Are Inevitable Drone Wars On The Horizon?

Drone WarsSociety is in a constant struggle to determine how a technology can be beneficial and where the potential detriment may lie. One of the most recent debates is centered around drone usage, not only by the military, but by civilians in general.

A recent Indiegogo film project called Drone Wars looks to explore some of the potentially harmful effects of this technology around everyday life. We live in a time where there is more information available than ever before in human history. The internet is the blueprint for making almost anything we want to do become a reality. There is an easily accessible library that can tell you step-by-step how to do almost anything – regardless of the laws surrounding it.

Drone Wars itself delves into the idea that naturally, curiosity can get the best of all of us. And what had initially begun as a fun hobby, can turn into something much more serious. The film is a fictionalized account of the possibility of civilian drone warfare, and brings to light a topic that may eventually have to be discussed.

After discussions with filmmaker and documentarian, Rubidium Wu, it is apparent that much of the intent with this project is to begin the discussion of the ramifications of this technology outside of it being relegated to children’s toys in the front yard.

Drones are just beginning to come onto the scene in mainstream society. Now amazingly affordable and easy to use, they are showing up everywhere. Amazon wants to deliver packages with them, fathers are shooting them down for spying on their daughter, planes are seeing more and more of them in the skies, neighborhoods are teeming with them, firefighters are shooting them down with hoses, and there have been recent videos posted online of drones being weaponized.

While these issues are being discussed in many circles, people are growing up with this technology and finding new ways to use – and abuse it. What was once the stuff of science fiction only a few short years ago, is now literally flying in front of our faces daily.

Drone Wars takes these ideas a step further and deals with a worst-case type scenario. With growing civil unrest around the world, this film explores a potential type of civilian warfare that has never existed in history. In the past the weapons of terrorists have been car bombs, cyberattacks, and airplanes just to name a few. Surely the makers of this film are not the first to realize the truly serious possibilities associated with drone culture today.

Granted, there are tremendous benefits to drone usage. Probably more good than bad. But these filmmakers have the foresight to envision just where all of this technology can take us and means to begin the discussion of drone regulation and the future of their use. There are going to be inevitable grey areas. Does the Federal Aviation Authority regulate them? Do they fall under recreational vehicles? Should drone operators need a drone licesnse? If weaponized, are drones protected under the 2nd Amendment? At what point does the government’s use of drones impede upon our own freedoms? Are drones the future of the ankle bracelet for parolees?

Grey areas indeed. Perhaps more grey than black and white at this point.

So often as humans we have the penchant to turn our heads until it is too late to be fixed. This film is a futuristic look into the times that we are living in right now and the beginning of a discussion that we all need to have – not only as individuals or individual countries, but as a human race.