Australian Market Gambling Survey

A survey that was recently conducted by Southern Cross University in collaboration with Sydney University regarding gambling in the Australian market contained a lot of interesting numbers and facts regarding the habits of internet gambling users in Australia. This survey studied the habits of internet gamblers older than 18 years old and who made any wager, at least once with real money.

The survey indicated that 92 percent of the residents of Australia who wager online are males. This number showed that internet gamblers are more likely to be males than the gamblers who wager at land casinos. The population of Australia consists of 67 percent males. Online gambling is very common between the males whose ages vary between 35 and 49, about 34.8% of the internet gamblers fall into that age slot.

As for the older ages from 50 years to 64 years, they came a close second with having a percent of 34.4. Surprisingly, the younger age, from 18 years to 24 years seems to be the group age to that is least likely to engage in online wagering. The survey also indicated that 65 percent of the internet gamblers work a full time job, and 16 percent of them make more than one fifty thousand dollars per year.

The survey also showed the reasons why so many people prefer internet gambling than playing at the land based casinos. As 62 percent of the surveyed people stated that they like the idea that they can gamble from home, and the remaining percent stated that the reason is the fact that online gambling is available around the clock.

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