust plan to deal with the situation, said Mr. Sviggum. We said we would be competitive in the market but that we would pull back from some business”even at the cost of reduced share and volume”if that business was detrimental to our profitability.

During the first half of the year, the companys Europe sales dropped by 3.9% to 716,900 units, as well as its market share by 0.5% to 8.7%.

Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, the company’s Chief Economist, said during a conference call with the press that the company already expected that the European auto market to total between 14 million and 15 million vehicles this year, down from about 15.9 million in 2009.

Avis Budget Offers $1.3 Billion to Buy Dollar Thrifty, Topped Hertz Bid

Avis Budget Group Inc. declared recently an offer of $46.50 per share or $1.3 billion bid to buy Dollar Thrifty Group which surpassed the Hertz Global Holdings Inc.s deal. The bid includes $39.25 in cash and 0.6543 shares of Avis stock. However, the offer was still under Dollar Thrifty’s closing price of $48.68 a share on Wednesday.

Avis Budget Group Chairman and CEO Ron Nelson stated on a letter the companys interest to Dollar Thrifty:

“We are prepared to enter into a merger agreement that contains substantially the same terms as the Hertz merger agreement, but which includes removing the matching rights, eliminating the break-up fees, and increasing the commitment to secure antitrust approvals. … In short, we believe that the higher purchase price we are offering, combined with the terms of our proposed merger agreement, makes our offer a superior one from the perspective of Dollar Thrifty and its shareholders.”

Dollar Thrifty confirmed that they received the letter in a press statement “outlining an unsolicited proposal to acquire all Dollar Thrifty common stock …”

The Dollar Thrifty statement continues:

“As previously announced, Hertz Global Holdings Inc. (“Hertz”) and Dollar Thrifty executed a definitive merger agreement on April 25, 2010 and the Company continues to be bound by the terms of that agreement. … The Dollar Thrifty board of directors will review and consider the terms of the Avis Budget proposal in accordance with its fiduciary obligations to shareholders and consistent with the Company’s commitments under the Hertz merger agreement.”

The car rental company has scheduled a special executive meeting of its stockholders to vote on Hertz’s bid for September 16.

Travel industry analyst Chris Agnew of MMK Partners said in a statement:

“We believe that CAR’s [Avis Budget Group Inc.] bid is a positive, in that it marks the beginning of the end of the period of uncertainty for HTZ [Hertz Global Holdings Inc.] and CAR. In addition, CAR’s offer suggests to us that the bidding process will be disciplined, and therefore we continue to believe the eventual acquisition will be accretive. We believe that CAR’s bid will not be the company’s final offer.”

US Justice Department Sues Oracle Over Contract Fraud

The US Justice Department sued Oracle, the worlds second- biggest software maker, of fraud, and has filed a suit claiming that the company the company overcharged the government on a contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The government proclaimed that the software company overcharged it on a General Services Administration (GSA) software contract that ran from 1998 up to 2006.

The contract required the company to regularly update the government regarding company discounts that they offer to commercial customers, and to offer the same terms. But Oracle not able to do this, the DoJ said, meaning that government customers received deals far inferior to those of Oracle’s commercial customers.

“We take seriously allegations that a government contractor has dealt dishonestly with the United States,” said Tony West, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice. “When contractors misrepresent their business practices to the government, taxpayers suffer.”

Paul Frascella, Senior Director of Contract Services at Oracle, originally filed the lawsuit in 2007 under the False Claims Act, which allows individuals with knowledge of fraud to file whistleblower suits on behalf of the United States and share in any recovery.

The DoJ proclaimed that the software company went to great lengths to stay away from the requirement to offer the government the same and better terms as its other customers, such as funneling deals through resellers and creating short-term licenses.

Northwest Airlines to Pay $38 Million for Air Cargo Price Fixing Conspiracy

The Department of Justice recently announced that the Northwest Airlines LLC was proven guilty and agreed to pay a $38 million penalty charge for conspiring to fix prices for air cargo transportation.

Northwest Airlines Cargo is currently facing one-count felony charges in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Northwest Airlines Cargo is not in operation any longer and was alleged for fixing cargo rates conspiracy for US shipments and for international shipments from around July of 2004 through February of 2006. Northwest Airlines LLC violated the Sherman Act which has a maximum fine of $100 million for corporations.

All in all, there are t least 16 airlines that have pleaded guilty because of this price fixing cargo shipment investigation and there have been more or less $1.6 billion in criminal fines assessed from this conspiracy scheme. Four of the airlines officials will be imprison and some has charges pending.

Credit Unions Celebrate as House Panel Reconsidered Internet Gambling Bill

Credit unions celebrate after the House Financial Services Committee provided its approval for the legalization of the controversial internet gambling. The congress is thinking of the possibility that Internet gambling could be a good source of revenue in a stagnant economy. The bill was approved by the majority of lawmakers with 41-22 votes.

The credit union, cooperative financial institution, hadnt taken a position on the qualities of gambling but had pushed for legislation such as this which would relieve what they see as the excessive compliance costs of existing legislation to buy licenses and comply with existing gambling laws.

Lawmakers approved an amendment that would ban people from paying for their gambling using their credit cards and players are only allowed to do it by debit cards or by prepaying.

In the 2006 law, financial institutions are obliged to implement the ban on most Internet gambling and as expected credit unions contend this adds to what NAFCU wrote in a letter to the committee is a heavy new compliance burden.

We can envision that under this measure a list of licensed gambling enterprises could be developed for use in identifying and blocking transactions for Internet gambling businesses that are not on the list, Discovery Federal Credit Union President/CEO Edwin Williams told the panel last week. Such an approach would promote compliance for institutions by providing them a much greater level of certainty as to whether a transaction for a particular entity should be prevented.

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.), the bills sponsor, framed it as a matter of individual choice and not what others think, a promotion of gambling.

“What we’re doing is allowing Americans to make their own choices,” Frank said. “It’s a fundamental principle of freedom.”

Fiserv Successfully Unleashed ZashPay P2P Service

Fiserv Inc. successfully launched the new ZashPay person-to-person payments service which enables users to send or receive money efficiently from anyone in the country by using only a recipients name, e-mail address, or phone number.

Sending money to other people just got a whole lot easier, said Eric Litch, senior vice president and general manager of consumer services for Fiserv, which is based in Brookfield, Wis. Anyone with a bank account can use ZashPay to send money across the room or across the country.

The transactions adopted the same secured channels as an online banking transaction and the online service can be accessed through participating financial institutions websites or at, the company said on their press release.

According to the company, the program used existing accounts, delivers payment in as little as one business day, and sends confirmation to e-mail addresses or phone numbers.

Fiserv, a Fortune 500 company that provides information management systems and services to the financial and insurance industries, said more than 200 financial institutions have signed up to use ZashPay, which includes a 5 billion dollar San Diego County CU and 7.8 billion dollar The Golden 1 Credit Union.

Unemployment Rate Might Increase Due to Failing Small Businesses

In the struggling economy that we are facing today, numerous people are losing jobs and finding themselves having to make do with whatever comes along to make ends meet. And this is the key reason why there are so many small businesses who tries to compete within the chaotic corporate world. Additionally, the economic recession has also made people think of running their own business ventures. However, the business industry was alarmed to hear that 80 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years of being started.

Meredith Whitney elaborated and pointed out on her recent interview at CNN that the small business job creation is greatly struggling. With small businesses doing more than 60% of the hiring over the last 15 years this is a very poor statistic. The current financial and economic status of the business world today it is hard for these small businesses to gain access to the extra money they need to hire new staff.

Because the current small business job still lagging it would come as no surprise to see the unemployment rate stabilize around 9% or even start to move higher. A lot of economic experts and financial analysts, including Robert Shiller and Nouriel Roubini believe that there is a very huge possibility that we are in store for a double dip recession.

If this financial prediction occurs then big business job creation might dry up and it will be the case that small business lending will be difficult, once again, to obtain. However, small business lending increase would help many parts of the entire economy.

Wells Fargo Sued for Predatory Lending Practices

President Obama spends a lot of time and focused on predatory lending business practice in his speeches relating to the Financial Regulatory Bill. A man resides in Charleston, West Virginia conducted a legal action against Wells Fargo after he claims the company engaged in predatory lending practices that put him into one adjustable home loan that would see a higher rate after three years.

Robert Wayne Sullivan was solicited by Wells Fargo that he would be able to refinance the adjustable rate mortgage before the new rate took effect. After the three year period expiration Sullivan tried to refinance the adjust rate mortgage but was denied by the bank. At the end of July 2009, Sullivan submitted a letter to the bank asking them to direct all questions and communication to his personal legal representative. Sullivan claims that that bank continued to communicate with him and continued with a foreclosure on his home even though he was willing to refinance his mortgage or to continue to make payments.

This year alone a lot of lawsuits have been filed when it comes to loan consolidation and mortgage modification. Most of these borrowers signed documents that will make a lawsuit very difficult to win. That may not be true in the case with Mr. Sullivan but many struggling Americans arent aware on the documents they signed when deciding to refinance or consolidate a home loan.

Mr. Sullivan is being represented by Daniel F. Hedges, and the case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Carrie Webster.

Rite Aid to Pay $1 Million to Customer Privacy Charges

The American Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) publicized that Rite Aid Corporation as well as the 40 groups affiliated with the company (RAC) agreed to pay 1 million dollar in order to settle potential violations that may have occurred concerning violating the privacy HIPAA laws rules. RAC also agreed to sign a consent order with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for violating the FTC Act.

Rite Aid are planning to take a necessary actions to strengthen the companys privacy protection with their customers when they dispose of their information on pill bottle labels and with other information that they store on file regarding customers information and health data.

Currently, Rite Aid was under investigation after numerous televised media reports showed that the companys pharmacies disposing of prescriptions and labeled bill bottles that had patients information on it into industrial trash containers. These trash containers were put out in a public place were anyone have an access to get the information. Disposing personal health information in a public space that could be accessible by unauthorized persons is against the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

It is critical that companies, large and small, build a culture of compliance to protect consumers right to privacy and safeguard health information. OCR is committed to strong enforcement of HIPAA, said Georgina Verdugo, director of OCR. We hope that this agreement will spur other health organizations to examine and improve their policies and procedures for protecting patient information during the disposal process.

Visits for further information.

Insurance Company Agrees to Pay $725 Million in Ohio Fraud Case

American Insurance Group Inc. and its board members complied with an agreement to pay $725 million settlement to three Ohio pension funds to resolve six-year-old claims violations. The class suit alleged anti-competitive market division, accounting fraud, stock manipulation and bid-rigging, and violations by AIG between October 1999 and April 2005.

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray said Friday the current amount will combine with previous AIG settlements to pay more than $1 billion to investors, which includes teachers, librarians, firefighters, and other pensioners. He characterized it as the 10th largest settlement of its kind in the U.S.

No privileged few are entitled to play by different rules than the rest of us, Mr. Cordray said during a news conference. Ohio is determined to send a strong message to the marketplace that companies who don’t play by the rules will pay a steep price.

The American International Group, once the nations largest insurance group before it nearly collapsed in 2008, intends to pay $175 million within 10 days of court approval of its settlement. It plans to raise $550 million through a stock offering in the spring of 2011. That prospect struck some market analysts as a long shot.

Amazon Sells More Than $1 Billion Each Year Over Mobile Products

The mobile industry hit big time this year, especially in online stores. In Amazon, mobile devices means huge profitability, according to the webs largest retailer, the American-based multinational electronic commerce is selling more than 1 billion dollars in products over numerous mobile device selections. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who founded, Inc. in 1994, said in a statement:

The leading mobile commerce device today is the smartphone, but were excited by the potential of the new category of wireless tablet computers. Over time, tablet computers could become a meaningful additional driver for our business.

Those digits are expected to consistently rise with the companies recently launched iPad-optimized site options and their well-known and highly demanded applications for Apples smartphone. Additionally, the company also supported Android and Blackberry devices applications, with more companies quick to add Amazon to their list of compatible programs. Amazon Payments are also expected to continue its rise as a major player on mobility devices.

The company already reported a 6.57 billion second quarter profitability, $1 billion is a rather size-able chunk of the companies earnings for a technology that is just beginning to reach its true potential.

GM will Buy Auto Leasing Company for $3.5 Billion

The General Motors Company said on Thursday it will acquire auto finance company AmeriCredit Corp. for a $3.5 billion, a deal which allows the automaker company to expand loans to customers with poor credit and offer more leases.

The automaker company foresees the acquisition as new business tactics to boosts sales, which is very important as the company plans to strengthen its foothold within the public markets. GMs top executives strategically planned the acquisition to compensate the company loss.

Without a financial power, GM will not be able to acquire a lot of customers with lease deals and financing for buyers with subprime credit. Chris Liddell, vice chairman and chief financial officer of General Motors Co., said AmerCredits share of GM sales wont likely surpass around 10%, but that the added business will allow GM to target consumers previously out of reach.

The company said that they already advised the U.S. Treasury, which holds a 61% stake in the auto maker, regarding the deal. The auto maker this summer considered a strong action to regain full-control its former finance arm, but GMs lack of creditworthiness and disinterest from GMAC, now called Ally Financial, ended those efforts.

Swedbank Declared Above Expected Profits

The Swedish banking group Swedbank publicized an above as expected second-quarter company operation operating profitability on Thursday as loan losses came in well below expectations, according to Reuters.

The bank, which is expected to post a full-year profit after spending 2009 in the red, said it believed results would continue to increase, and assumed that the global macro economy will progress according to current expectations.

The company operation profitability was 2.3 billion crowns or 310.5 dollars, against a mean forecast for a 1.1 billion crown profit seen in the Reuters poll of analysts and against with a 1.8 billion crown loss a year ago as the Baltic states suffered in a deep financial recession.

The current bank losses, which include provisions for the possible future non-payment of loans, were 963 million crowns, well below expectations for a 2.0 billion crown loss in the poll and compared with a loss of 6.7 billion in the same period in 2009.

Philip Morris Gained Substantial Profitability Increase on Higher Cigarette Prices

Philip Morris International Inc., the number 1 cigarette producer and worlds largest publicly traded tobacco company, published a 28 percent profitability increased within the second-quarter fiscal year after increasing cigarette retail prices in countries such as Mexico and Australia.

