Bingo, It’s Not Just Your Grandma’s Game Anymore

Online BingoOnline Bingo Summit and the Direction of Mobile Gaming

Important news is expected to come from the world of the Online Bingo industry. After years of amazing and stunning turnovers and the huge numbers of players playing online bingo, there seems to be hope for a ground shaking event to take place within the world of Online Bingo. Cozy Games is one of the most successful online Bingo platforms on cell phones and social gaming. The Managing Director of Cozy Games, Sreeram Reddy Vanga said that throughout the last year, a lot of developments and interesting news taking place in the world of online bingo. One of the major developments that occurred was the shift that online bingo has undergone, as it has entered the world of mobile gaming. He considered this bold move the biggest event to take place last year.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Players?

He also started to talk about the difficulties and challenges that online bingo would face in the near future resulting from this move. The major problem is the great numbers of players that play online bingo; the saturation. Another problem that faces bingo is the consolidation of the online bingo industry, as the big bingo operators take advantage of the bingo player’s jackpots and liquid money. The last challenge would result from this grand move, as shifting to a whole new world of mobile games will require a lot of work and effort to build a fan base and to attract new players to this new kind of online bingo.

The Direction of Online Bingo and Mobile Gaming

Sreeram Reddy Vanga is also a speaker for the seventh Online Bingo Summit 2012. This summit combines many of the best developers and thinkers in this business under one roof. He stated that Cozy Games is proud and glad to be part of this summit. He then spoke about how and why his company, Cozy Games, has always been an important part of the summit. Cozy Games has been an advocate for the show and the summit for years. He said that this kind of exposure has surely helped the company and would surely help the industry and business of online bingo to expand and flourish. The seventh Online Bingo Summit had almost 1650 attendance, if not more. Attendance came from more than 500 companies related to Online Bingo, coming from fifteen different countries from across the world. It is considered the only summit that is dedicated to Online bingo and talks about all of it aspects, problems and developments.

One company that is making a strong push for the online bingo market is 888.  They have developed a casino that features bingo and is marketed to women.  The casino/bingo parlor is 888ladies and it recently made the Casino Top 10 List.


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