Amazon’s iTunes Alternative, Streaming Music for the Droid


Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon’s Cloud Drive is offering 5 gig of free space for music, docs, pics and more with additional space for a fee. The service makes it possible for Droid users to stream their own music to their phones or pc tablets via the web app or the Amazon Cloud Player for the Droid. With news last week of Google Music in testing, Amazon may have pulled some of that momentum with the release of this service. Apple iPad and iPhone are not supported in any capacity with the Cloud Drive service from Amazon.

Upload Music, Videos, Documents and More

5 gig is a good amount of storage if you hold off on uploading videos. While that is an option, that 5 gig will go fast. Amazon does offer the option for users to pay a dollar a gig up to a terabyte on an annual basis.

Amazon may have launched the service at just the right time and it may prompt Google and Apple to compete with even more free perks such as more storage space or other freebies. Keep in mind that 5 gig holds up to 1000 songs, so most users may never need more.

What You Can Do with 5G from Amazon Cloud

This is what 5 gig of free cloud storage from Amazon means for you:

Secure and unlimited access from any supported devices including your laptop or home pc. This is a great way to source safe documents or even have documents that you may have left on another computer sent directly to you. Does that mean we can get rid of the fax machine now?

You can actually store your backup files in the Cloud in the event that your computer crashes or needs to be wiped.

Songs that you buy from Amazon are stored directly to the Cloud Drive at no charge. Your songs will be available for download or streaming at any time.

The additional storage plans are also very reasonable. The deal that Amazon has for an additional 20 gig free for a year is also very fair. If you make an album purchase from the Amazon MP3 Store, you get that 20 gig of space, if you don’t want the additional space after a year then it drops back down to your original free 5 gig.

The Amazon Cloud Drive service is attached to your Amazon login. It is set up as a file structure that is easy to use and it only takes about less than a minute to setup if you already have an account with Amazon. Reading the terms of service could take a little longer and if you are worried about privacy or ownership of your files, then read the terms thoroughly.


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