Company net income increased to 1.98 billion dollars or 1.07 dollars a share, the tobacco company proclaimed today in a statement. The company also raised its entire fiscal-year profit forecast.

The cigarette price development has helped the New York-based company, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, make up for falling shipments as the collapsing European economy and tax increases sap demand. The entire company revenue increased 14 percent to 17.4 billion dollars, with favorable foreign currency exchange adding 419 million dollars. The company reported that of their sales are generated from outside the U.S. market.

Philip Morris dropped 74 cents to 49.89 dollars yesterday in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. The shares had gained 3.5 percent this year before today, compared with a 4.1 percent drop in the Standard & Poors 500 Index.

Pricing added 341 million dollars to sales last quarter. A year earlier, profit in the period was 1.55 billion dollars, or 79 cents a share.

CIGNA Teamed Up with HealthCompare

CIGNA, a global health service company and one of the nations leading healthcare providers, is building and integral business partnership with HealthCompare (, a one-stop online guide to help individuals and families to efficiently compare, research, enroll, and buy in the right health insurance plan at the right price.

The fact that there are more than 9.5 percent Americans are currently jobless, it is very important that the healthcare industry fully understand and cater to the varying needs of todays consumers. The collaboration of CIGNA and HealthCompare will allow both companies an opportunity to effectively meet the various demands and expectations of consumers.

Based on these staggering unemployment statistics, it is critical for us to help the millions of people who are currently without proper health coverage, said Kathy Feeny, Senior Vice President of HealthCompare. Our goal is to reach those that may not be able to afford COBRA and make them aware of the available cost-effective alternatives.

Utilizing proprietary innovation, HealthCompare presents self-explanatory information on health plans “ including PPO and HSA “ providing the tools to transform choice into real decisions. Users simply enter their information on HealthCompare user-friendly application to receive an instant quotes online based on CIGNAs local offerings.

Wal-Mart Chicken Nuggets Recall Due to Small Bits of Blue Plastic

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is recalling more than 90,000 lbs of a top “seller and popular variety of frozen chicken nuggets that were produced on June 9th after reports surfaced that the chicken nuggets contained particles of small bits of blue plastic.

Purdue Farms in Perry, Georgia initiated the recall after consumers found and reported the foreign objects in some nuggets. Fortunately, the USDA says there have been no reports of injury related to the reports. The goods that is in question are part of Walmarts Great Value line of generic products, distinguished by white plastic packaging and bright blue lettering.

The NYDN provided comprehensive information regarding the affected product:

The products include the 1 pound, 13-ounce bag of GREAT VALUE Fully Cooked Chicken Nuggets. The bags are labeled with the establishment number P-33944, and a product code of 89008 A0160. The BEST IF USED BY date is June 9, 2011.

While news about the recall has been aired nationwide, the company is urging consumers to be more cautious:

We are telling consumers to use an abundance of caution, said Luis Luna, vice president of corporate communications for Perdue. Walmart distributes these nationwide so we don’t know where these products could have gone.

Apple iPad Available in Nine Counties this Friday “ A Global Domination?

Apple Inc. Apple has announced that it will release its beloved computer tablet iPad in nine more countries within Asia and Europe this Friday. Perhaps the company is hoping to steer a bit attention away from the very bad public impression they re receiving about the iPhone 4 and its malfunctioning antenna.

The company recently announced that they will begin the shipping of iPad within the week in nine more international markets on Friday, July 23 including Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, and Singapore. Both the Wi-Fi and 3G models will be available in these regions beginning this Friday.

That brings the total number of countries with official iPad availability to 19. As of now Apples iPad is already available in the U.S. and Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K.

Before Apple declared the availability of the iPad within the international markets, the international “black market” for iPads was huge, with some Apples enthusiast overseas paying more than $1,000 for the $400 gadget. Now that it is easier to get the iPad in other countries, Apple has begun limiting the companys stringent policies on iPad purchase limits in the US.

On the other hand, the controversial iPhone 4 will also be going properly worldwide. The latest Apples iPhone will be available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland on July 30th.

Argus Implemented Car Rental Facebook Application, a European car rental site, successfully developed and launched a Facebook application to efficiently and expedites the searching ad booking car hire directly through Argus Car Hire’s Facebook account.

The Facebook application was powered by Argus’ three-click booking engine technology, the application is designed to allow customers to check and analyze current rates and book their car hire without having to leave Facebook and search Argus Car Hire’s Web site separately. Customers will also be informed regularly with companys special offers as well as search reviews of car rental agents at their pick-up/drop-off locations.

The Argus’ Facebook booking application was strategically conceptualized and implemented by the company’s technical team in Dublin. The same team who held managed for tweeting news and special offers from on Twitter.

“We recently launched our Facebook fan page and wanted to support our social media presence with an application that would set us apart and drive bookings,” said Barry Malone, brand manager for “This Facebook app is not only a more convenient way for customers to search and book car hire, it is also a great way for us to extend our reach to new and existing customers. With social media developing as quickly as it is, the car hire industry needs to keep up to date with changes in technology to access customers beyond their own websites.”

White iPhone 4 Unavailable for Pre-order or In-store Pickup

The White version of the Apples most controversial handset, iPhone 4, hasn’t been released yet, however its black version has been flooded out on in the markets. The handset has been tremendously successful and effortlessly sold 1.7 million units in just three days, according to But despite the amazing record-breaking success, the smartphone has been plagued with issues hat led to class-action lawsuit and was the subject of a press conference by Steve Jobs.

The reasons behind the month-long delay in releasing the white version of the iPhone 4 units may have been provided in a report from this Saturday. According to the explanation of the 21st Century Herald the Apple contractor, Lens Technology, is experiencing a hard time reliably getting the perfect thickness and opacity for the pure white paint that the company wants on the glass panels. The delay, as well as other difficulties, has reportedly left Lens’ production at just half the necessary level, or about three panels per hour.

AS of now, Apples CEO Steve Job havent confirm the actual release date of the White handset, and as you visit the Apple’s official Web site you will see a message that reads “White iPhone currently unavailable for order or in-store pickup.”

HTC Responded to Apples Antennagate Issues

The Taiwanese handset company, HTC Corp, break it silence and responds to Steve Job Apple’s cellphone reception defense by pointing to the minimal problem rate with its own smartphones. While Apple claimed to have just 0.55 complain calls percentage to AppleCare centering regarding on iPhone 4 reception problems, HTC said late Saturday that the same rate for the Droid Eris — which Apple picked out as having such a reception problem — was just 0.016 percent. Eric Lin, HTC PR manager, told Pocket-lint that there were only receiving “very few” complaints with the now discontinued Android phone.

The design of the device Droid Eris and Hero are rather unique as its primary antenna is located near the top of the device. Apple and the rest of the smartphone developers place their cellular antennas into the bottom part of the device to lessen the radiation amount that may enter into the user’s head and thus to minimize the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) that might be measured in a test.

The respond of the company follows after harsher annotations by RIM and Nokia which both accused Apple by disregarding the practical aspects of utilizing the design in favor of claiming best theoretical reception. Nokia did stress that sensitivity to hands of the human was a problem throughout the entire smartphone market and wasn’t limited to just Apple.

Facebook Reaches 500 Million User Milestone Despite of Privacy Issues

Almost everyone already joined the largest social media gathering on the internet. And as of now it seems that the most popular social networking site, Facebook, has achieved another milestone as it has now 500 million users in its list, which is really amazing by any standards. Despite of the severe criticism regarding privacy Facebook managed to achieve a half-a-billion users. The networking site company is expected to officially announce it this week.

The California-based networking already sent out an internal email celebrating the news. Notably, Facebook had only 200 million users in July last year.

In the past, its been all about the numbers and milestones and we realized we had never taken the opportunity to celebrate users, Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook marketing guru, in an interview to the All Things Digital’s BoomTown blog.

Facebook, born in 2004, is planning to celebrate the memorable occasion with a special feature called Facebook Stories”, which will be a collection of short tales about users who have had their lives changed by Facebook. Some of the themes are “finding love,” “natural disasters,” and coping with grief.

We really think by surfacing these stories, users can explain what Facebook is a lot better than we can, said Zuckerberg.

Though this new consumer marketing initiative may sound a bit clichéd, the company will b given a chance to show that it’s not just about growing itself into a profitable corporate mammoth and sucking up to advertisers, but it also provides an actual, important resource to millions of people visiting the site every day.

Environment-Friendly Car Rental? Bluebird Auto Rental Systems Powered with Solar Energy

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems and its subsidiary Bluebird Technologies coordinated a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday to honor the installation of its new solar-powered electric system.

Rockaway Township’s Mayor Louis S. Sceusi was present at the a ribbon-cutting ceremony, as well as Bluebird President, Angela Margolit, and The Solar Center’s CEO Ed Steins, including Bluebird and The Solar Center employees. Bluebird and The Solar Center are both based in Rockaway Township, New Jersey.

The eco-friendly solar electric system has a proven capability to save substantial electricity by cutting back on Bluebird’s usage from the grid. Also, the system will have environmental benefits equivalent to the absorption of CO2 from planting 3.2 acres of trees, or cutting back annual green house emissions from roughly taking three cars off of the road.

“Bluebird Technologies had been providing IT support for The Solar Center for years. With the push for companies to go green – along with government incentives – I thought it would be a good time to do some bartering,” Margolit said.

“IT Solution companies such as Bluebird have sizable electric consumption. This new solar electric system installation allows Bluebird to build sustainable practices into their business while enjoying great savings on their electric bills. At the same time … Bluebird Technologies, generates revenue for its business through the sale of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) Program,” Ed Steins, CEO of The Solar Center, said.

“The total electric saving and SREC income for the system is over $300,000 during the 20-year plus life of the system. The first year solar incentives of $79,000 include a federal grant, which Bluebird Technologies will enjoy through the federal stimulus package. In total, the system will pay for itself in less than six years with a 20 percent rate of return making this a great investment for Bluebird Technologies,” Steins added.

Apple is Giving Away Free Protective Cases to Alleviate iPhone 4 “Death Grip”

Apple just recently declared that they are going to give away free protective cases to people who bought the latest iPhone 4 model to lessen the “death grip” problem: holding the phone with a bare hand can muffle the wireless signal.

Steve Jobs, Chief Executive Officer Apple Inc., announced the giveaway Friday at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. People who are going to buy and those who have already bought the phone will all be eligible to receive the free protective cases.

The Apple recent device has been dogged by thousand of complaints about the malfunctioning antenna since it went on sale in the U.S. three weeks ago. On Monday, Consumer Reports said the trough series of careful testing had confirmed the issue. The review magazine refused to recommend the phone and called on Apple to compensate buyers.

Steve Jobs opened the news conference by saying, We’re not perfect. We know that, you know that.”

“This is life in the smart phone world. Phones aren’t perfect, and it’s a challenge for the whole industry,” Jobs said and he continued: “We’re all doing the best we can, but every phone has weak spots.”

Jobs also said that many phones, including BlackBerrys, suffered a loss of signal when held in a similar way.

We love our users, and if we screw up, we pick ourselves up and we try harder, said Jobs. When we succeed, they reward us by staying our users. We take this really personally, and have worked hard over the last 22 days trying to resolve this problem. I think weve gotten to the heart of the problem.

Some industry experts welcomed the announcement. Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Gartner said:

I think most people will be happy with a free case. She continued: What people have really taken exception to is the way these problems have been handled by Apple. It seems the signal issues have been more widespread in the United States than in Europe, and that’s certainly where most of the complaints have been coming from.

HTC EVO 4G Also Available in White

Best Buy already becomes the exclusive distributor of a version of the HTC EVO 4G in an exclusive white casing. Up to now, majority of this very popular Android OS smartphone has only been available in sleek and elegant black case.

Aside from the color change, this is no different from the Evo 4G model that has been on the market since June. This even includes the front plate — only the back plate of the new version is white.

Interested customers can get their white HTC Evo 4G from the Best Buy website or some of this retailer’s stores.

HTC Evo 4G Features and Overview:

The HTC Evo 4G is the first smartphone available in the U.S. market with WiMax. This very high-end model is equipped with a 4.3-inch touchscreen, a slim tablet shape, and 1 GHz Snapdragon processor.

It is powered by Google’s Android OS, and has HTC Sense, this company’s alternate user interface that expands on Google’s standard one.

Other device features includes an 8 GB removable storage, a GPS, an 8 megapixel clear-camera, video conferencing, Wi-Fi, and lot more.

HTC Evo 4G is exclusively available from Sprint for $200 with a two-year contract.

Lawmaker Demands Apple to Provide iPhone Free Fix

While Apple is planning a press conference today to discuss the iPhone 4’s antenna malfunctions and reception problems, there’s not much time left to jump in and castigate the company.

But an American Senator Charles E Schumer made it under the wire this morning, with a letter to Steve Jobs demanding the company to provide a free of charge fix for the Apples defective iPhone 4.

The American senator cited on the statement:

“The burden for consumers caused by this glitch, combined with the confusion over its cause and how it will be fixed, has the potential to undermine the many benefits of this innovative device. To address this concern, I ask that Apple provide iPhone 4 customers with a clearly written explanation of the cause of the reception problem and make a public commitment to remedy it free-of-charge.”

Senator Schumer says he’s worried by the discrepancy between Apple’s own explanation of the reception problem and that put forward by Consumer Reports. While the company is been putting it down to a bad signal strength display algorithm, the Consumer Reports says it’s just a badly-designed antenna.

Apple is scheduled to publicize its plans for disgruntled users today, and speculation on what it might offer to unsatisfied users has ranged from a free bumper case or to a full product recall.

“The solutions offered to date by Apple for dealing with the so-called ‘death grip’ malfunction ” such as holding the device differently, or buying a cover for it ” seem to be insufficient,” Schumer wrote and added: “These proposed solutions would unfairly place the burden on consumers for resolving a problem they were not aware of when they purchased their phones.”

Fresh Express Recalls Romaine Lettuce Products Due to E.coli Contamination

Salinas, California-based Fresh Express announced that they are recalling three to six ounce products containing Romaine lettuce, which includes products such as Romaine hearts and premium Romaine salad mixes, among others. The recall includes products with an expiration use-by date of July 8th through July 12th, and with Fresh Express Product Code S. Luckily, there are no illnesses or food poison related issues have yet been reported in association with the lettuce being recalled thus far.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared that recall is just a preventative measure after an independent food science laboratory found out E. coli bacteria presence in one random Fresh Express sample. However, FDA stressed that no medical issues have been recorded as due t contaminated lettuce.

