Bend It Like Kizzy Vaines!

Kizzy Vaines from Barnsley is making a name for herself with her routines at national and international fitness shows. She has just got back from the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio and is lined up to go to the Olympia in Las Vegas in September 2010.
Kizzy’s routines are a dazzling array of leaps, bounds, twists and curls. She moves seamlessly from one contortionist-like pose to another with ease, from soaring aerial jumps to breathtaking floor manoeuvres.
“I push myself as hard as I can but it’s no good having a great routine, getting your body in shape and then finding on the day that you just don’t have the stamina to perform at your best,” explains Kizzy. “This is where good quality nutrition supplements are essential and I turned to CNP Professional for advice.”
CNP is a leading sports supplement supplier. Founded by Kerry Kayes, himself a former champion bodybuilder, CNP uses top quality proteins in its supplements that have been formulated especially with sports people in mind.
“We look at what athletes want and need and tailor our products accordingly,” says Kayes. “Athletes want to perform at their best and they want to find a product that enables them to do so. That’s what our supplements do – by protecting athletes against injury, building muscle, increasing stamina and promoting general good health.”
“I have CNP Professional’s Pro Peptide on my porridge in the morning,” says Kizzy. “It boosts my protein intake so builds muscle and increases stamina. I couldn’t possibly eat enough food to get all the protein I need to get my body in shape. Pro Peptide is more filling and tastier than any other comparable supplement I’ve tried.”
The strain on her joints during these routines is immense but she’s most at risk during the intense training and dieting period in the run-up to a competition, when she’s focusing on building muscles and increasing their definition.
“In the past I have had twinges in my lower back when I practise really hard perfecting my routines. But this season, since I’ve started taking CNP’s Pro Tect, I’ve been pain free,” says Kizzy. “This means I can introduce more challenging moves into my routines and up my marks.”
Pro Tect is a blend of collagen and glucosamine which helps strengthen connective tissue in joints reducing the potential for injury. It’s used by athletes as varied as footballers, runners, powerlifters, martial arts fighters and boxers
Each of Kizzy’s routines last exactly two minutes during which time she is constantly on the move leaping, turning and twisting her body into impossible-looking positions. It has to look effortless and tops marks are award for complexity and artistic merit.
“I’ve already got ideas for the new Olympia routine,” says Kizzy. “It will be my best ever. My fitness is really good at the moment and I intend to dazzle everyone with my performance.
“Because there is no let up in my schedule, I need to keep fit and healthy at all times, so I take CNP’s Pro Vital multivitamins daily. They’re great; I didn’t get any colds or flu over the winter while people around me were dropping like flies!”
As a further precaution she also uses Pro Omega, a blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9 to help keep her joints supple, improve their function and limit any damage done.
Kizzy has to fit in her training around her job as a hairdresser and finding time to eat regularly can be difficult. To make sure that she doesn’t suffer if she is late for a meal Kizzy drinks Pro MS, a high protein meal replacement especially formulated for women.
And finally before Kizzy tumbles into bed at night for a much earned rest she has a bowl of Pro Dessert. Its slow release proteins keep her full all night long, warding off night starvation and ensuring she has an unbroken night’s sleep during which her body can recuperate for the next day’s exacting training session.

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