Bet365 Slot Club Returns

Online Gambling in the UKBet365’s Slots Club is finally back for a short period of time. Bet365 is going to bring back its famous and loved Slots Club for a promotional time period that will start on the 1st of August and will last until the 30th of September. Bet365 promises loyal players that during that period, the casino will hold many promotions and lucrative bonuses that are custom made for the slot machine users.

The Slots club of Bet365 does not require any entrance fees as players can join it for free. All what the players have to do in order to enjoy this club is to opt in and then they will be able to enjoy dozens of amazing slot machines. By playing more slot machines, the players will earn comp points. If a player earns a certain number of points he will earn prizes. The higher the number of comp points, the better the prizes.

For instance, players who earn one hundred comp points over ten days will be eligible for a prize of ten American dollar which is considered the lowest rewards. As for the highest rewards, it is a reward of two thousand American dollars. Players who will win this amazing cash prize will have to earn a minimum of five thousand comp points over the course of twenty five days. The days do not have to be consecutive but they have to be within the promotion period.

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