Fresh Express distributed the lettuce contaminated with E.coli in some stores in California, as well as most states west of the Mississippi River.

Lettuce and Salinas, California produce have been at the lime light of previous recalls for E. coli contamination and other diseases. A Freshway Foods and Vaughan Foods voluntarily recalled their products after the hospitalization of twenty-three people by consuming products that is contaminated with E. coli.

Fresh Express consumers and vendors should discard the lettuce and contact the Fresh Express Consumer Response Center with any questions regarding the recall. The hot-line for the Center is (800) 242-5472.

Vaselines Facebook Skin-Whitener App for India

Skincare Company, Vaseline introduced its new skin-whitening cream for Indian men on Facebook, with a handy widget that lightens profile photos. The product was called, Vaseline Men be Prepared, and the company promises to Transform Your Face On Facebook with a fairer complexion, and pimples-free. The advertising campaign is fronted by an image of Bollywood actor Shahid Kapur, with half of his face whitened by the face cream.

Indians normally have a darker skin tone, and that is the reason why most skin-whitening products are being marketed Indian women, but manufacturers just recently started to target a bigger market, the insecurity and social prejudices of men. Indian society places a premium on the lighter complexions sported by the higher caste of Brahmins.

The Vaseline Men be Prepared, Facebook page with its comical English translations is a must-read. The company handed out various beauty and grooming tips to Indian men. Check out a few tips below:

What kind of look should Shahid sport? Chocolate boy or A Lean Brawn???

Try the Vaseline MEN BE PREPARED and get a glimpse of your new and exciting avatar. So get started now.

Getting bored at the moment?? Try the VASELINE MEN application. It will take out your boredom.

For dark spot free and clear fair skin use VASELINE MEN and for a clear Profile Pic try the Vaseline Men APPLICATION.

Skin-whitening industry segment within the cosmetics industry in the country is growing rapidly and generating billions of dollars. There are huge demands for such creams not only in Asian countries and urban users but also rural inhabitants.

Credit Card for Borrowers with Bad Credit

Now there are some new credit cards available now and its specially designed for people with bad credit as well as for people with no credit at all.

Almost everyone have seen the 0 APR and Capital One Credit Card commercials, but the question is what if you havent established credit or have a bad credit history? There are a number of different companies that offers credit card but not all companys accepting people with bad credit.

The Public Savings Secured Visa® Credit Card has been designed for customers with poor or bad credit. The company sad that there are no annual or monthly fees and their clients credit score is not a factor.

The new Public Savings card is more safe and protected, so customers will need to place a deposit in a bank account. This new card will help clients credit score. On-time payments will be reflected in their credit score. The money is still clients money but clients are just using it to help client credit record. We report to all 3 major credit bureaus, Public says.

Also, the card offers a zero percent introductory APR and an easy-to-follow one page application. As of now, there is no information about balance transfers but their ongoing APR is 11.24%.

BP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico: BP Hoping that Tighter Well Cap will Work

As the British oil company giant already spent hit $3.5 billion in the Gulf disaster, BP reported Monday that tests will likely commence today on whether the new containment cap over the blown-out well will provide positive result.

Doug Suttles, BP chief operating officer, told reporters that the companys “confidence is growing” in a morning technical briefing. He said the company, utilizing underwater robots, expects to place the tighter cap before he day ends and will commence its testing to see whether it can withstand the well’s pressure.

“We made good progress overnight,” he said but warned: “this is a complex operation.” The tap hat is a 150,000 pound cap is skillfully designed to seal the leak and bridge connections for surface vessels such as the giant Helix Protector to efficiently suck the oil from the well.

Suttles declared the Helix Protector, which BP expected to start its operation on Sunday, ran into technical problems that cause its delay in collecting oil until later today.

While BP is currently installing a more secure capping system, the oil from the well is spewing into the Gulf of Mexico almost endlessly, huge amount between 1.5-2.5 million gallons of oil per day, according to government estimates. Since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded almost two months and ruptured the well one mile below sea level, between 88 and 174 million gallons have leaked into the Gulf.

The new tighter cap operations is separate from BP’s continuing effort to drill relief wells that will permanently block the well, which Suttles expects could happen, hopefully, as early as the end of July.

On the other hand, the British oil company also reported Monday that the average cost of its cleanup, containment, relief well drilling, grants to Gulf states and damage claims has risen to about $3.5 billion.

Free Movie Download and Live Streaming US Feds Shutdown Websites Due to Movie Piracy

Seven well-known websites were shut down by the U.S. feds and custom officials yesterday, for allegedly hosting pirated copies of popular Hollywood and international films, as well as TV shows.

The net seizures came into action just a week after the Obamas administration announced its strict enforcement plan for confronting theft of intellectual property.

Authorities have accused the seven websites of movie piracy and said that films such as Toy Story 3 were being offered free, to download, to users of the websites.

A federal court in Manhattan issued warrants on behalf of the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York that demanded the permanent shut down of seven sites, which includes Movies-Links .tv, TVshack .net, Now-Movies. com, FilesPump .com, PlanetMoviez .com, ZML  .com, and ThePirateCity .org.

Six of the alleged websites were described by the attorneys office as linking sites that provides access to portals where pirated movies and television programs are stored. The ZML. com was described as a cyberlocker that allegedly stored numerous TV shows and pirated films which were made available for users to download.

Criminal copyright infringement occurs on a massive scale over the internet, and reportedly results in billions of dollars in losses to the US economy. That translates into lost jobs and real hardships for ordinary working people, said US attorney Preet Bharara, in justifying the action.

If your business model is movie piracy, your story will not have a happy ending.

His office said it would request that the domain names for the seized websites be forfeited.

Apple intensify iTunes security after scam

Apple, the oracular Silicon Valley company that became an icon of personal computing, implemented a new security measures in iTunes last Wednesday, a day after barring a Vietnamese applications developer for fraudulent.

Apple said iTunes users would be requested to make more frequent entries of the CCV code on their credit cards when purchasing or accessing iTunes from a new computer. The CCV code is three- or four-digit number on the back of a credit card.

The new security measures were declared after the company announced that it had barred a Vietnamese program developer from its iTunes application store for fraudulent activity.

“Developer Thuat Nguyen and his apps were removed from the App Store for violating the developer Program License Agreement, including fraudulent purchase patterns,” Apple said.

However, Apple did not elaborate and provide much detail regarding the incident involving the App Store, which offers free and paid applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

But the Cupertino, California-based company said Wednesday that iTunes servers “were not compromised.”

“An extremely small percentage of users, about 400 of the 150 million iTunes users — that is less than 0.0003 percent of iTunes users, were impacted,” the company said.

Apple iTunes immediately advised users whose “credit card or iTunes password is stolen and used on iTunes” to contact their bank and change their iTunes password.

According, a technology blog, applications credited to the unknown Nguyen accumulated 42 of the top 50 sales positions in the App Store’s book category at one point.

In addition, Engadget said it had received numerous reports from online store users that hundreds of dollars had been spent from their iTunes accounts to purchase books from Nguyen’s company.

BP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico could be stopped this Month

Wall Street Journal reported that the British oil company, BP, is moving to fix its gushing Gulf oil well by July 27, weeks ahead of the deadline the energy giant is discussing in the public.

“In a perfect world with no interruptions, it’s possible to be ready to stop the well between July 20 and July 27,” Bob Dudley, BP managing director, told the Wall Street Journal. Dudley added that stopping the well in July is threatened by hurricane season and is “unlikely.”

The oil company already prepared a backup plans in case its current plan did not succeeded, which includes connecting a well to existing pipelines to two underwater gas and oil fields, according to company officials, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Andrew Gowers, BP spokesman, said Thursday that the company hasn’t changed its target date of an August completion of the well-killing operation, the Washington Post reports.

“It is true that we are proceeding on exactly the same schedule as before, which means that it is most likely to happen in the first half of August,” Gowers told the Post. “You will note Bob Dudley’s comment to the Journal that it is theoretically possible but unlikely that it could happen a bit sooner.

Famous Footwear Shoes: Clearance Sales in Celebration of Independence Day

Day after July 4, 2010, Kate Gosselin was spotted checking some pairs of shoes at the shoe store Famous Footwear.

The TLC reality star mother with very expensive hairstyle was seen in Reading, Pennsylvania and buying a pair of shoes for herself. After the U.S. Independence Day, stores go on sale on all items specially shoes. The Famous Footwear brands are offering 40 up to 60% off of their various shoes as part of the Independence Day weekend celebration. Some of the shoes that are on sale now at Famous Footwear are brand names such as Nike, Skechers, Puma and many other famous brands.

Famous Footwear is recognized for selling top-of-the-line shoes and has been declared the best footwear seller in America. The store is also known of selling high quality yet affordable best-styled shoes. The Famous Footwear is part of the Mind Body Sole Tour or Brown Shoe Company, Inc.

In addition, customer can also get the best Famous Footwear coupon available in the entertainment section. Famous Footwear is Americas #1 retailer of value brand name shoes for the entire family.

For more Famous Footwear deals and pricing, you can the store website at the Internet.

Recent Apartment Prices in Manhattan and New York

Relocating to the Big Apple is such an exciting opportunity. New York City is among the most exciting cities in the world to work and live, coveted by many for its unequaled professional and cultural opportunities. If you are fortunate enough to be relocating to this world-renowned destination, be prepared for the ride of your life and the challenge of finding an apartment that meets your needs and requirements. This is not a market for the unwary. To find the right apartment, in the right location, and at the right price, there is no substitute for an experienced, professional real estate broker.

As of now, Manhattan apartment prices have stabilized after witnessing a downfall trends. The latest apartment price trends insinuate flattening of apartment cost prices. The city of Manhattan apartment sales have increased compared to last years sales record. The sales have now increased up to 80%.

The descending trend of apartment prices has been steadied, thanks to continues job rate increase, economic recovery trends and fall in the unemployment rates. Economists and housing specialists says that this is the perfect time to buy an apartment as the cost of apartments will see increase in prices by the end of year. The sale trends are clearer from past three months, which demonstrates continues development and growth.

Good thing that the steady growth was maintained despite of tight security and unemployment rates. According to the S&P/Case-Shiller index, the apartment prices in the greater New York area continued to fall in April, down 22% from their June 2006 peak.

Toyota Recall: A Massive Recall from the No.1 Car Maker Due to Defective Engines

Toyota, the number car maker in the world, has started to recall approximately 90,000 luxury Lexus and Crown vehicles yesterday in Japan due to malfunctioning engines ” the latest setback for the automaker beset with quality problems.

Paul Nolasco, Toyota Motor Corp spokesman, said recalls in overseas markets will follow soon, with a total 270,000 vehicles globally, including: 138,000 vehicles in the US, 15,000 in Europe, 10,000 in the Middle East, 6,000 in China, 4,000 in Canada, and 8,000 in other regions.

Yesterday, Toyota told the Japanese government it was recalling more than 91,900 vehicles for flaws in the valve springs, a vital engine part, that could make the automobile stall while in motion.

We apologize for inconveniencing our customers. We hope to fix the problem soon, Nolasco said.

The quality issues affecting top-of-the-line products comes as Toyota struggles to move on from massive global recalls that started in October last year. They already recalled more than 8.5 million vehicles for various problems, such as sticking gas pedals, braking software glitches, and defective floor mats.

The worlds number one car maker was fined a record US$16.4 million in the US for late responding when the recall crisis erupted.

The company˜s latest woes come on top of a recall last week for 17,000 Lexus hybrids after series of quality and drive test showed fuel can spill during a rear-end crash.

Experts and analysts said the recent companys recall did little to instill consumer confidence after Toyota president Akio Toyoda, facing shareholders last month, promised to strengthen vehicle quality inspections.

Shotaro Noguchi, auto analyst with Nomura Securities Co in Tokyo, said:

It is not doing a good job in communicating a message about what exactly it is doing to beef up quality checks. He followed, So it is hard for people to believe Toyota is taking the customers view as it is promising to do.

Toyota publicized the latest quality problems last week. The critical problem is some of the 180,000 defective automobiles were sold overseas, 138,000 of them in the US.

Fortunately, there are no accidents or injuries have been reported because of the defect.

As of now, the company received more than 220 complaints.

The company said that they will replace the valve spring in the recalled vehicles, produced between July 2005 and August 2008 ” Lexus models GS350, GS450h, GS460, IS350, LS460, LS600h, LS600hL and Crown models.

On the other hand, the company also facing more than 200 lawsuits in the US tied to accidents involving defective automobiles, the lower resale value of Toyota vehicles, and a drop in its stock value.

Car rental company, Dollar Thrifty, added 15 new franchise and two corporate locations

Last June 25, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc. declared that they opened 15 new U.S. franchise locations and two corporate locations since January 1, 2010.

Scott Thompson, Dollar Thrifty president and chief executive officer, said:

“We are very pleased with our current expansion efforts, which are expected to augment our organic growth from an improving economy.” He added: “The added franchise locations expand our value brands in a capital efficient way while our new corporate-owned locations represent long-term revenue growth opportunities.”

Dollar Thriftys new corporate stores serve in two of the top 100 airports in the U.S. They incorporate the re-establishment of the dollar ad Thrifty brands in Des Moines, Iowa, which is scheduled to open Aug. 1, 2010, and also the addition of the Thrifty brand to the company’s existing corporate location in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The expansion of the company includes Dollar Rent A Car openings in Savannah, Georgia, Panama City Beach, Florida, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, as well as Thrifty Car Rental franchises in Panama City Beach, Florida, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. The company franchised its corporate location in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the licensee operating both the Dollar and Thrifty brands there.

In addition, Thrifty Car Sales has recently opened a number of dealerships, which provide retail used-vehicles sales and serve the rental needs of the local market. These operations will provide the company with additional brand exposure and substantial profitability increase. These new dealerships include Pasco, Washington, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania and Coopersburg, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Hurricane, West Virginia, Lexington, Kentucky., New Carlisle, Ohio, and Pensacola, Florida.

Dollar and Thrifty have more than 1,550 corporate and franchised worldwide locations, which includes approximately 600 in the U.S. and Canada.

