Apple iPhone 4 Invaded China Market

Apple iPhone 4 Invaded China Market

The highly anticipated Apple iPhone 4, finally made its debut in Republic of China on Saturday, and there have been big crowds and cheering. Apple opened two new Apple stores in Beijing and Shanghai.

According to Fortune report, Apple had 200,000 iPhone 4 pre-orders and a queue of 1,000 customers in front of the Beijing Apple Store.

Josh at AppleInsider said, that some Apple fans like “Yu Zhong Hui” were that dedicated to being at the start of the queue, they camped outside since early hours Thursday morning to be the first to get the device. Yu said, “When you want something, you have to pay a price. The price I paid is that everyone has had to see me wait out here”. Last week, Wall Street Journal said that 50,000 users pre-ordered the iPhone on the first day that it was available.

Furthermore, the Cupertino-based handset maker also revealed in a recent announcement that their latest iPhone 4 handset will be $743 for the 16GB model and $892 for the 32GB model, without a contract at Apple Stores in China.

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