Apple Reaches Ten Billionth Download

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Apple has recently confirmed that it has reached it’s ten billionth download. As promised to consumers, the person who made the landmark download has received a $10,000 iTunes credit, along with a personal phone call from iTunes Vice President, Eddy Cue.

The download was made by an 11 year old girl in the UK, something shared by millions of people around the world. Upon receiving the call from Cue Gail Davis, her mother, assuming it was a prank call, hung up on him. Her daughters, familiar with the deal, immediately convinced her mom it was not a joke, and their mom immediately started calling Apple back, eager to get in touch with the man she hung up on. Unfortunately, she was unable to reach him despite her best efforts.

Fortunately, one of his colleagues was able to get in touch with the household. So what was the application that caused all the drama? A game called “Paper Glider” in which the player folds and flies paper airplanes around an office. While both of the daughters in the Davis household frequently download apps onto their respective iPod Touches, neither of their parents have the technology to do so, both owning iPod Nanos that don’t contain the technology. After this instance, Apple has been assured that the parents too will upgrade to iPod Touches.

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