Attractive Offer Verizon FiOS

In an ambitious move to recover its lost ground in the telecom sector and reaching out to an increasing number of customers, Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) has come up with brand new exciting and customer appealing offers.

The company recently said that it would propose an open offer to all the customers to sign for its FiOS bundle of internet, television and telephone services without any long term contract clause or early termination Fees. The company has put forward a payment plan on a monthly basis for the convenience of the customers. Apart from that, Verizon has decided to offer a one month free trail, at the end of which customers would be free to opt out without any encumbrance.

This is being seen as a bold move as it takes roughly $1,350 to install FiOS in a customer’s home. If more customers decide not to take the services, the company might incur heavy losses. But the company biggies are hopeful for a more than positive response.

This move is being closely monitored by the market experts who are sure that this decision will not only help Verizon to increase its customer base, but will also give tough time to its competitors, mainly the cable operators.

Being already tried in Florida, Verizon is all set to kick start this offer from Monday all over the FiOS coverage region, which has close to 12 million of potential customer population for internet and television services.

The news has come as a happy surprise for the shareholders with the shares rising to $29.33, an increase of 0.7%.

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