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Nokia Apps Android Apps iPhone AppsA tool box is always a good thing to have so when an application exists that is called Tool Box, it is most likely something that will be useful. The Utilities: 9-Tool Box, according to,  is a must have application because it assists in helping the user in doing all sorts of things.

It helps to converts 161 currencies, it includes a date calculator, a ‘days until’ feature, keeps track of holidays, holds loan information, has a tip calculator and much more. It is able to convert units for a distance, area, temperature, weight, volume and distance.

It has a feature called ‘price grab’ which assists in the calculations of a individual item, for example when purchasing 10 items for the price of X, it can calculate what one of the item costs. With its holiday tracker that shows the calendar holidays in 83 countries, the celebration will never again be forgotten.

If the user does have any sort of loans, once the required data has been entered, it can track things such as the payment schedule, amount, interest, total repayment amount and more. If you’re a female and have this Tool Box, conveniently use this app to track that time of the month. This application can almost do everything!

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