Realtors Reported House supply reduction in Orange County

The supply of Orange County, California of existing houses that is listed for sale last month dropped to five months and 24 days, which means that it would take that long to sell them all at the May sales pace, according to the California Association of Realtors.

That statistics is the lowest O.C.s unsold inventory ever reported this year as well as one f the lowest since the housing sales boom ended five years ago. But, however, its about on par with the amount of supply for the final half of 2009.

Still, at 5.8 months, O.C.s May inventory is below a countywide average dating back to the early 1990s. The average supply is 7.8 months.

Mays inventory levels reduction may be due more to a spike in sales than to a cut in houses on the market. The house sales increased by 15.9% from April and were up 18.5% from May 2009.

In January 28 the inventory number increased to a record of 21.5 months and then suddenly collapse to a post-boom low of 5.4 months in December. (See Chart)

The state of California as a whole possesses a 4.6-month supply of homes for sale, well below the long-running average of seven months.

Furniture outlets, county store to close in West Bridgewater

Furniture lovers and country store enthusiasts will probably miss the 6-foot tall solid wood rocking horse, the restored wooden sleigh and the bourbon barrels sold to use as planters over the years.

After 31 years of fruitful profitable business at West Bridgewater, Howard Dempseys Village Barn closing its business. The land in Route 106 is vacant now and up for sale.

During Howard Dempseys Village Barn business peak about a decade ago, Dempsey owned five antique and country-themed furniture and home décor stores, in the areas of Abington, Rochester and Kingston, as well as a second West Bridgewater store called Sentimental Sampler.

The Dempseys Rochester and Kingston stores are already closed a couple of years back while the Abington store — called The Other Side of Dempsey’s — and both West Bridgewater stores are foreclosure this month.

This recession is far deeper (than previous ones), and every effort has been made to reduce operating costs, said Dempsey, adding that inventory cuts sometimes scared customers away with a half-empty store.

But he remembers his faithful customers well.

Every customer leaves a lasting impression, whether its the lady who buys her favorite lotion over and over or the families who have furnished their homes, their childrens homes, and their grandchildrens homes over the years, said Dempsey.

Dempsey said hes seen a trend in recent years away from classic stores in favor of Internet marketing and big box outlets.

The community is as faithful as ever but buying habits have changed, said Dempsey, and were a fringe business, after gas and food.

The longtime customer and Dempseys furniture club member Joan Sheedy of West Bridgewater said she and fellow club members are disappointed to see the store close its doors.

Were sad to see it go … but we understand the economy, said Sheedy.

Theres a genuine disappointment but we wish him well and thank him for the many years of service hes provided to the people of West Bridgewater, said Sheedy. Hes worked very hard and deserves a happy retirement.

Dempsey mentioned how important to him his regular customer, and he treated them like an extended family.

This was part of our community. We saw these people every week and wed catch up with how their grandchildren were doing, he said.

Dempsey already built long lasting relationships with his customers. He will probably miss the most is the contact with Village Barn customers and staff who have worked together over the years.

All our customers are important and made Dempseys what it is, said Dempsey.

Arnold Schwarzenegger rejected the parole of Manson ˜family member

Hollywood action star-turned-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has rejected a recommendation to parole Charles Mansons right-hand man.

The 67-years old convicted killer Bruce Davis, is serving life sentences imprisonment for two 1969 slayings, even though he was not involved in the notorious murders by Manson followers of actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles.

In a letter made public on Monday the governor reversed a January decision by the state parole board, saying the murders were “especially heinous.”

“I believe his release would pose an unreasonable risk of danger to society at this time,” he wrote.

The board concluded that Davis is ready to be released. While imprisoned, Davis graduated and obtained a master’s degree in religion and a doctorate in philosophy of religion.

Davis was convicted of helping kill musician Gary Hinman in his home and former stuntman Donald “Shorty” Shea, who resides in Manson’s commune.

Governor Schwarzenegger acknowledged that Davis had made “some credible gains” during his sentence. But in abolishing the parole recommendation, he cited the “especially heinous” nature of the slayings and Davis’ repeated efforts to lessen his involvement in the crime.

Steve Cooley, Los Angeles County District Attorney, the Republican nominee for attorney general, had urged Schwarzenegger to reject the parole board’s recommendation.

Michael Beckman, Davis attorney, said that they will file a lawsuit in to reverse the governor’s decision. Beckman said the governor had no valid grounds to reverse such recommendations by the parole board’s chairman and a board-appointed psychiatrist.

“He doesn’t pose a public danger,” Beckman said of his client. “It’s a political calculation rather than an individual consideration.”

Home Based Business obtains Lyon Countys Approval

Now more and more people are getting additional income or having a full-time job without even leaving their houses in order to work to supplement their needs. Since countless home-based businesses are popping up as residents deal with the falling economy and increasing unemployment rate, Lyon County is planning to adjust its codes and regulations for home base businesses.

Last May, the Lyon County Board of Commissioners bestowed its approval for the temporary six-month business license for a home-based business in Wellington, which produces portable toilets.

According to the Director Lyon County Planning Rob Loveberg, the business, Pit Stop Pots, LLC, submitted its application for temporary license because the county is working on the adjustments to its codes and regulations and that once those regulations are completed, the business may be allowed to obtain a normal business license.

Loveberg said the county is seeking for possible changes that would handle more home-based businesses and allow different uses on different size lots.

Additionally, Loveberg said the Planning Department are expecting success in the modification of the Lyon County Code/Zoning Regulations in a way that would allow business equipment to sometimes be stored on large rural residential lots with conditions.

Online Money Transfer: HiFX expanded its operation

With the help of today technology, almost everything is possible and more efficient online. That includes shopping, communicating, and making friends, as well as managing and ending money online. This can reduce your expenses tremendously by doing this kind of online transfer and makes it much easier, safer, and more convenient for other people.

The HiFX, a foreign exchange specialists founded in 1997, has expanded its Online International Money Transfer service to include 14 new currencies and allow credit card, debit card, and even bank account to bank account transfers from overseas accounts back to the UK.

Now, with the company new changes, HiFX customers can easily transfer money to and from Sterling online by indicating the amount they want to send in their local currency or the equivalent amount that must be received in the overseas currency. The company added 14 new currencies to HiFX Online, which includes Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, Mexican Peso, Swiss Franc, UAE Dirham, Swedish Krona, Polish Zloty, South African Rand, Danish Krone, Hungarian Forint, Czech Koruna, and Norwegian Krone.

HiFX Director Mark Bodega said:

“With sterling having recently touched record lows, every penny counts when it comes to transferring money overseas. By continuing to develop our online money transfer service we are able to offer people a convenient way of accessing the same discounted online rates as we are able to offer for larger sums over the phone. By adding 14 new currencies to our service we hope to make the task of transferring money abroad ever easier.”

U.S. Federal Reserve bans dividends, debt issues at OptimumBank Holdings, Inc.

The Federal Reserve Board (FRB) on Tuesday announced the implementation agreement by and between OptimumBank Holdings, Inc., (OPHC.O) Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from paying dividends or taking on new debt without any written approval from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

In a written agreement with the Atlanta Fed, the firm come to a conclusion to utilize its financial and managerial resources fully to “serve as a source of strength” to its banking subsidiary, OptimumBank, of Plantation, Florida. They also come to agreement to ensure its compliance with the established consent orders with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp and the Florida Office of Financial Regulation issued last April.

The Fed publishes such written agreements on a regular basis with bank holding companies to guarantee their safety and security, but does not affirm specific reasons for the corrective actions that they orders.

In April OptimumBank publicized its results for the 2009 fiscal year, which increases its after-tax loss for the year to $11.48 million from $8.48 million that they previously stated. The company attributed the increase to a $1.3 million increase in its loan loss prevision, which resulted in a new assessment of its loan portfolio within the year end, accompanied with a $1.6 million decrease in tax benefits.

The company declared that they accumulated a $272.8 million in assets at year-end as well as three banking branches in Broward County, Florida.

Germanys Siemens is Establishing its Own Bank

Siemens AG (Siemens), Germany-based multinational company with a business portfolio of activities in the areas of electronics, communication, and electrical engineering, is planning to set up a bank under its own name to reduce dependence on bank financing considering difficulties faced during the financial mayhem.

Siemens already submitted a request to obtain a banking license to German banking authority which is currently under evaluation. The company does not intend to venture into retail banking industry but planning to utilize the banking license to expand its sales finance business.

The German company is also planning to deposit some of its current £9 billion funds at the Bundesbank and expand or broaden its financing sources.

The two German pioneers in automotive business such as Volkswagen and BMW already obtain a banking license and currently administering banks that support car sales with leasing and financing features.

Siemens cited in a statement:

With the help of a licensed credit institution, Siemens aims to expand the product portfolio of its financial services unit, particularly in the sales finance area, add flexibility to group financing and optimize its risk management. The access to the central bank would provide us with a save haven for our cash.

ATM vulnerable to hackers due to security flaws

A security specialist has detected flaws in the automated teller machines (ATM) design that has made these ATMs very vulnerable to skilled hackers and the cash dispensers may have to let go off all the money inside the machine.

Barnaby Jack, head of research at Seattle-based, security firm IOActive Labs, will demonstrate the hacking procedures for “jackpotting” ATMs at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas to be held on July 28.

Jeff Moss, founder of the Black Hat conference and a member of Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Council, cited:

“ATMs are not as secure as we would like them to be. Barnaby has a number of different attacks that make all the money come out.”

Jack refused to elaborate the hacking techniques before the conference. The world’s biggest ATM manufacturers include Diebold Inc and NCR Corp. Officials with those companies could not be reached for comment.

Banks may cringe when Jack shows his methods; they feared that crooks might adopt his techniques. But Moss said that going public will raise awareness regarding the problem among ATM operators and force them to intensify their security.

According to Moss, communication ports that are sometimes accessible from outside an ATM are a potential route of attack.

“You want everybody to know there are possible ways to jackpot these machines, so they will go and get their machines updated,” he said.

Joe Grand, a hardware security expert, reacted and said he was not surprised to learn of Jack’s research.

“People are starting to realize that hardware products do have security vulnerabilities. Parking meters, ATMs, everything that has electronics in it can be broken,” Grand said. “A lot of times a hardware product is just a computer in a different shell.”

Class-action lawsuit against Dell

Dell, founded in 1984 and one of the highly profitable computer company, is currently facing a class-action lawsuit that alleges the company for underpaying 5,000 call center employees.

According to an article in the Austin American Statesman, a federal judge in the Oregon-filed case gave the lawsuit class-action status last week. As stated in the story, any of the U.S. Dell call center employees who worked from February 8, 2004 to the present can now join the lawsuit to sue to company Dell as a collective.

The lawsuit against Dell was filed last February 2007 by two employees claiming they were improperly paid by the company for their overtime, training, or work preparation time, the story said. The employees were demanding the company to pay back all of their missing wages, with interest, and to fund their attorneys fees. Spherion Corp., a human resource agency that works directly with Dell, is also named as a defendant, according to The Statesman.

Since the case against Dell was granted class-action status, 80 plus employees have signed on as plaintiffs. The employees legal representative said the suit applies to as many as 5,000 Dell call center workers, former and current, from offices in five different states, including Oregon, Idaho, Tennessee, Texas, and Oklahoma.

The Statesman also cited a similar charge has been recorded in Austin by the companys customer service representatives who held responsible in Dell’s corporate customers.

A representative from Dell decided to remain silent regarding with the issue to CNET News, but instead, the representative confirmed that the company disputes claims in the case filings. countersues Microsoft Corporation for patent infringement Inc is planning to conduct a legal action against Microsoft Corp for alleged patent violations, the recent development in a legal battle that began last May 2010 when Microsoft accused Salesforce of stealing the companys intellectual property.

The world’s biggest Web-based software developer and engineer accused that Microsoft is infringing five Salesforce patents in programs, which includes in the Windows Server operating system and the widely used .Net platform.

“Microsoft’s continuing acts of infringement have caused and are causing irreparable harm to,” the complaint said.

Salesforce is in the process of searching and analyzing unspecified damages in the suit, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware on Thursday.

The patent brawl started on May 18 when Microsoft sued Salesforce in federal court in Seattle, accusing that Salesforce uses the companys technology in software menus, toolbars, and graphical interface features.

Horacio Gutierrez, Microsoft Deputy Chief Counsel, said in a statement that Microsoft is currently reviewing the lawsuit.

“We remain confident in our position and will continue to press ahead with the complaint we initiated in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington,” he said.

The case is: Inc v Microsoft Corp, case number 1:10-cv-00555, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

SunTrust Bank continues in analyzing options on RidgeWorth

Last June 17, SunTrust Banks, Inc. (NYSE: STI) declared that it continues to review its strategic business options for the segment of the of the institutional management businesses of its subsidiary RidgeWorth Capital Management (RidgeWorth).

In a joint effort of RidgeWorth and its boutiques they successfully managed and cultivated $65.1 billion in assets as of March 31, 2010. Moreover, as of March 31, 2010, SunTrust gained more than $211 billion in total revenue under advisement, which includes $122.7 billion in assets under the banks administration.

SunTrust Banks, Inc., located in the heart of Atlanta, is one of the countrys largest and established banking organizations, serving a wide range of people, from consumers, commercial, corporate, and institutional clients, as well as international investors. SunTrust, as of March 31, 2010, the company generated total revenue of $171.8 billion and with total deposits of $118.8 billion. The Company methodically administered and operates an extensive branch and ATM network all the way through the high-growth Southeast and busy Mid-Atlantic states and a full array of technology-based, 24-hour delivery channels. The Company also provided banking service to clients in selected national markets. SunTrust, principal businesses include online banking, credit, deposit, trust, and investment services. Through various companys subsidiaries the SunTrust provides mortgage banking, brokerage, insurance, investment management, equipment leasing, and investment banking services.

Yet Another Toyota Recall

In yet another blow to its reputation, the worlds largest automaker, Toyota was compelled to stop the sales of its new hybrid Lexus model HS250h after too much spilling and leakage of oil was found in a crash test being conducted by the government. The company has decided to recall 13,000 HS250h sedans sold during the 2010 model year. About 4000 models, still in the dealership lots are also being recalled.

