Amber Alerts Go Social on Facebook

FacebookIn an attempt to widen their audience, Amber Alert has recently decided to join the social network Facebook. While people have always had the option of checking out certain states and areas Facebook Pages, now subscribers can choose to broadcast alerts on their profiles.

Cell phone users have already been able to subscribe to the alerts, receiving text messages whenever one came up in the area, and highway systems across the country feature any details possible on their highway signs. All of this has helped to rescue thousands of children who may have otherwise met with fates we’d rather not think about.

The Amber Alert program was put in place to help spread the knowledge of children who have been abducted, and what better way to spread the word to millions of people than by using the technology that has been created to link as many people as possible.

While the previous ways of getting the word out have been successful, the non-profit corporation sees the potential for a much larger success rate with their newest venture. “Millions of people are already on Facebook all day, why not give them the opportunity to do some good while they’re at it?” read one wall comment on their main page.

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