Big Money, Microsoft Purchases Skype

microsoft and skypeSkype

If you have ever wanted to use Skype over your Xbox 360, you may get your chance soon enough.  Microsoft has just positioned itself to become the world’s largest telecommunications provider with one smart money move by purchasing Skype for 8.5 billion.  Tony Bates, CEO of Skype will remain on to run Skype as a new business unit for Microsoft.


Ebay is probably pleased with the sale of  Skype, as Ebay kept a 33% portion of the company in the sale back in 2009.  This is an incredibly smart move for Microsoft to position themselves globally as a communication provider.

Xbox Kinect

Microsoft has already shown immense success with Xbox and Kinect and now with the power of Skype at their disposal, Microsoft could easily turn every television across the United States and abroad into nifty, widescreen video phones.  It should be quite a kinect-tion.

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