The fuel leakage defect was detected during a crash test in which a barrier at about 50 miles per hour was made to collide with the back bumper of the vehicle to stimulate a rear end collision. NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) which conducted the test concluded that leakage of fuel can be very dangerous as chances of catching fire increased tremendously.

According to Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons, the company is yet to come up with a feasible solution to the problem of fuel leakage.

Toyota has been feeling the heat for safety and quality regulations for quite a while now. It all started in last September when a massive recall was done to deal with the issues of sudden acceleration. Not long ago, in April another model was recalled when a consumer reports magazine disclosed the problems of handling in the Toyota model GX 460, during the testing.

All the recent developments are indeed a big blows the huge reputation of the Japanese giant. In its defense Mr. Lyons said that no irregularity was found during the test conducted by Toyota and, neither has the company received reports about any mishaps or injuries. He further added that a fix will be found very soon and everything will be back on track at the earliest.

Santander To Buy Citis Auto Loan Portfolio

Citigroup Inc. will sell part of its auto loan portfolio to Banco Santander SA, Spain, at about $3.2 billion, according to a deal between the two banks on Thursday. The deal expands the U.S. business of Santander, Spains biggest bank.

Santander Consumer USA, based in Dallas, will acquire the loans from CitiFinancial Auto, a joint statement informed. As per the agreement, the Spanish bank will also service about $7.2 billion of auto loans, which will continue to be under Citigroup.

Acquisition of the Citigroups auto loan portfolio is a part of Santanders plan to grow its business in the U.S., said Emilio Botin, the banks chairman. The banks U.S. business will account for five percent of its profit this year and $1.15 billion worth of earnings by 2011, he elaborated. The bank, headquartered in Santander, a Spanish city, is sensitive to the movements in the U.S. and the Chinese markets, its head of strategy, Juan Inciarte said in Madrid.

Over 20 businesses of Citigroup were identified for sale or closure after its $45 billion bailout two years ago. CitiFinancial Auto is one among them. The sale will not impact the groups income, the bank clarified.

Total $12.7 billion of auto loans of Citigroups North American business were outstanding as on March 31. It is down from $18 billion in 2009. With the current deal with Santander, Citigroup has almost exited the auto loan business. CitiFinancial Auto has about 1 million customers and 2,000 staff, a Citigroup spokesman said.

Other recent acquisitions of Santander are Drive Financial, an auto lender, and Sovereign Bancorp, a Philadelphia-based lender with 772-strong branch network and $72 billion assets.

Ag Bank of China IPO Set To Shatter Record

Upcoming initial public offering of Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) is expected to be the worlds largest. The bank is one of the four big state-owned lenders in China and the last one to list its shares in stock exchanges.

It is offering 53 billion shares through this IPO. The shares would be listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges. Price of the shares is yet to be announced, but reports indicated that price per share for Shanghai stock exchange would be in the range of $0.40 to $0.48.

The IPO will be on tap from July 1, while its trading in Shanghai stock exchange will begin on July 15.

Present record of worlds largest IPO belongs to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Its dual Shanghai-Hong Kong offering in October 2006 was worth $21.9 billion. Going by upper end of the expected range, the current IPO will mop up about $25 billion. Even though it will be a new record, it is less than $30 billion that it was once believed to be worth.

Of late, Chinese shares have fared poorly for the fear that economy is heading for a slowdown. Reasonable price range for ABCs IPO is between $0.40 and $0.44, Hu Yuanchuan, an analyst working at Industrial Securities, Shanghai said. He gave the IPO an average prospect due to not so attractive rate of return and a weak market.

The IPO has so far failed to attract big foreign investors; however, it is likely to be subscribed by sovereign wealth funds and government institutions. Qatar Investment Authority, Kuwait Investment Authority, Seven Group Holdings (Australia), Archer Daniels Midland (U.S.) and Rabobank (Dutch) are likely to be key subscribers, according to Dow Jones.

Google and YouTube Remains Unbeatable

Googles YouTube served up roughly 14.6 videos in the U.S. Internet users alone, a total of more than 100 video views per person during the month. Both numbers were monthly records for the site in a single month.

According to the Internet marketing research company, ComScore, approximately 34 billion online videos are being viewed in U.S. with YouTube and other Google sites. Almost 183 million U.S. residents watched online videos during the month, with a massive 14.6 billion video clips viewed at Google sites, mainly in YouTube. Google obtained a record of 43.1 percent of all online video clips served up during the month, comScore said on Thursday.

Second on the list was Hulu, with 1.2 billion video clips (3.5%), followed by Microsoft with a 642,000 (1.9%), and then Vevo with 430,257 (1.3%) video clips. However, Yahoo, CBS Interactive, Viacom, Turner, and Fox Interactive, including MySpace, share in the fifth place with 1 percent. Finally, last but definitely not the least was Facebook with a little over 245,100 clips (0.7%).

With an average of 145 million, Google sites “ especially YouTube – ranked first in terms of unique viewers, with an average of 101.2 video clips in May. Then followed by their biggest competitor, Yahoo, which held the second position in this category with 46 million unique viewers (7.3 clips per viewer), and on the other hand, Vevo, Facebook, and Fox Interactive accumulate and average 44.3 to 45.6 million viewers.

Reports of YouTube’s excellent and profitable performance in May follows a lengthy legal battle victory yesterday, when the company won a major courtroom victory against Viacom’s US$1 billion copyright infringement that was filed more than three years ago.

U.S. District Court Judge Louis Stanton granted Googles motion for summary judgment, saying that YouTube is in compliance with the standard and legal requirements with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which allows the company to remove the user-uploaded video clips if asked by the copy right owners.

Stanton added that YouTube could not be held responsible when people post clips from productions such as Viacom’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report without the entertainment giant’s approval.

This is an important victory not just for us, but also for the billions of people around the world who use the web to communicate and share experiences with each other, said by Google, which purchased YouTube for $1.8 billion in 2006.

However, Viacom, declare it plans to appeal and pursue its allegations that YouTube is accountable for what Viacom calls widespread and willful infringement of its movies, TV shows and other content.

Campbell Soup SpaghettiOs with Meatballs Recalled in US

Campbell Soup Supply Company LLC located in Paris, Texas is recalling 15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs with Meatballs canned products in the US market due to possible under processing. The recall came right after they found out that problem through a company regular warehouse inspection and investigation.

Three Campbell products under the SpaghettiO label are impacted by the recall: SpaghettiOs with Meatballs, SpaghettiOs A to Z with Meatballs, and SpaghettiOs Fun Shapes with Meatballs (Cars). These three affected products were processed between December 2008 and June 2010. Fortunately, according to FSIS, there have been no reports regarding any food- and botulism-poisoning cases associated with consumption of SpaghettiOs subject to the recall.

The company advised the consumers who purchased the affected product to return the products to the stores where they purchased SpaghettiOs and ask for exchange or a full refund.

Consumers who have any questions regarding the recall may call Campbell Soup’s Hotline at 866 495-3774.

Ford To Set Up New Car Plant In Thailand

Ford Motor Co. will be setting up a new car manufacturing facility in Thailand with an investment of $450 million. This plant will cater to Ford Motors expansion plans in Asia Pacific, the company announced on Friday. The plant, which will be set up in the eastern province of Rayong, will make Ford Focus cars from 2012. However, it will manufacture a wide range of vehicles in the future. The plant will be 100 percent owned by Ford.

Thailand will play an important role in the companys aggressive expansion plans in the Asia Pacific and Africa, Fords regional head of operations Joe Hinrichs said. Ford considers the proposed plant significant and looks forward to continued cooperation in Thailand, the companys president for the ASEAN region Peter Fleet said, adding that the auto industry is set to grow by over 40 percent during next seven years. The company had invested more than $3 billion over last four years to drive the industrys growth, he informed.

The assembly unit will have an area of 8.07 sq ft and annual capacity of 150,000 units. Up to 85 percent of its capacity will be oriented towards exports. It will generate 11,000 new jobs in the region and buy annually $800 million worth of Thai components.

In the recent years, Thailand is one of the three Asian countries where Ford has invested heavily. It set up a $500 million car plant at Rayong in Thailand in 2009 as a part of its joint venture with Mazda Motor of Japan. It has invested total $1.55 million in the country. Other two Asian locations where Ford has invested are Nanjing in China and Chennai in India. It has invested $510 million and $500 million respectively.

Supreme Court Rules in Monsanto in GMO Alfalfa Seed Planting

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a federal judge had committed a mistake in allowing the planting of Monsantos terminator alfalfa seed until a federal government agency completed a detailed environmental analysis.

By a 7 to 1 vote, the justices in their initial decision involving genetically modified crops overturned a lower-court ruling that banned the sales and trade operation until the completion of an environmental cause and effect analysis on how the Roundup Ready seed could affect nearby plantations.

Numerous environment activists and conventional seed companies, headed by Geertson Seed Farms, had sued the US Agriculture Department in 2006 to force it to withdraw its approval of the Monsanto alfalfa seed until it did a full environmental study.

Monsanto, located in St. Louis, intervened on the governments side in the case, and had appealed to the Supreme Court.

The genetically engineered alfalfa is designed to be immune to Roundup herbicide.

The terminator seeds received its approval by the US Agriculture Department, but courts in Oregon and California mentioned the USDA did not analyze and check hard enough at whether the seeds would eventually share their modified genes with other crops.

Alfalfa, frequently being used for livestock feed and can be planted during spring or fall, is a major crop grown on about 22 million acres within the US, Monsanto said in court papers. Additionally, the company said that almost half the US sugar crop comes from Roundup Ready sugar beets.

Justice Stephen Breyer is not participating in the case because his brother, U S District Judge Charles Breyer in San Francisco, issued the initial ruling against Monsanto.

The American Farm Bureau Federation had warned that farmers could be hesitant to use the new biotech products if theyre anxious a court could stop the crop varieties after theyve distributed on the market.

Drilling Ban Overturned; White House To Appeal

Amidst strong resistance from several quarters, a federal judge in New Orleans overturned a six month suspension on deep-water drilling projects. It is to be noted that after the infamous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama government imposed a six months moratorium on the further ongoing deep water drilling projects. The White House has decided to appeal against the ruling.

U.S. Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar issued a statement saying that the White House will seek a new order in the following days which will eliminate all the doubts regarding the suspension and that the suspension is essential, apt and very much in power of the government.

The courts decision has come as a reprieve for the off shore energy giants such as BP, Chevron Corp and Royal Dutch Shell. Their functioning was totally constrained due to the imposed ban and they were reportedly planning to move the business to other basins like Brazil.

In a lawsuit filed against the governments imposed suspension it was argued that no such proof has been provided by the government that the existing deep water projects are unsafe. Judge Feldman agreed that oil and gas production is a source of living for a number of people in the gulf communities. It would be grossly unfair to block their livelihood on a doubt basis. Apart from that the ban would have severely affected the economy and close to thousands of jobs would have been in jeopardy, he observed.

But the government has vowed to fight against the decision calling it outrageous. The ruling has received harsh criticism from several environmental groups.

Umpqua Buys Yet Another Failed Bank

In a recent development, Umpqua Holdings Corp., owner of Umpqua Bank in Oregon, acquired control over Nevada Security Bank. Apparently this is the third failed bank this year bought by the company. Set up in Oregon, Portland, Umpqua plans to expand into Nevada with the purchase, with a whooping 181 number of branches as credentials.

With the closure of Nevada Security Bank, the number of bank failures in U.S. this year rose to 83. More failures are being awaited in the third quarter of the year. Hundreds of banks are still finding it hard to deal with failing portfolios of money-making real estate loans, according to a report.

Sheila Bair, FDIC chairman stated that its time that U.S come up with new rules for origination of loans, their security and servicing as banks still continue to fail.

The recent failure of Nevada Security Bank will cost around $81 million to FDIC insurance fund. A spurt of failures this year has reportedly pushed the agencys insurance fund into negative terrains. However, owing to the fact that banks prepay three years of fee amounting to $45 billion, FDIC still has sufficient funds to cope up with bank failures. However, the recent failures are an alarming bell, analysts pointed out.

The FDIC board will be meeting up next week to make a clear cut estimate on the amount of funds needed to deal with the recent bank failures as well as the upcoming ones. As per the last estimated figure, about $100 billion will be needed to cover up for the bank failures between 2009 and 2013.

However, with the small banks growing fast and strong both, FDIC hopes for a quick recovery.

Social Networking Sites Industry Drained More Than $1.5 Billion

One of the biggest money generating industry has now lost $1.5 billion on its investments in the social networking craze after AOL sold social network Bebo to a private investment group for an undisclosed sum last week, after buying it for US$850 million two years back.

Bebo has really been struggling to compete effectively against social networking giants such as Facebook.

The huge investments in Bebo, MySpace, and Friends Reunited illustrate the risky nature of gambling big amount of money on Internet businesses. The uncontrollably and frequent development of various applications and a lack of customer loyalty mean that social networking sites can become huge virtually on a single day and then collapse the day after.

AOL bought Bebo for US$850 million, but due to profitability loss and the failure to gain foothold in the US market, it was sold at a low price for about US$10 million. On the other side of the story, Rupert Murdoch of News Corp began to embrace digital media in 2005. The company spent US$580 million on MySpace, and in 2009 the social media site took a US$450 million impairment charge against the business. Additionally, ITV, a British TV company, paid ï¿¡175 million for Friends Reunited and last year they sold the business DC Thomson for just ï¿¡25 million (US$37 million), making a loss of ï¿¡150 million or approximately US$187 million.

The king of social media sites, Facebook, was launched in 2004 instantly overshadowed other media sites. According to Google ad Planner, is being visited by approximately 540 million people, which is equivalent to more than 35 per cent of the internet population. Despite of the criticism about privacy at the social-networking service, its revenue more than doubled last year to US$800 million.

Enders Analysis analyst Ian Maude said, The conclusion is that barriers of entry are very low and so if someone comes along with a better idea, it is very hard to protect against that, he also added Facebook looks like it has some momentum still; it is still growing. It is also much more appealing to a wider audience. But someone could come along with a better idea tomorrow.

MySpace cut down hundreds of jobs and last year replaced co-founder Chris DeWolfe. But however, his successor, Owen van Natta, has left the company after serving for about eight months.

