Australia Considers Legalizing Some Gambling Services

Following the sudden and drastic reversal that was made by the United States Dept. of Justice, another major change of heart is coming from Australia. It is concerned with the sudden change of position of the govt. regarding the legalizing of online poker games and online gambling. According to sources, a proposal has been presented to the govt. that would start the way for a legalized market for cash games, poker and online games.

Backing this report, are several media services and an email that was sent to Merrill Lynch’s customers telling them the latest news regarding the legalization process and the development of it. It was sent by Mark Bryan, the gaming expert and analyst. This email stated that live internet betting and gambling has been expected to become legal alongside cash poker games within this year. This has come as a result of overseas countries that already took and implemented that step. Although, Mark Bryan has warned that any proposal or a bill that will try to get passed and signed into law might be refused or voted against due to the political environment that is changing rapidly.

The dept. of Minister Stephan Conroy supplied a brief concerning the legislation bill.

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