BamPoker on Facebook

women poker playersBamPoker, a Facebook application, has been launched by the superstar actress and entrepreneur Pamela Anderson. This application is led by Canadian founders Jeremy Nichele and Elton Pereira. They both founded this free to play application and they have stated more than once that they have developed the most intriguing and exciting poker playing application on Facebook.

Elton Pereira, the CEO of BamPoker has stated that this application would encourage the players to strongly engage into the application and it also encourages the existence of a great community spirit. He said that these two things were missing from the world of internet poker and it is about time that they are introduced in playing BamPoker.

Pamela Anderson is not only the spokesperson and a consultant for BamPoker but she is also a member, an active one, of the community of BamPoker on Facebook. She talks with the users on several occasions, she has a fan page that she maintains and updates regularly and she is also a poker player on the Facebook application.

Pamela Anderson commented on BamPoker by saying that once she had met the co-founders of BamPoker, she realized that they want to deliver a very innovative poker experience to the players. She also stated that she felt that they are going to approach social poker in a very unique and a new way. She also said that she knows that there is no poker application on the internet today that resembles the experience that BamPoker presents to its members.

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