Australian Gambling, TV Networks to Regulate Gambling

Australian GamblingAustralian TV Networks to Regulate Gambling Ads during Sports Matches

Aussie TV networks have agreed to codify standards that would meet Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s guidelines for regulating Australian¬†gambling ads during sports matches. The agreement came after a crisis meeting last Friday between TV network representatives and gambling industry executives.

This was in response to the Australian government’s notice for them to regulate gambling advertising activities. Otherwise, broadcasters will face a total ban on all gambling ads during sports matches, which the government will immediately impose by expediting legislation proceedings to enact such laws.

The Australian Prime Minister has given the gambling industry and TV networks two weeks to come up with a set of standards that would permit only generic gambling ads before and after the sports match, and during the quarter and half time breaks. Such ads must totally be devoid of any promotions for betting odds.

Moreover, the display of logos and banners of gambling companies, as well as the appearance of bookies in the company of the commentary team, or anywhere near the sports match venue, should likewise be prohibited.

Thereafter, the new set of codes for gambling advertisement shall be registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). ACMA will in turn assess the codes, and use it as guidelines in overseeing and monitoring compliance.

Although poll results and other government sectors are calling for a complete ban on all gambling promotions during sports games, Prime Minister Gillard stated that the government had to keep a balance between the broadcasters’ need to generate revenues and in addressing public concerns over the proliferation of extensive gambling promotions.