Bovada Payment Problems

online gamblingA lot of players have been stating that they been having delays in payments at the online casino, poker gaming and sport betting gambling operator Bovada. This slowed payment first began in December of last year, it happened at the same time as the players were transferred from Bodog to the new company, Bovada, due to legal issues with the United States.

Bovada has been giving the players many excuses, but the players aren’t buying any of them. As they claim that other gambling operators, despite having the same circumstances, manage to pay the players way faster and on time. This started to cause a lot of worries to the players as they started to suspect that the delay in payments is not a processing problem but could be something more serious.

The timeframe for a withdrawal at Bovada used to be seven days then it became fifteen days. It didn’t stop at that but it kept increasing until it reached twenty one days then twenty five full business days, which is almost thirty five days on the calendar. Despite that long timeframe, the company still faces troubles paying after 35 long days. Some players are reported to have waited more than fifty days before they got paid.

Not only are players are suffering from this, but there are websites that state that affiliates are also having a hard time to get their payments on time.