Betfair’s Sponsored EGBT Director Speaks

The European Backgammon Tour that is sponsored by Betfair made its stop at the anticipated German Masters. During this stop, the director of this amazing tournament, Chiva Tafazzoli has answered a few questions concerning the tour.

He was first asked about The European Backgammon Tour itself and what it represents. He said that this tour, also known as EGBT was started six years ago. The main target behind the tour was to unite the WBA events in the continent of Europe and to enhance the relation between the various organizations and bodies that are related to backgammon. He continued to say that the EGBT is basically the only backgammon tournament that is still alive and it is not only alive but it is growing rapidly year after year.

He was then asked about the performances at the German Masters and he said that Germany is one of the most important backgammon countries. America and Germany are the two countries at the top of this sport. Recently, some countries started to catch up such as Japan and Denmark followed by Iran, Israel and Turkey. Despite the fact that there are a lot of clubs in the major cities of Germany such as Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich; there was a noticeable lack of international competitions in Germany.

He was also asked about the difference of playing Backgammon live and playing it on the internet. He said that this game is one of the oldest games and it is played by people from around the world. Although online Backgammon would give the players the chance to play calmly while being in the comfort of their own home but live Backgammon adds a very social component to the game through the interaction between the players.

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