Annette Obrestad and Lock Poker

Annette Obrestad

It has been announced by Lock Poker that they have added Annette Obrestad to their LockPro ELITE team. This choice didn’t come out of the blue, as Annette Obrestad has a poker career and records that would make the most talented and skilled poker players jealous. She started her career when she was only 15 years of age. She started her career playing freerolls then she started to participate in full tournament without taking a look at her hole cards. Once she reached the age of eighteen, she decided to show her talents and skills to the world and decided to participate in live poker tournaments.


Her online name was Annette_15, and that name became a worldwide name, as she has become so famous in 2007. She started her fame by cashing in the preliminary events of Irish Poker and the European Poker Tour. Then she decided to take her chances in the Poker’s World Series in London so she can get away from the restrictions of the U.S. She started her journey in the Poker’s World Series and she fought against 362 other players and reached the top by winning the one million pounds prize and the WSOP bracelet. By doing so she has set a record that is not going to be broken anytime soon as the youngest person to hold a WSOP bracelet, as she has won it days before being 19 years of age. So she basically won the WSOP bracelet while being only 18 years old. After seeing such an outstanding poker career it is no wonder why did Lock Poker decide to add her to their ELITE team.

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