Apple provides repairs for malfunctioning Time Capsule devices

Malfunctioning Time Capsule devices

Apple is in big trouble once again, they probably wish it could go back in time and all its problems on its devices: numerous apple patrons who bought a Time Capsule, a safe backup data device, but now find themselves with a 2 kilo paperweight.

The Apple’s Time Capsule is available in 1 and 2 TB models, and it works automatically, wirelessly syncing with a Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard computer to perform back up operation on all data, “so you never have to worry about losing your important files,” proclaim by Apple in its official product description.

But, however, that backup operation can’t initiate if the Time Capsule won’t turn on, which is exactly what has happened to numerous consumers who purchased the Apple’s Time Capsule between February 2008 and June 2008.

In the company’s notice on its Support web site, Apple has confirmed that there are some issues with Time Capsule power failure specially for those with serial numbers that range from XX807XXXXXX – XX814XXXXXX

“If your Time Capsule falls within serial number range above and it does not power on or shuts down unexpectedly after starting up, it may be eligible for repair or replacement,” explained Apple.

Users with malfunctioning Time Capsule can visit their local Apple Store or authorized Apple Service Provider, or call Apple to arrange for their device to be repaired or replaced at no cost.

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