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app reviewsIf you have been to either of the major app download markets recently, then you have probably seen a massive amount of free apps.  This surge in free apps has spawned a new niche blogging service to keep peple informed of the best freeapps. is one of hundreds of sites that are springing up every day.  Thesse types of informational websites that are dedicated to apps ad app reviews mostly.  Some offer commentary on the state of the industry as well as on the devlelopers.

With so many apps on the market, especially the free ones, these informative app review sites have become sources for opinions that can save time but also protect your smartphone from potential damage.  The number of apps will only continue to increase and finding a reliable app reviewer can help you stay on top of the must-haves and the must stay away-froms.  They are also a great source for update information as well as future technologies that are becoming available.

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