Amaya and Betfair Deal

Amaya Gaming Group, the network and server based gaming company based in Montreal has entered a licensing agreement with Betfair, the wagering exchange and internet casino operator for 3 years.

This agreement is going to obligate Amaya Gaming to provide Betfair with a collection of new gaming content. Amaya Gaming has stated that the unique collection of unique and proprietary titles is going to be supplied to the gambling operator through an Openbet integration with Betfair Arcade. This is going to add new gaming content to the already existing arcade gaming content of Betfair.

Betfair has premiered a new Android mobile application recently and it also utilized StreamBase Systems Incorporated in order to help it gain a wide range of analytics in real time.

StreamBase Systems Incorporated is licensed in the America, Denmark, Italy, Tasmania and Gibraltar and it processes more than 7 million money transactions per day. It has over 4 million clients from around the globe.

Commenting on this, the senior VP of Amaya Interactive, Ian Price has stated that the company is glad to partner with such a big name in the world of online gambling such as Betfair.

He added that the company has ultimate confidence that the gaming content provided by Amaya Gaming is going to help Betfair expand its reach and increase its number of customers. This is done by enhancing the gambling experience of the players on the arcade site.

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