Comment Reviews on the Android Market

Best Android AppsIf you have been to the Android Market and tried to determine if an app is worth downloading based on user feedback then you may have run into a horrible mess of Android user comments.

Android Apps Reviews

All for free speech, but Android Market comments are about as useful as a phone that has features that can drain a battery in an hour if they are all turned on at once.

Best Android Apps

With insightful comments that tell you “addictive,” “lame” and expletive deleted, there’s really no point in trying to decipher all of mixed review/comments on the Android Market.  That’s why a site like comes in handy.  This is a site that offers real Android App reviews where the reviewers weed through the mega-perplexing barrage of apps that the market has to offer and find the best.  If you don’t have time to sort through all of the apps on the market to find those gems, then let the Android app reviews on be your guide.

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