Brent Davis, Sports Writer on Japanese Bo-Taoshi

Sports Japan This game (Bo-Taoshi), like all other things ridiculous, is from Japan. It’s pretty awesome to watch. I hope that it catches on in America. In the event that it does I will immediately begin a business manufacturing Bo-Taoshi Fight Club uniforms.

Judging from the rampant shirtlessness involved, I should become the world’s first bajillionaire in mere months.Do you think that there are positions in this game? Rules are apparently out of the question but some semblance of organization has to be present.

“Okay, Jerry-you are going to be playing Face-Kicker today. Fredrick-we really need you at People Climber today. Roger-you played great at Pole-Up-The-A** last week, but we are going to move you to Outside Shirt Ripper.”

Seriously Japan, I feel like your entire culture is built around bringing to life the imagination of a 5 year-old and frankly I am shocked that the participants are not dressed up as cartoons.

Maybe they save that for the All Star Game. Also, how hard is it to get a game of Bo-Taoshi together? Calling up 200 friends to hang out, get elbowed in the face and have their bodies used as a stepladder while their clothes are being violently shredded, has to be difficult.

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