Beauty, Brains and a Robot Named Boris

Robot Boris Katharine MillerCanadian Author, Katharine Miller has made the better robot.  While Ms. Miller doesn’t hold a degree in robotics engineering, she does possess a keen eye for entertaining illustrations and has brought to life an E book hit with her Robot, Boris.


Robot of Leisure #1: Boris and the Open House depicts the antics of a suave, sophisticated robot named Boris. Boris has had a cult following for a number of years and is now being made available to a wider market with this E book release.

Katharine Miller and Boris the Robot

Katharine Miller, best known for her works The Curable Romantic: Advice for the Romance-Impaired and 30 Failures by Age 30, has brought Boris to life in E book format per her fan’s numerous requests.  There has also been talk that Boris may find himself starring in his very own animated series this year.

Robot, Boris the Robot

To find out more about Boris check out his website  To find out more about Katharine Miller and her Robot of Leisure, check out their E books.

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