Avoid Traveling in Israel, U.S. State Department Warns Citizens

In a statement issued by the U.S. State Department, citizens have been warned against traveling into highly sensitive areas in Israel. The warning has been issues as the government deems the region totally unsafe and prone to terror attacks.

It is also said that Americans should not take part in the West Bank Demonstrations as the Israeli troops are employing hard-core methods for the dispersion of protestors, which could be life-threatening. The citizens are strongly advised not to enter or try to enter Gaza Strip by sea or by any means, the advisory said. Apparently previous attempts of getting into Gaza Strip have been checked by Israeli naval vessels. The consequences were harsh as several Americans were severely injured and many of them were reportedly deported.

As per the warning, U.S citizens are advised to exercise greater degree of caution while traveling around restaurants, businesses and other places related to U.S. interest, such as government buildings. The citizens need to be on high alert while being around restaurants, night clubs, cafes, malls, places of worship during the peak time when the crowd is more than normal. Use of buses should be strictly avoided as they seem to be the most common target.

U.S citizens have been told to avoid demonstrations because of the several reports of death and serious injuries to the protestors due to the actions of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).So citizens for their own safety should keep away from such protests, it said.

Interestingly, the new advisory was issued hours before the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak arrived in Washington for an important meeting with US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates regarding several political and security issues.

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