Bitcoin Online Poker Website Went Down

international online gamblingSeals with Clubs, an online poker website that uses bitcoin (BTC) for its online betting activities went through a massive “Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)” attack twice in a row, which forced the site to go offline. The first attack was huge enough to prevent players from logging in and to stop the games of those already connected to the site. In spite of the technical team’s efforts to get the systems running by transferring to a new data center, a second attack occurred on Sunday.

A DDOS attack is one in which a network of computers participate willingly or unwillingly if controlled by a malicious program, to simultaneously and repeatedly connect to a server or a website. This will cause traffic at the server or website to increase in considerable volume and cause the website or server to shut down. Nonetheless, Seals of Clubs was able to resume its operations and gave assurance to its players that all BTC accounts are intact. Moreover, the site will process any requests for withdrawals.

The website is open to U.S. online poker players, since it claims that the Unlawful Internet Gaming Act (UIGEA) does not cover the use of BTCs, a form of non-legal currency. The site also allows players to play poker online anonymously, although they have to furnish Seals with Clubs their bank account in order to purchase the BTCs they need to place as online bet.

As an aside, the cost of BTCs fluctuates, which tends to increase when the demand for BTCs increases. This denotes that if the online players purchased their BTCs a month ago, when the exchange rate was around $25, they could have made a large profit if they sold or withdrew their BTCs when the rate recently reached an all time high of $74.

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