Research shows mergers and acquisitions don’t work, Maude said. If you get sucked into a corporate bureaucracy and are forced to fit in with another companys goals and culture, it almost certainly leads to a dilution of the business.

Unemployment Rate Falls In Many States

Labor market in Virginia, Hawaii, Maryland and the District showed signs of recovery with a drop in unemployment rate in May, as per data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The decline was for the second month in a row.

The District recorded a dramatic decline in jobless rate from 11 percent to 10.4 percent. In Hawaii and Virginia, it dropped marginally to 6.6 percent from 6.7 percent and 7.1 percent from 7.2 percent respectively. Similarly, it fell to 7.2 percent from 7.5 percent in Maryland.

Employment statistics for D.C. was not as good, despite a spurt in federal government hiring.

Economists attributed the fall to real hiring by the private and public sector, rater than statistical deflation that is resorted to when jobseekers stop looking for jobs due to disappointment.

Statistics apart, the District recorded loss of 700 private jobs, according to Sage Policy Group chairman Anirban Basu. Total 11,000 and 4,800 jobs were added in Virginia and Maryland respectively, he informed. Similarly, 17,00 jobs were added in Hawaii during May. The trends in these states were much better than national trend, as only 41,000 private jobs were added in the country with the rate hovering around 9.7.

However, the gains in the region constituting Virginia, Maryland and the District were not as good as what were recorded in April, pointing to the continued volatility in the labor Markey, analysts warned.

The jobless rates declined in as many as 37 states. It was the highest in Nevada with 14 percent, followed by Michigan, which recorded 13.6 percent. North Dakota fared much better with the unemployment rate of 3.6 percent, the lowest in the country.

GM To Work This Summer To Keep Up With Demand

General Motors Co. has cancelled the normal summer shutdown to keep pace with the demand. The move will allow the company to manufacture 56,000 additional automobiles, a GM executive said on Thursday, adding that nine of the companys 11 assembly facilities would function in full capacity from June 20 to July 9.

This is a rare move on the part of the auto maker to cancel the two weeks summer shutdown, which has been a generations old tradition in the industry. It affords the workers in-built summer vacation on one hand, and on the other provides opportunity to auto makers to perform maintenance of the factories. Unlike General Motors, other car makers, including Ford, Chrysler and Toyota, are going by the tradition.

Last year, most of GMs production facilities in the U.S. were closed for nearly two months as the company went through bankruptcy. However, Thursdays decision sends out strong signals about the companys intent as it emerges out of the crisis. It will result in additional revenue to the tune of $1.5 billion and boost the companys second quarter financial result, just ahead of its initial public offer.

The decision to avoid the shutdown will reduce the waiting period of customers and dealers, said President of GM North America Mark Reuss. It is good sign for the company which was known to produce more cars than it could sell and then push them through discounts and rebates. Prior to bankruptcy, General Motors used to have over a million vehicles in its inventory.

EU Concurs with the Transparency of Bank Stress Test Results

Brussels – To bring back the confidence from a lot of investors, the European Union has decided to make the results of the bank stress tests transparent to the public.

Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission President stated in a press conference, “This should reassure investors by either lifting unfounded suspicion or by dealing with the remaining problems they may exist.

According to Barroso, the banks stress test results will be released on a bank-to-bank basis.

This was decided after Spain has declared that it will publicize this Wednesday the results bank stress test they have conducted in their countrys commercial banks.

According to Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordonez, the central bank chief, “The bank intends to make public the results of these stress tests, showing estimated loan losses, the consequent capital requirements and the contribution of promised balance sheet reinforcements, so the markets have a good understanding of the circumstances of the Spanish banking system.”

Originally, Germany wasnt enthusiastic with the idea of full publicity of the results. However, Berlin has appeared to persuade other countries especially when the investors confidence on the Euro zone banking system continually declined.

The implementation of bank levy was done purposely to pay for bailouts in the future which were agreed upon by the European Union leaders. Barroso together with the European leaders will as well be getting support for global bank tax next week during the G20 summit.

UBS: A Safe Haven For Black Money No More

U.S. authorities moved a step closer to obtain details of thousands of suspected tax cheats after Switzerland parliament approved a treaty to this effect on Tuesday. Black money belonging to about 4,450 tax cheats is suspected to be hidden in Swiss bank UBS.

Switzerland’s lower house passed the government-backed treaty with 81 votes in favor and 61 against. Fifty-three members abstained. The house also decided to put the treaty on referendum to Swiss public before it is finally proclaimed as law. The referendum can take place in November at the earliest. The upper house is yet to ratify the decision.

Earlier attempt to pass the treaty last week was thwarted after the left-wing Social Democrats and nationalist party blocked it saying the treaty will force the Swiss bank to compromise with secrecy, its hallmark.

UBS has been facing tremendous pressure from U.S. since 1997 to divulge financial details of about its 4,450 American clients. Last year the bank handed over files of a few hundred clients and paid a fine of $780 million in lieu of deferred prosecution. However, U.S. warned that unless details of all the clients are handed over, it may face civil investigation. This doesn’t augur well for the bank, which is recovering from crisis and trying to consolidate its U.S. business.

Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, Justice Minister sought to allay fears of the critics by clarifying that the legislation relates to a clearly defined and specific group of clients and will have not have any general implication that would compromise secrecy of the bank. Jean-Raphael Fontannaz, UBS spokesman refused to comment until lawmaking process is completed.

Obama: 20 Billion fund to be paid by BP

WASHINGTON – Wednesday” President Barack Obama and BP reached and agreement of 20$ billion to compensate the victims of the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And the British chairman apologizes to the American people for the worst spill in U.S history.

“The structure we are establishing today is an important step toward making the people of the Gulf Coast whole again, but it will not turn things around overnight,” Obama said.

The news is well taken by the people in the Gulf, this is a rare positive development in this case since 20 April when this tragic happened.

“This tragic accident… should have never happened,” Svanberg said. (Carl-Henric Svanberg, BP Chariman)

BP is to pay 5 billion each year for next 4 years, into the 20$ billion fund.

Obama said. “This $20 billion amount will provide substantial assurance that the claims people and businesses have will be honored.”

He emphasized that the $20 billion was “not a cap” and that BP would pay more if necessary.



Labor Unrest Hits Honda Production In China

A wave of strikes in different parts of China continued to intensify on Friday, threatening to affect industrial production of this booming economy. Hundreds of workers of a Honda lock factory staged an unusual street demonstration in Zhongshan, in Guangdong province. Production at Hondas two car plants in China had to be halted for two days this week owing to a shortage of parts supplies.

However, Honda Motor put up a brave face on Saturday claiming that all Chinese car plants of the company were now operating normally and expected to do so through the weekend. Talks with workers at the striking factory were on, said Takayuki Fujii, a spokesperson of the car manufacturer. He didnt offer any comment on the outlook of production next week. The available inventory of locks can reportedly feed production only till Saturday.

The workers at the lock factory have struck work since Wednesday demanding better pay and right to elect their own labor union representatives. The demands are seen as a direct challenge to state-sanctioned union, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. The strike continues as workers say that management has not accepted their wage demands. Though heavy police deployment has been made at the site, no report of clash has come yet.

There has been a spate of industrial unrest across China recently. Several hundred workers of a Taiwanese computer accessory facility in the Yangtze River Delta are also striking. Earlier this week, workers at a Taiwanese rubber factory clashed with police just outside Shanghai.

Meanwhile, the government has issued a gag order prohibiting Chinese media from reporting on the current phase of unrest.

Ban On Deepwater Drilling Temporary: Salazar

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said on Wednesday that the ban imposed by the Obama administration on deepwater drilling in the wake of one of the worst oil spills in U.S. history is temporary. Salazar said this to allay concerns raised by lawmakers and industry experts that the ban would harm the economy and result in job loss.

At the same time Salazar informed the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that safety must be ensured before the activities are allowed to resume. The six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling is necessary to put in place new safeguards and standards in environmental protections, so that the oil spills like the one in the Gulf of Mexico recently don’t recur, he said while defending the ban.

Government notified safety rules for shallow water drilling on Tuesday, while the environmental requirements are still awaited. The production capacities and workers of the rig could be idled while the industry complies with the new guidelines, the stakeholders said, while warning that it would be disastrous for the energy companies.

If the ban lasts long, its economic costs would exceed the havoc caused by the slick itself, opined Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La. Job loss would be the next crisis that the Gulf Coast would face, apprehended Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska. While jobs are important, safety is the top priority, Salazar asserted. Claims by oil service companies and their laid-off workers due to the delay should be honored by BP, he insisted.

Meanwhile, some of the scientists and engineers involved in preparing the report and recommendations didnt endorse the ban. It was added at a later stage, they said.

Exxon Bets On Biofuels

Nuclear energy as well as energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and biofuels will play an increasingly important role in the time to come, said Andrew Swiger, Senior Vice President of Exxon Mobil Corp on Monday. Biofuels hold promising prospects and the company has begun tests to evaluate commercial viability of algae biofuels to supplement more common sources of energy such as natural gas and oil, he said.

However, natural gas, oil and coal would continue to provide about 80 percent of the total global energy needs through 2030, he said at the Asia Oil and Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur. He predicted a surge of about 35 percent in global energy demand from 2005 levels, by 2030. Exxon is evaluating the possibility that algae biofuels could be produced commercially so that it becomes an important source of energy to meet the future demand, Swiger informed. The research is in its early days and there are formidable hurdles to be crossed, he cautioned.

Algae, which need carbon dioxide and sunlight to grow, can also keep greenhouses gases in check. It has the proven potential to produce oils in large volumes. As the oils produce have similar chemical make up as petroleum based oils, they can be processed in available refineries and used with existing technology. During 2008, President Barack Obama, too, advocated biofuels in his campaign.

Exxon, the oil giant that has often invited criticism from environmentalists for underestimating global warming, has shown keen interest in biofuels since 2009, investing $600 million. It has teamed up with Synthetic Genomics Inc., a company set up by J. Craig Venter. Venter is credited with mapping human genome. Synthetic Genomics Inc. is trying to modify the genetic code of some algae to make the extraction of oil easier. The company is also testing environmental impact, technical challenges, scalability and commercial viability of the biofuels.

Exxon has interest in more than 30 locations all over the world and the company has a cogeneration capacity of about 4,900 megawatts, he said, adding that another 5,000 megawatts of capacity would be added to this with the opening of new facility in Singapore next year.

Stating that Exxons upcoming petrochemical plant in Singapore takes a long-term view, he set to rest the speculations that the plant is likely to be delayed due to surplus ethylene supplies. The petrochemical industry has a cyclical trend, which cant be predicted, he said. “We will start our plant as scheduled,” he asserted at a news meet. Exxons upcoming multibillion-dollar ethylene cracker at Jurong Island of Singapore has a projected capacity of 1 million tonnes per year. The plant is scheduled to begin activities in phases during late 2010 through 2011.

Of late there is a glut in ethylene supplies putting pressure on the petrochemical market, according to the traders. Ethylene capacity of the region is projected at 48.33 million tonnes per year. India, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and China will contribute to this capacity.

Oracle Does A U-Turn on Sun Layoff

In a U-Turn of sorts, Oracle has begun to lay off workers of recently acquired Sun Microsystems. According to a regulatory filing of the company on Friday, the job cuts would primarily be effected in European and Asian operations. Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, a loss making hardware and software behemoth, earlier this year amid speculations of large scale job cuts. Oracle is the biggest database software maker of the world employing about 106,492 workers.

However, at the time of the acquisition, Oracle vehemently rubbished reports and speculations about layoff of Sun workers. At a press conference at Oracle’s headquarters in January, the company Chief Executive Officer, Larry Ellison had reacted angrily at the reports, saying that those spreading it should be ashamed of themselves. On the contrary 2,000 staff would be hired in ensuing months, he stated on that occasion, adding this is twice as many jobs that would be cut. The idea was to grow and, not cut, Sun to profitability, he claimed.

Oracle announced the $7.4 billion acquisition deal in April 2009. However, the deals closed only in January due to delay by the regulators. This is the third layoff that the Sun workers are bracing in quick succession. In the run up to the takeover, Sun Microsystems had pruned the workforce on its own, laying off 3,000 workers, about nine percent of the total. Earlier, in 2008, Sun cut about 7,600 jobs.

The recent move “further reduces the size of Oracle’s combined workforce primarily in Europe and Asia,” the company disclosed.

Even as the affected workers have started to get notifications, the company was tight-lipped on the total number of workers it is going to retrench. Objectives of this restructuring exercise are to improve efficiencies and root out redundancies, Oracle mentioned in the filing. Oracle executives declined to comment any further than what is declared in the filing.

Oracles restructuring costs relating to takeover of Sun are likely to cross $1 billion, which is a way more than previous estimates. Oracle disclosed in the regulatory filing that the restructuring is likely cost between $675 and $825 million of the additional amount. Most of these would go towards paying severance compensation, estimated between $550 and $650 million. Of the remaining, about $115 million will go towards facilities costs, while $60 million would be incurred as contract termination costs.

The new costs will be met in 2011 calendar year, Oracle said. The company had earlier incurred a restructuring cost of $325 million. The new costs will primarily be incurred to pay severance compensation to the retrenched employees.

The Sun deal holds significant strategic importance for Oracle, Ellison explained. With this, Oracle can offer customers both hardware and software solutions. Thus, it gives it a unique opportunity to take on International Business Machines Corp. (IBM). On the other hand, for ailing Sun Microsystems, a world leader in computer and a company that made both software and hardware, the deal means a new lease of life.

Auto Sales Picks Up Momentum In May

Auto majors in the United States are upbeat with the new-car sales exceeding all expectations in May. With the notable exception of Toyota Motors, sales figure has gone up by at least 17.5 percent across the board.

The industry as a whole recorded a healthy sales growth of 19.1 percent in May, according to Autodata. This translates into annualized selling rate of 11.3 million vehicles, up from 10.4 million last year.

In contrast, Toyota sales recorded an increase of mere 6.7 percent. Tainted reputation because of recall of over eight million vehicles and the withdrawal of buyer incentives in April are seen as two important reasons for below par sales performance of the Japanese auto giant. Corolla, Camry sedans and Avalon were recalled in recent months to fix a problem in acceleration.

However, good news for Toyota is its light-truck and Lexus sales, which jumped by 15 percent and 35 percent respectively. Taking cue from the trends, the company is actively considering to reintroduce buyer incentives on 2011 models, sources said.

