Antonio Banderas, 3D Puss in Boots

Shrek MoviesThrough the wild success of the Shrek digitally animated series come a spin off the has a lot of promise. The lovable Puss in Boots character played by Antonio Banderas has been a staple in all four of the Shrek movies. Now the cunning cat will tell the tale of how he got those boots in his own feature film.

The movie is scheduled to come out in November around thanksgiving in theaters across the United States. It is planned on being a 3D film and is likely to be available in IMAX theaters as well. Movie goers who enjoyed the Shrek series are sure to find a good time in the newest Dreamworks film.

The film is sure to be filled with pop culture references as well as celebrity cameos. The preview shows a sexy and smooth Spanish kitty but leaves a vague depiction of what the actual plot will be.


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