A Satisfying Conclusion to FTP?

Online Poker Department of JusticeSince the events of Black Friday, the saga of Full Tilt Poker has been an ongoing one. It seems that this whole fiasco has finally come to an end. This came as a result of the 3-way agreement that has been reached by the internet poker operator. This deal would allow the transference of all FTP assets to the rival online poker website, PokerStars.

This would also allow all of the players to access their frozen accounts and claim their funds. The three parties involved in this deal are Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and the US Dept. of Justice. This deal indicates that the United States players will have the right to claim compensation.

As for the players who are not based in the United States of America will be granted full access to their fund and accounts and they will be able to play immediately or demand withdrawal through the new owner, PokerStars.

Commenting on this, the Chairman of Pokerstars, Mark Scheinberg stated that the company is glad to have reached this agreement that allows them to get over the whole fiasco. It is also glad to have reached such a deal with the U.S govt. as it would allow the company to operate legally in America as soon as the online gambling market is regulated and legalized.

He also added that the acquisitions of assets that belonged to FTP would certainly enhance the strength of PokerStars. This deal will also bring sighs of relief to all of the players who were caught in the middle of this problem as they would finally be able to claim compensation or withdraw their funds.

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