Amateur Poker Association & Tour

PokerWithout a doubt, the Amateur Poker Association & Tour also known as APAT has a lot of potential to be one of the biggest poker websites. The UK based company has more than fifty thousand recreational online poker players which gives the website great player influence and power. All of this translates the site into one of the most powerful competitors in the internet poker market, especially following the acquisition of the internet poker venue

This website is expected to undergo many revamp changes but very few operational changes. This is due to the fact that the website will still be on the network of GTechG2 IPN and it will still use the same support facilities that the poker room used to use.

Des Duffy of APAT has stated that the founder of is going to be on the board of APAT. He will be the director of internet poker as the company is entering the very competitive field of online poker.

The company is planning to enter the field with a bang as APAT is intending to launch live and online tournaments to get the re-branded site on its feet once again.

The website is going to provide a lot of cash games and tournaments around the clock. Des Duffy also continued by saying that this newly acquisitioned site is going to be deployed in order to be the host of the National Online League and the inaugural National Online Cup of the APAT.

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