Black Friday and Lawsuits Continue

PokerBlack Friday and Lawsuits Continue

Black Friday’s consequences seem to still reign over the whole community of online poker, especially over FTP (Full Tilt Poker). As there has been a new law suit that was filed against FTP, accusing specific entities in FTP. This class suit action was filed in a Las Vegas Federal Court. This class action suit was due to the seizure of the bank accounts of players on Full Tilt Poker, this of course aggravated the owners of these account to file this class suit. The defendants want FTP to pay them their lost funds due to the seizing of their accounts plus paying for additional damage.

This class suit action is considered the 2nd one, after the last one being dismissed by the District Judge of the United States in 2011, which was filed by the same defendants. These persistent defendants include the poker players of Full Tilt Poker, Robin Hougdahl, Steve Segal, Todd Terry and Nick Hammer. All who have lost their funds or have been denied access to them after the occurrence of Black Friday.

Full Tilt Class Action Lawsuit (s)

This class action has named specific names in the Full Tilt Poker board, specifying the directors Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer. The class action follows the same footsteps made by the lead prosecutor of the Black Friday massacre, Preet Bharara from the Attorney Office of the United States last year in April. As it addressed the “Ponzi Scheme” allegations that Full Tilt Poker uses as well.

It has also been reported that the defendants of this class action suit have supplied the court with documents that prove that the directors Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer have practiced unlawful control over the player’s money that was in their Full Tilt Poker accounts. Due to these unlawful actions, the players have lost access or have been denied access to their rightful funds in their FTP accounts.

There are also documents that the court holds that states that Howard Lederer has received 42 million dollars, and Chris Ferguson has received 85 million dollars in profit sharing payouts. This money is stated to come from the lost funds of the disgruntled players who are filing the class action suit among others. This is not the only class action suit that is filed against Full Tilt Poker, as the poker company is facing 3 Federal Court civil suits. These legal suits are filed by the lawyers of other players who have lost their funds in their FTP accounts due to Black Friday.



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