Reports on End of Year Top 5 Facebook Apps

Free Apps and Facebook AppsYou might think that Zynga is the only company that can make popular Facebook Apps, but that’s not entirely true. reports on some of the most popular Facebook Apps out there today.  Social games and dating applications are going to play an increasingly predominant role in the way that people use Facebook, according to  In the upcoming year, there are already thousands of deals between developers and producers to create some of the best social and entertainment apps that the world has seen.

Here are some of the sites listed as the top active users and most popular Facebook Apps out there currently:

  1. Farmville:  If you don’t already know what Farmville is, then you are either not on Facebook, under a rock or are an actual farmer that doesn’t have time for virtual farming.
  2. Social Connect: Another great Facebook App, this one is for those lonely singles out there that want to combine the awesome power of the virtual world and actual dating.  Social Connect has led the field of virtual dating since its creation.  With millions of users, dating can almost be like a sport!  May the best dater win!
  3. CityVille: Akin to Farmville, but you know… in a city.
  4. Phrases: Highly addictive game.  Good times, lots of players.
  5. Texas HoldEm Poker: Brush up on your poker skills and get into the top rankings, Texas HoldEm is as addictive as real life poker, with not as many detrimental consequences.

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