Betclic to join Playtech’s iPoker Internet Casino Network

A new internet poker brand has announced that it is going to join Playtech’s iPoker network following the split of the poker network into iPoker 1 and iPoker 2. This new brand is none other than Betclic.

It has been stated by Betclic that it is going to offer its internet poker gambling services in different markets around the world. It also stated that the company is only going to operate in markets where internet poker is regulated and legalized.

One of the main markets that is targeted by Betlic is the online poker of France as the company has succeeded in acquiring the needed license to operate legally in the market. Despite being the primary target of the company, the deal extends beyond the French market.

Betclic explained the reason behind its will to join Playtech’s iPoker network by saying that it is a very logical decision due to the vast experience of Playtech and the iPoker network in the market of online poker plus the fact that

Betclic and Playtech had a lot of previous business relationships. These relationships date back to the gambling operations of the company in Italy & Scandinavia.

Betclic also stated that despite the fact that all of the formalities are done, the real switch over will not happen before the end of this year. Being a part of Playtech’s iPoker network is very vital for the company and it is going to allow Betclic to enhance its marketing plans as stated by Betclic.

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