Apple Tightens Guidelines for Developing Real Money Gaming Apps

Apple Tightens Guidelines for Developing Real Money Gaming Apps

Developers for real money gaming (RMG) in mobile devices are facing tough times ahead before they can have their application distributed by The App Store. Apple recently came out with stricter rules and guidelines that RMG developers have to follow, in order to get their mobile gaming apps pushed via Apple’s application distribution platform.

First off, mobile apps for real money casino gambling and for placing wagers at online racetracks or sports betting facilities must be available as free-to-download applications. More importantly, approval and licensing in locations where the RMG app is used, is necessary. This denotes that such apps must have the capability to confine its use within those locations.

Another significant tweak to the “App Store Review Guidelines” clearly states the rejection of RMG apps that make use of the In-App Purchases (IAP) in offering credit or currency for the real money games.

The guidelines for the development of apps for children also underwent revisions, as Apple is reportedly aiming to make downloadable apps for iOS 7 available to those under the age of 13.  In conformity with the provisions of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the guidelines now include restriction against applications that collect photographs, audio and video materials from minors. Prior to the updates, developer restrictions merely pertained to obtaining of name, address and telephone number, of children under thirteen.

Moreover, purchases related to the use of applications intended for minors require parental consent, while features that ask for birth dates regardless of the user’s age, is allowed only if there is functionality of purpose or some form of recreational value