Betfair German Presence Still Being Established?

The first ever internet gambling license has been issued in Germany was issued to Betfair, the internet betting company from Britain. Befair is known for having various internet betting licenses in Malta and it is taking full advantage of the relaxed and liberalized internet gambling law in the state of Schleswig Holstein. These liberalized gambling views came as a result of the vote that took place at the centre-right coalition government that voted to make the online gambling laws less constrictive back in September of 2011. The government announced that it has issued three different internet gambling licenses, and that these licensed companies will be valid and legal up to 2018. The three licenses were given to first, Betfair as mentioned for its sport wagering activities, the second one was issued to the state lottery and the last one was issued to Germany’s Jaxx AG.

As for the rest of the fifteen states in Germany, they have adopted stricter laws when it comes to online gambling and sport wagering. These restrictive regulations have been complained about by the big gambling companies and firms. They say that this will only be in the favor of state monopolies. Not only the gambling firms, but the European Commission itself has been wondering about the reasons and the goals of such restrictions and regulations. As the state of Schleswig Holstein only demands a 20 % tax on the net revenue of the operators and it also legalizes any casino kind of gambling, while other states in Germany plan to ban it.

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