Toyota would focus on safety and quality instead of deals in its new marketing campaign, said a senior official of the company, adding that this will allay apprehensions that many consumers may still have. He was optimistic that demand of Toyota vehicles would accelerate in the coming months.

Even as the companys executives are confident of the demand picking up, it would be an uphill task for Toyota to retain its market share, according to analysts. Current market share of the company is 15.2 percent.

Detroit Big Three – Chrysler, General Motors and Ford – recorded impressive sales with double digit growths of 32.7 percent, 17.5 percent and 22 percent. This is the sixth month in a row that Ford Motor has recorded over 20 percent sales growth. While Mustang sales went up, Mercury, which Ford Motor will be phasing out by 2010 end, did not perform well.

Around this time last year, both Chrysler and General Motors were in the midst of unprecedented financial crisis. So the sales figures of this month are against lows recorded last year. Chrysler sales crossed 100,000 units for the first time since March 2009. While pickups, Jeeps and minivans did well, sedans and coupes proved difficult to sell.

For General Motors, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Buick were the best selling vehicles, while sales of Pontiac, Hummer, Saab and Saturn continued to disappoint. The growth in GMs sales corresponds to 206,994 units.

Sales of Hyundai, the South Korean automaker, rose by 33 percent. Nissan recorded a higher sale of 24.1 percent, with Altima sedans, Versa and Sentra proving to be its most popular models.

The month of May would have been even better month for automakers but for volatility of the financial markets, analysts pointed out. The hangover of recession is far from over yet. However, they were optimistic that the sales would pick up further in the coming months touching 12 million vehicles for 2010, a 15 percent jump from the previous year. takes off in UK

A new concept in online flight search officially takes off in the UK today with the launch of

Already hugely successful abroad, simple-to-use scours all the major airlines, international carriers and online travel sites, and then helps people easily sort and refine results by criteria such as number of stops and departure times and traveller class.

Unlike most existing flight comparison sites that rely on cached data (old pricing and availability that may no longer be valid at the time of the search), uses ˜meta-data technology to deliver the latest, most competitive prices – direct from the airlines and travel sites themselves.

As an independent, unbiased authority on airfares, provides the widest range of flight options and is the only flight comparison site to include prices for First Class, Business Class and Economy seats – not just the standard charter seats.

Because is not a booking engine, it simply helps visitors decide which flights are right for them and refers them to the appropriate website for direct booking, so they always get maximum air miles. All fees and taxes are included and doesn’t charge visitors for its service.

Says Aaron Ritoper, vice president of business development, Europe: is the next generation of flight comparison site. Our mission is to simplify flight search in the UK and to provide exceptional service in every market in which we operate.

In a recent study we found that people spend an average 2.6 hours and check 4 different sites when booking a flight. We believe this is because there is so much misinformation out there and the prices offered on many sites are often no longer available when it comes time to book.

Our results are updated upon every new search, so our users get real prices and availability. This means they don’t have to spend hours comparing flight prices and will not experience the frustration of clicking through on a price and discovering that it is not really there. has invested heavily in developing a fast, uncluttered and easy to use interface which is cleaner and simpler to use than other flight search engines. In addition: is the only flight comparison site to have a ˜why me? function, which shows consumers what features each airline includes (e.g. free drinks, Wi-Fi, leather chairs, interactive TV etc.)
Users can sort results by whats important to them; price, airline, stops, airports or traveller class
The site provides a unique and easy to use slide navigation to fine tune itinerary

– ends “

Notes to editors:
The study quoted was based on 691 Travelzoo UK subscribers, 7-17 May 2010.

Fly.comâ„¢ ( is the worlds easiest-to-use flight search engine. scours all the major airlines, low-cost carriers and online travel sites, and then helps people easily sort and refine results by criteria such as number of stops and departure times. Unlike online travel agencies, is not a booking engine. Instead, users are referred to the appropriate website for direct booking. is a brand of Travelzoo Inc. (NASDAQ: TZOO), and is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

About Travelzoo:
Travelzoo is a global Internet media company. Travelzoo’s media properties, which reach more than 20 million travel enthusiasts in the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Taiwan and the UK, include the Travelzoo® website (, the Top 20® list, the Newsflashâ„¢ email alert service, the Travelzoo Networkâ„¢, the SuperSearchâ„¢ search tool, and the Fly.comâ„¢ search engine. Travelzoo publishes offers from more than 2,000 advertisers from around the world. Travelzoo’s deal experts review offers to find the best travel deals and confirm their true value. Travelzoos global headquarters is in New York City.

Certain statements contained in this press release that are not historical facts may be forward looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934. These forward looking statements may include, but are not limited to, statements about our plans, objectives, expectations, prospects and intentions, markets in which we participate and other statements contained in this press release that are not historical facts. When used in this press release, the words expect, predict, project, anticipate, believe, estimate, intend, plan, seek and similar expressions are generally intended to identify forward looking statements. Because these forward looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, there are important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward looking statements, including changes in our plans, objectives, expectations, prospects and intentions and other factors discussed in our filings with the SEC. We cannot guarantee any future levels of activity, performance or achievements. Travelzoo undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this press release. Travelzoo and Top 20 are registered trademarks of Travelzoo. All other company and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners.

Innovative New Product Design

Ottawas hi-tech community gathered for the 10th annual Technology Venture Challenge (TVC). Started in 2000, the TVC is Ottawas most prestigious competition for encouraging post-secondary science students to act on their innovative ideas. From a starting point of over 20 teams in January, the event featured three finalist student teams, from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa, presenting their business case to an audience of technology executives, academics and local industry experts including Ottawa Mayor Larry OBrien.

Innovation is central to maintaining a strong city foothold in the growing Global economy. Start up entrepreneurs and new product designs bring innovation to the market. Ottawa is a leader in software, hardware and physical product development with technical teams for hire to meet the growing trend of outsourcing non-strategic development to experts.
Design 1st president, Kevin Bailey was among a panel of judges at the TVC awards who posed questions to the teams and decided on the winners. Aurora Corals sustainable coral production method took home the top prize of $10,000 with TWPCs small wind turbine system and Aduvos Smart-Home System receiving the runner up prizes of $5000 each. The TVC also presented a $5000 Peoples Choice award for the first time in the events history. Design 1st was proud to fund this award based on an audience vote and present it to TWPCs small wind turbine system.

“This years TVC challenge is a significant milestone for us that testifies to the support and hard work of our sponsors and volunteers,” said Ken Charbonneau, a partner at KPMG LLP and chair of the event’s board of directors

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the event, sponsors, volunteers and TVC founders were recognized with small gifts and a commemorative video was presented to all who were in attendance. The video, developed by In Motion and Design 1st, highlighted the past successes of the competition, technological innovation and the entrepreneurial passion of past students, CEO and business mentors and the many volunteers involved.

Building relationships with the business community, mentoring potential leaders and fostering student entrepreneurship are main goals of the TVC competition. Through the hard work of event sponsors and volunteers, everyone involved is looking forward to the commercial success of this years young entrepreneurs.

The Business Side of Magic Shows:New Angle

One of these special queues is the costume and make up department. Although they belong to the same department, each has their own set of crews to work with.

Xaviera Arata Editor of the Magic Tricks For Beginners website — — pointed out;

¦The costume department crew serves as the performance dressers. Their task is not only to assist the performers for the magic show but should be up beat, systematic, and organized in everything that needs to be prepared¦ Added Xaviera Arata

The costumes and the people involved can vary from one show to another. The costume designer should then be flexible and able to adapt the performers’ personalities to their costumes.

The whole costume department involves the beaders, sewers, make-up artists up to the hair and wigs. This special set of people working behind the stage report to the head of the wardrobe department every meeting. They should be very energetic since their work demands a lot of walking around from one set to another.

A wardrobe assistant should always have the following handy:

  • A small box or pouch of safety pins. One can even identify a wardrobe crew by the safety pins pinned on their clothes.
    · Needles with ready black or white threads for on the spot repairs.
    · Pencil
    · Pair of scissors

They are also assigned to different areas of responsibility such as laundry, ironing, steaming, sorting and hanging of costumes, unpacking, costume repair, purchasing team for supplies, collecting and polishing of shoes, carrying make up cases, delivering and picking up of costumes from the dry cleaners, brushing of fur and wigs, and the setting up of dressing rooms. They also assist the magic show performers change into their costumes while others are the ones who collect all the materials used and return them to the right packages. There will also be a different set of people who will be doing all the emergency repairs.

The show must have dress tracks wherein all costume assistants should have a copy since there are so many shows everyday that might cause confusion. Dead costume is the term used to call wardrobes that will not be used again on the same show.

The members of the make up crew are the ones who set up the changing rooms and double check if the performers’ make up is not to heavy nor too light for a show. A make-up designer collects and pulls up all the supplies needed for face and body painting. These set of people undergo training in applying and maintaining the quality of the cosmetics.

The following are the best make up selections used by professional magic show business owners:

  • Ben Nye Theatrical Make up – promises make up in action and consistent quality.
    · Color Cake Foundation Makeup – it easily blends to the skin that gives a more perfect look. This is great for oily and sensitive types of skin.
    · Proscenium Series Creme Foundation – ideal for stage and on film for it naturally changes the skin tone.
    · Ben Nye Eye Shadow – this creates a dramatic eye style. Matte finish that adds stunning and shimmering array of colors for richer eye effects.
    · Cream Highlights – it emphasizes the texture of the facial skin. Conceals black under eyes and also projects hollowed cheek illusion.
    · Mellow Orange Concealer – provides enough natural color to hide, tattoos, eyebags, scars, veins, etc.

This part of the magic show business is very vital to giving life and color to the magic presented on stage. The aesthetic development of the show and the business lies in their hands.

¦Each performer, actor, magician, assistants have to be thankful, for they could never do their performance at the right time and poise without the entire costume and make up department¦ Added Xaviera Arata

Passing On Credit Card Processing Costs

I recently spoke with a retail merchant who told me that she was not too concerned about the fees that we assess. While I was detailing all relevant rates, she asked me a very interesting question: “How much do you think that I should charge my customers to make up for my credit card processing costs?” She added, “I would like to charge a surcharge.”

I had an instant flashback to the time I placed a food order with a pizzeria. When I walked into the restaurant, the aroma whetted my appetite. Immersed in the beckoning scent, I barely heard the cashier when he told me that the bill was “$24.95.” Upon seeing my credit card, however, the cashier rang up “$26.50.” At the risk of appearing frugal, I did not question this action – only taking notice that it was blatantly unfair. Apparently, the restaurant owner decided to charge a surcharge when customers presented credit cards although I’m not certain how the cashier came up with a surcharge of $1.55. (What would have been the surcharge if my bill were $100 or more?)

Sharing this experience with the retail merchant, I explained that charging a surcharge is against Visa / MasterCard rules and violates the stipulations in merchant account contracts. Indeed, if a retail merchant decided to add a credit card payment surcharge, this business owner can lose the right to process credit cards and be placed on the infamous MATCH / Terminated Merchant File (TMF) where it would be exceedingly difficult to secure credit card processing capability with anyone.

The retail merchant protested and said, “But I know some fast food restaurants charge a surcharge for debit cards.” I answered, “If they are processing pin-based debit cards over the Visa / MasterCard network and charging a surcharge, they’re violating Visa / MasterCard terms.” I explained that if a business owner uses a credit card terminal to process both credit and debit cards over the Visa / MasterCard network, the retail merchant cannot indiscriminately surcharge those debit cards.

Of course, exceptions always exist and certain government and municipalities, and even the IRS, can charge a “convenience fee,” especially when credit cards are not a traditional form of payment. Moreover, merchants who accept Discover cards can institute a surcharge. After a federal antitrust suit was brought by a group of merchants who contended that they would have to raise prices if not allowed to surcharge, Discover yielded. They now permit merchants to surcharge. It may only be a matter of time before Visa and MasterCard consent or are forced to allow merchants the right to surcharge.

But I suggested an alternative to the retail merchant. Perhaps she can offer a cash discount for non-credit card payments. “This is perfectly acceptable,” I assured her.

This retail merchant wanted to know about the surcharge rules for online merchants. I extended a simple, “I don’t know,” and committed to researching this topic. Upon investigation, I learned the following:

Internet business owners can surcharge under the following conditions:
a) A fixed surcharge is assessed, not a percentage of the sale; and
b) Any surcharge must be assessed for all forms of payment – not just credit cards.

Of course, as a final thought, merchants may very well factor in the costs of credit card processing to determine the fees that they should charge their customers.

Four Awards In One Afternoon

Scotlands leading independent housebuilding, construction and development company, Stewart Milne Group, was celebrating this weekend after scooping four individual industry awards in just one day.

Between the prestigious Homes for Scotland Quality Awards and the NHBC Health and Safety Awards, both held on Friday 21 May, the Stewart Milne Group took home four awards in recognition of its Homes, Construction and Timber Systems divisions.

At the Homes for Scotland ceremony in Edinburgh, Stewart Milne Homes was awarded the top spot in the Customer Care category based on its innovative and highly successful purchase plan for first time buyers. The Construction division won Best Affordable Development for its Muirton regeneration project on behalf of Perthshire Housing Association.

Meanwhile, in Birmingham, commercial director of Stewart Milne Timber Systems, David Nimmo, picked up the NHBC Health and Safety award for Best Industry Health and Safety Leader, from the industry bodys coveted Special Award categories. Gary Izatt, site manager for Stewart Milne Homes Wallace Gardens development in Stirling, also received Highly Commended in the Best Site Awards.

Commenting on the award winning day, John Slater, Stewart Milne Group managing director “ Homes, said:

This is a great result for the Stewart Milne Group as a whole and a wonderful recognition of our credentials as a leading company within the housebuilding and construction industries.

Any business is only as good as the people it employs, and these awards are a real testament to the highly skilled and dedicated teams across the Group, which continue to deliver the quality and excellence the Stewart Milne brand is built on. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our employees for their ongoing commitment and express my congratulations on this wonderful achievement.

