Apple Batteries, Android Batteries, Time to Get it Right

ios5 batteryApple Batteries, Android Batteries, Time to Get it Right

If you are having battery problems with your Apple iPhone4s, it could very well be because of a known bug which is afflicting iOS5 devices.  Even though a bug fix was dispatched only a few days prior, some Apple users are still experiencing issues.  While it may seem that the fix didn’t fix the main problem, it actually did correct a lot of issues related to battery life and iOS5.


iOS5 being a new operating system first released with the iPhone4s, customers were already a bit skeptical, but now they have Apple admitting that there are problems that they might not have the solution to yet.

iPhone and HTC

iPhone users are not the only ones that are experiencing problems with their battery.  HTC users saw similar battery draining issues with the EVO.  An easy, yet very annoying solution to that problem is to simply be cautious as to which apps are loaded on the device.  Some apps are capable of draining more power than others and when run in conjunction can drain the battery in only a matter of hours.

With a factory reset of the HTC EVO, the battery life improves by over 24 hours.  Adding Skype as the sole app will show a reduction in battery life to only 8 hours.

Apple’s issues may be far more serious, but bug fixes are in the works and should appear in the next patch.

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