Argentina Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Argentina Same-Sex Marriage

History is made in Argentina on Thursday by legalizing the same sex-marriage and becoming the first in Latin America to same-sex marriage legalization. The Congress of Argentina voted to legalize marriage between people of the same sex live on national television.

The law, supported by the centre-left government of President Cristina Kirchner, was adopted in a 33-27 vote after 15 hours of furious debate. The law was passed despite the fact that majority of Argentineans are Roman Catholic.

“It is a historic day,” said ruling party leader Miguel Pichetto.

Opposition radical senator Gerardo Morales proclaimed that the Argentine society had changed, stressing that the bill was aimed at guaranteeing equal rights for the minorities.

Countless people packed outside Congress celebrates after the bill passed. Some chanted “Equality, Equality.” Some tearful couples embraced.

In this South American nation of 40 million, some protesters and conservative groups including priests showing images of the Virgin Mary prayed outside as lawmakers finalizing the bill.

On Wednesday police had to stand in between two opposing groups protesting outside the Senate who hurled eggs and oranges at each other.

The law tweaks the legal code which no longer will refer to the traditional husband and wife, but rather to “the marrying parties”.

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