Outsourcing Accounting Services:Advantages

Outsourcing has become a very general word these days. The different places where everybody is focusing over cost cutting, there outsourcing gives the business men an amazing occasion to receive maximum advantages with less effort. Accountants, liable for gathering financial and monetary information and for tracking daily financial transactions, play a vast part in helping business and organizations plan and control their own finances. Financial professionals also accumulate and distribute data, compiled from their own day-to-day operations and research, as long as parties such as investors, government officials, and private individuals with helpful business information.

Reasons for Outsourcing Accounting Services:

– Accounting connected issues are critical and difficult which requirements a great deal of concentration to handle. In order to decrease the lengthy and tedious job, outsourcing is a better choice.

– The different updated tools that are compulsory for better obtaining the accounting solution might be very expensive to be installed at in home premise. It can be reduced professionally if a third party takes the accounting responsibility, it can save the extra cost.

– Considering the peak time for tax calculation and profits generation, when a large amount of employee support is required then outsourcing provides the highest advantages.

– When you prefer outsourcing accounting services so outsource company gives accurate, timely accounting services before your dead line.

Global Baby Drinks market

Global Baby Drinks market to 2013

This report is a comprehensive resource for market, category and segment level data including value, volume, distribution and company share. This report also provides expenditure and consumption data for the historic and forecast periods. ( … )

Scope of this research

* Contains information on two categories: infant formula and baby juice
* Market, category and segment level information on value and volume with historic (2003-2008) and forecast (2009-2013) data
* Category level company share as well as distribution share information for 2007 and 2008
* Review of the top two companies within the baby drinks market, including company overview, key facts and business description

Research and analysis highlights

The global baby drinks market grew at a compound annual growth rate of 1.2% between 2003 and 2008.

The infant formula category led the global baby drinks market, accounting for a share of 93.9%.

The leading players in the global baby drinks market include Nestle S.A., Groupe Danone and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

Key reasons to purchase this research

* Develop business strategies by understanding the quantitative trends within the global baby drinks market
* Design effective marketing and sales strategies by identifying key market categories and segments
* Identify key players within the market to plan lucrative M&A, partnerships and agreements

Ahead in the Clouds!

Open Frontiers is leading the charge in the leisure industry by being the only UK based company utilising the ˜cloud computing model to underpin its integrated ePOS, booking, ticketing and customer management software – the cutting edge Time Pursuit System.

˜Cloud computing may sound fluffy, but put simply, it is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet in real-time. Time Pursuit is delivered through the ˜Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and customers need no more than a PC and reliable internet connection to gain access to it. Incidentally, the name ˜cloud computing was inspired by the cloud symbol that’s often used to represent the internet.

By deploying Time Pursuit this way, Open Frontiers can pass on huge efficiency benefits to its customers. Leisure operators avoid hefty up-front fixed licensing fees or hardware costs, typical of the on-site server based solutions adopted by most competitors. Flexible hosting formats and system configuration allow Open Frontiers to respond to the elastic usage by its clients, and therefore the performance based licence model can be aligned to the size of the enterprise using it.

Fully managed by Open Frontiers, integration is rapid and avoids unnecessary operational disruption. From the moment the system is deployed, leisure operators can bask in the comfort that they can get a real-time view of their business and have the flexibility to access the system from anywhere they are able to get an internet connection!

Time Pursuit was originally developed for highly successful forest based adventure company Go Ape, who use it across all 27 of their sites in the UK and USA. Across its total UK and European client base, Time Pursuit has already processed more than £60 million of business and approaching 2.5 million visitors. As a tried and trusted, integrated multi-channel booking system, it is ready to serve new concept attractions, as well as established major attractions and multi-site enterprises which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

At its core, the system sells gate admissions and time/capacity allocated activities to the online and telephone sales customer, but as a broader system it comprehensively integrates the whole sales and visitor arrival process. Time Pursuit manages member benefit schemes, integrates with CRM solutions, speeds up walk-up transaction times with its touch screen ˜Web-2-Till EPoS, and captures visitor entry through high speed barcode-scanning. The system can be adapted to almost any leisure enterprise, be it indoor or outdoor, single or multi-site, large or small.

Managing Director of Open Frontiers, Oliver Wigdahl says, For us it is totally logical. Cloud computing allows us to offer our customers a flexible solution that is quick and easy to integrate with transparent and scalable pay-per-play pricing. Since the system is continually updated, our customers can take advantage of the latest technological advancements we develop for our growing user community, as they happen.

Whilst ahead in the clouds, Open Frontiers has its feet firmly on the ground. This ˜virtualised solution makes long term financial and technological sense, delivering a versatile growth tool that can adapt to the changing demands which come with rapid success.


Notes to Editors

Open Frontiers offers a white labelling facility enabling customers to make the booking system on-brand
Another company utilising Time Pursuit is childrens adventure company BeWILDerwood, winner of the coveted Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) global award for best budget theme park
Time Pursuit is currently used in study projects at Cambridge University, Judge Business School and the University of East Anglia Business School

Author Patrick J. Ryan Becomes – Number 1 Spirituality Bestseller

Mill Valley Author Patrick Ryan Becomes #1 Spirituality Bestseller
for his book Awakened Wisdom
Canadian born Mill Valley resident Patrick Ryan released his book Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance on April 20th, and became an international bestseller in spirituality and self-help. Mr. Ryan, is an executive coach, coach & leadership trainer, speaker and founder of Awakened Wisdom Experiences. AWE delivers coaching and training for the public, corporations and communities around the globe.
MILL VALLEY, CA APRIL 20, 2010 ” Tuesday April 20th was landmark day for Patrick Ryans newly released book Awakened Wisdom “ A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance when it became and international bestseller in the highly competitive spirituality category. Within hours of its release on Amazon, the book rose to become the Number-1 spirituality title in Canada, as well as the Number-2 spirituality title in Kindle sales. It also became a top title in self-help.
Impressively, when the book entered the top 4, it shared the ranks with mega top-selling spirituality titles such as Don Miguel Ruizs Four Agreements, Elizabeth Gilberts Eat Pray Love and Eckhart Tolles A New Earth. Many have compared the writings of Patrick Ryan with Eckart Tolles work even before the book was released.
The book has been endorsed by many top names in the field, including Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Soul, who said, Patricks profound yet practical models undo the belief that there is something out there to be found to complete us. Awakened Wisdom helps readers quickly connect with their own heart intelligence and what it really means to be human.
Born in the Canadian prairies, and surviving a near-death experience in his youth, Patrick Ryan has been a life-long spiritual seeker. A former Buddhist monk in Burma, he has studied the world over with healers, shamans and other indigenous people. The culmination of his multifaceted experiences, were the foundation for the writing of Awakened Wisdom, which he has taught in workshops throughout the world for several years. The essence of those teachings, along with practical exercises for cultivating them in your life, may now be found within the pages of his newly bestselling book.
Mr. Ryan, known worldwide as an executive coach and leadership trainer, is the Founder of Awakened Wisdom Experiences (AWE), which delivers coaching and training globally. AWE has also launched their new Advanced Coach Training Program for coaches, who wish to enhance their skills using the key principles found in the book Awakened Wisdom.
Mr. Ryan is also currently taking media bookings for radio/TV, and is happy to take interviews from journalists, to discuss the practical lessons from his book and the reasons why the public seem to be so hungry for practical spirituality. A full media kit is available upon request.

Good Times for Auto Loan Industry

According to credit reporting agency TransUnion, auto loan delinquency rates have come down as per its latest analysis for the first quarter of 2010. The agency says – Auto loan delinquency rates have dropped over 18% from the fourth quarter of 2009 to the first quarter of 2010. This downward trend is expected to continue in the second quarter of 2010 as well.

This is good news for the auto loan industry which suffered huge losses due to the global economic recession. The road to recovery after recession has begun and the auto loan industry can now look forward for a great summer ahead. Auto financing companies can expect more business as consumer confidence level continues to improve due to better economic conditions.

Financial institutions were reluctant to offer auto loans to customers unless they had high credit scores. This is expected to change now and lenders can be more confident while they provide auto loan to customers. This will not only benefit the auto loan industry but also the automotive industry on the whole.

Anthony Tribunella, Expert and Director of Operations at Auto Relief Group says, The decline in delinquency rates proves revival of the U.S economy and it will be interesting to see how lending institutions capitalize on the opportunity that beckons.

About Auto Relief Group

Auto Relief Group offers Car Loan Modification service, we assist car owners in renegotiating their car loan or lease, avoid repossession and maintain ownership of their vehicle by working directly with lenders to restructure loans, extend terms or reduce payments.

We provide our clients with customized reports, expert advice and negotiation assistance when restructuring their car loans.

Village Handicraft Exporters Is Offering Designer Indian Jewelry

Village Handicraft Exporters, New Delhi is pleased to announce the launch of its official website The company’s goal is to provide its visitors with a virtual experience through the website, that is as compelling as a visit to the company. The company, successfully achieved manufacturing excellence owing to its expertise in exporting and suppling unsurpassed quality of Designer Indian Jewelry, Beaded Fashion Jewelry and Handicrafts. Besides offering product information, contact information and information regarding the company’s profile, the comprehensive website provides tremendous help to the customers in making business as simple as a click.

Our company is counted among the most renowned firms in the global arena for providing an array of qualitative products to large number of clients. The company operates a program used to design and develop wide range of , which includes: beaded necklaces, bone necklaces,shell necklaces,beaded earrings, silver pendants, beaded bracelets, broach pins, cufflinks and cuff bangles.

The user friendly website is designed and developed with, nation’s top B2B platform, which helped us in fulfilling our requirements, to meet customer’s needs worldwide for immediate information.

Eco Friendly laundry approach to you needs

Being greener doesn’t necessary means to shut off the lights for 1 hour in a year; or lower your heat in shivering winter days.

What does it take to be green?

Every step counts, hand in hand we can do this!

What’s better than starting with purchasing eco friendly cleaning material, detergents, soap and so forth?
Laundry on Wheels gives consumers the choice of their favor brand of detergent. But when not mentioned, we use eco friendly. Why? Because we care, 1 less chemical in the drain that’s how we look at it.

It starts with you and me; we are here to support the environment with your help!
Choose the right products; choose the right detergent, think of

The concept behind Laundry on Wheels is nothing new. Similar businesses have successfully operated throughout the GTA. However, a lot of company charges min service fee, or make you sign a long term contract. Laundry on Wheels gives you the choice, no obligation, no long term contract, no hassle. But we encourage eco friendly detergents; a greener choice today makes a greener future!

WOMEN IN BUSINESS WORLD “Its Time to Create a Difference”

You may or may not be in Business , but success is as a result of adopting Business principles to turn your dreams into reality “ Rest assured your destiny is about to be shaped

We are already almost half way through 2010,
What will you achieve in 2010 ?

Do you live life to the full “ Or Simply exist ?
What is your goal for the next six months ?
If you could live a purposeful life ¦¦Would you ?

Everyday we make changes that define and create our lives¦
Its never too late to make new choices!
We all deserve a great life ¦.
Its now time to have one!

Make it your Business to be Business Minded
Your dreams can become a reality¦.

This Event will provide a platform for every Woman to enhance their performance, regain focus, achieve real direction and move forward to greater success.

There will be many ˜Women on hand sharing there life journey on the
power of making Choices.

Come and be inspired and see your dreams become a reality
How to get your business idea started ?

How to make your dreams a reality ?
How can I get started ?
Understanding the gains and pitfalls of business ?
Guest business speakers sharing their personal Journey and experiences
Presentations by successful business owners


Preferential seating for Women with a Purpose Members
Great venue
Preferential seating for attendees who reserve in advance
Presentations of new business ideas
Spaces are limited so register early to avoid disappointment
Complimentary Buffet Lunch included

Keep one firm conviction in your heart at all times:

“You have not failed until you stop trying.”

Saturday 26th June 2010


17 East End Road
N3 3QE

TIME – 10:30am – 3:00pm

Underground – Finchley Central Station – Nothern Line ( 10 mins walk)

Bus – 82, 125, 143, 326, 460

Free Parking

Women In Business

£30 Earlybird

# # #

Our Purpose is to Inspire, Empower & Facilitate women to realise their full potential &
to live a fulfilled purposeful life. Once you embark on a journey in becoming a Woman With a Purpose a life of Fulfilled dreams,aspirations & goals will be Unveiled

New Business Loan Product Launched by XBS

David Robb, President and CEO of XBS, unveiled a new traditional type commercial loan product for small businesses in need of working capital for a variety of purposes – without the extensive application process and review required by banks.

“We’ve been looking for some time now for an alternative solution to merchant cash advances to fulfill a clear need for access to fairly priced capital in the business community. ” says Robb.

While cost cutting merchant services and electronic payment solutions remain a focus – XBS continues to move toward viable options for merchants to increase cash flow – including growth through capital.

Robb says that XBS will make loans up to $150,000 and fund use is completely up to the business owner but typical uses include inventory and new equipment purchases, expansion, remodeling or repairs, new hires or just plain working capital.

The initial application is a simple one page document and pre-approval is typical in just 1-2 days, with funds in the bank in as few as 10. Terms are 6-12 months and rates are very competitive. The primary approval factor is based not on credit worthiness but consistent cash flow, vastly different from standard bank lending practices. The application’s simplicity allows XBS to waive any application fees for the loan.

“There are countless businesses that cannot meet today’s rigid bank lending requirements despite strong track records in managing expenses and paying bills,” Robb notes. He describes small growing main street businesses with walk-in customers and a fairly steady cash flow as an excellent candidate for the new loan.

Performance based lending is far different than the traditional merchant cash advance offered by so many payment processors ( as well as XBS – see ) – where loan amounts and approval is based on future credit card processing sales and repayment terms are dictated by the merchants actual sales volume – rising and falling relatively. Critics of the cash advance product point to the inflated interest rate it comes with and XBS recommends the product only as a last resort for businesses who must have capital and can’t access any of the traditional sources.

Businesses interested in the product should contact XBS directly at 800-347-1090 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 800-347-1090 end_of_the_skype_highlighting for more information or visit

# # #

About XBS ( –

XBS is headquartered in Charlotte, NC . The firm is a Priority Payments Area Developer, and specializes in merchant services as well as commercial loan and cash advance services. Consultants for XBS are electronic payments professionals with decades of experience in the credit card processing industry. XBS professionals emphasize complete PCI DSS compliant solutions for their clients, that lower overall payment processing costs and increase cash flow. The company provides initial professional consultations at no cost, no obligation.