A New and Improved Google Finance For iPhone and Android Smartphones

A New and Improved Google Finance For iPhone and Android Smartphones

Google Corporation announced that they will release an updated version of Google Finance for smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone and for the Google’s Android OS handsets.

According to the Internet search giant’s development team, the solution is meant to provide users an efficient and fast access to what’s of interest for them, even at times when they are not in front of a computer.

Brian Shish, Google Finance product manager, made an statement and published to the official Google Finance Blog:

“We heard your feedback and are pleased to announce we’ve launched the new Android/iPhone edition of Google Finance for mobile! The markets don’t stop when you leave your desk, so we’re bringing the markets to you. Our new design gives you a unified experience across desktop and Android or iPhone phones, offering nearly all the same features and functionality on both. You can easily access the new site when you do a Google search for stock tickers or company names on your mobile device, or when you tap the “Finance” tab on the Google mobile homepage.”

Shish added that the company always looking for new and effective ways to help their users access the finance data, charts, and reports that they need in the blink of an eye.

Google Finance product manager also commented on the need for mobile access to Google Finance.

“Since many of us are on the run throughout the day and don’t always have our computers in front of us, it came as no surprise that one of users’ most frequently requested features was a fast, easy-to-use mobile website for Google Finance.”

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