Betfair Working on Custom-Made Products Using Google Glass

Google AdwordsUK betting company Betfair aims to be the first company to come out with bespoke betting products that use the technological capabilities of Google Glass, and has already taken the first step to make their new business plans known throughout the sports betting industry. Last July 05, Betfair spokesperson Barry Orr wore a Google Glass while providing real time updates during the airing of Betfairs’ 2:30 p.m. TV broadcast “At the Races.”

The use of Google Glass during Betfair’s live TV reporting merely demonstrates how the wearable gadget permits broadcasters to give fresh notifications about race results, and last-minute information for non-runners, jockey changes, and most importantly, the subsequent price changes for the odds-on offers. Yet the betting company has greater plans, as it is already working on a new product as well as currently optimising their existing products to work compatibly with a straight out of the box Google Glass. This is in order to create a one-of-a-kind betting experience for Betfair punters. Accordingly, the UK betting company is also working on its own “Glassware” to further advance the use of the technology.

Alex Deacon, Director of Product Innovation at Betfair explained that as they get to understand the usage and growth of wearable technology, they also see the exciting potential of how such advancements can improve their customers’ betting experience. The Betfair Director added that what they perceive is beyond capabilities that allow customers to view the latest prices on their phones and computers, yet simply wait for their bets to win or lose. The company’s vision in using the Google Glass technology is to enable customers to stay connected seamlessly throughout the day, and regardless of their location, particularly when needing to use Betfair’s betting services such as the Cash Out product.