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There has been much mystery over the last few weeks at the announcement and appearance of a new Harry Potter website by J.K. Rowling.  The site,, has resulted in much speculation from fans around the world as to the purpose of the site. Not much information was provided by the author, and the only thing she did mention about it is that it had nothing to do with a new book.  It has recently been revealed that the purpose for the site is to distribute all of the Harry Potter books in an e-book format. This is the first time they are being released as such, and Rowling maintains that she will only be releasing them through the Pottermore website.  Other sites such as Amazon, Kindle, and even iTunes will not have the e-books for sale.

It does sounds as if the clues to the Pottermore site given by Rowling herself point to a beta testing phase and then fan interaction with the site, possibly fan fiction additions or art that will shape the site itself.


Here is the link to the unlisted video of Rowling explaining the site:

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